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    Posted 20 Mar 12 - 09:45 AM

    Hello Everyone,

    In addition to the New Site Rules and Banning of Offenders that DS already posted, I'm posting the BASIC MODULE/DUNGEON RULES (DO's & DON'T's) and the BANNING RULES AND PUNISHMENT that the Subtitle Creation Team will be implementing from now on.

    Please read the rules carefully :)


    • DO read the CTS Guidelines before you begin working.
    • DO make sure that: TRANSLATORS - you really know the original text (Chinese) or native language (Korean/Japanese) before translating, otherwise you may cause delay in the re-translating/Editing/QC. EDITORS - you edit only the translated lines. QC TRUSTEES - you've confirmed the accuracy of the line using the video before locking it.
    • DO work with the video all the time.
    • DO leave a comment if you are not 100% sure of the translation and affix your name.
    • DO feel free to ask questions in the chat box (right side of the screen) if you're not sure about something. There is usually someone online who can answer.
    • DO follow the Character Spelling Reference or the character names as spelled in the list below.
    • DO break long lines.
    • DON'T COPY SUBTITLES from another source. Please respect their work and don't steal it. (This will get you PERMANENTLY BANNED.) Work only using the Chinese text on this site.
    • DON'T copy directly from any online translation, like Google Translate. (This will get you PERMANENTLY BANNED.)\
    • DON'T try to guess what the line should be based on the auto translation.
    • DON'T translate or edit when you're NOT confident of your Chinese/Korean/English language skills. If you're not sure about a line or you are only able to translate part of it - just leave your suggestion in the "Add a comment" and affix your name.
    • DON'T remove comments made by others. Respect the people who wrote them.
    • DON'T change a line that has a comment "ep ## line ###". This is a reference to a line from previous episodes or somewhere. Such comments indicate that the two lines have already been matched.
    • DON'T be discouraged if you make mistakes. Everyone does in the beginning


    The only persons allowed to ban (aside from DS & WaGGy) are the SCT Administrators, SCT Team Leaders, & CTS Elites. If your account is banned, the name of the person who banned you will appear. Expect to receive a PM from that person. If you received none, you can clarify it to any of the SCT Administrators. It is a responsibility of the person banned you to send a warning letter to inform you of the violation.

    A. First time violation of a user with 1 to 5 erroneous lines. The user will be given a warning letter.

    B. First time violation of a user with more than 5 erroneous lines (this happens with newbies who are too excited to help)
    • The user will be temporarily banned for a maximum of 5 days to prevent him/her from doing further damage.
    • A warning letter will be sent informing the user of the violation.
    • The ban will be lifted as soon as we receive a PM expressing his/her understanding of the situation.
    • Without a PM, the user will automatically be unbanned on the 5th day.

    C. Second (2nd) Violation.
    • The user will be banned for 5 days.
    • A 2nd warning letter will be sent to remind the user of the rules.
    • The ban will only be lifted if the user replies to the warning letter, else the ban will remain and the user will have no access to the modules.

    D. Third (3rd) Violation
    • Same rules (2nd violation) apply, except that the user will be banned for 3 weeks.
    • A 3rd and final warning letter will be sent.

    E. Fourth (4th) Violation - PERMANENT BANNING.



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    Posted 20 Mar 12 - 10:31 AM

    noted Waggy.
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    Posted 21 Mar 12 - 03:01 AM

    I don't know if it's worth adding one more point:
    - do not edit by merely removing punctuation, adding unnecessary punctuation or rearranging a perfectly translated sentence to have the line show that it's been edited.
    Hmmm... maybe that needs to be reworded but basically this usually happens when a non-cts casual member wants to help but cannot "confirm" a line. But they can't yet so the only way to turn the box blue is to "fix" the line themselves. And when the translation's already ok, they usually remove a comma/ rearrange the sentence/ replace a word/ remove contractions. Nothing major but the first two really messes up a line sometimes.

    I've noticed this happen on two shows so far with different editors. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this?

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    Posted 11 Aug 12 - 05:49 PM

    noted! thanks for your info waggy ^^

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