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Faith (2012) Episode 8 Recap

Eun Soo is separated from Choi Young and captured by Gi Cheol, who has indicted Choi Young for treason. Choi will die soon unless she can convince Gi Cheol to release him, but she has no weapon but her own wits, and no allies left with her…


Choi Young is arrested, frisked, and locked in a cage, as Hwasooin subtly threatens Eun Soo.

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Gi Cheol and Cheon Eum Ja go inside to see the dead body of the young king, and notice from the boils on the skin that the boy had taken the poison. They come to the conclusion that Choi Young must have fed it to him to save his own life; the true sacrifice doesn’t even occur to them. Eum Ja hands Gi Cheol Choi’s famous sword, as a final token of his defeat.

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Now Eun Soo is Gi Cheol’s to imprison, and she paces in a room under Hwasooin’s watch. She mutters that something is wrong – history says that Choi Young lived to be old, so he can’t die now. Some little changes are happening. She asks Hwasooin what will happen, and she replies that Choi will die a traitor’s death – painful and slow. Eun Soo protests that she could testify in court that Choi is innocent of treason, but Hwasooin tells her that it’s in Gi Cheol’s hands now. Eun Soo asks for his weakness; “Weakness? If I had found that out, I would have overtaken him…But just don’t act weak in front of him.”

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Eun Soo is taken away by Gi Cheol’s party, and she follows with a heavy heart. She and Choi Young share one lingering glance before going their separate ways.

The traitorous magistrate comes up to Choi Young to tell him those three things a civil servant must do: find the side with power, stick to it, and lastly always believe that you’re doing right. Huh. Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

At the palace, the king is effectively imprisoned by the new military guards, supplemented by Gi Cheol’s men. Queen Noguk is stiff with indignation, and murmurs under her breath to Lady Choi: “The king…is a fool.”

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In the meantime, Doek distracts guards with a wagonload of manure while Dae Man breaks in to Wudalchi barracks. The men harass him for news, which gets him stuttering even worse, but he manages to get out that the General is captured for treason. The men are ready to break out and rescue their general, but Choong Seok shuts this up quickly – they don’t even have armor and weapons, what use are they now?

Choi Young gets chained up in a dungeon, and left alone with his thoughts, he weeps again for the dead boy king who sacrificed his life. He reaches in to pull out the bottle of aspirin, in which he’s saved Eun Soo’s yellow flower. He remembers her, too, as he puts the flower back.

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Eun Soo is brought to dinner to with Gi Cheol, and decides to act like she has no fear, which means posing with foot on chair like a very awkward gangster. She demands to know what’s going on, so he proposes a deal.

He shows her her own medical tools…and the other identical set, all rusted, but with a visible “Made in Korea” marking. That is very weird. Are there other time traveling doctors too?

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Jang Bin manages to bluff his way into the king’s quarters, disguising Joo Seok as a doctor. Once in, Joo Seok kneels and announces he has a message from Choi Young, that he was lured into a trap. The king is not happy: “So you came


Choi Young was captured? Was this planned – that if his plan failed and he was captured, he was to send you to me?” He grabs a sword and tells Joo Seok: “You pledged your life to me. So die.”

Joo Seok raises a sword to his own neck and delivers the message: “I have not yet completed the task Your Majesty gave me.” He prepares to kill himself, just as Gongmin signals Jang Bin to knock the sword away. Phew.

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The king has worked it out: the ‘task’ he had given to Choi was to find who had killed the loyal ministers, and why. So Choi is still following his orders as the present king, meaning that he is still loyal to him. Thank goodness, FINALLY.

Eun Soo asks to see the other two sets of tools, but Gi Cheol wants to bargain. She offers that she will tell him if those tools are Hwata’s if he lets Choi Young survive, but he scoffs that she would do that if she were his anyway. He wants her heart, her loyalty, in exchange for Choi’s life.

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Choi Young is currently sleeping for the second day straight, much to the awe of his guards. He dreams himself in the frozen landscape again, with his father, who asks, “So you haven’t found it yet?” But then the ice on the lake cracks, and Choi falls through into cold water, struggling…and lands back in the same landscape, only now it looks like spring instead of winter. Surprised, he asks his father when the ice melted, and his father replies: “But it was always like this.” Ha, so this means the warrior’s desire to die is melting away?

