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Faith (2012) Episode 5 Recap

Eun Soo has proven herself to the king, but Gi Cheol is a different matter. With Choi Young still hovering between life and death, she has no protector. And now Gi Cheol is so interested in the woman with such great healing powers, he would do anything to control her…

Gi Cheol storms into court, demanding to know who’s filling the king’s head with his lies. He points to Eun Soo, “You? That wily thing in the shape of a woman?” She doesn’t know what to do, but Lady Choi holds her down, telling her to keep her composure. Jang Bin adds quietly that she should behave as a Heavenly Doctor, which totally confuses her.
King Gongmin addresses Gi Cheol with a laugh, announcing that the Empress Gi of Yuan (Gi Cheol’s older sister) had told him not to mind if her brother behaved with disregard for court manners – he’s doing so only out of extreme concern and sincerity. Ha, so he’s totally sapped the bite from Gi Cheol’s behavior.

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Gi Cheol blusters on about the identity of the so-called “Heavenly Doctor”, and is surprised when Princess Noguk stands up to affirm Eun Soo’s identity. She displays her neck wound and credit’s Eun Soo’s heavenly skill in saving her life.

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Gi Cheol demands to see Choi Young, if he’s the man who brought the doctor – and Eun Soo stands up to declare that Choi Young is her patient and cannot be seen now. Unused to being contradicted, Gi Cheol calls her a “wench”…bad idea. Eun Soo takes offence and rips into him: “Who do you think you are? How old are you anyway? You know, let’s end this here, at least in front of the king.”

He growls, “Do you want to die?!” She turns around and notes, “Gi Cheol…I know who you are!” She thinks for a second and then announces that Yuan will soon fall into ruin and Ming dynasty will take over; “I know how you die too. But I won’t tell you, because you’re rude.”

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She leans in close and spits out in English, “F..U..C..K. Go to hell!” Gi Cheol wears a look of absolute dumbfoundedness.

Eun Soo does collapse on Jang Bin when she exits the room, shaken, though Jang Bin assures her she did a great job.

Choi Young is still unconscious, and in the dream-like frozen lake, his father asks if “she is still in your heart.” Choi confirms it, and the flashback shows us the young Choi and the female warrior in the previous episode, fighting and flirting. He had promised to protect her then, as they kissed.

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After the incident with the king and the death of their leader, she had run into the woods (with Choi searching desperately for her) and hung herself from shame.

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In the hospital room, Choi Young’s body starts to seize, and Eun Soo gets desperate. She sits in frustration in the herb garden and spills out to Jang Bin: she’s done everything, so why isn’t he healing? He replies that she’s healed the body, but not the person.

She acknowledges this as something her med teacher used to say, and tells him about why she switched to plastic surgery from heart surgery: “Because I didn’t like patients”. A simple plastic surgery brought a lot of money, but a long, difficult, weary heart surgery much less. Jang Bin can’t follow, so she gives up.

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But he does ask if she’s killed a patient, and she snaps back that she hasn’t. He adds, “Then you must be afraid that Choi Young will be the first of your patients to die.”

At Gi Cheol’s house, his younger brother Gi Won discusses the doctor, insisting that she must be dangerous: “Those words! You heard that curse she used!” haha. It’s enough to make Gi Cheol much more interested in Eun Soo. The advisor adds that the rumor has Choi Young to be close to death.

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Gi Cheol goes straight to the palace, giving the proper bow this time. Gongmin, satisfied, lets him kneel a little extra, and then lets him rise.

Gi Cheol has come here to put forth his findings of the blood-stained letter – he interprets it as a letter of support for the old king, and an intention to overthrow Gongmin. Caught! Gongmin knows that the letter was a fake, and now knows that Gi Cheol has killed the ministers under the excuse of their “rebellion”. He places his hand on a box containing the centipedes, knowing that he has two choices: challenge him, or string him along for the time being.
He chooses the latter, thanking Gi Cheol, and asks what he’d like as a reward. Swiftly, Gi Cheol asks for the Heavenly Doctor, for a sick member of his household: “If she is really from heaven, then she will be able to heal him. If not, then I shall ‘take care of her’ for you.”

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Gongmin tells him to out with it – what does he really want? Gi Cheol replies that he wants hearts (loyalty) – that of the king. The king agrees: if he is able to win Eun Soo’s heart in one week, then she’s his. If not, Eun Soo is to be returned unharmed.

