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    Posted 15 Oct 12 - 06:22 PM

    I'm not good at poems so I'll try posting a story that I've been working on.

    :panda_yah_dance: So give it a read...

    :icon_failed: Hopefully it isn't so awful...

    It's kinda long so I'll do a little at a time. :icon_hi:

    Title: The Other Word for Jaden

    *Based on the Bits and
    Parts of what we call
    A true story.*

    In a Nutshell…

    Jaden is a young girl who goes through life being vile, rude, and just plain having a disgusting attitude. She seeks bliss in making others feel pain, and never quite knows why. After the death of her parents, Jaden is soon willed to new ones. Her new parents move her to a town called Davenport, where Jaden is greeted by a young boy named Erich. Erich is sweet to Jaden and she finds herself wanting to change because of him. Things won’t be that simple for Jaden who is kidnapped “twice” by the local kids, leaving new questions along the way. Will Jaden die at the hands of her kidnappers. Or in the end will she find out “the other” word for herself?

    Chapter one: Hands of Time

    Soon you will come to realize that my name is Jaden, and soon you’ll understand there is another word for me. I always felt as if something was different about me, and the word for me would also explain many events in my life. But I can’t tell you the word until later on, for it wouldn’t make any sense right now. These events well… “Distorted” me from the inside through out. Lets just say the death of my parents was a little unconventional and most unexpected, but still I didn’t have the hands of time to stop it. Not to get side tracked, but can people have the hands of time? If I ever get one I would make sure that it was the right one, so I could stare clear from this soon to be “lovely home.” You see I’m in a car right now on the way to move into a new house with my loving step parents.

    They always fought and how I wished I had a choice in this matter. The place I’m moving to is called Davenport and although I’m moving with my step parents, it still looks beautiful. Coming to a stop light step father Dave sneered to himself, “They put Posner Park here?” Step mother Robin snickered at her husband, “Its been over twenty years since you’ve been here, and besides you knew. Don’t whine now… humph.” The two never told me much, but for some odd reason Dave had an urge to come back to his old home of Haines City, yet we were moving to Davenport a five minute drive up the street. The light seemed to be red forever and I couldn’t help but to look out the window.

    My eyes searched all over, it could be easily describe as a shopping town square, Posner Park. A water fountain rested at the top, a pyramid of stairs led you up to the water fountain. On the stairs were kids playing up and down as the water shot straight in the air. In a corner at the bottom of the stairs was a queer group of five kids. I never seem anyone like them before, no they looked quite normal, it was just an aura the group gave off. Among the five one of the kids really stood out, he was tall and wore a dark jacket. In this heat, they stood like only I could see them. I guess you could say I was used to strange characters, but they scared me a little.

    We’re here, get out of the car.” Dave pulled back on the brake, my face still glued to the window, yep this bump on my head didn’t need to prove it. We were at the new house, I have to admit I was a little excited, not to be thought. I wanted a vacation from my other home, and since no one knew me as of yet, it also felt like a vacation from life. My other home reeked of disappointment and grief, but this one didn’t do much justice itself, it was quite gray in it’s own way. Here with Dave and Robin, two people I didn’t know well. What more could I say, this feeling formed because I left a friend on the ground with his hand reaching for help and I just left him, getting the chance to come here and not to have to deal with it.

    What is your problem?” Oh the feeling of embarrassment for my parents were fighting, but I was used to them. As I walked to the house I dropped my bags from the fright of seeing a boy. “Oh my goodness!” Peeking through his brown hair were pointy ears, he reminded me of elf but very much taller. He had a “Dawson boy” hair cut only slightly longer, he wore… “Oh my goodness!” What was I thinking?! “Sorry I was a little frightened; my name is Jaden by the way…” Something was off about this boy for he just stood their smiling. Did he notice what I was doing? I smiled back at him, “Okay then… nice meeting you.” Starting up the walkway the boy shouted, “I’m Erich, I live next door!” All while smiling, I looked over at his house then back at him. “Oh well like I said nice meeting you.” Erich still stood their smiling, even when I reached the door. Robin threw him a snicker, “Do you need anything?” Erich only then turned to his head, he acted as if he didn’t see my parents there before. Erich nodded no, continuing to look on curiously.
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    Posted 17 Oct 12 - 09:04 PM

    The next two chapters :D

    Chapter Two: The Will

    I guess you could say I like my new room, it’s on the third floor, I can even see Erich’s house. His home looks better than my house, it had red and white flowers surrounding it. Perhaps he has good parents, is what Jaden thought. She then made her way to her bed, she thought of her new chance, she thought of how it was the weekend and how Monday would bring discipline. Even though she left half way from her old school, she didn’t have any friends. Jaden knew the reason, she thought, “I mean after what happen to Thea…”

    Robin called for dinner, and yet again Jaden felt a need to explain later. Jaden made her way down the stairs, it was times like this she wished that her parents were still alive. When I sit down for dinner, the table, all it had to offer me was the back and forth bickering of my willed parents. The noise always proves too much for me and I always have to end up excusing myself. “I will just be excusing myself now then...” Is what I always say and my parents always gave off fierce glares. Why did they always act like that? True, a truth has to be told, I know they’re only together for they have to be. It was in the will of my parents after all, I can remember back to that day quite clearly.

    (This is the official reading of Mr. And Mrs. Stutterburgh. They have requested this among other things as well, but this as a top priory. The Stutterburgh’s request that Jaden got to a home of a married couple. They also requested that the couple should be of no children. The Stutterburgh’s have already chosen a couple, they are with us today.)

    I can still remember the first time I looked at them, my mother had the cheapest red lipstick on, but I have to admit she is quite beautiful. Her unique flaming red hair, although I have never asked, but she has to be only and no more than thirty-two. Lets say that we don’t count her heart, my father on the other hand his outsides fit the inners just perfectly. Dave is fat, perhaps his poor health is causing his bald spots, I don’t think being a slob is hereditary.

    (They have given Mr. And Mrs. Cotton Jaden, their heir, to look after her and their family wealth.)

    Now I don’t blame my parents for dying and leaving me with the “devils”, but what were they thinking? I can’t but to blame myself a little for my parents death, um… best left to be explained for later. For I have to deal with the living and their comic book schemes. I once heard them talking as some common villains, “Well I don’t want to take care of that brat any longer.” Snickered Robin. “I bet if we do keep her long enough, once she turns eighteen she’ll have no choice but to give her loving parents some of the money.” Robin eyes grew big, “Really? I mean after we took her in and cuddled her through her tough time.” That was said and after it was followed by a roar of laughter.

    Their true nature scared me more than any snicker, sneer, or glare. If I ran away what use would that do? I had no one to tell, and how convincing would a fourteen year old be? They’ll think I’m a paranoid youth, or something. Still, soon I’ll have to find a way from my comic book life, until then all I can do is sit and smell the roses, even if some are wilted and cold colored.

    In a bed of roses or just a bed, nothing scares a sleeping person more then a sudden rattling sound. It woke me from my slumber, everything that surrounded me was pitch black, when my eyes adjusted they still revealed nothing. Thinking it was nothing I tried to fall asleep, the sound well sounded again. This time I opened my curtains, the sound stopped before the light could enter the room, this didn’t prevent more obscure thoughts, in fact it fed them. A raccoon on the roof, a laugh didn’t help me fall asleep that night.

    Chapter Three: Yell Turned Whisper

    My favorite part of the day was breakfast, no really it was. I mean why wait until the afternoon to be knocked down a little? “Um… Did you guys hear anything last night?” I asked this expecting a normal answer, except that was too much for my parents. “No Jaden we didn’t hear anything.” Could have been a normal answer, but this ever so loving comment was followed by my father. “Poor little girl, still has her nightmares.” They both started laughing at me as if I was a fool, which I was used to. And as a foolish fool, I excused myself.

    I was quite spineless that way sometimes, so I retired to my room, grabbing a lamp on the way up, for I didn’t want last night’s events to reoccur. Now it’s only been awhile since breakfast and the boredom started to set in, fast. This feeling came to me, if I was bored… Jaden then felt if she opened the curtains, then maybe he would be there. I went to my window and drew the curtains. Upon looking outside, I saw Erich. He stood in his front yard as if he was waiting for something. This urge came to me, opening the window I yelled, “Hey Eee… Erich!” For some reason his named seemed to block on and off from my head. Until now, ‘til I felt like I wanted something he seemed to flash in my head.

    Must have been that he was the first friendly face that I have seen in awhile? Or… Erich looked up at the window and smiled. “Hi Jaden! Do you want to come over here?” Did I really want to hang out with elf boy? Then again who was I to judge, so I agreed and told him to wait a moment. Making my way down the stairs I made sure to call to my parents. “I’m going to hang with this kid next door. The one from yesterday…” As usual they didn’t hear a word I said, my voice turned into a spoken then whisper. At least I said something, I thought, they couldn’t hold me to it.

    Thanks for letting me come over.” “Don’t think anything of it.” Erich laughed, “Sorry for making you drop your things the other day.” Erich then went on to explain himself, quoting that he was excited about having new neighbors. Something still struck me odd about Erich, maybe it was being he looked very young and acted that way too. I wanted to ask him how old he was, but when it came to personal questions I felt like it was too embarrassing to ask. Should I regard age too personal? “Jaden now that you’re here, would you want to come with me to meet a friend?”

    I was a bit taken back by his question, it’s been some time since anyone has asked me to do anything with them. When I called to him, it was just an attempt to say hi. And I felt more willed to, not because I wanted to. Erich crossed his arms to the front, he leaned to me and voiced his question again. I felt really shy when he did this, I leaned back and pretended that I had this worry, but I did worry. Lie. “Are you sure that your friend won’t mind?” Erich had this way, it gave me the creeps, he kept looking me in the eyes, smiling. He never stiffed his back, the spine back to proper position. He still leaned, “It’s okay, Susan loves new people to town, like me, she won’t mind.”

    Erich busted with energy, I couldn’t bring myself to say no, so I didn’t. When I asked Erich about his friend I hoped he would have said no, but instead he kept this steady pressure, and he even offered me his hand. I refused, what was wrong with this kid, why did he want to hold my hand, so causal… Was he what you call a “team member”, what sport was he trying to play? Did I bring this, or did he? Before Erich took me off to the “field” he asked my to wait for him as he disappeared into his house.

    As I waited for Erich I kicked his grass and let the stains cover my shoes. This worry came to me, who was this Susan? What would she think of me, what was Erich thinking about me. I didn’t care what he was doing, I just wished that he would hurry. Cause as I waited I couldn’t help to think once he began to know who I was he wouldn’t want to friends, at all. I didn’t think we were friends now just because this Dawson boy was being, I guess nice to me. I could envision him stoking his brown flip with is left hand, “heh”, he would say. “Do you think I would bother with an insolent worm like you.” Just as I, this is where all my misery began, a friendly figure that I crushed with my anger.

