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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 5 RECAP

Eun Oh gets slapped by Arang when he lifts her skirt in search of her disguise clothes. Dol Swe becomes overly jealous of Arang. Arang marvels at the realization that she has really become a human but she suddenly gets kidnapped by a man clad in black who offers her body to a mysterious woman.

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Eun Oh wonders why Joo Wal was with Arang and if he recognized her or not. Dol Swe comes running after him to ask where he is going. He’s supposed to take care of the burial. Eun Oh says he has to go back to the office and leaves the burial in Dol Swe’s care.

Eun Oh says there’s something that he needs to do and Dol Swe whines that they should be leaving after the ceremony. Dol Swe: “It’s because of that woman, right? How can you have a woman that I don’t know about?” He feels betrayed and asks about Arang and if there’s something else that he does not know about. Eun pats his shoulders and runs off.

Joo Wal looks at his ring with confusion as he remembers how it turns red when he touched Arang. What is with the mysterious ring?

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Eun Oh goes running back to his room where he sees Arang sitting exactly where he left her. She welcomes him in a lady-like manner. He yells at her, “I told you not to come!” She feigns ignorance and claims that she has no idea about what he’s talking about.

He searches for the guard clothes – not convinced about her alibi. He lifts her skirt only to find her bare legs. He stutters and she screams. She slaps him across the face on reflex and they both freeze in an awkward moment. The slap leaves him with a red handprint on his cheek.

She stammers in apology and he says, “I’m… something similar…” and they try to get out of the awkward moment. He asks her to continue her story. Did she really come back to find out the truth about her death? He asks her to give her the hairpin. She said she left in the other world and he freaks out.

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She explains that she’s not allowed to bring anything from the other world to the human world – why else would she need to come here all naked? She asks what’s so important about a hairpin. He replies in frustration, “That hairpin is far more important to me than a demon like you!” She looks at him with pained eyes and reiterates that she came back as a human. How many times does she need to say that?

Eun Oh says, “So what if your shell is a person. Do you know a person’s heart?” She says she does but she doesn’t seem so confident about it. He mocks her beating heart and tells her that at least she’s learned how to act like a person.

She stands up in anger and calls him a rotten bastard. She hits him deeper now as she asks him, “You were a rotten bastard to your mother too, weren’t you?” He gets up as his anger skipped a notch upon the mention of his mother. She continues that he has a way of saying things that can stab someone through the heart – which he must have done to his mother too. He tells her to shut up.

Arang: “Your mother isn’t missing. She ran away from you, didn’t she?”

They are both fuming mad at each other. Eun Oh runs out leaving Arang who finally let go of her tears. He runs into the words to take his anger out in a tree. In a flashback, we see the day he was separated from her mother. And then the last time he saw her, saying it would have been better if he never had a mother.

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Back in the present, Eun Oh sulks in the mountainside while Arang stays up all night in tears. Joo Wal stares at his drawing of Arang – dressed in a guard’s uniform – and takes out a mysterious black cloth inside a box.

Eun Oh comes back in his room to find Arang with panda eyes. She wonders if this is what happens when a human doesn’t sleep. He laughs, somehow breaking the awkward moment. Arang suggests that since they’re both at fault they should just both apologize and forget it but Eun Oh is adamant in not saying sorry. Arang finally says they can just bury it deep in their hearts.

He finally tells her the hairpin was his mothers’ and asks that they help each other. Arang: “By finding your mother, can you find out how I died?” He explains that there’s too much connection for it to be just a measly coincidence. Arang: “Is that why you helped me before… because of that?”

He says with his back turned away from her, “Yes. I might be brave, but I’m not warm-hearted. Don’t go around saying you know how to read people anymore.” She runs off, wondering if she can trust him or not.

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Dol Swe snaps upon hearing the news that they’re staying in town longer than expected. “It’s because of that woman, isn’t it? How could that woman be more important than ME?” HAHAHA! Why so cute?

