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Posted by beezee , 09 March 13 · 1,376 views

Two weeks ago I read this short piece from Gárdonyi Géza, a Hungarian writer from the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, and I just loved it. So I decided to try translating it to English. (I apologize for my grammar, it's not perfect).


Life is like a walk in the forest. You go on a path, and you leave trees behind you. This road you went on: is your past. Sometimes you look back and wonder if you have chosen the right path. The trees and bushes you passed represent the people you met until now during your journey. Sometimes you pick a few flowers and take them with you, they follow you along your journey: they are your beloved ones.
You go on, you can see the end of the road, the accomplishment of your goal, but what will happen to you, if the road takes a turn and you end up knowing only a few meters of it? Don’t worry. The road continues, it’s there, but you have to wait until you’ll get to see it. But for this you have to overcome your fear that you feel caused by the unknown and foreign environment, and you have to go ahead, to move forward. And in the meantime: imagine, guess how it could be the continuation, so you won’t be in for surprises.
During your journey the night falls. The forest gets dark. What’s going to happen with you now? You can’t even see up to an inch from your nose, you don’t know the road what’s in front of you - the goal -, you are afraid you might fall and hit yourself. But don’t stop! As your eyes get used to the darkness, you’ll know where to go.
And if you reach a crossroads: don’t hesitate! Just pick one direction without fear, ‘cause you have to decide that all by yourself. This is Your path! And after you have decided, don’t look back, don’t regret anything, that road THAT YOU HAVE CHOSEN just try to like it and make it beautiful!

The most famous book of this writer is Eclipse Of The Crescent Moon (Egri csillagok). It's been made a movie of it, I even found English subs for it :) .

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