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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 2 RECAP

Eun Oh saves Arang from the Reaper thinking that there is a connection between Arang and his mother. He becomes the new magistrate in town to help Arang find out her identity. Eun Oh discovers that she is the previous magistrate’s daughter. She decides to meet a person from her past and upon seeing him, her heart starts to thump…

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We open with Mu Young chasing Arang and Eun Oh in the woods. Arang looks back and see Mu Young catching up with them – probably because of some supernatural power as a grim reaper. She winces as she clutches inside her clothes and once again throws a handful of cherry blossom petals at him which makes him halt – giving them leeway to run away. We see as one of the petals cut his face.

They stop at a riverbank and he anxiously pulls out the hairpin out of her hair. In a flashback, we see that he gave it to his mother. Back to the present, he demands to know where she got the hairpin.

Arang is lost in her thoughts and Eun Oh calls her out. She snaps out of it and grabbed the hairpin back. He asked her where she got the hairpin again and she answers that it’s hers. She was wearing it when she dies which means it’s must have been hers when she was alive.

Eun Oh thinks about the possibility that Arang might have known her mother when she was alive, only now she couldn’t remember anything so he won’t be able to get any information out of her.

Arang ties her hair back up and thank Eun Oh for saving her today. If given a chance, she will surely repay him. She turns to leave but suddenly stops in her tracks when Eun Oh announces that he’ll help her find out her identity. Eun Oh thinks that by helping her, he would be able to get some clues about his mother.

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Arang beams with the good news and tells him that she must have been right all along. He’s braver than anyone else and he has a very warm heart. Arang: “I’m a great judge of character!” She keeps on talking and praising him but he just deflects it. He asks her what she’s doing here suffering like this when she should go since she’s already dead.

Arang: “If you’ve never died, you shouldn’t talk. Everyone has their own desperate reason.” He continues to ask her if finding her identity is really that important and she answers that it is as important as finding his mother. “Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to not know who you are?”

He mentions a saying: ‘Ignorance is bliss’. He warns her that she might find out something she wouldn’t want to know. Eun Oh.: “What will you do then?” Arang concludes that after wandering around for 3 years, it’s still better than not knowing.

He tells her about hearing the reaper call her by the name Arang but he won’t call her by that name. He will call her ‘Amnesia’. She shrugs it off and tells him to call her whatever he likes since they won’t have any relationship where they need to call each other’s names.

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Mu Young arrives in heaven to see the Jade Emperor. He passes by the fairies tending the garden. He looks at them with sad eyes. Suddenly, the Jade Emperor appears and guesses what he’s thinking. “Are you thinking about your younger sister?” He reminds Mu Young that he is now one of Heaven’s subjects and thus, he must cut ties of his earthly life.

Oh? So the Reaper has a younger sister? Is she a fairy? This is getting interesting. The reaper has a backstory! Yay!

Jade Emperor asks about ‘that runaway child’ – Arang. Mu Young reports that he hasn’t caught her yet. Hades appears from the dark smoky side asking how Arang’s red rope got untied in the first place. Jade Emperor confidently says she’ll come of her own free will. The seeds of fate have been sown and now it’s time for the buds to bloom.

He touches a flower and the blooms turn white. Jade Emperor: “This is what fate is. It goes round and round and round and at some point…” He touches the flower again and the blooms return to its original color. Jade Emperor: “...everything comes back to its place.”

A few moments pass and Jade Emperor is left alone – only with his goat to talk to. He asks, “Why does my heart feel so uneasy?”

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In Miryang, it’s raining and Dol Swe wonders where young master is. Eun Oh shows up and shocks Dol Swe when he announces his intent to be this town’s magistrate. Dol Swe finds this very strange and asks if young master has hit his head. Eun Oh just acts casual and tells him that he just wants to act as the magistrate.

Dol Swe concludes that this is the Trio’s fault and so he runs to find them. The Trio is currently at the government office, worrying about how Eun Oh survived the first night of being a magistrate. They write a letter to the kind explaining about the new magistrate and how he ran away from his position – thus, showing contempt for the Divine Royal Family and the entire nation.

