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Ikemen Desu Ne (2011) Episode 6 Recap

Note: this recap is dedicated to the awesomeness that is the people at Historical-Drama.com. They work hard to get the raws out as quickly as possible, and without them I couldn’t do my recaps. Thanks!

Episode 6

Nana backs Mio up against the balcony, hissing threats before the A.N.Jell boys get to them. “If you don’t want me to tell Ren you like him, don’t get close to him, don’t talk to him, don’t even look him in the eyes! If you can’t do that, I’ll expose your secret…and that will be the end of A.N.Jell.”

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Mio falls to the ground in despair just as the boys come up. Ren glares suspiciously at his ‘girlfriend’, deducing correctly that she must have done something, but Nana coyly ‘worries’ about Mio’s health. The stress seems to be getting to Mio, who only sits there dazed and really looking ill.

Ren huffs and holds out his hand to help her up; but Nana’s right behind him and glaring. Mio hesitates, and Shu uses that moment to pull her up to her feet, dodging a glare from Ren. Mio actually does seem to be running a fever, and gets rushed off home. Alone, Nana whispers, “Just watch, Mio. I’ll show you what happens when you get in my way.”

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At home, Mio cries silently in Ren’s empty room, saying over and over again, “I can’t like him.”

She takes to the living room couch with a cold, as Auntie snoops around for A.N.Jell items to sell. Seeing Mio, she hastily hides toothbrushes behind her back and offers her room. The three boys enter, concerned at her sickness. Ren’s worried, but hides it by gruffly chiding her for bothering the staff; Shu for once shuts him up with a rebuke. As he leaves, Shu pauses by the door, murmuring, “Get well soon. Seeing you suffer like this…I can’t bear it.”

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Ren’s unable to sleep for worry that night, and gets up to prowl around the kitchen. He’s startled by Mio’s sudden appearance, looking haggard and asking for water, just before she faints. In a panic, Ren takes her in his car to the hospital, shouting at her to stay well all the time. But when Mio gets out and sees the hospital, she refuses to go. If they examine her there, they’ll know her secret.

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Ren’s still adamant that she needs treatment, but Mio is worried about him and the band first and foremost: “Didn’t you say that you’re putting your life into A.N.Jell? If I go to the hospital, everything will be lost. Everything that's important to you. I couldn't bear something like that.” She stands firm, but then her legs give way as she faints again.

Shu awakens in the dark house, only to find Ren striding in carrying Mio in his arms. Ren kicks Shu out of the bedroom, insisting on treating Mio by himself. He fusses over her coverings, investigating the closet for more blankets. A lone bag catches his eye – it’s her one and only dress, her only ‘disguise.’ Mio wakes up the next morning to find a cold compress on her forehead and Ren asleep by the sofa.

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She gazes at him smiling as she realizes that he’d stayed up all night for her, then catches herself when he wakes. He’s concerned about her health, and smiles to see her better. He has something important to say, too, so impressed was he at her sacrifice for A.N.Jell last night: “I’ve decided to accept you. From now on, I’ll protect you. Don’t put a burden on yourself. Talk to me if there’s anything, anything at all. Understand?” He smiles at her, and she has to make her pig face to hold back her tears.

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President Ando is hatching grand plans for Mio’s debut, starting with a promotional press affair to showcase her new music video. It’s going to be Mio without the others, a big solo step up. Nana gets an invitation for the event, and immediately grasps that the place will be filled with reporters…”This is where it really starts, Mio.”

Misuzawa Reiko has been trying to track down her songwriter’s family for copyright issues, and unluckily finds Aunt Shigeko first. Shigeko is thrilled that her brother was close to a famous singer, but even more interested when Reiko mentions copyrights. Reiko wants to find the twins, but Auntie senses royalties slipping from her grasp and claims that she hasn’t had any contact with them whatsoever. Outside, she squeals in glee at the thought of more incoming cash.

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At the house, Yuki finds himself alone with Mio, and this sends him into a tizzy. He makes her soup and watches with stars in his eyes as she praises it. But it’s odd…where did Ren and Shu go?

Ren is (badly) disguised with a pair of glasses, shopping for a ‘disguise’ for Mio…not a present, nope, not at all. He looks around at the mannequins, ditching a sexy outfit and then a flirty one, finally choosing a simple, angelic dress and cardigan.

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And who should he pass unnoticed, but Shu, also here to buy a present for Mio. Shu goes for an aromatherapy candle instead of clothes, reasoning that she’d want to relax after being sick.

Mio has fallen asleep on the couch, with Yuki hovering over her agonizing over his feelings. He chants, “He’s a guy, a guy, a guy” but he gets closer and closer to her sleeping face…which is when Shu walks in.

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Mio awakens to receive her candle gift with enthusiasm, making Shu smile. But her mood doesn’t last long, as she receives a call from Nana. Nana coolly proposes that Mio out her secret at the upcoming press event. Mio protests that she can’t do that, but Nana threatens to fax the reporters herself. “Which is better, doing it yourself or having someone else do it for you? Think about it carefully. Which would you choose for the Ren that you like so much?”

