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Guest Message by DevFuse

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Ikemen Desu Ne (2011) Episode 7 Recap

What I’m curious about is how Ren will react after Shu’s big move in the last episode, where he claimed Mio as his own girlfriend. We pretty much know that Mio’s not going to act because of Nana, but now the ball is in Ren’s court. Plus, Yuki finally gets to figure out that his instincts were correct after all.

Episode 7

Pandemonium erupts as reporters stampede toward Shu’s mysterious new girlfriend, despite not being able to see her face. Ren does not look happy to see Shu sheltering his Pig-Rabbit, but steps forward to cover her head with his jacket.

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With coverage secure, Mio heads out the door with Shu, dropping her hairpin in the process. She doesn’t have time to go back for it, and Ren watches as it gets stomped to pieces under the shoes of the reporters (just like his heart).

He’s left in the audience room with Yuki and a very miffed Nana, who moans that Mio’s gotten away. Ren guesses then that it was all her doing, and says that their agreement is over. Yuki looks from one to the other, thinking, “…Agreement?”

Mio and Shu retreat to the band’s dressing room, where Mio tearfully apologizes to Shu for lying to him all this time. Of course she doesn’t know that Shu already knows, but he pretends to buy her cover and kindly says that it doesn’t matter to him: “I’ve seen how hard you’ve worked all this time, so Mio is Mio.”

Ren walks in, not looking happy to see them together, as Yuki follows him. Still, he admits his mistake as he confesses to his bandmates that he had known all along. Shu is okay with it, and Yuki…is jubilant! “You’re a girl! Thank you, God! I thought I was one of them.”

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Mabuchi brings her a change of clothes and gets down to the details: it was because of Nana’s blackmailing that she had decided to confess everything. But Ren tells her to stay on as a member of A.N.Jell, and the others support this, wanting Mio as a member of their team. Yuki has figured out that Ren made the dating agreement with Nana in order to buy her silence, and Mio looks touched at this.

Meanwhile, Aunt Shigeko barges impatiently into Misuzawa Reiko’s apartment, wanting to discuss the rights to the song. Reiko’s not here, but a photo catches Shigeko’s eye – it’s of her brother with his twin children. This rouses her curiosity, and when the assistant tries to usher her out, she pleads for the bathroom to think. Only when she walks in, she finds Reiko in a bathrobe, unconscious on the floor.

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Reiko is attended to shortly, but Shigeko pauses outside the building as she remembers seeing a scar on the singer’s stomach…children? Her brother’s children? In any case, since she’s said that she doesn’t know the kids, she decides that it’s better to stay away from Mio for the time being.

So she moves out, just in time to let Mio move back into her room. Yuki is especially adamant that Mio, as a girl, will NOT sleep in Ren’s room any more, absolutely not. The band gets her settled in, just as Ren receives a call.

He goes to his mother’s apartment to find her in bed with an IV. Even though he’s unhappy at being here, there’s still a part of him that cares about his mother, as we see him urging her to go to the hospital. When she refuses, he guesses correctly that it’s because of the song. She says, “If I can't sing your arrangement of that song, I would rather die.”

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Ren clenches his teeth, but then grudgingly agrees to do it. Reiko smiles, “I thought you’d say that. Thank you. Once this is all over, I’ll tell you everything. About the composer, and how important he was to me.”

Ren notes that he was worth giving up her life, and she replies steadily that this is what happens when you love someone.

Ren returns home late, only to find Mio highly annoyed in the kitchen. She sheepishly shows him the damage – she’d been trying to fix an ornament, and in the process had glued her fingers together.

He sighs, but then sets her down on the sofa with a bowl of warm water, and sets to ungluing her fingers again with a pen. She apologizes for the trouble, but he replies that he doesn’t mind after all: “Something troublesome had come up that made me mad. You've distracted me from it. I was forced to take on a song arrangement that I didn’t want…Well, everytime something bad happens, you come along and do something stupid, and it calms me down again.”

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Mio beams at this dubious praise and says brightly, “So the Accident Express Delivery was useful after all!”, using his name for her. He smiles back as her fingers come free.
Shu comes down the stairs, but stops to see them sitting naturally together, and looking like they’re holding hands. He goes silently back up.

Mio again finds the closeness to Ren too much, and she makes her pig face. As usual, Ren gets confused at the funny face and warns her that he’s about to glue her finger to her nose next. He walks off, not knowing what to make of it, as Mio tries to calm her racing heart.

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Sometime later, a hair-raising scream causes all three boys to rush into Mio’s room, where she’s cowering against the wall. False alarm – it was only a cicada bug, but she’d woken up to find it on her face. Sleepily, Yuki plucks it off the wall as Ren huffs out. Shu pauses in the doorway to tell her, “If anything were to happen to you, I...would help you anytime.” (Just tell her you like her! Don’t waffle around!)

