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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 05 Recap

Synopsis [Image and Background by Georgiana]

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Jae Hui’s encounter with Tae Jun made her believe in miracles for the first time. A victim of bullying herself, she didn’t believe that she is capable of doing anything until Tae Jun’s inspiration led her to Track and Field. She soon found out that she’s not a quitter.

Recap [Screen Captures by Georgiana]

Jae Hui goes to see Sang Chu for one last time. She realizes that from the beginning it was a mistake but she hope to see him someday.

Tae Jun receives an email and attached to it is a video recording that Jae Hui made. After pondering on (all) the things she has done for him--he goes after her to stop her from leaving.

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Eun Gyeol’s stress level rises as he contemplates on his mixed emotions in connection with Jae Hui. He convinces himself that he’ll soon figure it out. The next chance he gets to see her is when he and Seung Ri borrow Jae Hui’s bath time in the morning. It won’t be an easy and fast chance as it used to be. Finally, Jae Hui can freshen up in the morning with no worries as the elusive door knob is now fixed (likely by Tae Jun) and locks properly.

Tae Jun practices early and Hyeong Jae sees him. Hyeong Jae tells him to make way for members of the Athletics Club (which Tae Jun is no longer part of) have priority to use the gym. Tae Jun asks Coach Baek if he can come back to the Club. Coach Baek reminds him that before he cleared his locker, he was warned that the Club is not where he can just do as he pleases. Left with no other option, Tae Jun goes to Director Jang and informs her that he going to start jumping again.

Han Na sneaks into Tae Jun’s and Jae Hui’s room to found no one around. She finds one of Jae Hui’s bracelets and comments how childish. She complains after remembering her missing uniform.

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Eun Gyeol is reuniting with his childhood friend Dan Mu, an aspiring music student.

Daniel wants to meet with Genie High’s transfer administrator so he can process Jae Hui’s transfer to the States. Jae Hui goes to Min Woo for help and they come up of a solution. Min Woo will pretend to be Jae Hui’s homeroom teacher.

Meeting time, Min Woo stalls Daniel by asking him random stuffs (stirring away from the main topic; Jae Hui’s transfer) every time he inquires about Jae Hui’s transfer. Daniel having enough goes out with Min Woo thinking that he can beat him at drinking.

Dan Mu impresses Eun Gyeol with her violin skills and as she plays, he reminisces their childhood and soon after a crowd gathers around them.

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Jae Hui buys a cake for Tae Jun to celebrate his high jump comeback. She trips on her shoe and the cake catches her face. *What can I say, good time*

Min Woo and Daniel hold a drinking competition. Min Woo asks Daniel if he ever saw things in Jae Hui’s perspective. Its apparent to him that Daniel does not even believe in his own sister. *Right/spot on, Doc*

Jae Hui finds Tae Jun’s necklace when she went into the bathroom which Tae Jun takes rather abruptly from her. Tae Jun’s mom tries to make Tae Jun take the ring before he heads out to the World Championship games. His mom is very ill at that time and to encourage her to get well, Tae Jun tells her that he will be seeing her after the games.

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Eun Gyeol and Jae Hui are doing laundry together. Out of the blue, Jae Hui asks Eun Gyeol if he would ever disguise himself as a girl and live in a girl’s dormitory. Eun Gyeol thinks it’s fun and is very confident that he would never be caught. They then talk about Dan Mu and that Eun Gyeol’s day out turns out okay.

Tae Jun heads out and informs Jae Hui not to wait for him. He goes home to celebrate his mom’s memorial/death anniversary. While sharing a meal, Tae Jun’s dad tries to engage his son in a conversation. Tae Jun’s annoyance prompts him to walk out and before he could take his leave his dad asks if he blames him for his mom’s death. Tae Jun didn’t answer and leaves.

Eun Gyeol borrows toothpaste from Jae Hui and notifies her that Tae Jun must have gone home to celebrate his mom’s death anniversary.

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Jae Hui receives a text from Tae Jun asking her to meet at the swimming pool. Jae Hui climbs up the diving platform (10m) and seeing that she’s all alone she calls out, “please, don’t joke around”. Someone comes out of the shadow and pushes Jae Hui off the diving board.

Eun Gyeol meets Tae Jun along the hallway. Both realize that someone just pranked Jae Hui. They ran as fast as they could and find Jae Hui drowning in the pool. They both jump into the water to rescue Jae Hui and in doing so Tae Jun loses his necklace. Tae Jun gives Jae Hui mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and thankfully it work.

Tae Jun wakes up to Jae Hui’s alarm but she not in their room. Jae Hui is back in the swimming pool looking for Tae Jun’s necklace.

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Coach Baek asks Tae Jun what’s his reason to jump again and he gives him a satisfying answer. He issues a test to Tae Jun which is to win the upcoming high jump competition.

Jae Hui packs her track shoes with missing shoe laces. She looks for Eun Gyeol and upon finding him, hugs and thanks him.

Tae Jun finds Jae Hui’s winning shoe laces in his bag together with a note, it reads, “I’m sorry for having to miss your game as it is the same time as my flight leaves for America.” *Oh, dear*



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