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Funny filming-editing mistakes I noticed in dramas

Posted by beezee , 07 December 13 · 1,478 views

Who Are You Heavens Order filming mistakes editing mistakes
I wanted to write a post like this, but up until now I didn't have enough material, 'cause I'm not so good in observing.
Since I finally succeeded to gather it, here comes.

From Heaven's Order, ep. 4: I think this would be the best ad for a detergent. You have very dirty clothing stained with blood, you throw it in the water, and instantly changes in blinding white.
Here is Choe Won who jumps in the water very dirty and in the water his clothes became clean, but when he gets out from the water, it changes back to dirty. Not so good detergent after all.





And this fugitive weares the finest boots of that time. Very modern, made of leather, and if I see it right, has a rubber/plastic sole. :o


Now from Who Are You. I can't make pictures of these, because the funny is in movement and sound, so you have to watch the video.

From ep. 2, at 42 min 33.500 sec: You hear Geon Wu (Taecyeon) talking, but his lips doesn't move. He was filmed from behind, but you still can see his profile. http://subtitle.dark...20p-iPOP&tlang=

From ep. 4 at 42 min 48.500 sec: The photocell door opens before the ghost, so he can enter the police building. Does that mean photocells can see/sense a ghost, unlike most human? http://subtitle.dark...20p-WITH&tlang=

From ep. 5 at 14 min 14.800 sec: Again, Geon Wu talks but his lips doesn't move. Does this make him a ventriloquist? http://subtitle.dark...20p-WITH&tlang=

Same episode at 35 min 36.800 sec: The logic of this scene is just beyond me. Basically they say that if a Walkman, which has been stored somewhere for more than 5 years and doesn't play a cassette without putting new batteries in it or plugging it in, it's broken. I was like WTF? It didn't occur to the director or the writer, or someone from the stuff, that that thing needs electricity to work? And after that, at 35 min 57 sec, to make it even worse, Si On walks in the lost-and-found objects depository, takes another old Walkman from a random shelf, which was stored there since who knows when, puts in it the cassette and tadaaa, it works! Wow! That's very close to doing magic. :huh:

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