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Faith (2012) Episode 16 recap

Choi Young is caught between two enemies, one of whom wants Eun Soo alive, the other dead. Time is ticking away – she has only one month before she must leave for her world. She may yet have a chance, as Gi Cheol and Deok Heung start to fight among themselves…

Choi Young stands still with his sword to Deok Heung’s neck, caught between two conflicting loyalties – Eun Soo and the king. Finally he gives a quick order to one of the Suribang: tell his Wudalchi to take the king and run for it. No fighting, just get out of there.

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Now he knows the exact danger Deok Heung poses, addressing him informally. Deok Heung takes offence and demands that for the next bit of antidote, he will have to be addressed as a royal. Choi continues with the informal speech, scoffing at Deok Heung’s lack of brains. I hope this is because you’re confident you can save both people.
He orders his people to take the antidote and kill Deok Heung if he doesn’t give it, because he knows that if Eun Soo’s dead, Deok Heung has no bargaining chip.

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In the meantime, the Wudalchi fight their way out of the palace, surrounded by Deok Heung’s men. The queen’s separate group of protectors are particularly hard hit, until Choi joins them. With a short apology to the queen, he drags her behind him while he charges through the enemy.

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The councilors are all in the midst of a panicked argument, wondering what is going on, when Deok Heung strolls in. He starts to explain that the king, being young and frightened, may have fled the palace too soon, and Jo In Shil backs him up. But then Deok Heung turns on Jo In Shil, saying that he was planning a coup, calls him a traitor…and stabs him dead.

And then he soothes the other councilors, feeding them words about Gongmin’s inexperience, quietly eyeing the throne.

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Eun Soo and Choi Young are with the main party, with Eun Soo tending to wounds despite Choi’s orders. But the king’s party is still missing.

In the palace, Gi Cheol comes over to confer with his dangerous maybe-not-ally. Gi Cheol is barely restraining his temper, asking about the box of Hwata’s artifacts that went missing. Deok Heung on the other hand is cool and composed, pretending that they’re still working together. The deal is still on: Eun Soo for Gi Cheol, and the throne for Deok Heung.

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Eun Soo muses on her visions of reading the diary written to her by her (apparently), and the ones of Choi dying. She’s determined to get that diary to confirm, as Choi had forgotten about it. Choi replies that in her state, she’s going nowhere, but Eun Soo being herself argues as usual.

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King Gongmin is still on the run with his guards, and now out in the open he feels his real powerlessness, musing that all that made him a king was the palace – would people even recognize him if he told them he was king?

In the palace throne room, Deok Heung has taken over the proceedings – he has the royal command, complete with the seal. When the councilors protest that the king had given up that seal, he smoothly replies that he must have changed his mind. Gi Cheol stews by himself in the corner.

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Choi Young manages to find the king’s party, finally. The king is worried about the queen, but Choi assures him that she’s safe and even happy that she won’t have to wear the heavy official wigs. Before leaving, Jang Bin hands Choi a bottle of the poison, along with the news that he almost has an antidote.

He wants to leave to ‘finish something’, but Eun Soo isn’t having it, wanting to go even as she wavers on her feet. Eventually she quietens down, leaning against him, and murmuring that he is much more responsive to her now.

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They go later to see Gi Cheol, who is fantastically happy to see Eun Soo. She wants to see those last pages of the diary, telling Gi Cheol that those will tell her how to get to heaven…and that she will take him. He’s suspicious of their motives in going to him first, but Choi confesses that Eun Soo’s time is short, and he sees from her hands shaking that Choi is right.

The king manages to catch up to the queen, who looks happier and girlish with her hair down and decorated with flowers. Gongmin wants his presence here announced – to let the people know that they can come to their king, and to make it harder for enemies to sneak up.

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And so the merry party of unlikely allies heads off to see Deok Heung. Eun Soo launches herself at him, screaming and clawing, until Choi drags her back. When Gi Cheol proposes to bring out the diary, Deok Heung isn’t cooperating – so Choi Young and Gi Cheol attack.

The guards are dispatched quickly, and Choi grabs Deok Heung and slams him down. Gi Cheol watches casually as Choi brings out Jang Bin’s bottle of poison and forces it down Deok Heung’s throat. Nice one.

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Chastened, Deok Heung asks to be alone with Eun Soo. Choi leaves with Gi Cheol, even though he has misgivings.
Alone, Doek Heung wants Eun Soo to join his side, clearly not believing the ‘doctor from heaven’ story. But Eun Soo demands to see the diary first. He hands it over, and she leaves with Choi. Once they’re gone, both Gi Cheol and Deok Heung surmise to that to get Eun Soo, they will have to get rid of Choi Young first.

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Eun Soo wants to remain in the palace, an idea which Choi Young is flatly against. Why put herself so plainly in danger? But she sticks to her old strategy for playing along with the bad guys, intending to trick them later on.

Lee Saek from the council goes wandering, lured by rumors of a king holding court for the commoners. Disbelieving, he actually goes to see…and finds King Gongmin and Queen Noguk listening to the troubles of their people. He watches as Gongmin listens and learns, and gives good counsel to the people.

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The other scholars call Choi, admitting that he isn’t a criminal after all…and ask for protection. With a sigh, Choi grants it.

Eun Soo sits to finally read her diary. It’s a letter to herself…from herself, telling her to keep close to “that person”. Eun Soo predictably freaks out to Jang Bin, not understanding what her future self has written and the sheer impossibility of it all.

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She rants about the fact that the writer mentioned “that person”, and says that there never was someone like that in her life; anytime she got close to someone, her heart would just shut itself up and she would move away. But she seems to feel that Choi Young is different, because he’s always there when she needs him. Frustrated, she gives up and goes to bed.

But then memories start to return to her, prompted by the wording of the diary. Like the words of “that person” bring the memory of Lady Choi’s request, and then…”that child will break a pot”, and outside she sees Doek sweeping up shards of a pot. Flowers in the window there. The stuff in the diary refers to today!

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And one last thing…not to send “that person” away, because he will be walking into danger. And far away, Choi Young waits alone on a riverbank.

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