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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 02 Recap

Synopsis [Image and Background by Tiictoc]

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Nothing good comes out of he said or she said. The best way to clear things up is to talk directly with each other not creating assumptions, one-sided conclusions and rush judgments. Now, if we can only get that through our hero, Tae Jun and heroine, Jae Hui.

Recap [Screen Captures by Tiictoc]

Min Woo’s confrontational question sends alarm bells into Jae Hui’s brain. Jae Hui manages to avoid answering Min Woo. She leaves his office at the very first opportunity which amuses Min Woo very much.

Director Jang checks on Tae Jun. She assures him that his failed jump is of no big deal for he had an injury and among athletes injuries are common. Director Jang apologizes to Tae Jun for hastening things. Tae Jun confesses to Director Jang that he did not plan to be an athlete all his life.

Eun Gyeol meets up with Jae Hui and he drops the news that Tae Jun’s jump was not successful. Jae Hui runs to look for Tae Jun.

Tae Jun is heading back to the dorm when his dad’s vehicle stops right behind him. His dad comes out the car. He slaps Tae Jun to get some sense on him that giving up on himself as an act of defiance is futile. Tae Jun reminds his father that he will decide on his fate.

Jae Hui asks Tae Jun if she can stay. Tae Jun goes over the house rules with her, which means she can stay. Jae Hui must not make any noise higher than 40 decibels (equivalent to a noise being made when turning a page of book/magazine). The room belongs to Tae Jun and that Jae Hui is just nobody/nothing.

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Tae Jun dreams about his mother’s funeral…

On a rainy day, Lee Min Hee is being laid to rest. Her son, Tae Jun carries her ashes and he places his gold medal along with her urn. Tae Jun weeps as he bids his mother a final farewell.

Jae Hui draws the blanket up to cover Tae Jun and finds him frowning. Tae Jun remembers his mom drawing up his blanket before he goes to sleep. He holds unto her hand and Jae Hui cannot break lose. Morning comes; Tae Jun wakes up discovering that he slept while holding Jae Hui’s hand.

Jae Hui prepares to go to school when her bath time gets interrupted by Eun Gyeol and Seung Ri. Jae Hui left with no option makes room for them. Finally, she heads off to class and almost run into Min Woo.

Seung Ri calls upon all Dorm #2 residents for a meeting in connection with the upcoming sports competition. He wants them to win without any hesitation. He also elects Tae Jun to represent high jump which annoys Hyeong Jae. Tae Jun himself declines by walking out.

Dorm Heads, namely, Min Kyu, Seung Ri and Ian meet to discuss the details of the sports competition, including the price at stake. The winning dorm will claim the rights to use the central store that have the state of art amenities and variety of food selections.

Each dormitory prepares by training their residents similar to a military boot camp. Dorms #1 and #2 aims to play fair. The same cannot be said to Dorm #3; Ian plans to win even if the only means is by cheating.

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Tae Jun sees Hyeong Jae train, whose current record is 2m28cm just 2cm short of Tae Jun’s own record. Report Yang Seo Yoon (Ahn Kye Kyeong) drops by and informs Tae Jun that she’s writing an article between him and Hyeong Jae. She refers to Tae Jun as the miracle wonder and Hyeong Jae as the hard worker.

Han Na is having a meal together with her team mates after gymnastics practice. She confidently tells them that she will support Tae Jun all the way. She then comes up with an idea after realizing that he must be having a hard time.

Jae Hui finds a huge present waiting when she arrives home. Out of the box Han Na pops up with ribbons and bows. Han Na then tries to introduce herself to Jae Hui by hinting how supposedly famous she is. Unfortunately, she is virtually unknown to Jae Hui who came from the States.

Jae Hui gets complimented during track and field practice. Bitten by the jealous bug, Jong Min intentionally steps on her foot causing her to fall. Jae Hui goes to Min Woo’s office to get a patch for her wound. At first it was safe because Min Woo is out, just as she was leaving, Min Woo and Tae Jun enters the office. Jae Hui quickly hides herself behind a panel. Her shoes catches Min Woo’s eye.

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Min Woo discloses to Tae Jun his new diagnosis, YIPS Syndrome (Dystonia is a neurologic disorder characterized by involuntary movements or spasms of small muscles). Since the disease is neurological there has been no definite cure for it.

Min Woo calls Jae Hui out right after Tae Jun left the office. Jae Hui asks Min Woo about Tae Jun’s diagnosis. After his confirmation, Min Woo receives her confession about being a girl and the reason why she came to Genie High. She wants to see Tae Jun jump again. She will go as far as giving up her own wings so that he can jump again. Min Woo becomes an accomplice to which Jae Hui is extremely grateful.

Jae Hui finds Tae Jun to tell him that she believes that he can jump again. She goes out for a breather and meets Eun Gyeol. He drags her to the field and they play soccer. They take a break by lying on the grass, Eun Gyeol takes a picture and when Jae Hui leans in closer, Eun Gyeol’s heartbeat increases. He concludes that it was probably from excitement. *right*

The next day, Report Yang meets with Jae Hui. She wants Jae Hui to divulge details on Tae Jun’s health condition, as Tae Jun’s roommate Jae Hui will surely have information unknown to others. Hyeong Jae drops off files on Min Woo’s desk and sees Tae Jun’s medical file. He takes the file, photographs the documents and sends them to Reporter Yang. *bad boy, I’m starting not to like his character.*

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World Sports releases Reporter Yang’s article regarding Tae Jun’s YIPS Syndrome. Tae Jun reads the article and remembers seeing Report Yang’s calling card with Jae Hui’s belongings. He looks for Jae Hui and accuses her of selling him out.

It’s the day of the sports competition and Tae Jun is nowhere to be found. Hyeong Jae claims that he sprained his ankle so he also cannot jump. Jae Hui volunteers to do the marathon because if she wins they secure the title and need not to worry about losing the high jump.

During the marathon, Ian and his dorm mates sabotage the water stations and have runners wear the same number tags so they can take turns in different distances. At the last dead point, a runner from Dorm #3 trips Jae Hui. Jae Hui tries to break her fall but ends up twisting her foot. She lands on her hands and tries to get up but the shockwaves of pain was too much to bear. She closes her eyes to remind herself of what Tae Jun said during the Junior World Championship press conference, that “a miracle is another name for hard work.” Using her good foot, she stands back up to run and wins the race.

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Tae Jun who finally shows up tries to make sense why Jae Hui would go to such length. He walks away but Jae Hui goes after him. She loses balance and he catches her. Their eyes met and Jae Hui tells him that she’ll never sell him out. Tae Jun believes her. Eun Gyeol sees them and appears to be jealous.

An evening of celebration, Jae Hui as the MVP gets cheers from her dorm mates and fellow students. She smiles at Eun Gyeol, who puts on a confused face and places a hand on his heart, as if asking it to stay still. Han Na attends the celebration very much to Eun Gyeol’s irritation. Eun Gyeol questions himself why is he getting mad at a girl and is flustered by a guy.

Tae Jun is reading Report Yang’s article again while everyone else is enjoying the party. He goes back to the gathering and unknowingly grabs a glass of champagne from the teacher’s section of the bar. Seung Ri asks if anyone has seen Tae Jun so they can keep an eye on him. Tae Jun has a weird condition that whenever he drinks/eats something with liquor he kisses the first person he sees.

Tae Jun and Jae Hui meet by the stairs. Much to her shock Tae Jun kisses her and fireworks lit up the skies at the background.

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