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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 04 Recap

Synopsis [Image and Background by Tiictoc]

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When it rains, it pours. Our heroine, Jae Hui gets discovered twice and is sent packing. Thankfully we get some sunny breaks with Eun Gyeol’s wayside imagination.

Recap [Screen Captures by Tiictoc]

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Tae Jun panics upon learning that Seung Ri’s mom didn’t send Chang Yoon to do groceries. He grabs a bike from the rack and goes after the van.

Jae Hui senses that something is off when they pass by a sign that the says “road ends” while Chang Yoon drives on. They stop in front of a vacant salt warehouse. Jae Hui tries to escape from Chang Yoon but gets caught.

Tae Jun arrives, sees the van and it’s empty, he then turns desperate. He goes around the warehouse and finally finds Jae Hui. He saves her just in time as Chang Yoon was about to struck her again. Tae Jun and Chang Yoon exchange kicks, punches and blows. Noticing that Tae Jun is stronger (thanks to being an athlete) Chang Yoon runs away taking the van with him. He also runs over the bike which is the only means of transportation both Jae Hui and Tae Jun could have used.

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Tae Jun apologizes to Jae Hui for being late. He comforts her in an embrace and patiently waits as Jae Hui gets over her shock and fear. Tae Jun, wouldn’t take no for an answer, carries Jae Hui on his back. He notices something on the ground and picks it up, it’s the bracelet Jae Hui was wearing that came loose.

The folks back in the pension house worry that Tae Jun and Jae Hui could be missing and it’s already dark out so Min Woo organizes a search party.

Jae Hui and Tae Jun continue to head back on foot, while using the bracelets as improvised flashlight. They share conversations along the way, Jae Hui learns that Tae Jun chose high jump because it is regarded as a noble sport. Tae Jun, on the other hand, learns that Jae Hui moved to States when her mom remarried. When Jae Hui asks Tae Jun what does he feel when he jumps. Tae Jun replies, “I feel like I’m touching the sky.”

Min Woo divides the group into pairs so they can cover more ground and to his misfortune, Eun Gyeol ends up with Han Na. After sometime in the woods, Han Na screams claiming that she sees something. Then they find Tae Jun and Jae Hui. Min Woo takes a look at Jae Hui who manages to reopen her injury. He orders her to rest for the night. Eun Gyeol pays Jae Hui a visit and sings a song to cheer her up. *The cuteness of the song reminds me of the Bear Song from Full House.*

Han Na’s instinct is telling her that something is not right with Jae Hui but later on discards it as getting back to Seoul is more important. The group take several photos as souvenirs and head back to school. While on the road, Jae Hui borrows a tablet to check her email. She hits her head upon reading a surprise message from her older brother Daniel, who is currently in Korea.

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Min Woo attends a conference and meets a stylish American doctor named Daniel Dawson.

Director Jang reviews Tae Jun’s upcoming competition schedule. She is going to push forward his retirement from sports.

Daniel wants to meet Jae Hui for lunch. The arrangement is to pick her up at Serin Highschool then they go for lunch after which they’ll do a little shopping. Jae Hui is in a pickle, for one thing she goes to Genie High. As a remedy she steals/borrows Han Na’s uniform (together with a wig).

Eun Gyeol browses through the photos stored in his phone and every time he sees a photo of Jae Hui his heart skips a beat. He searches for the definition of “gay” online, it is defined as joyful or cheerful. The very word itself ignites Eun Gyeol’s imagination. He imagines that he and Jae Hui marry and have a son, Jae Gyeol. Jae Gyeol raises a question as to which father gave birth to him. This sends Eun Gyeol back to his senses and there was nothing to be cheerful about it.

Director Jang visits Tae Jun to ask him to consider early retirement, which will make the olympics his official last competition. She also reminds him of the signing event being held the next day.

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The next day, Jae Hui meets Daniel for lunch. He also buys her a phone when they went shopping. Jae Hui goes for a bathroom break and in the ladies room she comes face-to-face with Han Na who recognizes her. Han Na tries to put a name on Jae Hui’s face but nothing comes into mind. Daniel brings Jae Hui to Tae Jun’s signing event. Han Na sees her the second time and tries to stop her from leaving. Tae Jun interrupts Han Na to focus on the event so they can finish early.

Tae Jun drops by the gym to clear out his locker. Coach Baek warns him that the Athletics Club is not something that he can just go and enter as he pleases.

Another day is here and Eun Gyeol receives a call from his former classmate Dan Mu (Jung Eun Joo). Dan Mu and Eun Gyeol went to the same school back in elementary. She seem to have a penchant for hitting him whenever she gets the opportunity. She has moved back to Korea after going to school abroad.

Min Woo asks Jae Hui to help him out by acting as a translator when a professional acquaintance come for a visit. This acquaintance is currently working on YIPS syndrome and he’d like to go over Tae Jun’s case with him. On cue, the visiting doctor enters and Jae Hui looks up meeting her brother’s eyes. *Busted*

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Jae Hui tries to convince Daniel to let her stay but older brother is not hearing her out. He wants her back and if he must will bring her with him to the States, in pronto. Tae Jun overhears the interesting exchange, now he knows that Jae Hui is a girl. He goes to Sang Chu to clear muddled thoughts. The solution he comes up with, is to send Jae Hui back.

After sending Daniel off, Jae Hui comes home finding her luggages waiting for her. Tae Jun declares that he can no longer share a room with her. Jae Hui leaves the room crying and bumps unto Eun Gyeol. He tries to console her and when she leans on him, Eun Gyeol gets extremely embarrassed that he bolts out leaving Jae Hui alone.

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Jae Hui walks through the familiar hallway taking in all the memories. She faintly whispers, “sorry”. She convinces herself that for awhile she was happy and leaves.


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