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Episode Recap Archives

Faith (2012) Episode 2 Recap

Aug 20 12 06:38 PM |  diorama in Korean

Eun Soo makes it to Goryeo and right in the middle of a political storm. People want the queen dead, and now she herself, as the heavenly healer, has become a target. Choi Young promised to take her home, but now others demand that she stay to become a piece of the political game. She has nowhere to go, and only Choi Young is at her side…

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May Queen (2012) Episode 6 Recap

Dec 07 12 08:50 AM |  beldaran in Korean

Hong Cheol is intent on finding Hae Ju's real identity and real parents, thinking that there must be a better life for her out there. Gi Chul is getting desperate about covering his tracks, however, and things turn for the worse when Do Hyeon tells him to get rid of the threat. Meanwhile, Chang Hui and Hae Ju are becoming closer, and Geum Hui is hurt by Jeong U's anger.

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Faith (2012) Episode 17 Recap

Jan 15 13 06:28 AM |  diorama in Korean

Eun Soo is prepared to make a great sacrifice to save Choi Young’s life, now realizing what he means to her. But now Choi Young will have to decide who is more important – Eun Soo, or his king – because he can save only one…

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May Queen (2012) Episode 8 Recap

Dec 07 12 09:06 AM |  beldaran in Korean

With no place left to go, the Cheons find themselves taking refuge at the Jang household, making all the adults uncomfortable. Chang Hui and Hae Ju's relationship continues to develop as they now live under the same roof. Meanwhile, Dae Pyeong finds himself charged for cooking the books and at risk of losing Hae Poong Shipbuilding. Gang San says goodbye to his friends, and sets off to study in the States, preparing to exact revenge in the far off future.

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May Queen (2012) Episode 4 Recap

Dec 07 12 08:22 AM |  beldaran in Korean

Dae Pyeong, Do Hyeon, Geum Hui, Gi Chul, and Hong Cheol realize that their children are missing and they converge upon the repair yard, only to find out that the children may have gone out to sea on a leaky boat. Out in the dark, the four children hang on for dear life as they wait to be rescued... but fatigue and dehydration are starting to take their toll...

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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 07 Recap

Dec 06 12 01:41 AM | Mei Minami in Korean

Synopsis Overview Opening up to someone takes time; it also involves trust, shared moments/memories and common experience(s). Tae Jun is slowly opening up to Jae Hui this could very mean that he is seeing her at a different light. Recap Eun G...

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May Queen (2012) Episode 7 Recap

Dec 07 12 08:58 AM |  beldaran in Korean

A tragic accident widens the wedge between Dal Sun and Hae Ju, and the latter finds herself kicked out of house and family. Gi Chul warns Chang Hui against associating with Hae Ju, and Do Hyeon takes heavy action to gain the land he needs to start his shipbuilding business.

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Heartstrings (2011) Episode 02 Recap

Jul 14 11 01:09 AM | Hana-bi in Korean

Our You’re Beautiful angels have turned (slightly!) into devils. Not only her Shin Woo hyeong (Jeong Yong Hwa / Lee Sin) has turned into an arrogant and strong headed young man, Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye / Lee Gyu Won) herself has also gotten rid...

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May Queen (2012) Episode 5 Recap

Dec 07 12 08:35 AM |  beldaran in Korean

Hae Ju asks about her real mother, and Hong Cheol is torn about telling her the truth and confirming his suspicions. Hae Ju and Chang Hui share their secrets and find a kindred spirit in each other. Meanwhile, In Hwa wakes up from her slumber and recounts her side of the story. Later, as the four families gather together, there is shock and embarrassment in store when people's true colors emerge for public display...

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Faith (2012) Episode 1 Recap

Aug 20 12 06:32 PM |  diorama in Korean

Lee Min Ho is back - this time as Choi Young, the leader of the elite warriors of Wudalchi. Goryeo is an empire perilously close to collapse, and it's last hope is the feeble alliance between its young king and the Yuan princess. But when the princess is mortally injured, the alliance threatens to fall apart into war...unless they can heal her first. So the king sends his captain Choi Younginto the mystical portal to find a heavenly doctor - only to send him into 21st century Seoul!

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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 06 Recap

Dec 06 12 01:35 AM | Mei Minami in Episode Recap

Synopsis Overview A true friend is someone who will never leave a friend behind. Jae Hui even as a girl is proving to be more of a man. She will go through heaven and hell to help Tae Jun so let us cross-our-fingers and hope earnestly that Tae Jun...

