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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 06 Recap

Synopsis [Image and Background by Tiictoc]

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A true friend is someone who will never leave a friend behind. Jae Hui even as a girl is proving to be more of a man. She will go through heaven and hell to help Tae Jun so let us cross-our-fingers and hope earnestly that Tae Jun will return the favor/s.

Recap [Screen Captures by Tiictoc]

Tae Jun reads Jae Hui’s note about leaving for the States and puts on her winning shoe laces on his shoes.

Jae Hui waits for Daniel. Inside the car, Daniel asks her if it’s okay for her to miss Tae Jun’s game.

Hyeong Jae competes at each height while Tae Jun passes so he can jump a higher qualifier.

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Han Na’s missing uniform is finally returned and a plastic bracelet falls out of the bag when she puts it away. She recognizes the bracelet as Jae Hui’s.

Tae Jun fails to clear the bar with his first attempt. Daniel, just in the nick of time, brings Jae Hui to the venue to cheer for her friend. His second attempt, Tae Jun gets a boost from a wildly cheering crowd, mainly from Jae Hui.

Jae Hui receives a text from Daniel that he is letting her stay for a while. A double dose of happiness--Tae Jun’s successful jump and her being able to stay. In celebratory mode, Jae Hui hugs Tae Jun who gently pushes her away. *Ohohoho, I saw a secret smile*

Eun Gyeol and Dan Mu watch a movie and liking each others company they decide to go steady.

Han Na confronts Jae Hui for stealing her uniform. She asks, “tell me are you some kind of pervert or simply a girl...” Tae Jun sees them and getting the grasp of what’s happening. He tells Han Na that the bracelet was being sold outside Genie High. Most of the students bought it and he even got one. He shows Han Na his pair. *Tae Jun always have impeccable timing when it comes to rescuing Jae Hui.*

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The school festival is here and the dorm heads together with Head Teacher discuss the line up of events. To observe the tradition, they will continue holding the Event. Seung Ri is confident that they will win this year as Dorm #2 has a trump card.

Eun Gyeol and Jae Hui are doing laundry together again. Eun Gyeol confides in Jae Hui that he got himself a girlfriend, Dan Mu. Eun Gyeol then discloses interesting facts to Jae Hui who is a new student about the upcoming school festival, in particular, the Miss Genie contest. Miss Genie is a competition wherein the boys dress up as girls and do a talent show. *Are you thinking what Seung Ri and I are thinking?”

Tae Jun has been waiting for Jae Hui to return. He tries to preoccupy himself but cannot focus so he decides to come after her. They meet each other at the door. Tae Jun, who is embarrass to be found out, excuses himself that he is going out for a run. Jae Hui compliments him that he is most handsome on the tracks.

Seung Ri draws on Jae Hui’s photo--he adds some hair extension on her and ta-da Jae Hui becomes a girl. He calls on Jae Hui to meet him. He gives an impressive long talk about making weird sacrifices for the team but Jae Hui turns him down.

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Eun Gyeol asks Dan Mu to help him look for new cleats. Eun Gyeol seem to have issues in parting with his old cleats, after all they’ve won several games and made a number of goals together.

Jae Hui arrives home finding Tae Jun exercising. Jae Hui goes right up on Tae Jun’s face causing him to fall. He convinces himself that Goo Jae Hui is dangerous. *For your heart, dear boy*

School festival is drawing near, Class 2-1 decides to go with a cafe. Jong Min, Jae Hui, Hyeong Jae and Eun Gyeol will act as servers while Tae Jun will be the (lone) barista.

Later that day, Tae Jun and Jae Hui go for a run and they bump unto the Athletics Club. Jae Hui sees Tae Jun’s expression change, as if wishing he was still a part of the team.

Jae Hui meets with Seung Ri. Seung Ri delights that Jae Hui accepts to represent Dorm #2 at the Miss Genie Competition. But there’s a catch, Jae Hui wants Seung Ri to do her a favor. *Mmmm, what could it be...*

Teacher Lee gives Eun Gyeol money to buy the items needed for the cafe. He takes Jae Hui along with him. Jae Hui buys a pack of lemons which are good for fatigue recovery.

She makes honey lemon remedy for Tae Jun and stumbles upon the many gifts Tae Jun fans and supports send him. She hides the jar behind other packages but Tae Jun sees it first. He smiles at the thought that Jae Hui must have tried her best to hide it.

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During practice, Seung Ri asks Coach Baek to consider accepting Tae Jun back to the Club/Team. Coach Baek’s catches Tae Jun practicing and delivers the good news that he is readmitting him to the team provided that he will be Hyeong Jae’s training partner. He tells Tae Jun that Seung Ri came to see him earlier to consider having Tae Jun back on the Team. *This must be the favor Jae Hui asks of Seung Ri.*

School festival is here, the one day when so many good looking guys become accessible.

Eun Gyeol takes a photo with Jae Hui who is currently dressed as the cafe’s mascot. He becomes perplex that his heart beat increases with Jae Hui even in costume.

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Dan Mu pays the cafe a visit and she brings with her Eun Gyeol’s old but fixed as new cleats. Eun Gyeol takes her out to the field where they talk. Dan Mu read a lot about soccer, she did so because the person she likes is playing/adore the sport. Eun Gyeol touch by her thoughtfulness invites her to see a game of his in person. He then offers his hand to her as they walk.

The highlight of the night, Miss Genie competition, the boys show off their skills while dressed up as girls. Seung Ri calls Jae Hui to prepare and change into a “scandalous” outfit. Tae Jun not wanting to see the show but wants to support his friend waits outside to wish her good luck.

A student goes inside the dressing room to steal Jae Hui’s outfit as she was changing. Tae Jun catches him, it’s the senior Jae Hui fought with in the rest room (also the same person who pushed her off the diving board), and takes the costume back.

Jae Hui takes the stage and stuns many but mostly Eun Gyeol. She sings IU’s Peach song to crowd. Min Woo who is also watching mutters to himself if Jae Hui is too innocent or a stupid girl.

Han Na joins the festivities late and bumps unto Eun Gyeol. Ever since the spa incident these two never gets along. Without much choice Eun Gyeol takes Han Na to the gym where she’ll find Tae Jun for sure.

Jae Hui is on her way to dispose a box of confetti drops by the gym to thank Tae Jun for returning her clothes (she recognize his hand). Tae Jun learns that Jae Hui didn’t win Miss Genie because she lacks femininity of some sort. *HaHaHa*

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While turning about to leave, one of Jae Hui’s heels get caught on a high jump bar lying on the floor. She loses balance falling forward on Tae Jun who in return tries to catch her. With confetti flying all over them they fall on the mat just as Han Na and Eun Gyeol walk in.

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