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I should be repenting not watching.

Posted by maerigrace , 18 April 14 · 1,789 views

Its 4:39 AM while I'm typing this first entry in my blog and yet I'm wide awake.
I should be sleeping instead of watching I hear your voice nor should I say that it is not right to enjoy and watch these type of show in the verge of holy week?? . .
I kinda felt bad because I enjoy watching and I told to myself that I will not watch anything this holy week as part of my abstinence. But after watching 10 episodes of I hear your voice from 2 pm till 4:30 am. I realized that I knew why I love to watch dramas and movies because somewhat I knew that there would be a part or line of every character that can make me realize and see things that I did wrong before, how can I deal with it, how can get over with it and lastly, how to master the art of letting go all of the guilt's inside me.

It's been 5:03 am . .
Therefore, this is my own way to repent and forgive for all the wrong things I did and my hobby of watching Asian dramas/movies became part of me that I couldn't remove from my routine because I know it's my excuse from my reality same time it became my eye opener for reality .

Thanks for reading!!
Good Morning and 잘 자~!

- Maeri :unsure:

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Maeri, no worries! You are not alone! ;D lol

May 25 14 03:05 PM

 exactly :D we are the same *.*

I understand you so well! I hear your voice  was amazing and I was really addicted to it. and korean drama in general. my parents have been giving me a head ache because of this  for avhile now. I  I even got into arguments with them because of kdramas a few times  :D. Im not a child anylonger really (Im almost 24 already....)... I think this might  really be an addiction :D

Aug 28 14 05:18 PM
I am older than most here and I am a guy. I don't watch tv anymore I just watch kdrama's or Jdrama's. TV here in the US bores me now. So I guess we are all in the same boat. So don't feel alone my friends. There are many of us in this boat. :)

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