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About dramas I watched – Take 3

Posted by beezee , 26 August 14 · 4,348 views

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I Hear Your Voice – Nice and funny interaction between the characters, but too much legal stuff to the point that bored me. Everything was predictable. Those speeches of the prosecutors and attorneys were so flat and childish, that I was shouting to my screen at the writer who didn’t bother to do some research and learn how to do it so that she could make acceptable lines. What cracked me up was that those lame speeches were admired in the drama. And a rare thing nowadays: all the main actors were brilliant in what they were doing, they deserved all the awards they got.

Who Are You (2013) <3 – Despite it’s flaws I liked this drama. I liked that they mixed genres, the horror scenes from the beginning were a little too much for my taste, but I understood the purpose of that. I enjoyed the goofing of the side characters, and even Taecyeon’s acting was believable and serviceable. The story was nothing new, just the approach, and they handled it quite well in my opinion. And I’m not pissed with the ending, I saw that coming, and actually it makes sense for me. But I would’ve liked to see more of Kim Jae Wook.

The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013) <3 – I was captivated by it from the first episode. It’s not a funny, light or romantic drama, it’s some sort of melodrama but without crying your eyes out. Makes you think about things that you otherwise wouldn’t want. It’s about how to cope with loss, face the problems like a man and find a way to solve them properly. I didn’t mind that it turned into a thriller towards the end. Translating it is quite draining emotionally.

Last Cinderella <3 <3 – That was just wow. The things in it happened with such a speed, one had to put in some effort to keep the pace. The dialogue was witty and funny, and I didn’t know up to the end which guy will end up with the heroine, and I liked that. It’s something I've never seen in k-dramas. And the two leading men were smoking hot.

My Love From Another Star – I watched the first two episodes just because I wanted to see what’s the hype about, and it only got me from ep. 3. All in all it was a good drama, was fun, but kind of brainless fun. I liked how bad the baddy was, he took being bad to a next level and I liked how spoiled and bratty Jun Ji Hyun was as Cheon Song Yi (sometimes I would’ve liked to slap her), but I wasn’t so amazed by Kim Soo Hyun.

Queen’s Classroom – Liked it. It tackled the subject why we are going to school, what we learn in it, and what for. The depiction of bullying shocked me, even though I was aware of the phenomenon. Watching the struggle of the children was very hard. In that class were all kind of children, with all kind of family backgrounds, but I still felt that they were too idealized. And another thing I can’t let slide: those teachers were terrible in teaching subjects. What kind of teaching is that when you write like a robot on the blackboard without a word, without explaining what you do and why when you solve a math or science problem, or just put the pupils read from the textbook?

Empress Ki – I enjoyed it, but it was very long for my taste. That’s why I seldom watch saeguks. Ha Ji Won was great, this role really fits her, but Joo Jin Mo was washed out, I never felt the sparks between the two of them. So I was cheering for Ji Chan Wook, he was a breath of fresh air, has a strong screen presence, and had a good chemistry with Ha Ji Won. I didn’t care about historical accuracy, I just went where the story took me. And there were a bunch of fantastic side characters. But the last third of the show ran out of fuel.

History of the Salaryman – Not bad, all the actors were good, it was packed with action and scheming but they dragged it for too long. Would’ve been enough 16 episodes. That workplace fighting for power is not my thing, and I couldn’t care much for the characters however righteous they be.

Secret Love Affair – To sum it up: good music and good leads. Contrary what one may think reading the plot, the story was written quite realistic. It wasn’t flawless but this drama handled well the emotions. It’s a quite and subtle love story that’s growing on you. The only problem I had with this drama is that the bad guys got away without any punishment. That’s too realistic even for me.

Capital Scandal – A period drama which is a fairytale is a rare thing. The serious stuff is just for decorum. It has over the top characters. Even the bad guys turn out to be good. It’s all funny coincidences, I would call it a classical comedy. I liked how badass Cha Song Joo, the famous giseng was. But watching this drama I couldn’t not compare it with Gaksital, and I was somewhat frustrated how light this is.

Sungkyungkwan Scandal <3 – I loved that ravishing quartet and every second of this drama. Yoochun and Park Min Young together were fun watching, but Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In stole the scene every time they appeared on the screen. Speaking of the latter, his miraculous healing ability made me laugh, and interestingly Cho Sun, the famous giseng had also martial arts skills. So can we conclude that being a fantastic giseng requires to be an assassin/fighter with black belt? Anyway, this drama is a gemstone.

Currently watching:
Witch’s Romance – The first episode was ridiculous, but then began to be funny. I just can’t imagine a man in the real life, no matter how young or old he is, being so unselfish. Otherwise the drama is okay so far (I’ve seen 5 episodes). But I couldn’t brush off this image in my mind of the writer sitting at her desk trying to guess what possible fantasies may ajummas have about young men, and to put all those in this drama.

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I totally agree on the ones I've seen.


Whenever there's a courtroom scene in a k-drama, they break all the rules.  At first I think it's because the legal system is different in Korea but then I realize that no, it's just bad writing.


My Love From Another Star was a little brainless like you said, but they did such a good job making it.  I had a lot of fun watching it, but now I'm ready for something new.  No more chaebol guys with supernatural powers for at least a year!


And I didn't watch Secret Love Affair but I completely understand what you mean about the ending.  We don't sit and watch something for 15-20 hours just to have it end with nothing resolved.  If we wanted that, we could just watch real life.

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"No more chaebol guys with supernatural powers for at least a year!" LOL I know the feeling. I'm sick of grumpy chaebol guys, too. And of time traveling. And damsels in distress. And of perfect young knights in shining armor. :D It's much more fun if the characters are all flawed.

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Yes!  That's why I'm watching It's Okay, It's Love now.  I'm ready for a show about crazy people.

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I guess I have to check out that drama. I read the plot but somehow Jo In Seong doesn't come off as crazy to me, Gong Hyo Jin can pull it out, I know that.

I planned to watch next My Secret Hotel, so far it looks promising.

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Aug 30 14 02:17 AM

Beezee, you're spot on on with your observations and thoughts. At least on the dramas thatI've watched.

Empress Ki was the first drama that got me to break my rule of 20 episodes and below (oh I forgot I did BOF but then again, it was too draggy as well). As you said, it ran out of steam.

I quite like MLFAS but for the life of me, I can't see why people rave about Kim Soo Hyun's acting.

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Nov 30 14 08:13 AM

Im going to start watching the witch's romance. haven't seen any on your list. informative review.thanks! I also want to watch love from another star but I don't know where to watch it from.there are no torrent links to download it and I really hate watching via streaming , youtube, etc. can you help me out?

@Cityhuntress:  If you're willing to watch it streaming, you can here.

If you want to download it, you might try AsiaTorrents.  They have it listed as "My Love From Another Star".  I would suggest getting our subs for it, since we have very good ones for that show.

@Cityhuntress, you can try doramax264.com for dl, maybe the links still work. Another streaming site that has very good image quality is viki, but it could have geographic restrictions.

Jan 13 15 01:27 AM

"No more chaebol guys with supernatural powers for at least a year!" LOL I know the feeling. I'm sick of grumpy chaebol guys, too. And of time traveling. And damsels in distress. And of perfect young knights in shining armor. :D It's much more fun if the characters are all flawed.

Except for the fact that the male lead was an alien, the drama had "Old Hollywood" flavor to me: the way the humor was presented, the hilarity of the scences. I am reminded of the Doris Day-Rock Hudson films i used to enjoy. So to me, it was a very good show all in all. Very wholesome and very entertaining. :)

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