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You're Beautiful (2009) Drama Review

KDrama 2009 - You're Beautiful

Brief Introduction

Go Mi Nyeo, an innocent young lady whose lifetime dream is to become a nun, has to embark on a life-changing journey when she is forced to disguise as her twin brother. Little does she know, that this cover-up act will lead her to numerous challenging and unforeseen circumstances, and opens up a new chapter in her previously simple yet fulfilling life. Borrowing the identity of her brother, she starts to mingle with a group of popular male singers who call themselves A.N.Jell. With an intention to find her birth mother in mind, she embraces herself into the unfamiliar world of entertainers which she never knew existed before.

  • Drama Title (English): You’re Beautiful / You’re Handsome
  • Drama Title (Hangeul): 미남이 시네요 (Mi-nam-i Shi-ne-yo)
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • No. of Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Period: 07 Oct 2009 to 26 Nov 2009 (SBS)

Storyline Analysis

Like Hong Sisters’ other dramas, this drama kicks off with countless hilarious scenes during the first quarter but it becomes more and more serious, gradually, as the drama proceeds. Go Mi Nyeo / ‘Go Mi Nam’ who is initially shown as an innocent girl, slowly but prominently turns into a more matured young lady as she endlessly begins to face numerous difficulties in an attempt to conceal her true identity. At the same time, she has to deal with her new found feelings towards one of the A.N.Jell’s members. That’s where the story starts to become complicated and even more dramatic.

Character Analysis

Posted Image

Park Shin Hye (박신혜)
‘Go Mi Nam’ (고미남) (‘Male’) / Go Mi Nyeo (고미녀) (Female)

The Character: Go Mi Nyeo is a lively young lady who lives a happy life despite growing up in an orphanage. Her father passed away when she was at a very young age and she was left with no one but her twin brother, Go Mi Nam. Her long life dream is to become a nun as she is grateful towards the Mother Superior (the Head of Nuns) who has been raising and taking good care of her. Her twin brother meanwhile, dreams to become a star, as an easy way to find their birth mother who they have never knew of. As she grows up amongst the people who always speak the truth and live in modest way, Go Mi Nyeo finds herself in an awkward situation when she has to pose as her twin brother. Besides changing her outer image by cutting off her beautiful long hair and wearing male attires, she also has to start to learn living in the real world where deception and detestation are common amongst the people.

The Actress: This is not the first time for Park Shin Hye (PSH) to play as a leading lady but this role really suits her looks and personality. At this era where ‘flower boys’ are exceptionally acceptable, PSH’s turning into a boy really does look convincing. On top of that, she can really sing. Despite being a full-time actress (to my knowledge, she never sings professionally), PSH has managed to portray the image of an inexperienced ‘flower boy’ singer successfully. Although she doesn’t apply much make-up for her role as ‘Go Mi Nam’, she is still able to retain her feminine side through her cute, baby-faced looks.

Posted Image

Jang Geun Seok (장근석)
Hwang Tae Kyeong (황태경)

The Character: Hwang Tae Kyeong (HTK) may look tough and emotionless on the outside, but on the inside, he is like a delicate baby who is longing for love and attention. Being abandoned since child by his mother without any justifiable reason, HTK tries to shield himself from being hurt by building his own protective layer. Therefore, he may seem rough and cold to those who know little about him, but once his heart is touched by a particular someone, he may turn into a charming and passionate person in his own unique way. And, he may even express his love in an unusual, eccentric manner that could be mistaken as hatred instead of affection.

The Actor: Being a big star at a very young age, it is not surprising to see how well Jang Geun Seok (JGS) fits into the character. During those moments when he has to really cry his heart out, JGS has really nailed it. And during those moments when he has to appear as an outstanding young singer, he has nailed it too. Although he is widely recognised for his talent in acting, JGS is also known for his sweet voice and has demonstrated singing capability in his previous dramas and movies. Therefore, since this is not his first time singing in a production, and since he happens to like to sing as well, JGS is able to carry his role so well in this drama that he could pass as a real singer. His ability to really absorb into his character is definitely one of the strongest points of this drama. And, it is good to see JGS in a role that fits his real age as he tends to choose a more matured role in his previous acting.