As the Trio discusses the content of the letter, Dol Swe barges in and grabs them. He demands to know what they did to his young master. Eun Oh arrives and orders him to stop.

The Trio talks about their current situation and how their plan backfired against them. They wonder if there’s anything else that they can do since they can’t touch a nobleman’s son. One of them thinks that this may be a good thing. Now that they have Eun Oh as the magistrate, they don’t need to keep looking for one. Less pressure for Nobleman Choi means less work for them. They will have to observe Eun Oh’s personality for now.

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One of the Trio goes to Nobleman Choi and reports about Eun Oh. He was scolded for choosing a magistrate on his own. Nobleman Choi’s servant says that it’s also good to have a puppet in the office. However, there might be a problem since he is Nobleman Kim’s son. Nobleman Kim may have retired and went back to his hometown but his power still remains and it was because of him that Nobleman Choi was demoted and sent to Miryang.

Nobleman Choi asked what Eun Oh has been up to and the Trio’s leader stammers, “That is…a w-woman.”

He asks why Eun Oh keeps drawing a woman’s portrait. The Trio leader doesn’t know and he gets a flying box in response. Choi orders him to watch the new magistrate closely and find out what he’s been trying to do.

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Cut to: Eun Oh trying to draw Arang’s portrait which they can use to ask around. The problem is that he is bad at it. When he shows her what he has drawn, Arang asked him if she looks like that. He answers with a ‘No’, crumples the paper and throws is outside. Trio Leader snoops around and checks the papers.

In the end, Eun Oh calls for an artist and describes how he should draw Arang’s portrait. The artist find this very weird as Eun Oh looks a little crazy. The artist made several portraits but none of which looks like Arang. Frustrated, Eun Oh tries a different tactic. He asks where Arang died. They could back there and look around for clues.

But Arang doesn’t remember anything, not even where she died. She woke up on the road to the Underworld, when the Reaper was leading her. How many times does she need to repeat it to him? Arang offers two things that she knows: 1. She’s a ghost with amnesia for three 3 years now. 2. Sometimes she feels a sharp pain in her left side, like she’s been stabbed.

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Arang: “Do you think I’ve been stabbed to death?” Eun Oh’s eyes widen in shock. Eun Oh: “Why are you only saying that NOW?” They bicker in a rather cute way.

The next day, Eun Oh orders the Trio to bring him records of unsolved murder case files of women for the past 3 years. The trio gives him the case files and as Eun Oh reads through the records, he wonders why everything is about crimes of passion.

He found nothing from the case files. Arang wonders if that means it wasn’t murder. Or maybe her body hasn’t been found yet? He says it’s probably the case. She must be out there somewhere, rotting alone. Oh no, you didn’t just said that! He chuckles and she accuses him of not taking things seriously.

She leaves him in fury. “Who says I’m rotting alone?” She thinks to herself, it looks like she was wrong about him. He might be brave, but his heart isn’t really warm at all.

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Eun Oh wonders what to his next step should be as he takes a stroll under the moonlight. He stops at a house that catches his attention. The gate is locked and so he jumps (in warrior style) over the wall. The light inside the room is lit up. He opens the door and goes in. He looks around the room and concludes that whoever lived here must have just disappeared. He suddenly hears a murmur and instantly looks around. His eyes widen upon seeing the embroidery with butterflies.

Meanwhile, Arang walks outside and finds a group of ghosts crowding outside a gate. She asks what’s going on and is told that a memorial service is being held. In a flashback, we see Arang curled up in hunger. Suddenly an elderly ghost offers her a rice ball.

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He asks for her name but she says she doesn’t remember. He tells her that virgin ghosts are calls Arang so she’ll be named Arang from now on. He tells her that she will have a hungry life ahead. The way for them to live as a ghost is to eat the rice given by people to appease wandering ghosts.

She beams at the realization.