Eun Oh tells the Trio that he’ll be staying as the magistrate and he has brought someone else – his teacher’s daughter. Dol Swe wonders if she’s the daughter of that charlatan teacher up in the mountains. Eun Oh defends the teachers, saying that he mastered martial arts because he stayed there for one year. Dol Swe tells him he can do whatever he wants and leaves his master.

Nobleman Choi receives news about Eun Oh’s decision. He blames himself for believing the Trio’s empty words and orders his servant to check Eun Oh’s father’s house to find information.

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Bang Wool and Dol Swe meets crosses paths in the streets. Bang Wool approaches Dol Swe who is drowning himself in alcohol. She introduces herself as the shaman, saying his problem stems from a woman. He nods. How’d she know? She talks about her experience with Arang, thinking that he has woman problems, and he takes the bait.

Bang Wool says his worries are over. That person doesn’t have long to live. He grabs her by the shoulders and yells at her, “WHO DIES? My master?” He shakes her in fury. She distracts him and runs away.

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It’s the night of the full moon.

Arang sits in Seo Rim’s room, thinking about her earlier conversation with Eun Oh. She looks up in the mirror and says the magistrate is really hateful but doesn’t she need to find the truth about her death. She decides to agree with his proposition as she smiles in the mirror.

She fins Eun Oh in the courtyard and agrees to proposition. He figured she’ll come around and says they should make a vow. He takes out two peaches and she steps back in fear. He reminds her she’s a person now – no need to be scared of peaches. He holds it out to her and she takes it with closed eyes.

She marvels in surprise as she touches it, exclaiming that she really became a person. She takes a bite, savoring it for the first time. She teases him for being a mama’s boy. He looks at her in shock and yells, “HEY!” She leaves him speechless.

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Joo Wal stands in the front of the mysterious cottage. A window opens and we see the back of the mysterious woman asking him if he’s prepared.Interestiiiiiiing. He says, he is and she says she’s not sure why but she’s looking forward to this child very much – and the window closes (on its own?).

Joo Wal picks up a knife.

Arang sleeps in her bed while Eun Oh paces in the courtyard thinking about Arang’s words. In a flashback, we see Eun Oh running to his mother for refuge as the kids tease him that he’s a slave’s son. His mother, who is always stoic, asks him if he know what day it is. It’s the death anniversary of her whole family. All of them died on the same day, except for her. It was because of that bastard.

A man in black clad walks and enters Arang’s room. Uh-oh. Not good. He takes out his knife… NO. Don’t do it. She dreams and murmurs about peaches and he hesitates. He gathers his wits and stabs her in the chest. She wakes up with a pained cry and sees the man – Joo Wal with his ring.

Eun Oh turns around, probably hearing Arang’s cry. Oh please, save her!

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Joo Wal puts a talisman on her neck and it disappears into her skin. Wait. What was that? He picks her up and carries her away.

In the heavens, the Jade Emperor plays his gayageum and Hades asks why he’s so off-key today. He says it has finally begun. Hades sighs saying he’s not sure whether they did the right thing or not. The Jade Emperor has that worried look on his face.

Eun Oh enters Arang’s room and finds that she’s missing, assuming that she ran off somewhere. He was about to leave when a pool of blood catches his eye. He goes in to check it. Yes. Fresh blood, it is. He runs out and notices the trail of blood. He runs, following it. Okay, this is weird. He jumps across a wall – how can Joo Wal jump through that wall while carrying Arang? Is he some sort of a monster?

Joo Wal rides into the woods carrying Arang and stops at a tree marked with a black cloth. He carries her into a creepy cottage and lays her down at an altar. He takes off his mask and looms over her dead body. He reaches out to touch her but pulls away on the last minute and runs out. Do you recognize her? Or have you fallen in love with her already? WHAT?

In a flashback, we see a gisaeng – probably the same woman in that mysterious cottage – approach him and gives him his ring. She tells him that from now on his name is Choi Joo Wal. On the full moon of every leap month, he must bring a girl with a pure soul. He asks how he will know if the girl is pure and she says the ring will tell him.

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Back to the present, the gisaeng wears a black veil and asks him he has brought the girl. He bows his head and says he did. She lift her veil and… It’s Eun Oh’s MOM!!!!

