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day 1

Posted by bledosky , 18 March 16 · 2,045 views

good day fellas, how are you all? hope you doing great! i had a great night as it rained all night... so it was cozy sleeping under my blanket with my cat named daisy! lol...
so my quote for today is:
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Do always remember that you are a hero and u can survive any circumstances as long as you do not give up!

now... let's talk about korean dramas. i'll answer a few questions.
Q1: how many korean dramas have i seen?
i've seen a couple of them; the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful! even the insane ones...lol!
Q2: when and how did i became a fan of korean dramas?
i was introduced to korean culture back in year one in college by a friend who was studying languages and culture. i was so captivated and i then became a fan of Asian community majorly indians and koreans. since then i started watching drama series and even started to learn the language..
Q3: how is it going so far?
i must confess it's been fun.. meeting friends of a different cultural background, color and language as myself is really worth it! fun fun fun...
alright am taking a break now... will try and finish up my story later! i'm famished and so is daisy, we got to eat!

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