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Faith (2012) Episode 8 Recap

Sep 10 12 05:58 AM |  diorama in Korean

Eun Soo is separated from Choi Young and captured by Gi Cheol, who has indicted Choi Young for treason. Choi will die soon unless she can convince Gi Cheol to release him, but she has no weapon but her own wits, and no allies left with her…

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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 01 Recap

Nov 06 12 02:16 AM | Mei Minami in Korean

Synopsis Overview Gu Jae Hui (Sulli) will soon be joining the ranks of Rosa Park, Joan of Arc and Daw Ang San Suu Kyi. Although her cause is not for equality or freedom, Jae Hui is going to do something remarkable and almost too radical. All for...

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City Hunter (2011) Episode 8 Recap

Jun 18 11 02:24 AM |  diorama in Korean

City Hunter has officially crossed from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ with this episode. Nonstop dramatic tension, romance, and action. If it remains this good, then it’ll be one the best dramas in 2011. Episode 8 Yun Seung is shot smack in the back of the shou...

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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 04 Recap

Nov 16 12 10:35 PM | Mei Minami in Korean

Synopsis Overview When it rains, it pours. Our heroine, Jae Hui gets discovered twice and is sent packing. Thankfully we get some sunny breaks with Eun Gyeol’s wayside imagination. Recap Tae Jun panics upon learning that Seung Ri’s mom didn’t...

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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 05 Recap

Dec 06 12 01:29 AM | Mei Minami in Korean

Synopsis Overview Jae Hui’s encounter with Tae Jun made her believe in miracles for the first time. A victim of bullying herself, she didn’t believe that she is capable of doing anything until Tae Jun’s inspiration led her to Track and Field. She...

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May Queen (2012) Episode 1 Recap

Sep 03 12 02:01 AM |  beldaran in Korean

Through the machinations of an evil man, a good man is killed and a baby girl is sentenced to die. Only because the orders were given to a close family friend is the baby saved to grow up as a sort of Cinderella in her adoptive family. In a world filled with lies and bullying, among children and adults alike, we come to share Hae Ju's life.

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Faith (2012) Episode 5 Recap

Aug 30 12 08:40 PM |  diorama in Korean

Eun Soo has proven herself to the king, but Gi Cheol is a different matter. With Choi Young still hovering between life and death, she has no protector. And now Gi Cheol is so interested in the woman with such great healing powers, he would do anything to control her…

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Ikemen Desu Ne (2011) Episode 3 Recap

Aug 09 11 07:34 PM |  diorama in Japanese

The emotions get all twisted up with this episode, where some people discover feelings, others battle them, and still more juggle them against other responsibilities. Episode 3 Yuki and Shu walk into the hall to see an uncharacteristically comforti...

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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 1 RECAP

Sep 02 12 04:56 PM | lee_hana in Korean

Miryang is a town where the border between the human world and the other world has collapsed, thus permitting the ghosts to walk around with the humans undetected. Arang (Shin Min Ah), our resident ghost in town doesn't remember anything after her death. She finds a new magistrate in Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki), who can see and hear ghosts, and seeks for his help to find out her identity.

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Ikemen Desu Ne (2011) Episode 1 Recap

Aug 04 11 10:55 PM |  diorama in Japanese

It’s You’re Beautiful season around here, with the alternate pairing of Go Mi Nam/Shin Woo getting the lead in Heartstrings, and now our Japanese remake, titled Ikemen Desu Ne. I was curious about how they were going to preserve the adorable crazy anti...

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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 3 RECAP

Sep 11 12 03:48 AM | lee_hana in Korean

Eun Oh dreams of Arang and thinks he’s going crazy. Arang receives a new hanbok and a set of make-up in preparation for meeting Joo Wal. On her way, she gets beaten by a group of ghosts and Eun Oh comes just in time to save her. After the rainfall, someone finds a corpse. The Jade Emperor and Hades strikes a deal about Arang's fate...

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May Queen (2012) Episode 3 Recap

Sep 03 12 07:27 AM |  beldaran in Korean

Chang Hui begs his father to leave the Jang residence, unable to bear the indignity any longer, while Hae Ju continues to try to bear Dal Sun's animosity. On the other hand, Gang San tries to shake In Hwa off gently, as he tries to get Hae Ju's attention. Meanwhile, Hong Cheol learns the truth and laments his adoptive daughter's misfortune, and Do Hyeon moves forward with plans to build his own shipyard.

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Faith (2012) Episode 10 Recap

Sep 21 12 06:18 PM |  diorama in Korean

The enemy now has the upper hand, and Eun Soo is trapped once again. Her medical skills and her knowledge of history mean that she holds the life of people in her hands, people who can change the course of history. And now she is being forced to choose who to save…

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Faith (2012) Episode 11 Recap

Sep 24 12 06:34 PM |  diorama in Korean

Choi Young is losing his will to live, and this will leave all those people he protects – the king, Eun Soo, and many others – with no source of support. Eun Soo herself has made up her mind to run away from being caught between two enemies…unless both can convince the other to stay and fight together…

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