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Immortal Classic (2012) Drama Review

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Title: Immortal Classic/불후의 명작/Boolhooeui Myeongjak
Also known as: Immortal Masterpiece
Genre: Drama
Year: 2012
Episode: 20
Network: Channel A
Website: myungjak
Airing: March 17 to May 20, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday at 19:30)

From: DramaWiki

A kimchi-themed drama where two families battle for pride and prestige in a cooking competition. One family runs a restaurant, while the other contains a line of respected chefs.

Kim Sin Hye

Jang Hyeong Il
Kim Sang Rae


Park Seon Yeong as Hwang Geum Hee, Han Jae Seok as Kim Seong Joon, Im Ye Jin as Kang San Hae, Kim Byeong Gi as Seo Don Man, Ko Doo Sim as Park Gye Hang, Lee Honey as Seo Yeong Joo, Choi Jong Hwan as Kim Hyeon Myeong, Kim Seon Kyeong as Choi Jin Mi, Baek Yoon Sik as Hwang Yeong Cheol, Sin Seung Hwan as Hwang Geum Ho, Yeo Hee Goo as Hwang Bo Ram, Ko Yoon Hoo as Oh Geon Woo, Han Min Chae as Yoon I, Lim Byeong Gi as Kwon Sang Sik, Kyeong In Seon as Kwon So Yeon, Ban Hyo Jeong as Hyeon Myeong's Grandmother


Rating: 8/10

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Immortal Classic is a strong title. The drama series itself has taken the important elements of a classic in the making; well built story, superior acting and comprehensive cinematography.

There's an infamous saying that "you are what you eat" which can be translated into food is medicine. So let us embark on a journey of one particular kimchi prepared by the Kim family.

The series incorporated two important aspects in Korean culture. (1) Food--the drama gave emphasis on how Korean cuisine is based upon the Yin and Yang. It was interesting to see how food is treated in a way that enables one to survive or recover from sickness. Commonly, it would just be mouth watering dishes served on screen and nothing much. But this one differs in a way that the food prepared in certain episodes are explained from preparation to it's health benefits. It is a treat that you get to learn something new while being entertained.

(2) The teachings of Confucius have strong influence over Korean culture and society. The series bear witness to the preference given to male heirs over female members of the family. It is a sad truth but recognition is also given to the vital role female family members play especially is keeping the family together.

Story itself is centred on family--there's a bit of romantic conflict. However, the focus is on the daily struggles of a family. It might be argued that the family in question is affluent. True, but it does not mean that they are not vulnerable to the same issues the middle class or low income family struggles with like strained relationship between in-laws, disagreement between parents and children and health concerns. Importantly, the story simplifies that the burden gets light when the whole family gather and work together.

When it comes to casting and acting. Park Seon Yeong again delivers. She is one of the few impressive and expressive actresses. She has an amazing ability to express strong emotions through her eyes--less no words being said. Way to go, Unnie.

Han Jae Seok took on his lead role seriously. One must note that the screen do lighten up when he smiles or laughs. It must be a challenge to maintain and be consistent with such a serious, mature and cool demeanour for a character. Maybe he is the same in person.

Im Ye Jin has always been Goong's Chae Kyung's mother. I came know a very different Im Ye Jin in this series. Here it goes, she made me cry the most. I can feel her pain, frustrations and helplessness. Ah, what wonderful acting.

Honey Lee plays the second female lead and took her character to a different level. There are so many facets in her character being tough, mean, nice, child-like, mature, naive and sensible. Name it and she got it. I think she's (effectively) adorable.

The best performance *drum roll* goes to Kim Seon Kyeong. Bravo, for delivering an outstanding portrayal of the nasty Choi Jin Mi. Her acting was splendidly crazy that I have come to hate such a character. I am quite certain that Jin Mi as a character gained many haters. In return, Seon Kyeong earned admiration for great acting. She truly delivered the perfect antagonist.

Writer Kim Sin Hye did a good job on her first kimchi based family drama. She earns my respect for the detail-oriented story telling and creatively interweaving several varieties of kimchis' into the series. She imparts with us the knowledge that kimchi is truly synonymous with Korea as a nation and it's people.

Jang Hyeong Il and Kim Sang Rae are truly compatible in this joint directing project. They are huge fans of wide angle and panormaic shots. Both are also very resourceful in utilizing natural sceneries and lighting to set the mood. They had most of dramatic scenes occur at night time, dusk or on a cloudy day.

Sum it all up, this drama can be a break away from hardcore literature especially to those that are interested in Korean cuisine. One will find that there's more to it's title and do note the next time you are having kimchi--that there's a story behind it.
  • Ahmi_Jai and beldaran like this


I'm surprised that this one escaped me? I love food related dramas, it's always brilliant to learn more about the culture of another country and what better way than through our stomachs? Our stomachs are the most open thing about us, its easily tempted and it is this temptation that stirs and begins our interest.

I will definitely be adding this to my (neverendng) to-watch list :D

    • Mei Minami, betsie1973 and amarock like this

i'll definitely put it on my holiday watch list....again. i wanted to watch but the title was not attractive enough as the other dramas.


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