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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 01 Recap

Synopsis [Image and Background by Georgiana]

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Gu Jae Hui (Sulli) will soon be joining the ranks of Rosa Park, Joan of Arc and Daw Ang San Suu Kyi. Although her cause is not for equality or freedom, Jae Hui is going to do something remarkable and almost too radical. All for a grand gesture of thanks to her hero, Kang Tae Jun (Minho)… maybe for the sake of love as well.

Recap [Screen Captures by Georgiana]

United States of America hosts the 2010 World Junior Championship games and High Jump event is being held. All eyes and camera are on Kang Tae Jun as he closes in for his final attempt at the 2m30cm mark. Silence siege the whole stadium and all you can hear is Tae Jun’s rhythmic breathing. He sees the bar, locks the target and makes the jump. Jubilation erupts. Tae Jun has won gold and earns a spot in the records book.

Jae Hui sees everything unfold on TV and Tae Jun’s jump is so beautiful that it brought tears to her eyes.

Next scene: Jae Hui looks at her reflection. Her right hand holds a pair of large scissors and the other is holding a portion of her long locks. Someone tries to stop her. But Jae Hui has promised herself, she “got to do this.”

Incheon International Airport, welcomes Jae Hui who is dressed like a boy. She’s going to make her way to Genie High School. Genie High School is an illustrious institution. It is an all-boys school that does not only excellent in academics but also in sports and also the same school that Tae Jun currently attends. Here we get to know Genie High’s environment, students and staff.

Cha Eun Gyeol (Lee Hyeon U) is the hyena of the soccer field. This sport star’s main aim is to score a goal. He also has a penchant for social media. He updates his page every now and then even at the expense of his coach or the game itself.

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From the stands Song Jong Min (Kwanghee) cheers for his classmate Eun Gyeol. He is a total Eun Gyeol fan boy with extreme fondness for lip gloss.

Tae Jun is being driven back to school after meeting his agent Director Jang (Lee Ah Hyeon). Director Jang tries to convince Tae Jun to say yes to a commercial that requires him to jump. He puts his head phones on to block her out.

Jae Hui arrives to find herself trapped amidst a group of fan girls waiting at the gate. Coach Baek (Kang Kyeong Joon) attempts to disperse the crowd. But when the fans took notice of Tae Jun’s approaching car it became chaotic. Jae Hui manages to untangle herself from them and heads toward the gate. Coach Baek stops her. He wants to make sure that she has the correct transfer documents and not a fake student.

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Jae Hui needs to go to the Faculty Room and in order to do so she has to haul her luggage up a considerable amount of stairs. The constant banging of the luggage against the concrete unlatches the locks. Hence, spilling Jae Hui’s garments and undergarments, so when she turns around she finds unlikely pieces of trail left behind.

Camera zoom’s in: teddy bear panty.
Camera pan’s to the side: captures a pair of nicely polished black shoes.

Tae Jun picks up the teddy bear panty and casually drops the line, “you’ve got unique taste.” Jae Hui quickly grabs it from Tae Jun. She’s probably in a state mumble jumble (panic, awe and what to do) for claiming that it’s a handkerchief. The sudden movements of trying to hide it made Jae Hui lose footing.

Next scene: Jae Hui flying down the stairs on her luggage. *eyes tearing up from laughter*

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After her notable first (actual) encounter with Tae Jun she’s finally meeting her Homeroom and Language Teacher, Lee So Young (Lee Yeung Eun).

Jae Hui changes into her school uniform and enters Class 2-1. She goes up in front of the class and introduces herself. Initially no one was paying attention then a boy throws a banana peel hitting Jae Hui straight on the face. She’s close to tearing up but held it in. *attagirl!*

Eun Gyeol, who takes notice of her brave act, calls her attention to the vacant seat beside him. Jong Min joins them to deliver a dare challenge to Jae Hui, the infamous Genie Trial. Jae Hui’s challenge is to get a tennis ball hidden inside Sang Chu’s (the dorm pet) dog house. Ah, there’s a catch Sang Chu is a dog that doesn’t like boys/men.

Jae Hui walks carefully to the path leading to the dog house and along the way there were several warning signs. She finally comes face to face with Sang Chu. Jae Hui covers herself in response to Sang Chu’s threatening snarls. Suddenly onslaught of doggie kisses come her way. *Awww, adorable Sang Chu likes her.*

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Tae Jun pays Sang Chu a visit just as Jae Hui goes inside the fancy dog house to retrieve the notorious tennis ball. The dog house becomes an ideal place to hide as Tae Jun spoke to Sang Chu. He tells the dog that he is going to quit high jump. Jae Hui’s ears cannot believe what she’s hearing. The reason she came to Korea is to see Tae Jun jump again. She springs to her feet, grabs Tae Jun’s hands and pleads him to take his words back. In his surprise Tae Jun can only associate Jae Hui with teddy bear panty.

