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Translation = historical research??

Posted by Iseria2you , 03 June 15 · 2,105 views

Empress of Chinahistory lesson Noooo Interesting... :P
Translation = historical research?? Here I am, translating ahead, understanding everything (Yes! *double fist-pump*) when this guy rears his bloated face, and my head goes "Zheng(!¤&!(¤&"(¤!¤)(I!EWJWOEYRTH)P%T *kapoof*
Turns out, this guys has a title that isn't listed in my dictionary. A Tang dynasty title what cannot be translated directly. Hmmm. Fancy that. (Damn creative souls who can't be bothered to make up a book of definitions for their fancy *rumble, grumble*)
So, over to Wikipedia to read up on the Tang dynasty. Again. And maybe stop by two or five other sites to find this particular title and its normalized translation.
How often do you guys find yourself having to research historical facts? Does this always happen every 20 minutes in a historical drama?

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Hi, Iseria!

I had to research too for military ranking and medical terms. Since I translate from English, first I read on English sites, then I tried to find Hungarian sites of the same issue, and search in them for the right word. Online dictionaries are mostly worthless in these situations and my dictionaries on paper are not that extensive. The worst is corporate hierarchy, cause there's no matching term in Hungarian for lots of titles and positions (or at least I don't know and couldn't find it), so I have to be either creative or simplify things.

I didn't do much of sageuks. But it were times that I read for hours to translate a line.

Jun 07 15 10:39 AM
lol definitely. Did a couple of sageuks eps before and definitely definitely lots of research, especially to find the proper match for the character titles!
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I am a professional historical researcher SO! message me and I will gladly help research ANY title. :)
I love research so ANY project would be awesome.

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