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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 3 RECAP

Eun Oh dreams of Arang and thinks he’s going crazy. Arang receives a new hanbok and a set of make-up in preparation for meeting Joo Wal. On her way, she gets beaten by a group of ghosts and Eun Oh comes just in time to save her. After the rainfall, someone finds a corpse. The Jade Emperor and Hades strikes a deal about Arang's fate...


Recap by: lee_hana

Screencaps by: diorama

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We pick up where we left last episode. She calls him “Magistrate” and then slowly leans in for a kiss. Just when their lips met, Eun Oh wakes up from his dream and instantly sits up. He briefly touches his lip and thinks he must be going crazy. HA! You’re totally into her now.

That morning, Eun Oh hands Dol Swe a letter to be delivered to Joo Wal (Arang’s fiancé). Dol Swe asks how long will he keep on acting as this town’s magistrate and he replies that it won’t be long.

Meanwhile, the Jade Emperor and Hades are out fishing. Jade Emperor notices that Hades is getting more wrinkles. Hades says it’s those runaway ghosts' fault for interfering with his energy. Never mind about the ghosts but what about the lost souls? He complains that it’s been 400 years already! 400 years! Jade Emperor pats his arm and says he’s sorry about that. Hades reminds him about his promise to go down and fix the problem but he hasn’t taken care of it yet.

Instead of answering directly, the Jade Emperor throws a question at him. “Do you know why you’re so slow to mature but so quick to age? It’s because you’re too impatient. Just wait and see.” HAHA. Aren’t they cute? Hades warns the Jade Emperor that if he doesn’t take care of it soon then he will settle it his way. And that ought to be scary, right?

Arang preps up to meet her fiancé – Joo Wal. She changes her worn out clothes to the new ones that Bang Wool brings in. She puts on some make up and puts on the pretty accessories that were bought for her. She looks at herself in the mirror and pouts when she can’t see herself.

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Outside, Eun Oh paces back and forth and complains why she’s taking so long to get ready. She finally comes out and he gapes at her in adoration. Aww. Cute!

Arang and Bang Wool ask him how she looks now. He answers that she just went from being a ghost with messy hair to a ghost with a nice hair band. He tells her to just quietly wait until it’s time to meet at that place where they met yesterday.

Joo Wal receives the letter sent by Eun Oh, the new magistrate, asking him to meet.

Bang Wool asks her to leave. If she’s done changing, she should leave. Is it not enough that she’s now a thief because of helping her? Now she also needs to prepare clothes and makeup for her. Were they enemies in a previous life? Bang Wool bows her head and pleads her to leave. Arang leaves and decides to just wait for Eun Oh at the place they were meeting. She lifts her skirt so that it won’t touch the ground and walks like a young lady.

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Eun Oh walks through town and mutters to himself that he can’t get used to it. It was better when she had messy hair and was hanging upside down. He acknowledges that the clothes are really like wings. He sighs and decides that he has to stick around. Who knows what kind of trouble she’ll cause? Until she regains her memory, even if he doesn’t want to, they’ll have to stick together. That speech feels like he’s trying to persuade himself! HA!

He turns around and heads back.

Arang walks through town and passes an abandoned place that reminds her of the visibility herbs. Now, she has a way to see Joo Wal without Eun Oh’s help. She can just use the herbs to show herself to Joo Wal. She walks in to see the visibility herbs dealer without noticing that three angry ghosts are following her. They ambush her inside and blame her for losing their food because of her. Ah. So they’re the same ghosts who fought for the appeasement food.

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When one guy tries to come near her, she throws the first punch! Go girl!Two men grabs her and steps on her dress. She complains and screams telling them not to step on her clothes. She puts up a good fight but more members of gang appear and she’s outnumbered.

She gets beaten and slapped around. They hold her still to face the leader who raises an arm…

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Suddenly, a kick sends the leader on the ground. It’s Eun Oh who kicks and grabs Arang towards him at the same time. He wonders how she lives her life everyday with people like them constantly bothering her. Then he notices her now dusty clothes and freaks out.

The ghosts wonder, “Isn’t that... a human?” The leader tells him to just leave her and go since this has nothing to do with him. He ask how it has nothing to do with him when he was the one who had to go through the trouble to get these clothes? He threatens them with a bag of red beans and they all step back in fear. He empties the back and gets ONE RED BEAN. HAHAHA!

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A fight ensues. So cool! Arang gapes at Eun Oh’s fighting skills. She fights back when a ghost tries to grab her. He runs to her side to ask if she’s okay. The fight continues and the ghost just keeps on standing up. Arang warns the ghosts that they’ve messed with a human so they better prepare to face the reapers.

Most of the ghosts go after Eun Oh and he takes out his fan to use as a weapon. Arang gets caught by a ghosts and Eun Oh sees her being strangled. Hefights his way over to her and they get cornered. The ghosts don’t even seem to get tired!