This leads to another Battle of Silent Glares between Shu and Ren, but both part ways with just a terse “Good Night.” Ren spends a sleepless night counting sheep, thinking over and over again of Shu’s obvious closeness to Mio.

The next morning Ando is mourning the loss of his boys, who are growing up with secrets and girlfriends. Wonderingly, he muses that it all started when Mio joined in…

Ren finds Mio outside the office doors after spotting her and Shu together earlier. Hesitantly, he asks if Shu asked her for a favor, and she cheerily replies that he asked her to meet him tonight – he’s going to introduce her to the girl he likes.

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Ren gets what she doesn’t – that the girl is actually her. He watches her go off with Shu to practice, and growls, “How can you be so composed with the guy you like?” The phone rings just then, a call from Nana, and he turns it off angrily.

Nana herself ends up angry that Ren’s ignoring her calls, and takes it out on her stylist Toru. Toru suggests that maybe he has another girl he likes, an idea that gets her thinking…

At practice, both Yuki and Ren watch as Shu coaches Mio gently along the chords. Ren in particular watches jealously until he can’t take it anymore. He shouts for Mio to help with the arrangement, but she instead wants to practice with Shu. Angry, he throws down his sheet music and stomps out. Shu looks after him thoughtfully and follows him out.

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Yuki unexpectedly finds himself alone with Mio, and this sets him thinking. Shu is most like the type that girls would like – kind and thoughtful. So if the choices were “Boyfriend, Friend, Older Brother”, Shu would be ‘Boyfriend’, right? Mio thinks about this, then notes that Shu could also be a good older brother figure.

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Cheered by this, Yuki asks about Ren. Mio catches herself at this, and ends up saying that she can’t tell. Yuki then asks her his real question: what about him? Without a pause, Mio answers right off he’s such a nice friend to have fun with!

Yuki slumps in his chair, crushed at being put into the friend category. But wait, friendship can turn into love, too! He cheers up at this thought.

Shu finds Ren leaning against the railing with a water bottle. Firmly, he says outright that there’s someone he likes, and that tonight he’s going to tell her how he feels. Ren chokes on his water, but then assumes a mask of indifference.

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But he’s not as indifferent as he acts. Alone in the composing room, he keeps thinking about Mio’s date, imagining a romantic scene where both Shu and Mio confess their feelings to each other. This gets him up and out of his chair and he races down the corridor, catching Mio just as she’s leaving. Shu himself waits alone in a fancy restaurant room, eagerly awaiting Mio.

Back at the office, Mio confirms that she’s definitely going to meet Shu, and refuses to stay back when Ren says it’s not necessary. He snaps at this, and says, “You like Shu, right?” Mio gasps and denies it, but he continues, with his voice rising: “You were hiding it, but everyone knows! How can you still go to him so calmly? Don't you have any pride? Don't your feelings matter? I get irritated watching it. It makes me mad!”

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Her own feelings spilling over, Mio shouts back: “Then please don't watch me! Because you can't see the truth at all! Even though I'm desperately hiding my feelings, even though you don't understand anything about me at all, don’t talk as though you know everything!”

Ren: “Didn't I tell you not to go?”

Mio: “This has nothing to do with you, right? Please leave me alone!”

Ren: “I'm saying it because I can't leave you alone!”

Mio: “Why?”

In answer, Ren abruptly pulls her toward him and kisses her.

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They stand like that for several seconds, stunned, then Ren jerks back. Mio stands there with her eyes wide in shock, and quickly makes her pig face. This shocks Ren out of inaction, and he stumbles away not knowing what he’s doing.

Mio thinks, “Mother Superior, something happened, right? There are a lot of stars in my head.” Sparkly little stars shower around her head, echoing her feelings. Ren sinks down onto a bench, flustered, wondering to himself why he kissed Mio. Did he really not want her to go to Shu that badly? Does he need the answer to dance in front of him with hearts all over?

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Mio wonders breathlessly, “Could it be…that Ren-san likes me?” She hurries off after him.

The last person he wants to see walks up just then – Nana. He’s not in the mood to talk to her, but she comes right out and asks if there’s some other girl he likes. And lo and behold, Mio walks in behind Ren, stopping at the sight of the two of them. Nana spies her over Ren’s shoulder, and also spots her chance. Sweetly, she explains, “I’m asking if you like Mio.”

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Confusion and irritation make him snap out, “That's not possible.” Just to make sure, Nana prods, ”So you don't feel anything for Mio?” As Mio listens, Ren unknowingly breaks her heart with his answer, “That’s right. He’s a guy; there’s no reason for me to like him.” He walks off, leaving Nana with her answer.

She walks up to Mio, who’s standing there, once again stunned. “Mio, did you hear that? I hope you haven’t made any silly assumptions.”

Alone, Mio goes into an empty practice room and sinks down, berating herself for being so foolish, and for hoping that Ren would like her. The door opens and Shu enters, having left the restaurant with his hopes dashed. For once he’s angry, and he shouts, “Do you know how I felt when you left me there alone?”