    I’m so into me, it’s hurts so much that I call it a sickness. It’s all really that I know, that’s when the misery began. I tried to stop being so into myself and entered the real world. Once I did that, everything turned quite sour, and I ended up crawling back into my old life. I mean I had to, but I sometimes think upon doing so I just hurt the only piece in my life. And which that piece only ended up calling me, “You’re nothing but a lying backstabbing joke.” And which again I deserved every word, I couldn’t blame Thea, then again I blamed him for most everything.

    Jaden! Erich Called. Although being lost in thought, I was starting to wonder why he was taking so long. He came down his pouch stairs with a bike, asking if I had one also. Little did he know, but I don’t take too kindly to bikes. You can say, yes, you could say I hated them.
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    Posted 18 Oct 12 - 08:41 PM

    wow.. write more!! I can't wait for the continuation. well, I like stories and when I saw you said 'A true Story', it even make me wonder what it is. keep writing okay?

    Okaeri Hitsuji-chan~ 



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    Posted 19 Oct 12 - 01:41 PM

    wow.. write more!! I can't wait for the continuation. well, I like stories and when I saw you said 'A true Story', it even make me wonder what it is. keep writing okay?

    Thanks for reading :D I love writing even if my skills aren't so good. I have the conclusion.And since you like to read I'll post the rest of it. But it is long, and it even continues after. In all I've worked to about 70 chapters. But I have them seprated into books. So it's 26 for the first.

    Chapter Four: Think of Shop Name

    There are many reasons why I don’t like bikes, there was one event in my life that made me despise them altogether.

    Don’t go away Jaden!” Don’t let her get away Thea, and what could he do other than throw a rock at my bike to make me stop. I was gaining speed and I wasn’t stopping for my defeat. As I fell and hit the ground, not only being covered in dirt I was also covered in shame. “Thea understand, I didn’t tell anyone.” Well like Thea, he didn’t believe me, which to tell the truth I was lying, terribly. “Everyone already knew Thea, they would whisper behind your back.”

    What does a person do after they’ve been found out they don’t tell the truth, they tell the truth, which I did… to a very fine line. Sometimes people don’t take it well, especially when they can’t figure you out, after they felt that they had you. Thea took in what I said what I said with tears, as he cried he told me the last words I’ll ever hear from him. “Why did you let them… I don’t hate you Jaden, but I won’t miss you.” His words still bother me, if he doesn’t hate me, why did he ever say so?

    Well do you? Or don’t you Jaden?” It was the voice of Erich, lost in thought I couldn’t recall what he had asked, let alone known that he was there. “Um… I don’t…” Before I could finish talking, Erich had already thrown his bike on the ground. “Then we’ll walk then.” Erich threw his voice in a puppet way, I didn’t even see his mouth move. Erich let out a puff of air and smiled, he offered his hand.

    Now Erich looked trusting, he was smaller than myself, and I didn’t see any evil aura coming from him. Still something told me to ask, “Erich, where are we going?” Erich then at that moment stopped in track and looked at the ground. “Oh goodness I never told you? Well that could prove to be rather awkward.” Should one feel as if there insides are being pulled out by a shriving laugh? I couldn’t figure out what was so funny, but Erich stood laughing. “Curse my rudeness, isn’t it funny?” It took me a moment to regain my senses, and soon I understood. Or at least I thought I did, he had to feel my uncanny fear.

    Yeah it was “kind-of-funny” I had to admit to myself, soon after he told me we where going to the town square. I was starting to become a little scared of Erich, I was having fun… yeah the kind you have running in the dark, greatly it was high noon. Soon Erich stopped when we came upon a shop, in front the shop read “Mania’s.” In front, lower, was an old lady sweeping. “Erich dear how are you?” The old lady called with the same creepy smile that Erich always displayed. Erich jumped, I swear an inch, and ran to hug the lady. They had words with each other and I wish I heard everything, so I would have known to run. Erich held his hands to his mouth as he spoke with the lady. “I’ve finally found the right one grandma.”

    The old lady passed a sure glare at Jaden. “Are you sure about her?” “Yeah, she even saw me in my true form. I’m sure of it!” “Shhh…” Erich’s grandmother put her finger on Erich’s mouth, “You don’t want to freak her out.” Erich shook his head in agreement, he made his way back to Jaden.

    That’s my grandmother.” Erich proudly gleamed. If that was how he acted toward his grandmother, Jaden thought, what was his friend like.

    Chapter Five: Appetites
    I think I’ve found one.

    Erich where were you!? I waited for what seemed like a dog year!” A girl with short brown hair came screaming toward Erich when we reached the town square. “Susan!” Erich yelled back with comic flair, when she reached Erich they both began laughing. Again I found myself having fun in the dark, I once again found nothing funny, did they enjoy this? After meeting with Erich, meeting his murmur grandmother, this I hoped would end the weird parts of the day.

    Susan stopped laughing when she noticed me, she looked though me as if I were I a ghost. Erich broke the glare with, “Susan this is Jaden, Jaden this is Susan.” Susan continued to stare at my presence, so I threw out a friendly hand gesture. It’s not like anyone was home, she didn’t pay back the shake, instead she gleamed, “I know you, you’re Erich’s gir…” Erich at that moment cut Susan off by coughing very heavily. “Are you okay Erich?” He then took Susan aside, and began that whispering.

    Don’t I know her? You have those pictures of her, you even told me that…” “Please don’t say anything.” Susan then looked at Jaden, “But why?” Erich again pleaded making Susan agree. All the whispering had me thinking and asking, “More family stuff?” This made Erich very embarrassed, Susan made it worse by blurting, “I never seen you before in my life!” Which made Erich counter with, “How about a game of tag?” Susan snorted when Erich said that, “With just three people?” Erich threw an evil look at Susan who clamed like a robot. “I would love nothing more than a game of tag.”

    Erich threw up his hands, and the game “commenced”. With just three people, I stoked my hair, our age was again? The game of tag was fun until I bumped into someone. I was quick to throw out the sorry, until I realized that I bumped into one of those kids. To add it was the kid with the dark jacket, he didn’t look more friendly up close.

    As kids played up and down the fountain, the water shot straight up. Among them was a defenseless girl, an ogre, and his trolls who didn’t seem fazed by the heat.”

    Out of his mouth were words that I never thought he would say. “The sky at night is shy, naked. An airplane looks like a star that moves, is that what we call a shooting star? At night the sky is naked and because of that the sky is shy. When the cloud bumped into the sky, he said…” “You should watch where you are going next time, okay?” Huh? I kind of thought of him more the type to say, “Watch the air where I walk punk!” Instead he and his friends just walked away.

    Alex do you want me to hit her?” Mitch mumbled, member of the cult. “That would be rather rude on our part. I believe she is an ajatar.”

    Erich ran over screaming, “Oh my goodness! Jaden did he hurt you?” Shaking my head no, Susan joined and said, “Wow, that was the first time that I’ve seen him “not” go berserk.” “Huh? What… are you saying? Really?” My eyes popped, I felt really scared of that kid, a good scared… Erich threw Susan another evil look, he felt as if Susan wanted him to go berserk. “Um… it’s getting late Jaden, can I take you home?” As I got off the cold ground, I agreed. The cold ground, did it cool because a fountain flooded underneath, or because that ogre touched it. I was starting to miss the comforts of home. Okay not really, but if I saw one more strange person that I did not know, I was going to go crazy, and these queer events made me want to go home.

    Chapter Six: Note when she is at her
    Desk she’ll be writing a letter
    To Thea

    I wanted to forget what had happened, and for some reason I felt this anger towards Erich. It was a feeling that he was a cause and a start of many problems, although it was just a feeling. When we came to my house Erich asked if he would she me tomorrow. At first I had no clue what he was talking about, so like a crazy I slipped, “What are you talking about?” The wind blew hard and Erich seemed too blown with it. “Jaden don’t you go to school? I’ll walk with you.”

    My thoughts regained and I realized what he meant, he had this look in his eyes and I couldn’t say no. Still this feeling, I knew that Erich was trouble. He had whispering friends, and he didn’t explain anything, he awkwardly pretended like nothing happened, and still wants to hang out. He has… audacity mixed with stupidity, only meaning that he wanted something from me. So I agreed and returned to the ambiguity of a home. I slammed the door shut, Erich still ticked me off, he watched me walk to the door awhile smiling. My parents looked at me. “Where were you?” I wasn’t usually rude and I always was polite with my parents, so I answered that I was with the boy next door playing. Didn’t I already tell them this? Why did they even care. I hated them! I hated Erich! And ogres with trolls! All good hate, I guess…

    My parents didn’t give heads or tails to where I was, they continued to watch television. Robin waited until I reached the top step before claiming there was food on the table. One look a t the food made my stomach scream, “I’m not hungry!”, so I continued up the stairs. Like most adolescents I closed my bedroom door and turned on the light. It was dark and nightfall came quickly when I arrived home. I sat at my desk and thought, about what? I usually found myself locked around nine. Headaches were what I caught when I grew sleepy, that’s when a single drop fell onto my paper. Holding my nose it was blood, noting it was time for pills. Which I took very often, having no clue what they are for. One day I grew ill and my parents gave them to me, at times the pills just made me worse.

    I asked countless times to give them up, but they still insist that I take them. Tissue in hand, on my nose, I looked at the paper that I hunched over. Now tiny blood stains covered that paper, which could decide how I felt as I drew a heart shape around the stains. For Thea’s sake, though I threw the paper away, there is always another day to write it. I was tired, and there is tomorrow which still brought my life of which I had to live.

    Chapter Seven: Room Foe

    With it being early morning came my favorite part of the day, no really. The most important part of the day for me wasn’t getting ready for school, but getting to school. I dwell in the prior commitment that’s been ticking me off! Oh and when mother called for breakfast, yeah that’s been ticking me off too!

    When I reached the table my father asked if I have taken my pills. I then muttered, “I don’t think I need to take them anymore, as for the headaches they are gone.” I shouldn’t have gone with the flow with my hand, and the last sarcastic comment sounded too commercial I suppose, but my mother didn’t need to laugh. “Don’t be silly dear, I’m sure they’ll find their way back.” I was a bit confused by my mothers answer, was that a threat? “Can we at least talk about this later?” I pleaded and my mother gave nothing to show that she cared. I couldn’t take it, I rose from my seat. My father sneered, “Stay and eat.”

    I wasn’t even hungry, I noted that, just to hear my mother snicker. “Sure dear, just eat your breakfast.” I didn’t even have to feel that they were trying to ignore me, they were, I reseated myself. Creating a problem now wouldn’t help anything, I needed a way out of here, but I had no clue how, still.

    As I ate the sickest feeling flashed my face, and it began to burn. Was I going to throw up? Robin and Dave didn’t notice, but I was in pain. I continued to eat, and as I finished I managed to keep everything down, but something about the food… “Do you need a ride to school, Jaden dear?” I brushed away Robin’s question and told her I was going to walk with Erich. A question of “who is Erich” followed, I brushed that off as well with “he lives next to us” blah. I scooted out the door very quickly, I wasn’t nervous about my upcoming day, just freaked out by Erich. And he was waiting by the front door, and he brought Susan.