Jong Min together with the other boys draws to the conclusion that Jae Hui will fail the trial. Much to their shock, Jae Hui comes back with the ball in hand. Her successful feat also earns her Eun Gyeol’s respect. Tae Jun arrives in class just as the commotion settles down. He takes the chair behind Jae Hui.

Jae Hui finds that using the washroom is so far the biggest challenge in pretending to be a boy. Song Min trips Jae Hui as soon as she got out of the cubicle. Jae Hui grabs the nearest thing to gain balance which turns out to be a senior’s pants. Shoot, a fight breaks out. Ha Seung Ri (Seo Jun Yeong) also a senior comes to Jae Hui’s rescue.

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Eun Gyeol appears to have taken a liking of Jae Hui inquires if she’s okay. He walks Jae Hui through the school facilities, including the dormitories and went through the personalities of each dorm heads. He summarizes them:

Dorm #1, The Eagle, Yoo Min Kyu (Jo Young Man), Specialty – Taekwondo
Dorm #2, The White Tiger, Ha Seung Ri, Specialty – Athletics
Dorm #3, The Blue Dragon, Kim Ian (Na Chul Soo), Specialty – Figure Skating

It has been known that the competition between these dorms is intense and that the chivalry of each dorm heads is of no joke.

Eun Gyeol also gives Jae Hui a nickname, “Squishy”, because she’s tough but a softy.

Seol Han Na (Gim Ji Won) arrives late at a photo shoot and displays quite a temper upon finding out that Tae Jun is not coming.

Jae Hui contemplates on the day’s events. While she makes herself comfortable in her new dorm room, #303, she finds no indication as to who her roommate could be. Eun Gyeol kept her in the dark that her roommate is no other than Tae Jun.

Swimming classes are being held and Jae Hui excuses herself from it claiming that she’s allergic to chlorine. She needs to get a note from the doctor’s office.

Jang Min Woo (Kim Tae Yeong) is the school’s resident physician. He quickly changes his computer screen to show Tae Jun’s foot x-ray just as Tae Jun enters his office. He sets an appointment for Tae Jun at the hospital to ensure that he has fully recovered from his injury.

Tae Jun gets a call from Director Jang. Coach Holten, a famous high jump coach, has been invited to see Tae Jun’s latest commercial shoot. This is bad news for Tae Jun whose been trying to avoid jumping. But now it has become a must. No more excuses.

Jae Hui rewards herself with a nice shower after organizing her stuff and unknown to her that the bathroom door is broken.

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Tae Jun drops by Sang Chu for a visit and also to think. He keeps on asking himself what to do, while he held upon his hand a necklace with a wedding ring as its pendant, as if it can give him the answer he very much need. A phone call interrupts his train of thoughts. This time it’s from his dad reminding him not make any mistake.

Tae Jun discovers that he got himself a roommate. He steams over this new roommate’s knack for making himself comfortable. He instantly recognizes the luggage and confronts Jae Hui inside the bathroom. Jae Hui gets kicked out by Tae Jun.

Joo Hyeong Jae (Gang Ha Neul) practices high jump with extreme focus and determination. His aim is to beat Tae Jun.

Jae Hui is about to spend the night with Sang Chu when a senior finds her. She’s taken back into her room and the senior cautions Tae Jun that as a student of Genie High it is mandatory to share a room with another student.

Jae Hui finds it hard to believe that before there was a Pacific Ocean between her and Tae Jun. Now, Tae Jun is just an arm’s length away. Before sleeping Jae Hui tries to contain her excitement to see Tae Jun jump tomorrow. Jae Hui’s recalls the Tae Jun’s World Championship jump. He became an angel in her eyes—his wings so ever white and he lands on a bed of flowers. *so beautiful*

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Tae Jun wakes up to find a stack of vitamin water by his bedside. Not only that, Jae Hui seem to have prepared everything for him, as well as, leaving behind a trail of post-it notes with words of encouragement.

Soccer is the game of day at gym class. Tae Jun issues a challenge to Jae Hui that if she scores a goal she can then be his roommate.

Director Jang and Han Na heads to Genie High together to see Tae Jun’s commercial shoot.

Back to the soccer game, Eun Gyeol’s sees Jae Hui’s determination and decides to help her out. A classmate pushes Jae Hui to the ground and Jae Hui faints from shock. Tae Jun carries her and together with Eun Gyeol, they rush her to the doctor’s office.

Tae Jun leaves Jae Hui to Min Woo’s care and asks Eun Gyeol to watch over Jae Hui. He heads to the gym to prepare for the shoot. He takes off his necklace while making the promise that this might be his last jump. Tae Jun jumps but it was not successful.

Jae Hui wakes up to find herself in the infirmary and it dawns upon her that she might get discovered. Min Woo straight on approaches Jae Hui as she was about to leave and stops her. He sternly asks her: tell me why there is a girl in an all-boys school. *uh oh*



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