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He calms down when he sees her crying, though, and sits down gently beside her. He goes on to explain about his ‘girlfriend’, saying that he’s changed his mind about confessing to her, and now he’s going to give her a little more time. “Even if I tell her now, it would just trouble her.” Mio asks, “But if you keep your feelings locked away in your heart, won’t that hurt?” Shu replies, “Yes. But a love that can be noticed easily isn’t love. I want to treasure my feelings for the person I like.”

Mio thinks back to Ren’s denial to Nana earlier, and determines to put her own feelings away; she’s going to act as if nothing happened at all.

So the next day at a photoshoot, she’s determinedly cheerful and carefree, which happens to put Ren in an even sulkier mood. He thinks she doesn’t care about the kiss at all, and when she makes her pig face he just ignores her.

Posted Image Posted Image

Nana’s also here to participate in the photoshoot. She sweetly snuggles up to Ren, reminding him that she could drop the secret anytime; both Shu and Yuki look uneasy now that they know her true nature. Yuki shudders at the nature of women, who can be so scary under the sweetness, heh.

Posted Image Posted Image

Afterwards, Nana plays the worried girlfriend with Rina, sighing that she’s a jealous girl after all and doesn’t like Mio hanging around Ren all the time. Rina cheerily tells her not to worry, because in fact, Mio likes Shu, and Ren seems to know that. Ooh, interesting. Nana chews over this information, then has an idea…

Ta-da! Rina gives Mio a pretty makeover, with a girly hairstyle and makeup. Mio protests, but caves when she sees the frilly dress. She puts it on and laughs at her pretty reflection, reveling in being a girl for once.

Posted Image Posted Image

Aaaand…trap, set. Shu walks in, then pauses as he sees her dressed up. Mio is startled at being seen like this, but Shu explains that Rina sent him here, and adds that the look really suits her. Right on cue, Nana drags Ren in by the arm, cooing that Mio must have dressed up for Shu.

Ren stops dead, his eyes taking in Mio. She too doesn’t move as she clocks the expression on his face – surprise, then jealousy, frustration, and anger. It all boils out and he yells, “What’s with that outfit? What are you trying to do?”

Posted Image Posted Image

He runs out with Nana behind him, leaving Mio miserable. She plucks at the dress, feeling silly for playing dress-up. Shu gets what’s going on, though, and calls her out on it: “You like Ren, right?” When she doesn’t say anything, he asks, “Is it okay not telling him how you feel?” She replies firmly, “It’s fine. Because A.N.Jell’s Mio is a guy.”

Mio is left alone in the room when one of the Reporter Trio sneaks in and catches Shu exiting the room. He races in with his camera clicking, but Mio hides her face. Just in time, Rina comes in with a sumo throw, and the reporter is left on the floor wondering at the girlfriend’s familiar face.

Posted Image Posted Image

Ren is upstairs on the couch, highly irritated when Mabuchi comes by with the photoshoot pictures. Mabuchi sees a picture of Mio making her pig face behind the scenes, and laughs guiltily as he explains to Ren: he’d lied to her, just so that the silly pig face would ward off Shu whenever she has strong feelings. But Ren remembers all the times that Mio had made the face around him, and something clicks.

Posted Image Posted Image

He hurriedly paws through the rest of the pictures, and finds the one that completes the scene – Mio had been looking at him when she made the face.

Mio on the lawn that evening, miserably wondering whether the pain she feels is punishment for liking Ren. Just then, Ren himself comes up and sees his hairpin gift in her hair.

She explains that she went back to find it, and that it was the ornament she’d been trying to fix. It’s a confession sure enough, and Ren says, “You were right. Until now I couldn't see anything. I finally understand what you meant by the star you were talking about. You've always been watching me, haven't you?”

Posted Image Posted Image

Mio thinks he’s upset, and reminds him that she’s only going to watch from afar; she’s not going to trouble him anymore. But Ren urgently says to her, “You can't stop! Look at me! Don't give up so easily. Look only at me, the way you had been doing. Mio…it’s okay for you to like me.”

In her hotel room, Misuzawa Reiko hurries her assistant, wanting to find the children. “Hurry up, I don’t have much time. I want to see them…my beloved children.”

Posted Image Posted Image


I don’t really get the point of rearranging the kiss to the middle of the episode and the speech at the end, because it dims the significance of Ren’s feelings. First he kisses her, which is basically “I like you”, but afterward he backtracks to “I allow you to like me”, which seems like a step back. In any case, though, he’s left the door open, and I like the way Tamamori Yuta played the simmering emotions in this episode. The pre-kiss scene is especially good, as both characters give vent to their repressed feelings honestly for once. Note: there’s going to be a Jang Geun Seuk cameo in Episode 8! *Ecstatic scream* On to Episode 8!



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