    I greeted them with open friendly words, and that made me feel faker and staler than plastic air. All I wanted was to run, to hide my personality from ruining other’s merry day. Susan didn’t seem to care for my words, Erich smiled, creepy smiled. Susan threw out a comment of “Nice House.” That made me feel better, for I thought she saw, but I guess I hid it quite well. I hid an empty feeling and sadness I woke up with this morning.

    And just so you know bringing everyone down with me was the only thing I felt was the right thing to do. If I felt this way, so will you! On the way to school Susan asked many questions, but her last one caught me off guard. “Are those really your parents?” Is what she asked and these words escaped my mouth. “What was that…” Erich seemed to catch the knife that was about to catch my heart. “Susan! Stop giving her the third degree.” Susan gave Erich a glare, “I have to turn in a paper, see you later Erich.” When Susan walked away Erich explained that Susan was in high school and she had to walk a little further. I was happy to hear this. I started to hate Susan, she seemed so bear like. Bite first and let the vultures eat the remains later.

    I was her latest catch, how did she know about my parents? Did she hide when I first moved in? Was she possibly even creepier than Erich? Were all kids like this here, bored and prying. Erich helped me to the front office, he didn’t wait for me and waved goodbye. I noted for him to this, I didn’t mind any of this, in a way it made me happy, for I never been to a communal discipline before. The lady gave me a paper, she wrote the room number on it. I opened the paper when I closed the door, it read, “Room 605” Room Foe!

    Erich stood to the right of the office door, he beamed once he noticed me. “I’m sorry Jaden, I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to make sure you were okay.” Erich was worried for me, and I didn’t know how to feel. I mean I met him the other day and he acted like he wanted to be friends, what did he want from me! Erich curved his head in an attempt to read my paper. His face bunched and his smile curled ear to ear. “Room six’0’five, Jaden you’re with me!”

    Chapter Eight: Jaden’s Partner

    You’ve never been to a public school before Jaden? Then I guess you’re an opposite first day’er, huh?” On the way to the room Erich seemed so happy, he seemed like he was skipping. He tried many times to hold my hand and make me skip with him. He again acted like he was five, and still he was ticking me off. When we came to the door Erich paused and pulled my hand off the door knob before I could open it.

    Jaden I… didn’t want to cower in fear and I didn’t want to be shy.” Erich looked in my eyes, he brushed his brown flip to the side. Erich made my palms sweaty, what was he trying to say? “Jaden…” Before Erich could finish the door swung open, a tall man stood before me. He was quite a handsome man, but the fierce look he gave the both of us made me want to cower. “Erich stop talking to yourself and get in here.” “But I’m not the only one here, Mr. Jared.” He then, Mr. Horrid, I like to call him looked at me. “So there is, and she wants…” Erich took the note out of my hand and gave it to Mr. Jared. “Fine Jaden, just go sit then. Erich you too.” Jared’s and amongst others I could feel their stares.

    Erich sat across from me, being so silly, silly he waved at me. I didn’t care for any words that Jared said, I kept staring at Erich. What did he want to tell me. With my rancorous attitude, could it help me? I mean doesn’t every fiend feel pain, sorrow, and have a some type of phobia. Erich did he fear meeting new people, he didn’t want to cower in fear, didn’t want to be shy.

    A communal discipline didn’t seem any different from my former discipline, just it felt less tense. “Jaden.” Mr. Jared called. “Is there anything the matter?” “Ah…” My mouth hung open, with no words, I said the first thing I could think, although it didn’t bother me. “It’s just this seems different then my old discipline.” Everyone continued to stare at me, Mr. Jared sighed. “Is that why you continue to wear that war-suit?” Mr. Jared commented on the uniform I wore, yes I wore my old suit here. “Yeah I guess…” I rubbed my head trying to act embarrassed, I was embarrassed.

    Then I suppose I should give you a partner until you feel more comfortable.” Mr. Jared placed his hand on his head, he acted bothered. And it made me feel like I was being picked on. Erich’s ears twitched, but Jared’s pointing finger passed him and pointed to this kid with dark hair and the eyes to match. “Allen, Jaden here will be your partner project until next week of spring break.”

    After class Allen walked up to me, “Let’s be partners okay.” Not having a choice in this matter how could I refuse. There too was something about Allen that didn’t seem right, just as with Erich. Or maybe it could have been his ego that clouded the air, because before walking away he winked and said, “Right On.”

    Erich who was acting like a little last lamb came running to me when Allen left. Asking, “Want to eat lunch with me?” Erich had this huge smile on his face and he was almost glowing. He acted like nothing had happened earlier. I wanted to say come on, or leave me alone, but that was a terrible choice. Already in my head I could hear “please Jaden”, “don’t leave me Jaden, “if you don’t I’ll sit in this hall and cry.” And being cruel would have been an act of the old vile, wicked, and revolting Jaden, I wanted to be more pleasant.

    I wanted to jump out of my old skin and jump right in to a new one. And there was nothing wrong with tricking me, was there? Besides, maybe this was Erich way of telling me he ready to talk.

    While I was eating lunch with Erich, he smiled as he ate and he talked about blah this and blah that. Never really listening, for deep down I really didn’t care for what he had to say, and I was still waiting for an explanation. “Hey Erich! Over here!” The shout came from two kids who appeared to be twins. Erich waved and explained to me that they were his best friends. Kevin and Karen were their names, they pleaded with Erich to eat lunch with them. Erich refused and before they left, the boy twin glanced and said, “Nice to meet you.” The girl twin chimed in as well. As they walked, I thought it wasn’t so nice to meet them, why did Erich have to leave?

    You can eat with them, if you like.” I offered for I felt like there was no reason that kept Erich with this life form. And as Erich he just gleamed, “I want to eat with you.” Should I have felt honored? I mean why was Erich being so nice?

    The day soon ended and out of nowhere jumped Erich, he wanted to walk home with me. I agreed, and I was again asked more questions, but this time it was Allen.

    Chapter Nine: Short Cuts Hurt Later On

    What Allen had to say only took minutes, but as he talked it seemed as if all the leaves on the trees turned brown, fell off, and grew again. How did Allen manage to have this effect I wondered. He didn’t have any grace. I found him to be quite revolting, for unknown reasons. Allen was my “project partner, for whatever that meant. I didn’t want him to be my partner, or spend any free time with him, but I found myself putting open minutes in his pocket. I agreed to go to the library with him the following day.

    I wondered if Erich didn’t like him also, because after I agreed Erich pulled my arm and started to walk vastly. He didn’t go for the hand, he must have meant business. How could I complain when all I wanted was to get away for Allen. Looking back once, was he following us? Of course he wasn’t, the world around me started to turn. I felt as if I had taken a sedative, Erich still had a grip on my arm he was the only thing still holding me up.

    Did Erich know of my sickness? It was as if he was trying to get me home vastly, for he showed me a short cut. It was through a store’s parking lot and over a fence. Being hardly in the condition to play explorer I somehow made it over the fence. Erich dropped me off before skipping to his house. He noted that he would be waiting for me in the morning. Which I found creepy! Was Erich some type of stalker, or just a nice kid?

    Either way I went inside and ran to the fridge. I had to take my pills, maybe they were the reason I fell into a spell. When I finished I found a note on the counter, noting, “Left, be back soon.” This didn’t hurt me, I wanted peace. I sat on the couch daring not to turn on the television. I became scared; I started to forget the events of only a half an hour ago. I never had short memory before and I could feel my memories melt. I grabbed the remote and turned the television on anyway. That way I could try to recollect memories, or just fill the silence.

    Soon the television wasn’t the only thing making noise. The sound was more of a bumping noise, and it stopped. Again it sounded making me jump, what could I do? Check it out, what if it was a monster? Ignore it and it might come down here and eat me, if I went up there it could also eat me. I laughed, I stopped thinking right. I grabbed a pillow off the couch and headed for the stairs.

    When I reached the up stairs I heard the sound coming from my room. I slowly walked toward my room and once opening the door… I found an open window. I walked to go close it, after closing it I turned and my mother was there. “Oh you scared me.” I blurted out, for I was quite sure it was my mother. My eyes were blurry and a headache started to form. I threw the pillow I was holding to the floor, I didn’t need it anymore. My mother was a pro at noticing distress in people, and like a hungry lynx she would catch you and use you for her gain.

    And one thing I couldn’t take was her charming way of talking and as she took a seat on my bed, she spoke, “Jaden dear come take a seat, you have something to ask me?” At first I didn’t know what she was talking about, and then I remembered to this morning. Grabbing my head I said, “Yeah, about my medication.” I took a seat by my mother and requested to have them taken away. Once again she spoke with a bewitching voice, “But dear don’t you have a headache now?” I couldn’t lie for it showed all over my face, and out of nowhere my father cut in. “So let’s keep taking it until it works.” I never could get in a word edge wise, and they just left it at that. When they left, I fell to the floor in pain landing on the pillow. And as I fell asleep I whispered to me, “Sorry Thea looks like I have to write the letter tomorrow, maybe then I’ll feel better.”

    Chapter Ten: Everlasting EVOL

    Jaden if you die one day, I bet I could bring you back to life.” Really how? “Well there is this light that never goes out inside you.” Is that like your soul? “Stop listen, if I can find it, I’ll be able to bring you back home.” What if you don’t find it? “Heh, you’re making me feel dumb.”

    I awoke in the morning and I was on the floor, and I could hardly remember the other day. I could although remember the dream I had during the night, though it was a long forgotten memory. Being the person who could always rise and shine no matter what time it was, I brushed my little bob of hair, grabbed my jacket and headed down the stairs. My mother passed a wicked smile at me and remarked, “Yes your food is ready.” I looked around and I didn’t see my father, where could he be? Asking I received half of an answer, “He stepped out for a moment.” Which was quite the “duh.”

    Feeling as if I didn’t get a fair trial the other day, I brought up the mediation once again. “Listen I think the pills are giving me the nosebleeds and headaches.” I was pleading with my heart, but it wasn’t good enough, no matter what I said or how I asked she wouldn’t listen. And strangely she blurted out, “Already… I mean really? I’ll look into that.” Her response didn’t call for many thanks, so I got up and headed for the door. “Going so soon?” I didn’t even want to talk to my mother or defend myself, so I just walked out the door without saying anything.

    When I opened the door I was greeted with a little sunshine named Erich. He always smiled and looked rather happy. I only knew Erich for a few days now, but it seemed we were forming a cat and dog amity. I never showed the things called “love” or “fondness” for people I took a liking to. You can call me cold hearted, but that was brought on by my vile and spiteful attitude. And like I said before I had all bets on changing, while I bet you have your chips on my down fall.

