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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 07 Recap

Synopsis [Image and Background by Georgiana]

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Opening up to someone takes time; it also involves trust, shared moments/memories and common experience(s). Tae Jun is slowly opening up to Jae Hui this could very mean that he is seeing her at a different light.

Recap [Screen Captures by Georgiana]

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Eun Gyeol and Han Na walk in to see Tae Jun catching Jae Hui from falling. Han Na’s fine with it since Jae Hui is not a real girl.

The group of four, Tae Jun, Jae Hui, Eun Gyeol and Han Na meet up with whole Dorm #2 gang. Seung Ri reminds Han Na that guests curfew is already in place. Han Na plays cute and the boys buying her act decide that she can stay for a while to join their in-dorm party.

Eun Gyeol and Jae Hui stay at the back of the crowd for they are least interested on the party hype. Eun Gyeol as a matter of fact claims that Han Na is a hybrid of a fox and cockroach, even if the world ends, she and a cockroach will survive armageddon.

Jae Hui is very happy for Eun Gyeol that he has began dating Dan Mu. Jae Hui is about to enter the dorm when Eun Gyeol takes his phone out to take a photo of her. Jae Hui turns to face him and the shutter goes off like crazy, she smiles at Eun Gyeol making him laugh in return. Eun Gyeol claims that he is saving the photo just in case Jae Hui will make fun of him in the future.

Dorm #2 turns on the party mood, the boys are having fun, well except Tae Jun who puts on a serious face. Jong Min the life of party dislikes having to give way to Han Na who is going to sing a song, dedicated to Tae Jun.

Jae Hui leaves the party to feed Sang Chu. She sings a song to Sang Chu proving that she can throw quite a party herself. Tae Jun catches her unguarded and joins Jae Hui. In the middle of a conversation he interrupts her with a thank you for asking Seung Ri a favor on his behalf. Han Na sees them and is not liking what she’s seeing, the two of them being too close.

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A new building is being constructed, as a result, for the time being each dorm room will house three people instead of the standard two.

Jong Min is very excited that he will be sharing a room with Eun Gyeol and Hyeong Jae. But Eun Gyeol is way ahead of the a game. He bribes a senior to let him exchange rooms in order he gets to bunk-in with Jae Hui and Tae Jun.

At first, Tae Jun doesn’t want to share the room with Eun Gyeol but when Jae Hui makes space for Eun Gyeol in her portion of the room, he has to act on it. He gives Eun Gyeol a hammock.

The other boys temporarily staying in Dorm #2 complain that the room sharing arrangements is getting uncomfortable. The same cannot be said for Eun Gyeol, Jae Hui and Tae Jun. They seem to be having fun.

Jae Hui continues to search for Tae Jun’s missing necklace. Eun Gyeol volunteers to help her out. He thinks that the necklace belongs Jae Hui and is very important.

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Han Na speaks to Director Jang’s assistant, she wants him to find out everything about Jae Hui, even if it means to have Jae Hui investigated. *This girl is up to no good.*

Food is strictly prohibited inside dorm rooms. Eun Gyeol and Jae Hui are both wanting to eat Ramyun. Eun Gyeol, the boy who can make things happen, takes his bag and out of it came, Ramyun supplies together with a pot. Tae Jun catches them eating and to his annoyance that both are having a great time, he asks them to eat somewhere else. The somewhere else turns out to be the bathroom. Tae Jun hears the laughter coming from the bathroom decides to eavesdrop on the two. Jae Hui suddenly opens the door causing Tae Jun to stumble forward.

Before sleeping Eun Gyeol receives a text from Dan Mu that she misses him. *Awww* Eun Gyeol takes his time before responding. He goes into the bathroom and coming out he sees Tae Jun already in bed. He checks on Jae Hui who is also sound asleep. Eun Gyeol stays awake most of night trying to calm his heart.

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Next day, Coach Baek commends himself that having Tae Jun and Hyeong practice together.

Jae Hui finds a DVD among Tae Jun’s stuff and he scolds her for touching his stuff. Jae Hui really likes the movie and spoils the ending by telling Tae Jun about it who didn’t get the chance to finish it.

Director Jang and Han Na are heading to a meeting. They are going to have dinner with Michelle Kim, another well known athlete, who went to the same school with Jae Hui in the States.

Its Eun Gyeol’s turn to search for the suppose to be Jae Hui’s missing necklace. He snaps a picture of himself capping it, “wasting time in the name of friendship.” His phone slips from his hand and lands beside the necklace. He looks for Jae Hui to give it back but when he learns that it actually belongs to Tae Jun, his heart doesn’t allow him to return it that easy. He somewhat feels that he was hurting.

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Jong Min learns about Jae Hui’s missing necklace and decides to have fun with it. He tells Jae Hui that he has found it. Unfortunately loses it while doing errands and remembers that it could be lying around the old art room. The old art room is inside the abandoned building that is being refurbished as part of the ongoing constructions. For short, no students are allowed to enter the building.

Jong Min recruits some friends to act as ghosts haunting the abandoned building. While Min Kyu, Dorm #1 Head, take along two juniors to help him rescue the dorms treasure in form of adult movies. With both groups luck, they run into each other, scaring the heck out of themselves. Jong Min having quite a fright forgets about Jae Hui. *These boys make lousy ghosts but they sure do bring in good laughs.*

Tae Jun looks at the clock, it’s already 11:15 pm and Jae Hui is not yet home. He calls her but the phone is in their room.

Jae Hui is inside the Art Room and hides from a Security doing his rounds. She gets locked in and cannot get out.

Tae Jun paces the room back and forth having enough he decides to look for her. On his way out he walks unto Eun Gyeol who claims that Jae Hui must be in the library. But when Tae Jun checks she wasn’t there. He goes out further near the abandoned building and hears Jae Hui’s cry for help.

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He smashes the glass door to get in and taking a fire extinguisher he bashes the old art room’s lock to open the door. Jae Hui much to her relief hugs Tae Jun and he hugs her back. Tae Jun takes her hand to lead her to the staircase. A cat comes out of the darkness making Tae Jun scream.

They both take a breather on a nearby bench. Tae Jun shares about his obsession with his mom’s necklace and how come he never get to finish the movie. He feels guilty that he only knew about his mom’s passing after the World Championship games. The fact that his mom died while he was competing bothers him the most. He cannot find a way to forgive himself for not being there for her when she needed him the most. Jae Hui hugs Tae Jun as they both cry. *Tissues do come handy at this part.*

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Han Na manages to borrow Michelle’s yearbook. She tries looking for Jae Hui but the English names confuses her. Her phone rings and taking the call diverts her attention missing the page where Jay Dawson or Jae Hui’s is on.

Rain pours the following day, Tae Jun and Jae Hui stay inside and watch a movie together.

Tae Jun receives packages from fans and finds a box addressed to Jae Hui, written on it, “Happy Birthday, Jay.”

Eun Gyeol is helping out Teacher Lee organizing the class records. He comes across their class list and sees that today is Jae Hui’s birthday.

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Dan Mu invites Eun Gyeol to her recital. The proud boyfriend whispers to the gentleman beside him that Dan Mu is his girlfriend. It turns out that the gentleman is actually Dan Mu’s father. Eun Gyeol buys Dan Mu a present to remember the day.

Tae Jun goes gift shopping at a beauty store and buys a unisex facial cream for Jae Hui.

Jae Hui is nowhere to be found so Eun Gyeol looks for her at the laundry room. Eun Gyeol is sad that his friend is doing laundry instead of celebrating her birthday. He hugs Jae Hui from behind rendering Jae Hui speechless.


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