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Conflicted, Mio stands in the room clutching her phone, which is when Ren enters. He presents her with the bag of girls’ clothes, trying to hide the fact that he’s pleased at her happy reaction. But when she’s alone again she lapses into worry, wracked with nerves about her impending doom.

Even Rina notices her mood the next day, as the band hang around in their dressing room. They have a special guest – Mabuchi and Toru bring in Katori Shingu of SMAP, here to wish them luck. But the attention shifts back to Katori as Mabuchi and Toru rave about him, and pretty soon the three are spazzing about the awesomeness of Katori. A.N.Jell just stands there blankly. Shu: “Somehow…they’re really excited.” (lol).

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Ando has a meeting with Mio to impress the importance of the next day’s event. In an unusually somber mood, he tells her, “I think that it's a miracle. You and Ren, Shu, Yuki, four talented people, working together as a team in this era. That’s why I devote myself to supporting all of you. It's not just your talent, ever since you became a member, I have seen how hard you have worked. That’s why you have to believe in yourself. Tomorrow, do your best and you’ll be successful.”

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Mio’s touched at this display of faith, and the reminder that everything she’s worked so hard for is now going up in flames, and leaves with a heavy heart.

She prepares her goodbye gesture to the boys by making each their favorite dinner – curry for Yuki, pasta for Shu, and a pumpkin and ginger stew for Ren. They’re all touched by the gesture, and even Ren goes so far as to admit that “It’s okay”. Mio says it’s to thank them for everything they’ve done for her. Shu replies that it was natural for them to help her; Yuki, that he was happy taking care of her. Ren even says that “It’s because we’re friends.” This last comment has the other two boys in awe and they declare that if Ren says it, then it’s really something huge. Overcome, Mio retreats to the kitchen to hide her tears.

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Auntie is having celebratory drinks with her friends in a bar, bragging about her brother’s relationship with a singer. Fueled by drink, she even speculates that the twins are actually Misuzawa Reiko’s…didn’t she retire for a time around the time the kids were born? Luckily, they all dismiss this idea as improbable.

At her own home, Reiko sighs over her predicament – she still wants to find the children of the man she loves. I’ll say it’s a pretty good bet they’re not hers, and that Mio and Ren aren’t related at all.

That night, Mio slowly goes to visit Ren, coming into the dark room to see him standing by the window, flooded by moonlight. He’s out looking for stars, and she replies that she sees her bright, beautiful star. Mio continues: everything now seems like a dream; when she leaves here, she’ll think it was all her imagination, but every time she looks at the stars, she’ll think of all of them.

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Ren continues this double-entendre conversation and tells her, “I can’t see you right now, and when I can’t see things, I get irritated. So stay always where I can see you.” With tears in her eyes, Mio points out that he can’t even see her clearly from this close. Ren takes her hand and says, “However bad my sight is, I can always tell when you’re there. So always stay by my side, alright?”

The next day, the big day of the press event, dawns. Nana arrives, satisfied at the hordes of reporters crowding into the theater. Mabuchi finds Mio in the dressing room as she asks for some more time. But it’s an excuse – Mabuchi returns to find that she’s disappeared. Panicking, he and Ando and Rina spread out to search for her.

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The A.N.Jell boys hear this news at home, and decide that they might be able to salvage the event if they go too. Ren has a sudden brainwave and goes to her room – where he sees the empty bag that held her dress, and no hairpin on the Pig-Rabbit. The trio arrives at the theater to hear the news that Ando will have to start the program. The theater suddenly goes dark as the music video plays, and Ren swears as his vision blurs. They agree to spread out, but Ren stops them: “Look for a girl.”

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Dear thickhead Yuki asks, “Why a girl? Aren’t we looking for Mio?” Shu only stares back as Ren confesses: “That girl is Mio.” Yuki looks far more startled at this than Shu, but time’s ticking. Ren turns around to go outside, and in the bright light spots Mio – as Miko, entering the theater.

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He follows her back in, but again can’t see a thing, even though she’s standing a foot below him on the stairs. Teeth gritted, he calls out, “Didn’t I say to always stay where I can see you clearly?” Mio pauses to reply softly, “Ren-san…please don’t look for me.”

The video ends and the lights come back on, revealing Mio standing right in the aisle, dressed as a girl. The reporters freeze in shock, then start to swarm up…just as Shu comes up and sweeps Mio into his arms, hiding her face. Yuki, though, catches a glimpse of Mio’s made-up face and gasps.

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The reporters excitedly fire off questions about this mysterious girl. Looking straight at Ren, he announces, “It’s my girlfriend.”

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Well, I foresee that this is the point where Ren starts to come into contact with his own feelings. He’s been getting steadily attached to Mio, as we see in this episode, but now he’ll actually have to confess. I’m looking forward to it. And I’m glad that Shu is actually starting to take action; his big crush is not very convincing when all he does is sigh in the background. By the way, I like the scene where the Mio and Ren have the ‘star’ conversation at night – very pretty lighting, and very flattering on Tamamori Yuki, lol.



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