    And maybe you are right, sooner or later I was going to ruin Erich, if that was at all possible? If that were to happen, though, I would have no heart or regret. Perhaps if I did find a way to worm my way into new skin, I would become one of those lenient people. As we walked to school, I couldn’t help asking, “Do you have raccoons in your attic?” Erich laughed. He pointed that down as a negative.

    For some reason that reminded me that I had to take my pills. When I went to put the pill in mouth Erich swatted at my hand. “Erich! What’s your problem?” Erich looked to the ground and grabbed the back of his neck and said, “I… um… saw a bug. All gone now.” He than began running and beside him he yelled, “I’ll see you later.” I laughed and collected the pills off the ground, that wasn’t very lovable of him.

    Chapter Eleven: The Pain of a Short Cut

    Jaden are you ready to go to the library?” School soon ended and Allen came out of nowhere throwing questions first. What ever happened to hello with these kids? “Or are you just going to stand there?” Allen was being rude and I was trying to keep my feelings in line. I couldn’t snap for no reason, even though Allen kept giving some. The walk to the library wasn’t that pleasant either.

    Allan sure had a lot to say and I half listened. I did catch when he said we were going to my house tomorrow. “Is there a problem, I just thought as your partner…” I shook my head in agreement, and for some reason that shocked Allen. “Really most people always say what’s wrong with my house.” Allen smiled and then he took out a mini notebook from his pocket, he then wrote something down. “I can’t really say why, you know?”

    Where ever Allen was coming from, I could understand, even if I didn’t. When we reached the library Allen opened the door for me, noting “after you.” I wish he didn’t have to say it so menacing, I wonder if he wants to act obnoxious on purpose. Once inside Allen rushed us over to the children’s section, for it had candy and cookies, he said.

    I laughed and stated that I’d rather look at the books. Allen looked at me if I was joking or telling a joke without a punch line, I looked at him the same. He walked away adding, “See it yourself.” The way he said it was as if I was the little lamb and he was the sheep. Allen was so darn rude, but he was also so kind, at moments.

    A tipping noise filled my ears growing more as wolf howl, but as thick as a dog bark. My ears seemed so delicate in the dumb library. I hoped the library liked red stains on their carpet; it wasn’t my fault, doltish nose. Being embarrassed and not wanting to take the fall, I hid in the corner of the library. It was empty and not an eye saw my quick dash, it was quite noble. Used to the bleeds I had a pack ready in my pocket. And as I held the tissue to my nose, I thought back to what made me such a sheep.

    Thea, I really think you should stop hurting all those cats.” Pleading took all my wind, and demanding is what I should have done. Instead I let him have his way and end the conversation by an assertion. “No Jaden, don’t try to fight, leave me alone!” I should have helped him or tried in the first place. Maybe really I never wanted to lend a hand or help in his turn to right. For I wasn’t right myself, and for that reason things turned worse. And Thea was dead, one who tried to bring the dead back. I wonder how the prime mover feels about this, to kill to bring back.

    Thea made sense at the time, he lead me to believe that he was true. The blood that once ran though him, was it tainted? It never was his fault for how things turned out in the end, things just got out of hand, our hands. Before I could get another thought, the sheep himself came up to me.

    I was looking for you everywhere.” He then helped me up and gave me cookie. Smiling I just explained myself and my situations. Allen never asked another word about it after that. Allen had to be on his way home quickly, so we soon finished. Allen wasn’t as bad a s I thought, he was kind and mild, he even asked to walk me home. I refused, he was in a hurry.

    I refused even though it was dark and I was afraid of dull street lights that never showed the corners of the streets. I wanted to reach home quickly as well, so I decided to take the short cut that Erich had shown me. Darkness fall quicker than I had thought, the store in the lot was closed. There wasn’t a car in sight, and like I said before the dullness of the pole lights just made things eerie. The lights, orange and yellow just revealed little white lines splitting the parking spaces.

    I ran up to the fence, just hesitating for I saw a group of kids hovering over another. I forced my legs to go and continued to the fence, ignoring all feeling of regret and run. Thinking that I was home free and the group didn’t notice me I started up the fence, but when one of them shouted, “Hey you!”, I knew that I have stricken out. I was sure, very sure that they were taking to me, I surely doubted that any of them were named “You”. I turned around and took one of the longest breaths.

    A red headed boy began walking up toward me. He was a bit chubby, and I couldn’t help but to have this, “I just urinated on the carpet” look on my face. The light shined a peak and could tell two of the kids were Karen and Kevin. “What are you doing here?” They shouted at me as if I was on trial, I answered with the truth, I was just trying to get home. I felt like I was the one who should have been asking questions.

    They were the creepy ones, they were the ones hovering over a poor defenseless kid, I felt like that was none of my business…. Still! I did nothing, maybe they thought I was going to tell on them, but to who? I didn’t even know their names. “Why so late?” He asked another question, with all my “this is their fault” thoughts, I snapped. Why did I even have to answer? I wiped the scared dog look off my face and put on a fierce yet don’t hurt me look.

    In the back Jaden then heard Mitch’s voice, he came pushing past the twins and the red head. “Leave her alone James.” Upon saying this James backed away from Jaden. Jaden not knowing what to say, hurried over the fence. She ran home thinking, “What was those kids deal anyway?” They’re starting to tick me off!

    Chapter Twelve: Simple as a Telephone Call

    This is your house?” It was after school and I walked home with Allen instead of Erich. I couldn’t seem to find Erich after class, he seemed like he just disappeared, disappeared and avoiding me. Oh, Allen looked, “Nice car as well.” When Allen commented on the car it soon became clear why my father was gone the other day. “Yeah I guess…” I tried to hide my anger, but, where did my father get the idea that HE COULD SPEND MY MONEY SO OPENLY?!

    When I opened the door, my loving mother greeted Allen and I with her black beast. I couldn’t hold back the anger, I just had to blurt out, “Where did you get the car from? If you want something spend it with your own money!” I almost screamed from the top of my lungs. MY mother then said calmly yet chillingly, “Now dear we can talk about this later, you have a guest.”

    I wanted to say many words, but instead I took Allen’s arm and went upstairs. He wanted to come to my house so bad, so I guess I brought him.

    What’s her problem?” Jaden’s father sneered. “Oh she doesn’t like us spending her father’s money. Soon that’ll be a problem of the past.” Jaden’s mother snickered.

    When I reached my room, I felt foolish, very foolish for showing Allen my true colors. I never caught his deal, he seem to carless about what happened down stairs, he didn’t say a word. “Sorry for that, I’m…” Allen cut in, “Were those your parents?” Allen almost said this in the same way Susan did awhile back, did Erich mention something like this awhile back as well and I just didn’t notice? “Yeah, yet no not really...” For the first time Allen smiled, like a real smile, but why?

    Angry and not having much to say, I let Allen search around my room, while I gazed out the window. “Does this TV work Jaden?” Allen noted to the box I had in the corner. “Perhaps if you can…” Something I saw out the window made me freeze. “Perhaps what Jaden, like if I pug it in?” Allen threw his question and I ignored it. Something that I saw, was… Was Erich and not just him, but with the five kids that I saw at the parking lot store! (Note: this is shouted in Jaden’s mind.)

    He already told me that he was friends with Karen and Kevin, but the other three monkey’s as well! (Note: Jaden has Mitch as lead primate. Wasn’t he an ogre before? And another note: why won’t Jaden just learn his name?) “Are you going to stare at the window my whole visit, or are you going to watch “Yugioh Gx” with me kitten?” Allen seemed to be talking a whole different langue, what show? Again I ignored him, until he said, “Whose Thea?”

    I looked over from the window and realized that Allen had my letter to Thea in hand. “Just a friend…” I said this as I grabbed the letter from his hands. “Why don’t you just call him?” The reality was harsh to place in spoken words, but I did manage to say, “I could call him until my finger went numb, but he never comes to the phone.” Allen again gave a real smile, and this time I wasn’t grossed out by him. “Maybe you should try a couple more times, huh?”

    The way Allen said it seemed so softhearted, it made me want to wash away any thoughts that I had before. Allen wasn’t a sheep or a jerk, perhaps he was more of a person then I was. He really thought so, since he didn’t know the whole reality, I said thanks. At that moment my mother interrupted my bleeding heart moment. “Jaden it’s time for dinner!!”

    Looks like it’s time for me to go.” Allen grabbed his stuff and I showed him to the door. “That’s was most interesting visit I ever had to someone’s house, can I come again?” Having other things on my mind I smiled and closed the door on Allen, which I felt bad for, I could have given him an answer. So I opened the door to answer and apologize, Allen still stood there, but behind him were the kids from the parking lot store in front of my house!

    They stared at me as if I had done something, again! Not knowing what to say, I closed the door again! I peeked from the see-hole on the door. Allen turned around and walked casually pass the kids, the red head acted like he wanted to hurt him, but Mitch held him back and pointed to the front of the house. Could he see though walls, did he know that I was staring back? I guess common sense could have played a part, but that kid scared me, a good scared.

    Yet any of this silent feud have nothing to do with now, the very loud feud I had with my parents. “What Jaden, it’s a car; don’t you know what a car is?” Every time I ever asked a question why did it have to be so! “Yes! I know what a car is!” I yelled so loud I felt a vessel pop, I held my head. The room started to spin; I never felt pain like this. It was a pain that made my body scream, “Am I going to die!?”

    And like the helpful lynx my mother was she looked so concerned, “Is there anything that’s wrong?” The room felt dumb, I could hear the hearts of my parents beating. I stood there and I could feel the stares from my parents awaiting my answer, they weren’t going to need one. I could hear their thoughts as they burned though my skull. I couldn’t stand anymore and I felt so tired. I was scared, for I felt my upcoming death.

    If I didn’t have common senses, I wouldn’t have been able to make it up to my room. As I made my way up the stairs, I swear I saw my parents smiling.

    Chapter Thirteen: What Goes Bump in the Night?
    May Not Hurt You?

    It was Friday and I looked at my clock, it was eight-thirty. As I got up I realized that I over slept, while looking in my closet I knew it had to be because of last night.

    Why is it so hot in here? I thought as I pulled off my covers. It was then three-thirty, I was bathing in sweat since nine. I went to open the window, and that’s when I saw something… I saw the creepy boy, Mr. Ape himself walking out of Erich’s house. The wind blew and I caught a chill and coughed. The ape looked up to my window, I bent down, but it was too late. He began to walk to my front door, he gestured his hand like he was going to knock, then stopped. What was he doing, what did he want from me?

    I dashed downstairs in hope he wouldn’t knock. I didn’t want to explain to THEM why I have this person wanting to talk to me, I didn’t even know the answer. When I opened the door there stood ape boy, “I know it’s too early in the morning for taking, but can I ask you something?” Mitch looked into the door, I then moved my body in the way of saying okay. I have to admit I’m still really scared of Mitch, for some reason he seemed so high up, or so to speak some type of thug.

    How many have you eaten?” He said this as if I knew what he was taking about. And I didn’t. “Eaten what?” Mitch then began laughing, he then patted me on the head. “Forget it.” As he walked away, I thought what was I suppose to be forgetting? Well that was earlier today and now I found myself in a rush to get to school.