Eun Oh continues to inspect the room but a servant notices him and scolds him for entering the room without permission. He introduces himself as the new magistrate and asks whose room is that. She answers that it was the room of the previous magistrate’s daughter. It was preserved to its original state because they are unsure when she will come back. The room means everything to the young lady.

Eun Oh asks what she means and the servant answers that the young lady is missing. It has been three years. She went missing without saying anything. Eun Oh: “Found it. Amnesia.”

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Arang is in the middle of a contest between ghosts. They are getting ready to run for the food.
Arang says that it’s for the ghost who grabs it first. The gate opens and a servant leaves a bowl of food before closing the gate. The ghosts start to grab, fly and run towards the bowl of food. The bowl goes flying in the air and Arang remembers what the elderly ghost told her: She must do everything to get that food in order to survive.

She goes to leap but loses the bowl of food to another ghost.

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Eun Oh paces around impatiently while waiting for Arang. When she appears, he grabs her by the hand telling her he has found out her identity. Her name is Lee Seo Rim. Arang looks around the room but feels nothing in particular. She asks if he’s sure about this. He nods and points at the embroidery. She looks at it and notices that her clothes have the same design. But she still can’t remember anything.

Eun Oh goes for another tactic. He asks the Trio about the previous magistrate’s daughter. They tell him that she’s really missing. She ran away with an errand boy. They couldn’t believe how a quiet and well-mannered lady like her would wall for a lowly man.

Arang listens nearby and glares at them.

The trio adds that no one knows what she looks like since she’s always inside her room. When she steps out, she puts a veil over her face. After she ran away, her father searched everywhere for her and gives up the position of being a magistrate. Eventually, he died. There’s no other family member now.

The Trio leader adds that there was another party who was hurt by the events. In fact, the young lady was engaged with someone.

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Outside, Eun Oh gives Arang a pep talk while she’s sulking in a corner – poking the ground with a stick. He asks her if her memory has returned and she answers that she still doesn’t remember anything. She perks up with an idea. She needs to see the man she was engaged with and probably ask him what kind of girl she was. But since she can’t talk to him, can the magistrate do that for her?

Eun Oh doesn’t want to around announcing that he can see ghosts. She sighs and thanks him for helping her. She says her goodbye turns to leave. Eun Oh looks at her and he couldn’t take his eyes off the hairpin. He calls her and back, agreeing to talk to her fiancé.

She beams at the good news while Eun Oh’s face looks like he has eaten something bad. LOL

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The next morning, they end up in front of her fiance’s house – who happens to be Nobleman Choi’s only son, Joo Wal. He berates Arang for leaving such a rich guy and running away with a poor man.

Eun Oh catches a glimpse of Joo Wal. He’s busy drawing in the courtyard. Arang immediately takes a peek and catches her breathe. She holds her chest and wonders, “Why am I like this?” Eun Oh tells her that they should come in but Arang doesn’t want to do that now. She can’t breathe.

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Eun Oh tells her to stop. How can ghosts have beating hearts? She thumps her chest insisting that she’s not lying. Instinctively, he raises his hand to thump her chest but stops before crossing that line. LOL

He grabs her hand to drag her inside but she insists that she’ll go next time. She’s too embarrassed to go. He tries to shove her but she won’t budge. He gives it up and tries another tactic. He starts to shout to get Joo Wal’s attention but Arang shuts him off and drags him away, looking like a crazy man to the normal people.

They end up in a drinking establishment. Arang chugs down all the wine and grabs the new bottle delivered by the ajumma. Eun Oh stops her and tells her she’s had enough which looks like he’s totally crazy or just plain drunk to the ajumma.

She insists that her heart is beating. Eun Oh asks the reason for her reaction and she says, “I think I liked him.” Eun Oh chuckles and wonders why the girl who loved her fiancé would run with someone else. She doesn’t know the answer to that but still refuses to meet Joo Wal. Since she must’ve liked him, she can’t go to him like this.