Eun Soo sits by Choi Young’s side, telling him she understands why he’s a psycho, why he has no will to live. “But people live! Desperately, persistently, they fight through…” She stops as she notices he’s stopped breathing. Desperately, she performs CPR as Jang Bin and Dae Man race in.

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They check – no heartbeat. Eun Soo breaks out into tears, pumping his chest and crying out, “You promised you would protect me!” In his frozen winter dreamland, Choi Young sits like a statue, covered in frost. Then one tear falls on his cheek, cracking the ice, revealing warm flesh underneath.

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Jang Bin bends down and announces that his breath is back, and Eun Soo sobs in relief.

The king is painting in his chambers when Noguk charges in, demanding to know why he’s sending Eun Soo to Gi Cheol. The king takes offence at her manners, although she tells him that his own are more important – why is he sacrificing those who help him, like the doctor, like Choi Young?

The king flings back: why did she call Choi Young secretly to her chambers, then? Was that also out of concern for the king? Noguk replies, “I didn’t know you had such interest in me.”

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When he demands a reply, she says that her fate is tied with his; if he falls, so does she. So in her concern for him, she ran here, disregarding propriety. The king’s face starts to lose its anger as she gives one final statement: she will not seek him out thus again. She leaves, and he stands stricken there.

That night, Gi Won and his soldiers manage to barge into the hospital and drag Eun Soo away, armed with a royal order and despite the efforts of the guards.

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The next morning, Choi Young wakes up, still shaky but angry to hear about Eun Soo. Jang Bin sees that he’s not in an arguing mood, and gives him three pills and a warning: try not to use his lightning powers in his weakened state, or he may lose them for good.

When Dae Man asks nervously how he’s planning to get in, he replies, “Frontal attack” and leaves, armed with sword and police shield. Dae Man follows quietly.

Gi Cheol gets the news that Choi Young has broken in, and wonders how he came back from his supposed deathbed. Never mind – he’s very interested in both Choi Young and Eun Soo, the only two people who have defied him. He signals to the white-haired flutist, Chun Eum Ja.

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King Gongmin receives the news of Choi Young’s departure with tears in his eyes: “I trusted him. I told him so, and yet he does not trust me. The princess does not trust me, and so she reproaches me.” Angry, frustrated, and disappointed, he continues that no matter what he does, people have no faith in him: “Because their king is such a coward, so useless. Do they not think that the king would have a plan before sending the doctor there?...How will I endure this office of king, if there is no one who needs me or trusts me?”

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Choi Young makes his way across the courtyard as Cheon Eum Ja appears – but springs off when he spies Eun Soo tied to a chair. Only, it’s not Eun Soo, it’s Hwasuin in disguise, and she attacks the moment Choi comes close. He deflects her attack and notes that he wasn’t fooled; “The person I know wouldn’t just sit quietly.”

The guards come at him, and he fights them off as Gi Cheol and his crew watch from a balcony. Gi Cheol gives the command to Cheon Eum Ja, which makes the advisor blanch in fear – Eum Ja has not yet learned how to target his attack, so it’s dangerous to anyone in the area. Gi Cheol tells him to attack anyway.

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Eum Ja raises his flute and starts to play a melody along with his killing piercing tone. The guards writhe and scream and then fall dead; Gi Cheol’s eyes and ears frost to protect himself; and Choi Young falls to his knees, blood coming from his nose and ears.

He gathers his lightning power, creating a shield for himself, and walks toward Cheon Eum Ja. Wind swirls as the two men combat with their powers, and finally Eum Ja is forced to stop.

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In the throne room, Choong Seok and the rest of Wudalchi beg the king to go to their General’s rescue. Frustrated, the king replies that he gave an order, a royal order; no one can go to Gi Cheol’s house. Overriding that order is treason, and weakens the king too.

But he does add a clever excuse to exempt Choi Young from this treason: since none of the men had seen him since the previous day, he has no knowledge of the royal order.

Back in Gi Cheol’s house, Dae Man whistles a distraction, and Choi Young follows him down a hallway to a room where Eun Soo is locked in. A blow of the sword takes care of the lock, and Choi walks into a startled Eun Soo.

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She smiles in relief to see him alive, touching his face. Only, this is when Gi Cheol and crew appear in the doorway, taunting Choi Young for coming here in danger. Choi replies that he’s here only on a personal mission: “Don’t you know what personal is? I came because that’s the woman I love.”

Cue shocked faces all around. Choi Young continues, “She was dragged off in the middle of the night – can you blame me for coming? Now, all of you should leave before getting hurt.”

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