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boracay island

Posted by alialnalrab , 19 May 14 - - - - - - · 5,532 views
beach, boracay
boracay island Before i only heard about this beautiful island named boracay, May 03,2014 ...finally i've seen this awesome beach with my very own eyes... yay... its so lovely.... its like a postcard.... the water in green and blue,its really very clear....my god you can even appreciate the beach while just sitting on a beach bed.... the sand is not hot its great to wal...



Posted by alialnalrab , 06 April 14 - - - - - - · 1,392 views
hot, chill, refreshing
summertime... its summer here in the Philippines ... beaches and resorts are crowded during this time... well its the time when one can leisurely walk in the sand,appreciate the beach and feel the refreshing water of the pool....today its really hot..want to go for a dip but cant... so i did find a way to chill ...while writing this blog im eating soft ice cream with t...



Posted by alialnalrab , 02 April 14 - - - - - - · 1,679 views
gettogether, meetups
reunited March 29,2014 although we're not complete its a good thing to meet them again.....yehey.....
Hoping for a grand reunion next year......it will surely be fun...



Posted by alialnalrab , 28 March 14 - - - - - - · 1,223 views
reunion, getogether, reunite and 1 more...
Three years ago our high school class batch 95 celebrates its 16 yrs.... it was fun... really happy to meet my classmate and batch mates.... together we reminisce the past.... laugh hard about the funny things we've done during that time....
Tomorrow, after three years from that grand reunion our section decide to reunite again.... excited so much, will...


a hobby.... my collection

Posted by alialnalrab , 25 March 14 - - - - - - · 1,341 views
nailart, hobby
a hobby.... my collection About 2 yrs ago nail art caught my interest... then i begin collecting nail polish and always searching different nail art designs and trying them on myself and with my nieces.... so far im learning a lot and improving....while watching dramas here most of the female cast wear lovely nail art and im so loving it...it gives me more ideas..... :wub: :panda_...


"when someone you love becomes a MEMORY that memory becomes a TREASURE"

Posted by alialnalrab , 21 March 14 - - - - - - · 1,525 views
love, family
"when someone you love becomes a MEMORY that memory becomes a TREASURE" March 12,2014.... 6pm phil time a very dear person to me passed away... :( :icon_crybaby: ...he may not be related to me by blood but i treated him as one of my uncle and he treated me well too... its just too sudden that until now i cant imagine and believe that his already gone... :icon_huaaaa: but the most painful part was that he didnt even utter a wo...


my first...

Posted by alialnalrab , 08 March 14 - - - - - - · 1,433 views

:rolleyes: hello.... well im laila from phil... really dont have idea to write a blog so i just decided to intriduce myself and say something about joining this community..... :wub: actually before being a member here im already a kdrama and asian drama addict... been to many different sites just to watch the dramas im currently watching.... spent almost...

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