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[UPDATING] K-Drama Character Spelling Reference

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    Posted 10 Jul 13 - 08:09 PM

    Could someone help me and add the character spelling list for Goddess of Fire?

    Somehow I'm having troubles with some names. For example the main lead.

    I thought the name was Yu Jeong, but in the subtitles it's always Jeong In or Yu Jeong In. I tried to find out myself, but I got confused.



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    Posted 10 Jul 13 - 10:51 PM

    For character names, it's best to references the Hangeul.

    The "In" thing that you're seeing in the machine translations is the '이' in 정이 (兒/儿). Some write it as Jeongi, though it's not really part of her name.

    You can find other names below, but there are a few that I'm not certain about. (e.g. 문사승 Mun Sa Seung -- Saseung might be a title instead of a name, 손행수 Son Haeng Su -- Haengsu might be a title instead of a name etc.)

    Main Characters
    유 정 Yu Jeong (Mun Geun Yeong)
    광해군 Prince Gwang Hae (Lee Sang Yun)
    김태도 Gim Tae Do (Gim Beom)
    이육도 Lee Yuk Do (Pak Geon Hyeong)
    심화령 Gim Hwa Ryeong (Seo Hyeon Jin)
    이강천 Lee Gang Cheon (Jeon Gwang Ryeol)

    Bong Won
    문사승 Mun Sa Seung (Byeon Hui Bong)
    유을달 Yu Eul Dal (Lee Jong Won)
    심종수 Sim Jong Su (Seong Ji Ru)

    선 조 King Seon Jo (Jeong Bo Seok)
    인빈 김씨 Consort In of Gim clan (Han Go Eun)
    임해군 Prince Im Hae (Lee Gwang Su)
    신성군 Prince Sin Seong (Pak Jun Mok)

    이평익 Lee Pyeong Ik (Jang Gwang)
    마 풍 Ma Pung (Jang Hyo Jin)
    손행수 Son Haeng Su (Song Ok Suk)
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    Posted 21 Oct 13 - 05:48 AM

    Hi Milky!


    I've been translating/editing the cable drama [jTBC] The Firstborn, and noticed that the other members who come on to help out don't seem to have any idea at all that quite a number of the names of the characters that have been machine translated are either wrong or do not conform to KRS.


    As I'm only an ordinary member, I obviously do not have the right to edit those names that appear in the lines others have worked on.
    I've left comments but they might not see them if they don't check back on the lines that they've previously worked on.
    The only thing I can do now to clean up those names is change them once a new ep has been posted, hopefully, before anyone has started working on it.


    Is there any way to rectify these 'incorrect' names before the ep is put up for translating/editing?


    I've compiled a list of the names that need to be rectified (column 1: incorrect or not KRS-compliant; column 2: corrected) --


    Yeong Lan  -->  Yeong Ran
    Eun Seun   -->   Eun Sun
    Jeong Bok  -->  Jong Bok
    Lee Seok   -->   Lee Sil
    Jae Ji         -->  Jae Sik
    Seun Tai    -->  Sun Taek
    Seun Gim  -->  Sun Geum
    Dam Seok -->  Tan Sil


    I've also converted the name list for the characters from Hangeul using KRS .
    Could you please update it on the subtitles page. Thanks!


    Gim Family


    김영선 Gim Yeong Seon
    김영란 Gim Yeong Ran
    김영두 Gim Yeong Du
    김영숙 Gim Yeong Suk
    김영재 Gim Yeong Jae


    김은순 Gim Eun Sun
    종복    Jong Bok


    Lee Family


    이인호 Lee In Ho
    이지숙 Lee Ji Suk
    이실    Lee Sil
    이상남 Lee Sang Nam


    Lee Family (others)


    공창래 Gong Chang Rae
    손재식 Son Jae Sik 


    Pak Family


    박순택 Pak Sun Taek
    박순금 Pak Sun Geum
    박재오 Pak Jae O
    윤임숨 Yun Im Sum




    나미순 Na Mi Sun
    탄실    Tan Sil


    Right now, there doesn't seem to be anyone from the elite team stepping in. 
    So the situation is, there're 2 sets of names in a number of the eps.
    Kind of messy, but more than that, I'm wasting time cleaning up the names when I could be translating more lines.
    Not at all an ideal situation.

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