    Yet what was his problem? All day he stared at me, was he watching me, him and his creepy friends? Finally today, of which I believe Erich couldn’t resist, started to talk to me again. His smiling face awaited me, and inside I felt a tiny scream, “It’s Erich! And he’s finally talking to me!” When I asked Erich about those kids, all I could get out of him was that they called themselves the cult. When I asked Erich if he was in the cult, he just ignored me. A voice inside me wanted Erich to help me out.

    I couldn’t find the words, or a place where to start. I needed to figure those kids out. “Erich I know this may sound odd, but I think the cult are picking on me…” Erich turned his head and lowered his ears, “Jaden are you sur… I mean what do…” Erich struggled with whatever he was trying to say, ah… “Erich could you tell me their names, just forget what I said before.”

    The one with the coat is Mitch, you know the twins are Karen and Kevin, the red head is James, and the fifth one is hardly with them mostly because he plays a sport, oh and his name is Alexander. That’s all I know I promise.

    Sure I thought, if that was all Erich knew, then why did they visit him yesterday and why did Mitch stay over so late?

    Chapter Fourteen: And if That Thing does Hurt You
    Can You Take the Pain Kitten?

    I waited for you, but your parents said go away.” It was the end of the day and I was joined by Erich once again. “Oh the nerve of them! I’m sorry that my parents are jerks.” Erich gleamed. He made me feel better with that gleam. “Jaden I have to go home and help my grandmother, I’ll see you some time over the break okay?”

    When Erich left me I noticed that something else was not with me, my backpack. The school was going to be closed for two-weeks, I really didn’t need anything from inside, but I still wanted it. Being only about twenty minutes since the bell, I hoped that Mr. Jared would still be in the room.

    On the way to the room I ran into my other great buddy, Allen. He told me that Mr. Jared had left for the day, was there anything that he could do. I passed Allen on his way to the boys locker room, I told him that I was fine, I didn’t want him to be late. “Allen one thing though, what sport do you play?” “I don’t play Jaden, silly, I manage.”

    Allen then went into this big boast about blah this and blah that. I told him to have fun and that, but I was a little sad, I wanted him to walk home with me. Yet if Allen was still around then the school wouldn’t close until later. And I have never been to a communal discipline before, I never had a chance to explore… but I felt too chicken for that and left the school grounds.

    I wondered if I would run to any other of my friends, of which I only had two, so all who was left to run into were… the cult. And I didn’t want that, at all. “Hey Jaden wait up!” The shout came from a shouting Allen. “Look what I got for you!” Looking at Allen’s face he was quite excited, and I saw why. Allen had gotten my backpack for me, and that was a little strange. “How’d you know that I wanted this?” Allen dug into his pocket, “Well I felt this burn in my pocket and then I just remembered. Something told me I guess, something told me help Jaden. Allen handed me the crumbled piece of paper, it read something so silly, and yet it proved that he was a great person.

    Chapter Fifteen: Be Nice to Jaden

    We’ll be gone all weekend, make sure to take your pills.” How should I feel now, my parents were going to be gone all weekend, should I say cool? It really didn’t make a difference to me, in the end they were still going to be back. And I wanted more of a permanent fix. Now I didn’t mean like hurting anyone, but it would’ve been good if they by some way, didn’t make it back, by any means of course.

    Pushing all bad thoughts aside I was getting thirsty so I made my way to the fridge. Thinking back to the letter I reached in my pocket for my pills. They weren’t in my pocket and I well… kind of forgot where I put them. It was brought on by my short memory and that was brought on by… well I had no clue. It left me feeling dumb. I ran around the house looking for them, almost as a rat trying to get out of a maze.

    I wouldn’t say I was an addict, but doesn’t anyone with a habit feel a withdraw? At this point who cares, is how I felt. I went though the bathroom and I searched my room, throwing things as I looked. And yet they were nowhere to be found, but again… wasn’t that a great thing? That would give me time to see if the pills were making a change in me. How long did I have to wait, for I was already driving myself crazy.

    I was itchy and some kind of pain was screaming inside me. I needed to do something with my time, so I wondered. “What was Erich doing?” It felt like a light year, each knock, little light beams passing. And each pound, sending little blue lines shaking. This was driving me insane too, wasn’t anyone going to answer? It started to become clear that no one was going to answer. Ah… what to do?

    I decided to walk around town, not knowing where to go or what to do. As I walked there were many people and many shops, I thought about going in one, but it didn’t feel right. No I didn’t feel right, I stood outside a shop and just stared though the window. Hours could have passed or just tiny minutes, anyway it didn’t matter. I stood there, forgetting where I was going. Night fell sooner that I had expected. The wind blew and woke me out of this daze I was in.

    And don’t worry I was no longer in front of that shop window, instead I was at the park. The sign said, “Closed at six, open at nine.” Now I didn’t have a watch on me, but by looking at the stars it had to have been at least six, or if no more. Looking down at my feet I saw a shadow of two bodies, looking up I saw two girls guarding the park gate. One of the girls was Susan, as the other girl waved, “Hi I’m Jessica.”

    Chapter Sixteen: Might Not Have Jaden
    Say Her Name

    Sitting at the park bench, the view of the girls had to be wrong. Um… maybe I was looking though the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. For one moment they were at the gate and the next they were sitting next to me. This being Erich’s friend Susan who I haven’t seen in weeks, or I felt this way, and her friend I guess Jessica? My head started to hurt, was everything that was going on made my vision off? I closed my eyes for a moment and upon reopening them the girls were gone, but I was still in the park.

    It was simple what was wrong with me, my short memory started to play on reality. What was real anymore, have I walked this path before? Could this not matter, I was on my way home now, or was I… The night felt so alone and silent and the stares coming from the girls didn’t help. Susan bared a grin and the girl called herself Jessica at the park, but wait, I never left the park.

    I was so sure that I was walking home, but when I closed my eyes the time moved. I’ve fallen to sleep to put in simple words and the girls were a simple dream? They weren’t for I saw them standing before me smiling. The nap helped me recollect my senses and it became clear what I’ve been doing all day. Being dazed I found it wise to sleep on this bench all day. Now these girls stand before me, did they watch me sleep? Yeah it all came back, the two girls have been at the park all day, so have I.

    They asked for something and for whatever I couldn’t remember, this didn’t strike too good to me. Who would wait for someone to get out of their own drug time coma? I began to feel weird about them, and as before I don’t like Susan. She, how can I say… Erich never said another word about her after that day. “Get away!” Shouted in my mind, yet I was still in a daze.

    Everything around me was blurry and it smelled like fire. Burnt embers of some kind, did I smell the fire of my future demise? Not all there, but I was there enough to see my way out of the park. Without saying anything to the two girls, I walked vastly to the park gate. “No! I um… mean don’t go.” Susan’s lackey grabbed my arm, she wouldn’t let go. I screamed at least twice for her to let me go, but still the girl had a vast grip on my arm. I pulled harder and the grip was loosened, yet again the girl pleaded.

    Listen I’m sorry for being strange, but I just want to be your friend.” Like I could buy what she was saying. Friends? “Susan make her stop what’s going on…”

    In a flash I started to remember the whole truth of how I got to the park. When I was at the shop front the two girls were there also. It was then when they introduced themselves. And one of them… One of them… While the other… It became clear, the girls stabbed me with something in the side. A pain on the side of my stomach… I began to run and looking back I saw them smiling. “Come on Jaden is anything the matter?” They both started to giggle.

    Chapter Seventeen: Jessica and Susan and
    Jaden and a Blemmy

    What happened next could be described as me having an underground trip. They pulled me as everything returned blurry, their giggles tore though my skin. Each giggle was like a nail to a chalk board, it was safe to say I was soon meeting my demise. I wanted them to stop pulling me along, I didn’t want to die. You may think, why did I think they’re going to kill me. Well if they simply wanted to get back at me, why all this plan. What did I do to these girls?

    Let’s go Jaden, come on.” They sang as they pulled me through the bushes. I muttered for them to take me home, that plead was ignored, as they continued to giggle. “She wants to go home.” Soon the feel and sound of going through bushes stopped and I looked at the sight of bright lights. The lights burned though my eyes, ah what could I do? I pleaded again for them to take me home, but again they ignored me. Susan helped Jessica take my lifeless and dazed body, throwing it in back of a car.

    Take me home she says.” They continued to giggle. The lights were so bright, yes very bright that the heat that came off the bulbs made me sweat. The heat was nothing to joke of and the wind blew very dry, how could one not fall to a sleep like state?

    When I woke it was because of the laughs that came from the front seat. They, Susan, spoke of how she had to get me for taking Erich. Huh? I did none of the sort! Erich came to me and he was nice, a little too nice, okay a nice to where I can call him creepy, but still… why would this make her so upset to the point of murder?!

    I thought back to when I first started that communal discipline when Susan asked those questions and later when Erich tried to tell me something. Was this all a couple fight?! Did Erich, my mouth couldn’t even say the words… leav..e.. he…r? The wind blew harsh on my face, my face felt like sand paper, it seemed that they had the top down. I looked around a little for what I could see there were many light poles. That shined so bright revealing people wearing bright clothing and much make up that covered their faces.

    On a street corner some laughed as they wore black boars around their necks. Whatever I have entered seemed so sci-fi, I wanted nothing more than to leave. These girls have kidnapped me and I couldn’t find a point of escape. “Where am I?!” I yelled from the back seat with much force, but my vile attitude wasn’t going to help me now. The stink of evil from these two girls reeked more than I, I would never commit murder… but he did.

    There was a time that he did, also the time when I asked Thea for forgiveness. T “You told them?” J “Thea I had to, when we got there, there was dead animals all over. T “Why do you say that? I was going to bring them back!” J “Thea! There was blood everywhere and their hearts were gone.” T “You just don’t understand, Jaden, I need to find the light.” J “I’m sorry… Thea.” T “I don’t forgive you. Sorry is what you’ll feel next, after what I’ll do. All you had to do was keep quite and you managed to mess that up.”

    Jaden ran that day from the greenhouse that sat outside her parents home. She breathed with an ease that he would be gone. Anger, regret, everyone feels at a time. And yet Jaden could make people feel that on purpose, when she asked for forgiveness she had her back turned. A look upon her face of pure delirium. It wasn’t fair how she cornered Thea into hysteria, but for some reason Jaden felt as if she had to.

    The car came to a stop in front of a mini shop, the two girls got out of the car. The man that worked the mini shop handed them something. They talked as a group pointing at me, but I couldn’t hear a word that was being said. Their faces seemed so unclear, it wasn’t just everything that was blurry, just the people I’ve noticed. To look at the car seat, black leather as clear as day, but to look at Susan… something seemed off… her appearance that was. The world around me began to shake. This time is wasn’t just my neurosis, everyone around me noticed too, or at least I thought.