Posted Image

Jeong Yong Hwa (정용화)
Kang Shin Woo (강신우)

The Character: Kang Shin Woo (KSH) is a typical character in a drama when the leading male is a ruthless and cold blooded person. He is the total opposite of Hwang Tae Kyeong. KSH is really sweet and attentive, and when he falls for someone, he really treats her like a precious jewel. But his kindness is also part of his weaknesses as he tends to be excessively caring, to the point that sometimes, his compassionate behaviour can be presumed as annoying and clingy. But, he truly is every girl’s dream guy.

The Actor: Jeong Yong Hwa is a real-life singer, therefore it might not seem so hard for him to portray an image of a singer because he already belongs to a popular K-Pop group named C.N.Blue. However, since this is his first attempt as an actor, on top of that he has to play as a guitarist (which he never does it before with C.N.Blue), it has been a challenging experience for him. There are moments when he is clearly not so comfortable in his role, but those moments do not really affect the enjoyability of the whole story. In overall, he has done quite a good job for a green actor like him.

Posted Image

Lee Hong Ki (이홍기)
Jeremy (제르미)

The Character: Jeremy is a very lovable character. Being the youngest in the group, he likes to be cheeky and playful. He is also easy to get along with, therefore he clicks well with everybody. His character is like the soul of the drama. It keeps the drama alive despite the intense feelings between the other characters.

The Actor
: Lee Hong Ki (LHK) is just slightly more experienced than Jeong Yong Hwa (JYH) when it comes to acting. Coming from a similar background, LHK is ‘luckier’ as his character is lighter than the one that JYH has to portray. However, although LHK might have had a great time portraying this cheerful character, there are also moments when he really surprises the viewers with his acting ability. When his character requires him to become bold and serious, LHK is able to immediately change into the mood and get rid of his childishness almost instantaneously. He is definitely a singer whose acting ability we cannot turn a blind eye to.

Posted Image

UEE (유이)
Yoo He Yi (유헤이)

The Character: A popular singer who is nothing but an empty shell. She is the villain who spells trouble for both GMN and HTK.

The Actress
: UEE's not-so-outstanding acting ability has received lots of criticism from anti-fans whose judgements are mostly clouded by her role as a nasty person in this drama.

Posted Image

Kim Seong Ryeong (김성령)
Mo Hwa Ran (모화란) – Tae Kyeong’s mother

The Character: The most self-centered mother on earth, full of trick and duplicity, and knows exactly how to manipulate others for her own benefit. Despite all these, she sees herself as the most unfortunate person that needs to be symphatised and supported by none other than her pitiful son.

The Actress: Although Kim Seong Ryeong is not credited as one of the main casts and even though she does not receive any awards for this role, her ability to deliver such a hateful character has to be applauded since she is able to make the viewers really loathe her character.

Character Relationship Analysis

Posted Image

‘Go Mi Nam’ and Hwang Tae Kyeong

As the first person who knows about Go Mi Nam (GMN)’s real identity, Hwang Tae Kyeong (HTK) develops a much closer relationship with GMN as he begins to help her conceal the secret. Although he is initially very reluctant, HTK could not help but to offer GMN a hand as he starts to feel sorry for her. GMN meanwhile, tends to rely on HTK every time she is in trouble as she sees him as the most trusted person despite his harsh words and callous attitude towards her. In fact, she begins to ‘enjoy’ his callousness as she starts to learn about the real HTK.

Posted Image

‘Go Mi Nam’ and Kang Shin Woo

Kang Shin Woo (KSW) is also one of the first few people who know about GMN’s real identity. But because he decides to keep mum about it, GMN has no idea that KSW has been protecting her through and through without her knowledge. She also does not realise that KSW’s kindness towards her is more than just as friends.

