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You know you're tired when... bad translations are hilarious

Posted by Iseria2you , 09 June 15 · 2,948 views

schadenfreude too much noooo XP proofreading
You know you're tired when... bad translations are hilarious Have you ever been a proofreader?
If not; you might think I'm evil after this. Just warning.
Some context:
I've been translating this series for a while now. Technically, it should've been proofreading, but let's just say I'm very happy I've studied a bit of Chinese. And have the best electronic dictionary there is. And the best Chinese friends ever. Point?
Well, I said "translating".
Now, sometimes it's just grammar. Like "Is too much angry" or "Days many before". Crackerpot. Snort, re-write, move on.
Sometimes it makest no sense. As in "Tuck her in court prisons is GTA". Who knew they had grand theft auto during the Tang dynasty?? Wow, dem horses be fast~ (btw cozy prison. They tuck you in at night? Nice~)
Dictionary, friends, lol, next.
And sometimes... sometimes you've been at it for far too long and a moment like this picture left me out of breath for half an hour.
It took me 10 seconds to rewrite, and then another 5 minutes of artistic perfectionism, but the clock says an hour. Fancy that.
Do you ever feel guilty for laughing, but it's sort of too off to be anything but hilarious?
Join the club ^^
PS: Yeah, it was the emperor.

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I die laughing a lot from google translated Joo video titles. 

The woman sounded ( let the women cry)

One hundred shares bounced crush hanoi noodle soup.  (it is some documentary... ) but yeah translations are so fun right?

Trace Lim
Jul 22 15 02:59 AM

I can relate to that. Its hilarious and even if the viewers tolerate with the bad translation, in due time over exposed to grammatically wrong translation soon the viewer might get infected with bad english. I read and write both english and chinese hence I can see the way how some translations were off.


Still, I want to thank the volunteers for the effort and hard work. CHeeers

Dec 26 15 03:43 PM

I so can relate to this right now. Some translations really doesn't make sense at all. I just realized that i have actually stared at a certain line for more than five minutes already, as if your trying to crack a code... and boom!  looolz!

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