    For some reason the girls didn’t notice the noise as they casually got back into the car. The sound continued and yet the girls didn’t seem to hear it. The people around us screamed, their sounds is what got the girls to look up. They froze with fear as we felt the breath of a creature I have yet to see. The creature displayed no head as a face stilled located on its stomach. It grabbed Jessica from her seat and didn’t hesitate as it pulled her body apart. I screamed as the blood from Jessica fell onto me as rain.

    The creature held what was left of Jessica and placed the parts in his mouth. As he did this, Susan showed no emotion she tried to run. I say tried for the creature saw this and quickly grabbed the running girl, Susan’s fate was the same as Jessica’s. It was my fate to die, but they met their own demise. None of this made any sense, I couldn’t move. So frozen with fear, I didn’t feel my legs. The creature grabbed me, I knew I was going to meet my demise today.

    Its hands felt like cold stone, the same feeling I felt when I was at Posner Park’s fountain, on the ground. So cold as ice, but so smooth as the running water. At a time like this should I be afraid to die? I was afraid of hurting to die, is this how Thea felt, I deserved this. The creature, it seemed so clear that he didn’t have a soul. As the creature held me, it felt good, everyone’s faces didn’t seem so blurry anymore, not normal anymore.

    Put her down, she’s your mission!!!” Someone called out, but the voice seemed familiar. The creature put me down and walked away. I heard many whispers, but I could not return to my senses to run. The smell of the blood on my shirt made me want to vomit. Leaving me to pass out, whatever my fate was soon to be, it had to wait until I woke up.

    The so called fairy boy, the classical called imp looked over Jaden. He sighed with relieve. “I felt that you needed me Jaden, I’m so glad that you are not harmed.” The soon to be faithful servant picked Jaden off the ground and began on his way to carry her home. In Jaden’s mind she had came to her senses, it brought her to her feet. Jaden ran as fast as she could out of that town, never looking back. Little did Jaden know, she had never left her home. This place wasn’t too far, her fate wasn’t just saved, but it was also revived.

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    Chapter Eighteen: Millions of Unknown Visitors

    It was the next day and I awoke in my bed. I jumped and looked around. I was home alright, I tried to wipe the sweat of my forehead, but it felt like rubber or cooled grease. Could it have been a dream… maybe I went home after I realized that Erich wasn’t home. Everything I imaged was just because of not having my meds. Then again maybe not! I held my mouth in shock, the sweat I thought I felt wasn’t that… and when I looked in the mirror there was blood on my shirt.

    I didn’t know what to think, my hands started shaking. I couldn’t get a grip with one to make the other stop. There was no way to make sense of this, I found myself in a place where no wind would blow. Empty and alone, I needed to talk to someone. Not knowing where Allen lived I had to try Erich again. For some reason I knew Erich knew how to help me.

    I found myself where I was yesterday, pounding on Erich’s door. Why wouldn’t anyone open up? This was insane! I felt anger so I grabbed my head. Tears followed after and I was so scared. I almost died the other day, yes it had to be real! Those girls are dead now. Susan is dead now! Why won’t Erich open up?! I played a small part, even if I did nothing somehow their deaths were my fault. The other day was so unclear, oh Erich open up.

    I gave one last plead, the curtains moved at that moment and I waved. I thought Erich was finally going to open up, but instead I was greeted by the call of, “Jaden!” The sound came from the back of me and I turned, “Your coming with us, damn girl!” It was the cult, all five of them. They looked angry, and wait who were they calling, “damn girl?!” Underneath my fear, was still the same Jaden, an angry one in fact. I had no time for their silly games, what did they want? I don’t care… isn’t Erich going to open the door?

    A few seconds later the door didn’t open, tears fell as the time increased. Three members of the cult came running up the pouch steps, James, Kevin, and Alexander. They grabbed my legs and arms, no not again, was I being kidnapped again?! Why was everyone trying to do this? As they carried me down the stairs, I looked at the door, it showed no sign of ever being opened. So as a victim once again I screamed, “Put me down! Why are you doing this?” Again my cries were heard through death ears.

    They threw me in the back of a mini-bus, the group tied me up and sat me in a seat. There was one thing different this time, I had all my senses and I knew what was going one around me. Whatever Mitch wanted, it had to be something extreme. I then remembered back to the words he spoke that night, “How many have you eaten?” That was so strange to ask, but some way it had to relate to what had happened the other day.

    Chapter Nineteen: What Can Be Lost
    Can Be redone in an Hour’s Time

    There was something about the cult’s attitude that made me realize that they never had kidnapped someone before. James kept yelling to Mitch about what to do and in return that made Mitch nervous as he drove. One would be more focused on the matter of being kidnapped, where I was more focused on the detail of it. How did they even get the mini-bus, for I thought of Mitch being the age of only fifteen. He was driving and it was very poor driving in fact I thought to myself, “If I wasn’t going to die at the hands of the cult, it was going to be by the hands of Mitch.”

    James kept on calling to Mitch, and through his foolish ramblings I managed to hear him say, “Should I hit her with something?” What James said did make sense, there was only one thing… I wasn’t doing anything worth that kind of treatment! I just sat there, for some reason I didn’t think I was in any danger. Karen hearing James silly question giggled, “Calm down James.” Kevin joined in, “Yeah James, calm down.” James who was nowhere in control of his emotions cried, “I am calm!”

    Mitch at this point couldn’t take the shouting and called on Alex. I never seen Alex up close before and with seeing him, he looked atypical. Then again weren’t most people six feet tall. He talked with much grace and his voice didn’t seem deep at all. And when he spoke everyone seemed to listen, which I thought Mitch was the leader. I guess there is always someone higher than another, and if that was the case I sure was scared to see who was higher than Alex.

    Alex walked up to the front of the bus with ease, I mean with the way Mitch was driving, he walked as the floor beneath him was moving still. “No one is to touch the girl, okay?” Alex took a seat next to me, he didn’t seem like someone you would want to be next to, yet I was.

    The sound in the bus fell dull after Alex put the noise to death. The only sound that could be heard was the tapping of Alex’s ring. The sound was so abhorrent against my ears, I thought my ears were going to bleed. Each tap was so gruesome I couldn’t take it anymore; speaking through my cloth it caught Alex’s attention. He looked at me with eyes so sweet, he pulled down the cloth and put his hand on my mouth. Whispering, “Jaden…”

    Mitch at that moment stopped the bus, he looked back saying, “Bring her to the basement, ah… Make sure my mom doesn’t see…” Alex placed the cloth back on my mouth and I longed to hear what he was going to say. With Mitch’s controlling temper I thought maybe beneath a big man there are smaller ones telling the bigger ones what to do. As Alex and James carried me down the stairs I saw many things. The home seemed like anyone other’s, the most shocking thing I saw was the family photos of Mitch, he looked like he had a “good boy complex.” As if he called that “dude” dad at home.

    I take back what I said before, the cult were very clever, in fact they were distinguished in the art of kidnapping. Mitch had the whole line of questioning down. Now only if I knew what he was talking about. He kept asking, “Why’d you do it?” And just like the first night my answer was still the same. And yet Mitch was so sure I knew what he was talking about or in this case shouting about. “Don’t pretend the blood is all over you!”

    I guess I did look bad, but to what situation? Mitch asked for something called a wolerok. Which I could best describe as a pitch fork of some kind. What could I do? Alex handed it to him, I didn’t feel the need to scream and I couldn’t run. It was undeniable now I was going to die, I felt the wolerok touch my skin. Feeling the cold steel as it tore though my skin, at any moment now I was going to succumb to death, with no explanation why. The girls, the cult, Allen and Erich were they all just aids in this game?

    What was the reason, I tried to ask, but something kept me from asking. Mitch paused before he tore through me, for he had heard a plea, “Mitch stop!!!” And that plea came from the one and only, Erich.

    Chapter Twenty: Master Plan
    Tear Jaden Apart

    Erich ran down the basement stairs and he threw his body in front of mine. Mitch pulled back the wolerok and he had a look of antagonism upon his face. Did Erich just come to save me? I lost all hope of anyone even caring for me. Every man dies alone, and to me it was rare that someone would throw themselves to join you. Yet Erich never answered if or not he was in the cult, and if he was I was going to make it out alive.

    Mitch it wasn’t Jaden’s fault, I sent the Blemmy to kill those two girls. You’re making a huge mistake, I thought it true that Jaden could see us, but she can’t. Just think if she did, wouldn’t she be all like, “oh that’s odd?” She has no honest clue, I brought her here… against her will…”

    Erich spoke with such hurry, I could hear his sweat droplets hit the floor when he brushed his hair. “Are you sure Erich, explain.” Mitch threw the worerok to the floor while Erich moved a little from my body. Erich pulled a crumbled piece of paper out of his pocket, it looked like the same piece of paper that Allen had shown me. Erich than cried out, “Jaden doesn’t even know what she is, and those girls mistook Jaden’s and Allen’s hanging out…”

    Erich handed Mitch the paper and he read aloud, “Be nice to Jaden, so what does this mean? Erich threw his hand in the air, as if it wasn’t clear. “Don’t you see!?” Erich shouted making Mitch get this look on his face as he finally understood. “So you mean that…” Erich quickly cut Mitch off and said, “Yes they were just project partners.” One couldn’t help but to look confused as the two laughed as if Erich had just said the punch line to a funny joke.

    My anger rose and I knew now I wasn’t going to die, instead as I thought before, it wasn’t more than a game to them! What wicked things are these kids up to in Davenport? Yes… this was all a misunderstanding… but to what extent? I mean was Susan dead, her and that girl… Jessica? And if that was true, they thought that I did it, but why… I mean… I’m not like a… monster… am I?

    I’m nothing more than a mere victim of a misunderstanding. And whatever it was, Jaden was soon to find the name for herself.

    I’m so sorry Jaden, I had no clue, forgive me…” Mitch untied me than, looking at me with forgiving eyes, yet he looked as if had a lot to explain, but so did Erich.

    When he spoke, the whole time I felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I had my head down and everything he said, turned into unheard whispers. I’m not really sure what he said, word from word, but from what I heard, it went something like this.

    It’s hard to explain really, to try is difficult and you really shouldn’t be hearing this from me… Ah… I’ll try, okay? While Mitch spoke all the noise in the room fell dumb. I don’t know how aware you are of this, but you’re an ajatar. Which means your a pestilence, you spread disease. And you long to hurt people, in folklore it’s said a look upon your face is deadly. That doesn’t ring true in your case though, I have seen worse.

    Most ajatar’s as you live and lore people into the forest in the nights. They feed upon the flesh, some even take the skin and wear it. Forgive me, for when I saw you go into the forest with Erich’s master and her friend I could only imagine. The blood on your shirt didn’t help either. Susan and Jessica took you to Maven, it’s mostly filled with imp’s, arkan sonney’s, and aswan’s. The guys and I are aswan’s expect Erich who is an imp.