Luckily, two reapers arrive on time. They start attacking the ghosts while Eun Oh and Arang go for the run. Once they’re safely away from the ghosts, Arang breaks free from Eun Oh’s grasp and looks down at her clothes. He scoffs, “Oh, so you won’t go looking like that?” He asks her if he wants to go and wash her face before going.

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She cries and replies that Joo Wal can’t see her anyway so it doesn’t matter. She leaves him behind as it starts to rain. He follows her and wonders what he’s doing getting soaked while following a ghost. By the time they arrive at the meeting place, Joo Wal has already left.

Arang stand in self pity thinking, “Why doesn’t anything in my life ever go right?”

Eun Oh agrees and states the unfortunate events that happened in her life. Dying so young, being a ghost with amnesia and not dressing in new clothes that didn’t even last a day. Arang looks at him intently and he sighs. He leans in closer, “It probably feels so unfair that you can’t bear to leave here this way, right?” He suddenly sounds concern.

Arang shouts in his face, “What did I do that was so wrong?!” She then turns to face the heavens, “You mean old fogey! You mean old fogey!”

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At the bridge between connecting heaven and hell, Hades and Jade Emperor are playing a round of badook game. They hear Arang’s cry and Hades teases the Jade Emperor that someone’s looking for him. The Jade Emperor says she said ‘old fogey’ so it’s obviously not him. HAHA.

They continue with the game of badook and interestingly, the Jade Emperor smiles knowingly before placing his stone. Back on earth, a red ribbon floats in the waters.

As the rain stops, someone comes looking for the magistrate. The same thing happens at Nobleman Choi’s house.

Eun Oh runs into Dol Swe who’s panicking with the town people. He asks what happened. Dol Swe reports that due to the heavy rainfall a dead body that was buried was found. It’s a young lady. Eun Oh goes to the crime scene and the Trio reports that it’s definitely the previous magistrate’s daughter who disappeared three years ago. She has been identified by the housekeeper who’s crying beside her.

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Eun Oh sees the familiar dress and instantly knows that it’s Arang’s body. He crouches down and uncovers her face. We see Arang’s dead human body. Eun Oh notices that she doesn’t have the hairpin. One of the Trio reports that it looks like she was murdered.

He turns around only to find Arang standing there. He stops her, “Don’t look. Don’t” But she pushes him aside. She sees her dead body and her eyes registers shock and pain. She steps back and whispers, “Why? Why… am I…?” She can’t take it anymore and so she turns and runs in the opposite direction.

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Eun Oh was about to follow her but stops when he heard the arrival of Joo Wal.

Arang runs through a field thinking why does she have to be lying there like that? Why did she have to die? In a flashback, we see how freaked out and hungry she was. Eventually, she learned the ways to survive as a ghost. She learned how to fight back and take whatever she can and running away from reapers.

Back to the present, she stops running, falls on the ground and cries non-stop.

Joo Wal stands beside Arang’s body looking indifferent. His servant announces that they will be taking her body. Eun Oh stops them. This is a murder case. He can’t let anyone just take the body. He orders Dol Swe to bring the body to the office.

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The servant asks who he is to interfere. Eun Oh: “Me? I’m the magistrate.”LOL. Why do you look so proud? The servant looks at the Trio who nods in confirmation.

Joo Wal asked about the meeting he missed. Eun Oh says he wanted to ask something but it seems pointless now. Joo Wal doesn’t press on the subject but he can’t agree about the magistrate’s decision regarding the corpse. It’s his father’s orders.

Eun Oh tells him that his father would surely understand. His fiancé was framed thus clearing her name would also be important to their family. Joo Wal: “Finding out the truth is not important.” What’s more important is to stop this from becoming another gossip material. His father wants to end this matter as quickly as possible. Something is really amiss about this man.

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Eun Oh understands that he must’ve felt bad during the last three years. Joo Wal cuts him off by saying he felt no such thing. He hardly knew her and only briefly saw her once when they became engaged. Now, he can’t even remember how she looks like. Joo Wal: “You must have some feeling before you can feel anger or resentment.”

He says he doesn’t care how the magistrate will settle things. However, his father might not just sit by and watch.

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Eun Oh watches while Arang’s servant burns her clothes while apologizing for sending her this way, hoping she’ll go to a better place. He sighs, “That’s why I told you not to look.” And wonders where she is. Dol Swe reports that he has safely moved her body and asks what he plans to do. He says he’ll need to ask first. Dol Swe thinks he’s referring to Nobleman Choi but Eun Oh is actually referring to Arang.

Eun Oh: “What does that person want? To find the murderer, recover her honor or just forget the past and bury it all.”

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Arang sits down beside her dead body. “So this is what you look like. That’s what your eyes look like, and your nose, and your mouth. You were pretty.” She talks to her body like she’s talking to someone else. “But why were you in such a cold, dirty place? Why were you just lying like a victim? What happened? Who did this to you?” A tear falls down from her eyes. “Even if I don’t know, you should know. You don’t know? Why don’t you know, idiot? Why don’t you know?”

She wipes away her tears, “You wait. I’ll find out for you.”