Posted Image

‘Go Mi Nam’ and Jeremy

Because they have similar personalities, GMN finds herself in a more comfortable position between the group of males, thanks to the help of Jeremy. Jeremy meanwhile, initially treats GMN just like one of the A.N.Jell’s members. But when he starts to have feelings for her, whom he thinks is a male, this poor Jeremy begins to behave awkwardly as he starts to question his sexuality. He has no clue whatsoever that GMN is actually a girl and he is in fact, not a ‘homo’.

Posted Image

Hwang Tae Kyeong and Yoo He Yi

They started off as a fake couple when the press misunderstood their relationship. Yoo He Yi however, starts to see HTK as a real boyfriend when she begins to have feelings for him.

Posted Image

Hwang Tae Kyeong and Mo Hwa Ran (Mother)

As a son who is always longing for his mother’s love and attention, HTK faces a dilemma when he is asked to fulfill his mother’s selfish desire that obviously will inevitably cause him harm in the process.

Cinematography & Production Analysis

Being a drama based on a behind-the-scenes story of a group of performers, this drama will not be complete without an outstanding list of official/original soundtracks (OSTs). These OSTs indeed are one of the strongest points of this drama besides its packed-with-fun-and-laughter storyline. From my personal experience, even years after this drama has been aired, some of these OSTs remain as hit songs for some K-Drama lovers (as my personal blog still receive daily hits from visitors looking for songs like ‘What Should I Do?’, ‘Coming Down From Heaven’, ‘Without A Word’, ‘Lovely Day’, ‘Promise’ and ‘Still’). On top of that, the song that ‘Jeremy’ sang in Episode 14, ‘Such Good Words’ also still receive such good attentions from viewers who enjoy watching the drama. And, ‘Like A Fool’, the song that ‘Kang Shin Woo’ sang in Episode 12, proves that viewers are hooked on this drama because of its catchy love songs that suit the mood of this drama. Those beautiful melodies, coupled with meaningful and spot-on lyrics, are able to touch the hearts of many viewers. With those beautiful-looking actors/actresses working together in this drama and with those beautiful OSTs, costumes, settings and sceneries, this ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama is indeed a beautiful one to watch.

Favourite Scenes (SPOILER ALERT!)

  • Episode 2:
    GMN was trapped in a male’s washroom and KSH had to cover her face with a towel before dragging GMN from those ‘over-exposed’ boys
    (Note: Jeong Yong Hwa was given a ‘towel guy’ nickname after this scene)
  • Episode 6:
    GMN went shopping alone without realising KSH was with her throughout the whole shopping experience
  • Episode 7:
    HTK was chased by a pig and GMN had to go and search for him
  • Episode 11:
    GMN’s fingers got glued together when she tried to fix her broken hair pin
  • Episode 12:
    GMN’s and HTK’s reactions after the (SPOILER ALERT!) ‘accidental’ kiss
    (Note: Watch out for those fireworks display!)
  • Episode 13:
    GMN joined the membership as one of HTK’s fans via online and was asked to rate him based on certain criteria (without realising that the questions came from HTK himself!) – they later had a lovely ‘fan-meeting’
  • Episode 14:
    GMN’s reaction after HTK confessed his feelings for her
    (Note: Watch out for those hiccups every time she heard the word 'like'!)

Favourite Lines / Dialogues (SPOILER ALERT!)

  • Episode 07:
    HTK (to himself): At a place where fans and reporters don't chase me... why is a pig chasing me?
  • Episode 07:
    GMN: Hyeong-nim, I can only see one special star right now.
    HTK: What? You said there were a lot of stars.
    GMN: Yes, there are, but only one star is twinkling so handsomely. I can only see that star.
  • Episode 15:
    KSW (to GMN): I'll look at you, so, don't try to escape to somewhere where I can't see you. Look at me.
  • Episode 16:
    HTK (to GMN): I can't see you because it's too bright up here, and it’s too dark where you are. I ask you not be where I can't see you! Come to where I can see you. Give me permission to see you.

