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Web Editor Guide

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    Posted 24 Feb 11 - 11:01 PM

    I would like to welcome everyone to the community.

    Because everyone is eager to help this project I hope this presentation will help you understand more quickly how the editor works and how you can use it more efficiently.

    Before starting your work in the editor please make sure you read the Subtitle Guideline.

    "Where is the editor hiding?"
    You have to choose a topic from the list and then enter it.


    After you choose one topic you have to scroll down until you find the Download Box.


    "I am sort of confused as to how I can help out in a project."
    To work on a project / an episode you just have to enter the project's topic and in the Download Box, press on one of the three buttons that can be found in the Translate Edit/QC column:
    - Improve Translation;
    - Help Edit This Episode;
    - Help QC This Episode.

    If the translation and editing at are 100% then the QC button will appear.


    Any of those three button will load the software editor where you can edit the lines you want from that episode. The subs are translated with a special software from Chinese to English.


    Arrow 1: As you will see in the editor there are some rules, please read those before starting your work.

    Arrow 2: In the editor there is a shout box (like the one on the main page) that is only visible to the users that are logged in the editor. The atmosphere there is very cozy so if you need some help or you have some questions be sure to ask and you will receive an answer.

    Arrow 3: There is a counter that numbers all the lines that you worked on and based on that counter you will be reworded with points. Be sure to check the point Reward System Guide and FAQ for more details.

    Arrow 4: "And how do I identify the people I will be working with in a project?"
    Well, you can ask them using the shout box available in the editor. Or you can see in the right bottom corner of that page (in the green box) the users and the lines that they worked on in the last 10 minutes.

    Arrow 5: That is the box that contains the subs lines. If you want to QC that line press QC Edit & Lock this Line and after you made the changes you thought necessary press Save Line.
    If that line has already been QCed and you don't feel it's correct press Unlock Line to Re-Edit.

    The "Help Edit This Episode" button:


    And the software editor loaded after pressing this button:


    As you can see the right side of the editor it's the same as before. You have the shout box, the line counter, the options and the green box that shows the lines that were changed in the last 10 minutes.

    The black colored boxes have the lines that were only translated and never been edited. If you want to edit it press Edit Line

    Arrow 1: The orange colored boxes are the ones that have already been QCed at least once. If you want to change or correct it press Unlock Line to Re-Edit.

    Arrow 2: The blue colored boxes are the ones that have already been edited at least once. If you want to make a change or to correct that line press Re-edit Line.

    Arrow 3: If you are not sure about the modification you want to make or you have something that you would like to announce to other members that might want to work on that particular line, you can leave a comment. To leave a comment you have to press Add a Note/Comment.

    The "Improve Translation" button:


    And the software editor loaded after pressing this button:


    As before, the right side of the editor remained the same. You can find and use the same options as before.

    By loading the software editor with this button the subtitle lines boxes are colored with either black or green.
    The color black means that the line has never been translated by a human/member and it is only the result of the program's translation. If you want to work on it press Translate Line.
    The green boxes represent the lines that have already been translated at least once by a human/member. If you want to change it or correct it press Re-Translate.
    Don't forget to press Save Line after you made your modifications.

    To help you translate/edit/QC better you can use the Google Translation for that line, like you see in the image below:


    If you want to go to a specific line in the subs you can use the "GOTO LINE NUMBER" option, like you can see in the picture below:


    If you want to change the timing of a line press Edit Timing button and a box like in the image below will appear, where you can make the changes you think are necessary for a better display of the subs:


    "How do I sign-up/ volunteer to a certain project?"
    There is no need to sign-up anywhere, you just choose a title and an episode you want to work on, enter the editor and start editing.
    The is no list, no special team for a project, the whole community is working on all the projects when they have time and when they feel like it.

    "Where can I view the links of the raw file?"
    There are no links to raw files here. On this site you will never find something like that. Because posting those links here will make the site illegal and we don't want something like that to happen.
    If you need / want raws it is your personal problem from where you get them.
    This rule is necessary for the site's protection as well as the community's.

    Remember to have fun while working and to respect the other members of the community.

    And if you have other questions please don't hesitate to ask them.

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    Posted 18 Oct 11 - 01:45 PM

    Thank you very much...

    Actually i want help you with sub, but I really don't very confidence with my english skill.... :panda_cry:

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    Posted 18 Oct 11 - 02:31 PM

    I editor is really well made and user friendly. I enjoy translating. :)

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