    I sat there on Mitch’s cold basement floor not knowing what to say, I held my mouth it felt numb. “So you mean to tell me I’m an ajatar and I eat people? But I never… even craved the taste… You’re wrong! How could any of this be true! My parents were normal, but you mean to tell me I’m different!” I put my head in my knees, what could I do? None of this made any sense and I had a group of people, no creatures, just staring at me. Waiting for me to say more, of what I had no clue. Mitch sat on the ground with me, he grabbed my hand. “Jaden you are different, I’m sorry… but this was never in are place…”

    Yeah and now we’re going to be in a bunch of trouble!” James Cried. “What are you kidding us? Whose idea was this again?” The twins mocked. “Please don’t do this now cult, Jaden is scared and your being selfish.” Erich smiled at me, but the cult aura changed when Erich spoke. “This is your fault anyway Erich, you brought her here no?” Alex who stood quietly the whole time reappeared, he bared this grimmer on his face. “Erich don’t play the nice guy just cause she’s an ajatar, you brought her here for a purpose no? Your planning for Jaden to be the Head of the family, right?”

    Erich grabbed his collar, again I could his sweat drips hit the floor when he brushed his hair to the side. “I don’t know what you mean, Jaden needed me and I came to her rescue, I swear I felt it.” Alex sighed, he glimmered once again, “Then why’d you have to be so deadly with Susan? She was just in the way no!?” “That’s not true!” Erich shouted. “I never felt anything with her… I couldn’t tell what she wanted and that bothered me! You have no idea how hard it is for an imp…”

    I want to go home!” I shouted. I didn’t like how they argued about things I couldn’t understand. This odor reeked from me, I didn’t want to lay on this floor anymore. When I shouted it kind of made everyone jump, like I was a teacher yelling at his students. Erich smiled at me and he agreed, but Alex wasn’t done yet. He sneered when I spoke and Mitch had to set him straight, he told him to let Erich and I go.

    For the first time James came to me shaking before we left, “I’m so sorry about how I treated you!” He turned his face away, making me laugh. “It’s fine.” I said as I patted him the back. “Jaden wait, before you go… We the cult hope to know you very soon.” Mitch the leader smirked at me, but the other’s looked weary. Erich and I walked home together, we didn’t speak as we walked very slowly. Erich never asked if I was okay, but some how I felt as if he already did. In reality Erich saved my life, and I was really grateful, but he also brought me into this other world, with another word for myself.

    How would it have been to die though, Jaden still wonders. Could it have saved her from this other world and the events set forward to take place?

    Chapter Twenty One: Dr. Wellibent’s Letter

    When we reached my house, I was quick to dart up the stairs. Erich looked like a lost puppy with an eager look on his face. He held his mouth and stood there, with his kids ways he wanted to tell me something. I wanted to hear what he had to say, so I stopped myself and stood at the third step. Putting my hands in the pants pocket I was wearing, I waited awkwardly for Erich to speak. Standing there on the step for what felt like an hour, maybe it was longer or shorter.

    For some reason Erich was searching for the right words to say. The type of words you look for when you keep a secret for a long time, and when it comes time to tell, you find yourself at awe. I could tell if I didn’t do something soon, Erich would have kept his shyness. And I got the right idea from my own thoughts. Puppies hate to be left, and on that note I finished up the stairs. Erich upon seeing my leave woke up and called out to me.

    I turned with such an evil smirk, my plan had worked. Some think it’s best to stay, but leaving had the same effect. “Wait I have to tell you some things, please forgive me!” Erich shouted loud enough for the whole block to hear him, he seemed so worked up. “Your parents are trying to kill you… The food you eat, the juice you drink, and the pills you take are all their weapons.” Erich had the pill bottle I had lost in hand and tears ran down his cheek.

    Since Thea, I had a friend. And he had nothing to be sorry for, why did he? I ran down the stairs and wiped the tears off Erich’s face, he looked like such a nisse. “Erich!” I jumped back, beside Erich’s hair were tiny pointy ears. And his sweet boy face almost seemed to melt, and underneath his skin laid a rough wrinkly layer of skin. Erich kept on crying and it only got louder and louder.

    I grabbed Erich’s arm and dragged him into the house. “Oh Erich please stop crying!” I had to shout with all my might, for his crying was starting to pierce my ears. I pleaded again and I even shook him. And still he cried and cried, “I’m sorry Jaden, I lied to you so much! And all I wanted to do was help you, then again I just wanted to help Sabin!” Erich kept shouting loud it made the house shake. I had to stop the motion and quick. So I tried to sway Erich’s emotions, “Erich thank you for telling me this.”

    I grabbed his now rough hand and patted it. It seemed to help and Erich stopped his crying, but he was still shouting, and he still had his sad lost puppy look on his face. Only this time Erich didn’t look like himself, well he looked like an imp so to speak. I had no clue what an imp was, to say, but I recall Mitch calling Erich that.

    Erich lost his cute charming looks, but still he acted as himself. He placed his hand on the back of his head, as he always did, and he said this time without shouting, “I’m the reason why your here.” Erich then took off running and I couldn’t help but to chase as I shouted, “Erich come back!!!” Erich stopped running and he came walking back holding his head saying, “Sorry I can be a little spineless.” I laughed and Erich joined in. “Aren’t you mad Jaden?”

    Was I mad… no cause I had the power to expect things for what they are. Maybe Erich knew or maybe he didn’t, but I didn’t exactly live a normal life before I came here. So if Erich opened a door, that didn’t bother me, at all… cause I have the power to expect things. I expect things for the punishment for things that I have done, I couldn’t run anymore. Was I mad… no cause I’m so scared.

    Erich changed his attitude and started to shout again, “I needed a person… I needed you!” Again I was confused, feud up without any clue I asked him and in response he gave me a letter.

    (Dear, Mr. And Mrs. Cotton I am a friend to the late Stutterburg’s. I have left a home here in Davenport for them. Whom they can no longer claim, and it is by my request that you have this home. Please visit the home, I would like to meet you. I beg of you not to sell it, instead live here happily, no longer having to worry about petty rent. To which it concerns, Dr. Wellibent.)

    It then became clear what was going on, but still remained the “why.” And before I could ask, a strange voice filled the air, “Jaden!”

    Chapter Twenty Two: My Brother Sabin

    Did you hear that?” Erich asked, and I did hear it, in fact the whole world heard it. I wondered why my whole day was filled with blood, kidnapping, and shouts. I mean couldn’t anyone just softly whisper a question? The shout was sounded again and Erich had a look on his face. The look dogs get when they hear something, he took off running up the stairs. I followed after him asking, “Erich where are you going?”

    When we reached the upstairs Erich stopped at the door that’s underneath my attic. Without answering my question he looked around for something. Calling out, “Awe!” he grabbed a chair that was in the corner of the hallway. Placing the chair under the drawstring for the attic door, he began jumping up to reach that string. Tired of asking questions, I watched sooner or later his actions would reveal an answer.

    After about five minutes of no process, Erich then fell off the chair. Crashing to the floor, I tried not to laugh, “Erich, are you alright?” Erich slowly got up off the floor and said, “Yeah I’m alright, I just forgot about Sabin.” My name was called out again and through the shouts I tried to ask Erich who was Sabin. “He’s well… your brother! Erich had to shout over the screams.

    It was silly I never had a brother, yet that was in my other world, and Erich was so sure he tried once again to open the attic. This time he opened the attic and oh did I mention that I’m not going up there. “Please Jaden, there are a lot of things you don’t understand and seeing your brother will help.” Erich pleaded as he grabbed my hand, and even though I saw his true form I still saw the cuteness in his eyes. He still had his Erich charm and I couldn’t say no to it, and if a brother was up there it wouldn’t hurt to see him.

    I grabbed Erich’s hand and we headed up the attic, it was rather dark. It was the size of a normal room and there was no need to get on your knees. I was quick to back away, but Erich craved for me to be there, and I couldn’t leave. In the far corner of the room sat a boy with purple eyes and the hair to match. He clapped at the sight of Erich and me. The boy reached for my shirt, asking, “Is this my sister?”

    Erich nodded his head, I had to pull away, this boy was pulling on my shirt so hard it started to hurt my neck. I sat to the level of the boy and touched his hair. “How is he my brother?” Erich came down to the level and explained, “Well Sabin is his name, and those are matters your father would know of.” I turned my head slowly toward Erich, my father was dead, what could he have meant. “I can take you to your real father Jaden.”

    Erich spoke slowly for I seemed lost, I was lost. At that moment shouts from my parents were heard, “I thought they were going to be gone all weekend.” I remarked as Erich noted it was time to go. I didn’t want to leave my brother, but Erich did make a good point. “What about Sabin?” I couldn’t help it, I had to ask, and Sabin looked so scared. Erich shook his head no, which I thought was odd. I asked Sabin if he would like to go and he began shouting and screaming.

    Jaden! I said he couldn’t, leave him alone!” Erich then took my hand and started down the attic. Looking at my clothes I realized that they were stained with blood. My parents were down stairs still calling for me. I told Erich to wait for me as I ran into my room and changed. I smelled terrible and I had no time for a shower. I returned to Erich and we headed down the stairs. We were greeted by my mother, “I called you hours ago, what were you doing?” Having no time for them and their rudeness, I carried Erich with me out to the door. That is when my father put a knife to my heart.

    Such disrespect on the day of your parents death.” My mother joined in, “What a vulgar ill-breed child, must have forgotten.” They both began laughing, and yet how true they were, I have forgotten. Not knowing what to do, I ran out of the house crying.

    Chapter Twenty Three: Thea’s Tongue in My Mouth

    Do you ever count the times you should have cried? I once did and I never really showed any emotion, like a robot, against my chest was cold steel. At the funeral of my parents I didn’t even cry, I just stood there waiting for all of it to end. I can still hear the whispers of people around me, why of all the reasons did she… The death of my parents was so unknown, they seemed to die of disbelief really. I tried so hard to let it go, and not try to understand why I’m this way.

    I even let down my best friend, lying, pretending I knew nothing of what I knew. I almost tried and won at erasing my memory, really I was so close. Taking a deep breath now, why did my parents have to strike a nerve? I never felt such a bloodlust as I did right now, I wanted someone to feel my pain. If I could just throw it upon someone else… I would. I wanted to change, but this sick feeling always forms in the pits of my stomach. I held it and my bloodlust grew larger, if it wasn’t for Erich being beside me, I would have lost it. “Jaden if you have forgotten, your parents are jerks.”

    A smile grew upon my face, inside I whispered, “I want them dead Erich…” Isn’t there a way… Erich grabbed my hand and uttered, “We must hurry if you want to see your father.” Erich never explained why we had to hurry, but it did seem as if he had his own private reasons. We soon made our way back to Maven, it looked different then it had looked at night. Everything looked normal and even the people looked perfect, they bared huge smiles on their faces.

    Quizzing Erich about this he just snickered, “Sorry Jaden, they’re trying to find a way to make the night last all day. You see the people out right now are completely crazy, vain, and tricky, looks don’t count you know.” Looking around again I saw what Erich meant so I leaned a little closer to him. These people were starting to freak me out, I believe one even asked if I wanted blood. Which Erich later corrected me and said he asked if I would give him some blood.

