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A short film review: The Pathetic Writer and His Wierd Lady

Posted by beezee , 07 July 13 · 1,251 views

Love Fiction film review
/I won't tell the title. Those who have seen it, will know./ :devil: ... but I'll give you a hint: tags

How can a film be SOOOO boring? And I thought it will be good... What a disappointment. I prefer stupid films instead. I managed
somehow to sit through the first hour, then came the shit joke. Like that armpit hair thing wasn't bad enough.

I decided to watch it till the end just to see how crappy it gets. *Well, after a break to the kitchen, 'cause I couldn't take it anymore on an
empty stomach.*

It appears the director/writer thought that narrated parts in a movie are something cool. It is when it's done well. But he simply abused
of it. And of references of Goethe and The Sorrows of Young Werther. The hero supposedly had a major in German but he couldn't
pronounce a single word right. I can't understand this thing. I can pronounce and read (if I know the rules) almost everything right
without understanding a word of it.

Bits about the story:
The hero, who is a writer, doesn't do anything but whining, and he's trying to impress the girl.
We see a drinking game.
There were flashes of the story the writer tried to write. This looked much better than the actual story.
One funny scene: the hero at the funeral in rocker outfit, and his Elvis hair caught fire from a candle.
The rock music is quite good but the lyrics... are so lame.
After the photo exhibition even the cameraman got so embarrassed that he had to drink. That's why the shaky camera.
There is a character that is/ looks like Mephisto.

Phew, I finished it. *sigh of relief*

Don't watch it, only if you want to make fun of it afterwards. :thumbsd:
I pity the cast, they are all good actors but this story and film is a shame.

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