She looks up at the full moon and says it’s been awhile. She says she’s anxiously excited to see this one and asks him if he’s sure she has the body of one who was already born. Joo Wal says yes. So, he recognizes her? She licks her lips in anticipation – which is just so creepy!

They go to the altar and Mom goes from smiling to looking angry. Joo Wal turns around and sees that Arang is missing. Next thing we know, Arang is running through the woods while clutching her chest. In a flashback, we see her waking up in pain. Either not dead yet or she just came back to life – again.

Mom asks Joo Wal what happened. He says he’s sure he brought the corpse here. Joo Wal freaks in terror and anxiously looks for her. Meanwhile, Arang trips and stumbles down hills. She finally gets to town and pauses. Suddenly, a hand clamps her over the mouth and grabs her. She screams in fear.

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Eun Oh calls her, “Amnesia.” OH. Thank Goodness. She finally sees Eun Oh and her legs give out. She says someone stabbed her and she thought she died. She was left in the mountains and she ran away. Suddenly, she faints in his arms.

Eun Oh carries her back to his room and lays her down. He looks at her clothes and wonders what the hell happened.

CREEPY MOM asks Joo Wal what happened. She slaps him, cutting him in the face. He explains that he has killed her and sealed in her soul. He left the corpse there, it couldn’t possibly get away. She slaps him again, calling it an excuse. Joo Wal stammers that it isn’t an excuse. He was sure he put the corpse there.

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CREEPY MOM says it doesn’t matter what he put in the altar, “Where is my soul? Where is the soul I must have tonight?”

He swears it’ll never happen again, but she says he hasn’t met his responsibilities. He was brought here to do his job and as payment, she will let him live like a person. She reminds him of being a ‘skin-and-bone kid’ and threatens him. He kneels in front of her, terrified to the bones. In a flashback, we see him as a young boy who eats the food given to horses while other children are teasing him.

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Eun Oh wakes up in the morning and checks on a sleeping Arang. He checks her wound only to find that it has healed. He asks, “What… are you?”

Bang Wool sets up her mat in the marketplace. Dol Swe spent the night in the drinking house and sees her. He chases after her, asking if what she said is true. He gets splashed with water by an ajumma. Bang Wool starts to see everything in slow motion as he shakes off the water – turning it into a CF. She starts to see Dol Swe as a hot guy, practically drooling over him. HAHA!

The Trio brings Eun Oh some clothes they have on hand. He asks about the mountain where Arang was taken last night and they say it’s the Abandoned Mountain – a terrible mountain, rumored to be full of ghosts but that story has been from way back.

He brings the clothes in Arang’s room and puts her shoes outside. Dol Swe suddenly shows up and realizes that someone must be inside Eun Oh’s room. He goes past Eun Oh and opens the room. He gets the shock of his life upon seeing Arang sleeping in Eun Oh’s bed. “Did you sleep with her?” Eun Oh says, “Yes”

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Dol Swe gasps and announces that he’s going back home to tell on him. But Eun Oh just tells Dol Swe to follow him. They go up to the Abandoned Mountain, following Arang’s trail while searching for clues. Dol Swe asks how far he’s going to go with Arang and Eun Oh answers he has to go with her until the end. Dol Swe freaks out again, “Where is the end? Are you going to marry her?” Dol Swe says he can’t do that, doesn’t he know his father?

They caught sight of the mysterious cottage. They approach the house and Eun Oh opens the door and finds the altar. He notices the recent blood stain. This is where she was hidden. Dol Swe wants to leave feeling like a ghost is creeping up behind him. Eun Oh shakes his head saying this is strange, “There are no ghosts.”

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Eun Oh wonders to himself. None of this makes sense. Why was Arang targeted when she just came back to life? Could it be that someone recognized her? That doesn’t make sense either. He shakes out the idea, and then something catches his eye.

He checks a corner and finds his mother’s hairpin.


Oct 19 12 12:53 AM
synopsis background credit to gfx team member Belen
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