Viewer’s Checklist
[What you should watch out for or be alert of when watching this drama!]

  • The ever-popular ‘pig-rabbit‘ (돼지토끼 / Dwae-ji-to-kki) – a ‘not-so-unlucky’ bunny/rabbit soft toy who has received an extensive nose job during a bizarre operation.
  • HTK’s eccentric hair styles, which include: (i) Hammer Style (also known as ‘slippery hair’), (ii) Elvis Presley’s Style and (iii) Apple Fruit’s Style.
  • Parodies in the middle and at the end of the episodes, which include: SNSD - ‘Tell Me Your Wish‘/’Genie’, 2Ne1 TV, Seo Ta Ji -‘I Know‘, DJ Doc - ‘Run to You‘ and BEG - ‘Abracadabra‘. Even the infamous ‘pig chase scene’ in Episode 7 is also a parody of So Ji Seop’s Cowon S9 CF (an MP3).
  • GMN’s unique way of controlling her feelings - the ‘acupuncture’ technique taught by Manager Ma.
  • Jeremy’s cute acts, his ‘Little Snail’ hair style, and his ‘Angelina Jolie’ (the Labrador)

Drama Ratings (Out of 10)

  • Character Portrayal: 8/10 [Some did extremely well, whilst some were slightly above average]
  • Storyline: 9/10
  • Genre Authenticity: 9/10 [Did it fit its romantic comedy genre? Yes!]
  • Production: 9/10
  • OST: 10/10 [Really love all the songs!]
  • Viewing Satisfaction: 10/10 [How obsessed am I with the whole drama? Totally obsessed!]
  • Overall Drama Rating: 9/10 [Definitely a must watch]

Final Remarks

This drama will appeal to the younger audience (or those who are still young at heart) as this is a story about youngsters. It’s a good drama to watch if you are looking for something that is light and entertaining but with a hint of reality. I might be biased when writing this review as I personally love this drama. From this lengthy review, you might already realised that my judgement could be clouded by my own fascinations towards the main characters. I am having trouble to select which favourite scenes and lines to list down because I love almost everything about this drama, except for those four hateful characters. I already pointed out two of them and it is up to you to figure out the other two (which is not a difficult task as they are obviously annoying!). However, these four characters are part of the beauties of this drama, so do not get offended and simply ignore them if you find them really unbearable to watch. And, just like the other viewers who are still hooked on this drama, I am still waiting for the second season although the chance is pretty slim (or almost zero!).

| 花火 Hana-bi |
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Alexandra Elena
Jul 02 11 06:37 PM
Loved so much this drama, and still do! Thanks for the review! >>:D<<:*
just finish watching this drama, love the main characters. looking forward to their next project.
The possibility of having the 2nd season is much higher now. If the Japanese re-make is successful, the Hong Sisters (the screenwriters) said that we might be able to enjoy YAB 2 in the near future! Yeeha! :panda_girl_dance:

p/s: To satisfy my YAB cravings, I'm watching Go Mi Nam and her Shin Woo hyeong in 'Heartstrings'...

p/p/s: Sorry for re-deleting and re-adding this comment (I just want to edit a few words but there's no option to do so). FYI, I have to edit this page slightly to accomodate the changes coz I've added an 'intro' image to this review (it appears on the main page/list of drama reviews). I even add some colours to the headers to make this review looks more appealing. Hope you like it! :panda_victorywave:
    • compass likes this
Jun 16 12 10:11 PM
This is one of my favorite kdramas. I've seen it at least 3 or 4 times! Thank you so much for the awesome review, Great job <3
Thank you, hwighting!
This drama helped cheer me up when i was ongoing a difficult phase in my life. I just love this drama :icon_KARAdance:
The Major
Aug 06 12 09:51 PM
This is a great review! I wasn't sure of watching this drama but think I will be watching it for sure now. ^_^

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