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Obvious product placements in dramas

Posted by beezee , 27 August 13 · 2,574 views

I Hear Your Voice kdrama product placements
Since I watched King of Dramas I'm more aware of what I see in dramas. You remember that orange juice product placement that the writer refused to put in the script, right? That was when everything started.
Recently I watched I Hear Your Voice and I was hit in the face with a few very obvious product placements. Don't get me wrong, I understand the purpose of it, but it's too much to ask to be done in a more subtle way?

So here they are:
when Su Ha chooses his new phone in ep. 11
Attached Image

The hiking shoes gift in ep. 13
Attached Image Attached Image

Vitamin C ad in ep. 15
Attached Image Attached Image

I don't know if this is a PPL or not, but anyway the Most Ridiculous Couple-thing Award goes to this in ep. 18 :D
Attached Image

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Yes!  The phone and the drink were so annoying.  They always have to show off all the features that their phone has.

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You're right. And when So Ha went to the store to buy a gift, the saleswoman was praising that shoe how durable is, and everyone was satisfied with it... I was rolling my eyes.

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Aug 28 13 11:00 AM

Awesome post. :) I notice these things too. Actually, what bugs me the most is when each and every character in a drama is using the same brand of phone. Like, seriously? I mean, I get it, the producer sponsors the drama in exchange for free publicity but come on, like you said, there should be a limit. :)

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Thanks Bella. Yes, and it's even worse when all characters uses not only the same brand of phone but the same model. And not a cheap one. :D

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Sep 07 13 02:22 AM

I know I'm commenting late, but I agree. Ever since King of Dramas, I can't help but see obvious product placement. While watching All About My Romance, I couldn't unsee it lol 

I think its really cool that the king of dramas made us all act like this LOL.


O i think thats the phone I have (JK buuhahahahaha)

Dec 14 13 08:16 AM
I think the Korean showbiz really used every single item in the drama, for example acessories, phone, doll, etc are for business. In almost every drama I watched, not only this one, everyone used the same phone with different colours. And if the character is poor the story tell us that she buy it by credit way..It's fine with me just quiete obvious .)

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