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Eun Oh points out the Joo Wal wouldn’t be able to see her. Arang says she can’t do it. Even if she can’t be seen, she wants to face him without shame. Arang buries her head and complains that no one would give clothes to a ghost like her. Maybe she should just go to heaven…

Next thing we know, he’s carrying a drunken heavy Arang on his back. HA! Her face ends up close to his and he stops for a moment. Suddenly her cheek brushes with his, jolting his from his trance and dropping Arang.

Eun Oh reminds himself that he doesn’t have to scoop her up quickly since nobody can see her. He tells himself that he has to do it slowly since his back is precious! He picks her up again and then sees a man looking at him strangely. He immediately drops Arang, who’s still asleep.

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Joo Wal enters a gisaeng house. It’s his first time to enter this place. He sits alone at a long table while every girl is gathered at the other end, hoping to be picked by him. He eyes every girl as if looking for something or someone while he fiddles with his black ring. He gets up without choosing anyone and leaves the gisaeng house. In his exit, he thinks to himself: “What am I doing here? If I thought I could find her in this kind of place, I must have lost my mind.”

A gisaeng follows him outside to flirt but he pushes her aside. When she tries to follow him again, he snaps and shoves her against a tree. He holds a dagger to her throat as she cries in fear. He tells her to shut her mouth before leaving.

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Eun Oh and Arang arrive at their destination. Arang suddenly asks, “Am I not heavy?” As it turns out she was awake all this time. Eun Oh grabs his neck in annoyance. They meet Bang Wool who welcomes Eun Oh, thinking that he wants a reading. She freaks out upon hearing Arang’s voice and pretends to Eun Oh that she’s talking to a god. He stops her by telling her where she is and shock registers in her face.

Arang requests Bang Wool to make her a dress with the best quality. Bang Wool doesn’t look so thrilled at Arang’s request but she quickly changes her mind when Eun Oh tosses money at her.

Bang Wool: “What about the measurements?” LOL. How would she know Arang’s measurement when she couldn’t see ghosts? The solution is that Eun Oh would take the measurements. First thing that they need to measure: bust size.

Arang is too embarrassed to let Eun Oh take her bust measurement and decides that she can do it on her own. She whispers her measurement to Bang Wool, who shouts it out to tease her. HAHAHA!

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They continue with all the other measurements which bring them in close proximity. They exchange nervous glances and then they look away as they become aware of each other’s presence. Sweet!

Bang Wool declares that they’re done with the measurement and based on the numbers, Arang has a good body figure. So what’s wrong with her temper?

Arang immediately leaves. Bang Wool approaches Eun Oh and asks how he can see ghosts. She pleads him to share his secret with her. Aww. How ironic is it that the shaman can’t see ghosts and the magistrate who doesn’t want to see ghosts can actually see them.

He warns her not tell anyone that he can see ghosts. Or else, she’ll become a ghost herself. Once he steps outside, he thumps his chest and asks himself: “What’s wrong? Am I crazy? I must be.” He didn’t notice Arang, who’s sitting on a rooftop while watching him.

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She’s smiling from ear to ear because she’s impressed with his generosity. She congratulates herself for being a good judge of character. HA! She’s quite fickle minded.

Eun Oh passes through the bridge and sees Joo Wal who’s coming from the opposite side. They quietly pass by each other and Eun Oh thinks to himself, “What does she like about that type of guy? Did she really have no eye for choosing humans?”

Meanwhile, in Nobleman’s room, the servant reports that Joo Wal went to the gisaeng house. Choi chuckles and says he must’ve been impatient. His mind must’ve been so disturbed. “How many days are left until the full moon?” Outside, Joo Wal looks up at the moon.

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Eun Oh sleeps in his bed but something suddenly wakes him up. When he opens his eyes, he sees Arang lying next to him, looking straight into his eyes. She tells him people all have their own problems in different weights. She asks if he knows hers.

Eun Oh: “Surviving with one set of clothing for 3 years?”

Arang shakes her head, “No. It’s not having had one kiss before becoming a virgin ghost.”

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His eyes widen as she starts to lean in. End!

Ohh, of course you’ll end it like that! You are such a tease, show. Tsk.

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