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King Gongmin is convinced now (finally) that Choi Young was loyal to him all along, and calls his ministers. Jo In Shil and the rest of the ministers beg him to try the traitor, and he agrees…to interrogate Choi himself. This sets the lot of ministers howling in protest, but the king quells them with a command and marches down to the dungeons himself. He points out to Jo In Shil’s protests that it’s perfectly safe; that special iron chain they bound Choi with will keep him from attacking, right? So he marches right into the cell and shuts the door behind him. Choi kneels.

The king reminds him of the two tasks, and Choi says he found out who had committed the crime, but not why the king has to fight. Gongmin kneels down to his level and says that he knows


, but he wants Choi to teach him


. Does he want to die like this? “Teach me to fight, so I can save you.”

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He confesses that he gave up Eun Soo because he had no other way to keep her safe, he was helpless; and even now he doesn’t know how secure she is.

Eun Soo in the meantime has hilariously interpreted Gi Cheol’s “I want to win your heart” with a version of modern romance instead of loyalty or faith. First up – drinks! She mixes up Goryeo-style cocktails and hands them round to Hwasooin “Unni” and Gi Cheol “Ahjusshi”. Gi Cheol growls that he won’t be made a fool of, and Eun Soo replies that she won’t either; and in any case a heart isn’t something he can demand, it has to be earned. So he goes along for now.

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Choi Young is still and motionless in his chains as blood drips to the floor. His guards panic, thinking he slit his own wrists, and rush in…only to be knocked out by Choi. He removes the chains and discards the carcass of the mouse which had supplied the blood.

And in the meantime, Eun Soo moves on to “Step two” – a date. Ahaha – really? She demands just the two of them, so Gi Cheol takes her to the garden, where he finds her description of modern democracy highly amusing. She stops in the middle when she sees the yellow flower she gave Choi…and in the distance Choi Young watches her and Gi Cheol.

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Gi Cheol’s messenger runs up with an urgent message and Eun Soo takes the opportunity for the most obvious escape run ever. Gi Cheol lets her go with a chuckle, but grows furious at the news of Choi’s escape. He orders men to surround the Wudalchi barracks at once.

Eun Soo makes it to a slope and then loses her footing…Just as someone catches her from behind. She assumes that it’s Gi Cheol because she can’t see that it’s Choi, but he just lets her go and vanishes. She stumbles back dazed, and Gi Cheol wonders if someone was there with her.

Gi Won takes his men to Wudalchi barracks, while at the palace a different attack takes place – Jang Bin carries a strange gas to knock out guards around the king’s room, and Choi Young enters, cloaked and followed by Dae Man.

The king smiles to see his loyal guard, who says he’s here to ask one question and answer another.

Gi Cheol figures out that Choi Young isn’t with the Wudalchi, so he must be with the king.

And so he is, giving his answer to Gongmin’s request to teach him to fight to be king, “A king doesn’t fight, he


. Some have a few, some have thousands. So you take me. I will fight for you.”

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Gi Cheol bursts into the king’s room to find Gongmin studiously at his paints. He asks where Choi is. Gongmin: “Choi Young? The man in the dungeons?” He tsks that Gi Cheol’s security is getting very lax these days.

So Gi Cheol rushes down to the dungeon…where Choi Young sits chained up, complacent as you please. Gi Cheol recovers nicely, telling Choi that all this was just an effort to take him. Choi asks if that included having him tried for treason, and giving little Choong Jeong the poison, and kidnapping the doctor. In reply, the man shrugs and says that he was never sure which king Choi liked anyway, adding that Eun Soo asked for his life too.

This gets Choi inflamed and he walks right up to the door with fire in his eyes. He tells Gi Cheol that he was prepared to give up life, ready to go to a peaceful death. “But you kept provoking me, me who had been so well-behaved. Provoked me to wake up and live.”

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King Gongmin starts to put a plan in action. He seals some documents that night and then heads to the Queen’s quarters to ask for her help. “I need someone, and to have them I need to show my courage. For that I need your help.” And he presents her with a box of clothing.

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The next morning the council convenes, with Gi Cheol and Eun Soo sitting up front. The king arrives and announces that he will start anew…and his assistants take off his Yuan robes and dress him in a Goryeo king’s garb, complete with the symbolic hat. The queen enters, she too wearing Goryeo clothing.

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King Gongmin announces that there were some people who protected Goryeo in the 10 years he was gone, and that he will reward them now. And Choi Young marches in with his Wudalchi, dressed in new armor, and kneels at the king’s feet.

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