    I soon grabbed Erich’s hand, as a little child would. Erich laughed as he looked at my hand, he caught on to the fact that I was scared. Erich’s loving face returned which I don’t care what he looks like, for I just wanted the warmth of his presence. And as long as Erich was there I had nothing to fear, and if he ever left I wouldn’t know how to control myself. I lost the warmth of one friend, I couldn’t bare to lose his.

    Now at this moment I wanted to change for good, even if I said before, I’ll ring it again. I was even soon to begin singing it, if that meant I had a chance at changing. We came upon a store and Erich opened the door, gesturing for me to go in first. So which I did, when we went through the door I fell below a hole. I called for Erich again and over, but he never answered my calls. And he never fell as I did, I know Erich didn’t just try to trick me, right?

    Erich… why aren’t you answering me? I turned around to be enlightened by a voice of a short red man with glasses. “Pardon me, I’m not this Erich you speak of, but may I be of any help? You fell through the wrong door, who told you to go that way?” I then explained that Erich had told me to go, and when I said Erich again, the man cut me off saying, “Erich, so you must be Jaden, no?” “Um… yeah.”

    The man held out his hand, “Come into my shop it’s not far away, by the way, I’m Saint.” I followed Saint through what seemed as a tunnel. The whole time I just thought about Erich, and why and if he tricked me. I mean Erich was nice and gentle, not like me at all. And yet he did something I would do, and that had me horrified.

    I don’t know why Erich would do that.” “Do what?” I wanted an answer quickly, “Well he knew it wasn’t the correct door, are you sure it was Erich?” Was Saint trying to hint that Erich was two different people? For I wouldn’t know because Saint shot his own sentence by saying, “Just forget it.” He then smiled and held a door of beads open for me. When I walked in a young girl was stacking books.

    She looked just as Saint, she also wore the same glasses. “Oh dear what do we have here?” She spoke sweetly and seemed very kind. “It’s Jaden, Lady!” Lady then threw the books she was holding and ran toward me. “Jaden really?” She took off her glasses and blew on them, she then put them back on. Lady looked over me as if I was some rare jewel, she even touched my hair. This made me pull back a little, “Um... Erich said you were my father…” Saint began laughing as he said, “Oh Glensdale no, there is no way I would be a father to a… um forget it, for the story I have to tell you is no laughing matter.”

    Chapter Twenty Four: Saint’s Stories
    Part One

    Seemed like only yesterday when I first met your father, but that story is best left for another time. He had a lot of bad luck it kind of turned him bad. He lost his way, he lost his way in silly things really. Sad to say he found himself in a bad situation and I was there to witness it. Your father was an amateur blacksmith, in the yesterday it was okay to live among the trees, in fact it still is. Again that has nothing to do with your father, so let me continue.

    He was always so easy to whisper to, and he’ll do anything you ask. And that was his greatest down fall, for he had no business even coming to Maven. When he saw your mother he lost his senses, in fact I tried to warn him. You see your mother was the greatest snake of all and that is not a good thing. The only good thing was your father, he well put a balance, but that balance was only put there for males.

    Grant was in hope that Jaden was a male, but you aren’t. That caused more than a little fuss, for ajatar’s are not allowed. It’s a rare to come across any, for they’re a rare breed. And like most rare breeds, they are made by opposite forms. And your mother knew that and she in the end tricked your father. How? Simply, she hid the fact that she didn’t bare emotion. Let me back up a little for I forgot to mention how they met, you see your father wasn’t much of a blacksmith.

    And he would do deeds for various beast, nothing serve though. More as chop a tree here, catch a fish there. And one day or night, again doesn’t really count. Your father was gathering wood and he saw her lifeless body, she was soaking wet and so very pale. He did what he knew was wrong, for if any female found in the back way is only one thing. When your father took one look at her beauty, he thought, “How could such a thing be evil?”

    So he followed his heart and picked her up from the ground. She was covered in moss and dirt, felt of fever, so he took her back to his home. Drawing a bath for the vixen, she awoke. Even now I wish I could say, “Chop her head off!” I even scream it in my dreams, “She’ll use your…”

    Let’s meet in their present of two years later, she is welcomed with a boy. Happy, for your mother could keep her secret for a while longer. Some times I just think she was unsure of what she was herself, and didn’t mean to have a girl, but no one can stop a gender. Again a little while later, she had another boy, she could still keep her secret to herself. And your parents love could run free, this time with two cubs.

    They had some of the best times, and even though your mother was a minx. “Could it be true?” Were the only words your father said when he found out about number three. His dreams for a happy family were unfolding, and as he hugged your mother she turned her eyes back. If her senses didn’t kick in, she would have eaten your father. She was thirsty and the need to return to her old ways was strong.

    She sat around all day, with her hands shaking so unsteady. Months passed and she could feel or perhaps even hear you. She thought about killing you somehow, but stopped herself. She was of the same race as you, she was just as emotionally profane as you. The time came for you to be born and as the twins you were, your mother was reborn as well. Which each push, her outer skin creaked and she grew bat wings, as to say her devil character came shinning through.

    She begged your father not to run, but he did, taking his three kids with him. Placing you cubs in my care, never knowing of your true form, he requested I take proper care of all. I couldn’t have an ajatar running around, so as a kitten you were, I gave you away. Which I regret losing you in the first place. As for your parents, your father was the first Head of the family, creating Glensdale for us, this is were he lives. Your mother… I’m not so sure, sorry.

    Chapter Twenty Five: Saint’s Stories
    Part Two

    Your brother is an odd person altogether, at the age of five he threw himself up in an attic. For he doesn’t like being a gancanagh and he thought it was best to hide. Legend has been told there was an gancanagh named Shannon.

    Oh we love you Shannon.” Were the countless screams heard from countless women. Was it charm? Was it looks? Or his incredible personality? No for he had no glow, he resembles a very old man and was always grumpy. Still women fought for him, he couldn’t sleep or walk to his place of work. Well to put down catfights and bar brawls aside, one evening Shannon was walking home.

    Two girls followed him, they pulled out two knives, yes on for each. They cried out, “If you don’t love us, then we’ll kill ourselves.” They stood in front of him trembling, but Shannon had no heart for this type of game. Being heartless he told them, “Goon de folur.” This closely means, “I have no option in this.” Or “My heart bears no feeling.”

    This is the worst way to tell someone you hate them. Shocked and hurt the two girls stabbed themselves in the heart. Shannon who was shocked as well, ran to the side of the girls. As he held them both he wailed, “Why’d you fix yourselves on me, what makes me so canning?” And just to simply end where we started, he was just a gancanagh.

    Chapter Twenty Six: Could You Repeat That?

    When Saint was done talking, I have to admit, I was confused and feud up. Was he telling these stories half on purpose? I had no clue what these stories are suppose to mean to me, if they were even true… which they had to be… I mean I was in the room with a red man. Either way, I wasn’t going to leave unless I had a better explanation. “I don’t quite understand?” The room went silent and Saint just laughed again, “I’m sorry if you want the rest of the story you going to have to talk to Sir. D.”

    Saint walked away toward the front of the store. I felt as if there was more he knew, but he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s pride by truth. And I knew a lot about hurting other’s pride. And sometimes it’s better to hide things, but not now, I thought when I still have much to learn. About myself, my family, and the whole reason for me being here now. It’s like everyone’s been waiting for me, a vile beast, why? I knew it’s more than Erich’s yearn for a master, for what did that have to do with some saying, “Jaden, oh really.”

    My father Grant… what did Saint say he was… a Head of something, but that wasn’t the only thing bothering me, well there were several things in fact. Like who was my other brother and where and why did my father create Glensdale? Did my father know that I was an ajatar… is that why he left us?

    Sorry for my dad Jaden, he can be condescending on purpose sometimes. I tell you what, I don’t know who Sir. D. is, but I’m sure Erich knows.” Lady tipped her glasses, she searched for the books that she had dropped. “Lady why don’t you know? Do you remember anything from when my brother’s and I stayed here?”

    Ah…” Lady dropped the books she had picked up, “Well I don’t quite know cause I was a kid too…” “Lady please tell me, it’s okay I won’t hurt you.” I smiled and worked some type of charm I didn’t know that I had, perhaps I stole Erich’s powers. “Ah…. Well I never asked about you guys, but I do remember you very well. I’m nineteen so I was five then so Sabin was three and… please forget I said anything…”

    Lady walked toward the front of the store with her head down, leaving me in the back. How very darn rude… at least I know that Sabin is at least sixteen. The back was filled with many books and many were at my feet. I picked one up and opened it, then many other’s… Most of the books were filled with pictures that looked hand drawn by crayon. Some of them were journals, for those ones started with the date. Thinking back to the first story Saint told, the woman he described was my mother…

    She reminded me of myself, because the ending seemed familiar to what happened to me and Thea. I begged for his forgiveness and I too didn’t want him to find out my secret. I had many questions, and who ever was this Sir. D., I needed to find him and ask him my questions. Before taking off for the same door as Lady and Saint had exited I stopped to pick up a book. The title read “Mysteries and Myths reveled” best read for later I thought.

    When I went through the door, I realized what kind of store Saint owned. It was a grocery store, and for some reason everyone on the store stopped what they were doing and began staring at me. Lady realized this as well and grabbed my arm, running out of the front door saying, “I’ll walk you home, you never know what the daytime dangers.” Lady dragged me along with her for about three minutes ‘til I stopped her and asked, “Why’d you do that?”

    Lady took a deep breath and began some kind of nervous laughing. Lady and Saint both had the same reasons for not wanting to tell me anything. What were they trying to hide? “Lady please tell me what happened.” I sounded very sad and gave Lady the Erich puppy eyes. Lady took off her glasses it seemed to have worked for she told me, “There… isn’t any ajatar’s left, we um… had them all killed a while back.” Tears fell from Lady’s eyes and she cried out the biggest whine I ever heard. While since earlier from Erich.

    The story is very hard to tell, and it’s really not fair! Still of today any cross breeds are killed.” Again Lady let out a huge whine. I begged her to stop, but she kept on repeating, “You have to forgive us.” “Lady can you tell me what a cross breed is?” Lady then put her glasses back on and she shook her head yes. “A cross breed is two different creatures together as one. Like today you wouldn’t find a fairy mating with an elf. It’s because once two breeds are together the females turn evil.”

    Was Lady for real? It seemed as if it wasn’t probable. “We call those cross breed females ajatars. We have, and had to kill them when they were born. You were lucky of your father’s love, he hid you with my father.”

    If I was a cross breed what did that have to do with anything? Was I just an evil thing that should be killed? My heart felt as if it was going to brake, and I wished I never asked, but I did. And slowly I was beginning to understand what the other word for me meant. As well as the other world of myself.

    Since a cross breed never reached adolescent…” Lady added. “Most will fear you.”

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