She sits on the roof and looks up calling the Jade Emperor. She says she doesn’t know how to pray but listen anyway. He’s looking down from up there so he must’ve seen everything. What happened to her? She pleads him to tell her. She admits her wrongdoings and feels sorry for it. She begs him to just tell her what happened and she’ll go on to the next life. Okay? Okay? Okay?

She’s didn’t get any reply and in frustration she cries, “So you’re not going to tell me, are you? YOU OLD FOGEY!” In heaven, the Jade Emperor jolts upon hearing Arang’s cry.

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Hades tells him to just stay put. “That one’s all mine. Whatever you think it is, it be hundreds of times worse.” The Jade Emperor says she promised to come of her own accord if he tells her. Hades asks why does he – the Jade Emperor – has to make a deal with a lowly ghost. The Jade Emperor counters that it wasn’t a deal, it was a prayer and he sometimes answers prayer made in earnest.

Hades complains that he’s always like this. Jade Emperor keeps messing with the balance and when things get messed up he always has to clean it up. That’s why everyone thinks he’s the ‘bad god’ while the Jade Emperor gets to be the ‘good god’. Where else in this world are things so unfair?

The Jade Emperor asks him if that’s really what he’s thinking. Hades snaps and tells him it doesn’t seem like prayer. It seems like she’s threatening a god. The Jade Emperor just chuckles in response.

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Bang Wool prays hard asking for shaman powers. She freaks out upon hearing Arang’s voice asking her for favor. They enter a creepy place. The door to the other side is sealed with a talisman that Arang can’t touch. Ohh. What are they trying to do? Bang Wool tears the talisman and they enter the room. She opens a spell book and gives Arang a warning that if something goes wrong, they’re both dead. She’ll just be a ghost but since Arang’s already a ghost, she’ll just disappear.

Arang doesn’t see the difference thinking that she’s already a ghost. Bang Wool says it’ll be like she has never existed. Arang asks what can be different. Bang Wool answers its memories. How can someone miss or love you if you’ve never existed?

Meanwhile, Eun Oh heads out to look for Arang and orders Dol Swe to guard her body.

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Joo Wal stares at the moonlight (again). Choi comes out and points out that he’s someone who can’t even retrieve a corpse. He adds that Joo Wal seems to be wearing this form well. What form exactly are we talking about here?But appearances don’t always mean everything is going smoothly. He warns Joo Wal that if any trouble comes to their house because of him, he won’t let it go.

Back to the creepy room, Bang Wool tears every talisman in the room. Arang asks if she knows what she’s doing and she says she hasn’t tried it before but she’ll follow the book so it’s going to be ok. She looks around and then uncovers a hidden wall with a pattern burned into the wood. It’s the same as the mark on her neck and every other ghost.

Bang Wool takes out another pattern and hangs it up. She asks Arang what they’re trying to catch. But instead of answering, Arang blows on her face and her skin suddenly gets covered with blisters. She screams in horror.

Arang apologizes to her and tells her to just bear it for awhile. Then she mutters to herself asking if that was enough for them to come. Who? The reapers? She tells Bang Wool she’s decided to go to the Underworld. She thanks her for everything that she’s done to help. Because of her, it has been bearable.

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Bang Wool looks glad about her decision but asks, “Does that mean I’ll never see you again?” Arang answers with a yes and then feels the change in the air. She turns around, “Have you come?” Mu Young appears before her. “Are you ready to go back?” She nods and tells him he’ll be able to rest easy now. In return, she wants to see the Jade Emperor. Mu Young informs her that she’ll meet Hades and not the Jade Emperor.

She insists that’s the deal. If he wants to take her away, he needs to let her see the Jade Emperor. Mu Young stands his ground and tells her point blank that she can’t see the Jade Emperor. He gets holds his red rope and walk towards her.

She says she has to meet that ‘old fogey’. She eyes Bang Wool and repeats her words. Bang Wool registers the word ‘old fogey’ like some code. She trembles and pushes one seal over the over which creates a giant whirlpool. Mu Young and Arang are getting sucked by the whirlpool. Arang pleads with Mu Young once more but Mu Young doesn’t make deals with ghosts.

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In heaven, they play a game of badook again and the Jade Emperor says there’s a big problem but Hades says no way. The Jade Emperor wins the game and Hades pleads for a chance to just take back one move. The Jade Emperor asks, “Then what’ll you do for me?”

Suddenly, Hades’ voice reaches Mu Young ears. Mu Young tells Arang that he’ll honor her wish. She tells Bang Wool to unhook the seal and they safely fall to the ground.

In heaven, they play a game of badook again and the Jade Emperor says there’s a big problem but Hades says no way. The Jade Emperor wins the game and Hades pleads for a chance to just take back one move. The Jade Emperor asks, “Then what’ll you do for me?”

Suddenly, Hades’ voice reaches Mu Young ears. Mu Young tells Arang that he’ll honor her wish. She tells Bang Wool to unhook the seal and they safely fall to the ground.

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Eun Oh continues to search for Arang while Mu Young leads are through the woods, to take her to the other world.
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image credits to dss gfx team, member Belen

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