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Korean Archives

Faith (2012) Episode 4 Recap

Aug 28 12 05:25 PM |  diorama in Korean

Eun Soo starts to realize where and when she is, but does not know that her story is starting to spread, putting her into danger. What she is concerned about is Choi Young, the enigmatic warrior with a seeming death wish. He speaks to no one about it, but the clue lies in his past…

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Faith (2012) Episode 3 Recap

Aug 28 12 05:22 PM |  diorama in Korean

Eun Soo starts to get further entangled in the politics of the times. The king has come back to Goryeo, but he faces intense opposition and has almost no loyal followers. And since Eun Soo is tied to the king’s party, it means her own life is in jeopardy as long as she stays. The enemy has made himself clear, but Eun Soo has yet no idea of the danger her own life is in…

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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 4 RECAP

Sep 27 12 06:19 PM | lee_hana in Korean

Eun Oh looks for Arang around town and Bang Wool tells him that she threatened the grim reaper to meet the Jade Emperor. Arang meets Hades and the Jade Emperor. She closed a deal with them and she travels back to the human world. Eun Oh prepares a funeral for Seo Rim and on the last day, Arang shows up in front of him. Dol Swe wonders who she is as she looks like someone who just came back from the dead…

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Heartstrings (2011) Episode 03 Recap

Jul 27 11 07:30 AM | Hana-bi in Korean

After losing in the competition due to an unforeseen circumstance, Lee Gyu Won is now officially, Lee Sin’s slave. At first, she has thought that Lee Sin would back out of the bet, but he does not. At the end of the last episode, we have seen how G...

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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 03 Recap

Nov 16 12 10:28 PM | Mei Minami in Korean

Synopsis Overview This episode seems to have it all: scandal, fun, supernatural, romance, trouble and suspense. Recap Jae Hui meets Tae Jun at the stairs. Much to her shock Tae Jun kisses her and someone takes a photo. Tae Jun smiles at Jae H...

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Faith (2012) Episode 16 recap

Nov 04 12 08:37 PM |  diorama in Korean

Choi Young is caught between two enemies, one of whom wants Eun Soo alive, the other dead. Time is ticking away – she has only one month before she must leave for her world. She may yet have a chance, as Gi Cheol and Deok Heung start to fight among themselves…

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Wild Romance - Episode 1

Jan 28 12 11:16 PM | bibimbapkimchi in Korean

Well..here I am, again attempting at recapping a series. The chosen one is Wild Romance, starring Lee Dong-Wook and Lee Si-Young, or as I called them: the Lees. It faced a rough start with single digit rating, having premiered on the same day as The Mo...

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Faith (2012) Episode 13 Recap

Oct 16 12 04:37 PM |  diorama in Korean

Eun Soo is coming to terms with the fact that Goryeo may be her home…so she might as well make the best of it! But even as she prepares to stay in the palace, Gi Cheol is plotting to kidnap her again. And still the mystery of the diary remains – who was the writer who scribbled in it long ago, and added Eun Soo’s name?

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God of War (2012) Episode 1 Recap

Mar 30 12 01:09 AM |  diorama in Korean

We open in a chaotic time in 1217, in the largest and most powerful of Korea’s Three Kingdoms - Goryeo. It shares a precarious relation with Baekje and Silla to the south, and remnants of Khitan invaders skirmish the country, but the greatest threat co...

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Faith (2012) Episode 9 recap

Sep 20 12 11:07 PM |  diorama in Korean

Choi Young is free and back in the favor of the king, but the king remains weak against his enemy. Eun Soo is a hostage, but she knows that she is valuable to her captor. Slowly, she starts to learn to negotiate her freedom, until she learns something shocking about her predecessor…

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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 2 RECAP

Sep 08 12 05:41 PM | lee_hana in Korean

Eun Oh saves Arang from the Reaper thinking that there is a connection between Arang and his mother. He becomes the new magistrate in town to help Arang find out her identity. Eun Oh discovers that she is the previous magistrate’s daughter. She decides to meet a person from her past and upon seeing him, her heart starts to thump…

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Heartstrings (2011) Episode 01 Recap

Jul 09 11 02:00 AM | Hana-bi in Korean

‘Heartstrings’ / 'You’ve Fallen For Me', the most anticipated drama for all ShinHwa Couple's shippers and You're Beautiful fans likewise, is finally here. Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) and her Shin Woo hyeong (Jeong Yong Hwa) are eventual...

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King Gwanggaeto the Great (2011) Episode 1 Recap

Dec 09 11 12:58 AM | whodat in Korean

Title: 광개토대왕 (廣開土太王) / Gwanggaeto Dae WangAlso known as: Gwanggaeto, The Great ConquerorGenre: HistoricalEpisodes: 60Broadcast network: KBS1Broadcast period: 2011-Jun-04 to TBAAir time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40Historical Background. Gwanggaeto the G...

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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 5 RECAP

Oct 04 12 08:02 AM | lee_hana in Korean

Eun Oh gets slapped by Arang when he lifts her skirt in search of her disguise clothes. Dol Swe becomes overly jealous of Arang. Arang marvels at the realization that she has really become a human but she suddenly gets kidnapped by a man clad in black who offers her body to a mysterious woman.

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Heartstrings (2011) Episode 04 Recap

Aug 08 11 02:11 PM | Hana-bi in Korean

Although they remain bickery as ever, Lee Gyu Won finds herself starting to fall for Lee Sin bit by bit. As Gyu Won is inexperienced when it comes to love, she is yet to be able to identify all these newfound feelings as love. Therefore, when she...

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Faith (2012) Episode 12 Recap

Oct 23 12 05:22 AM |  diorama in Korean

The fight is beginning, and this time Choi Young and Eun Soo are on the same side, fighting together. They stand strongly for the king, but they are only two, and their strength is still weak. The enemy has many more mysterious fighters, and they all target Choi Young, the king’s most stalwart protector…

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City Hunter (2011) Episode 7 Recap

Jun 17 11 01:20 AM |  diorama in Korean

And City Hunter ups the stakes again! Twists and turns and now a rougher path for our hero. Revenge isn’t going to be so easy. And can I say I’m jealous of Lee Min Ho’s wardrobe? Pink pants aside, that is a sharp collection of very urbane trench c...

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Faith (2012) Episode 14 recap

Oct 23 12 05:24 AM |  diorama in Korean

A new threat emerges, this one even more dangerous than Gi Cheol – he has no scruples or mercy, only plain ambition. And he wants Eun Soo. Most dangerous of all, he is strong enough to tear apart her protectors, the king and Choi Young, and he will kill everyone if he has to…

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Faith (2012) Episode 15 Recap

Nov 04 12 08:36 PM |  diorama in Korean

Now another, more dangerous, man enters the picture, with an eye on the throne and a brain that can outsmart anyone in the palace. Choi Young is forced to play the enemy’s game, and there is only one thing at stake - Eun Soo’s life.

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To The Beautiful You (2012) Episode 02 Recap

Nov 06 12 02:27 AM | Mei Minami in Korean

Synopsis Overview Nothing good comes out of he said or she said. The best way to clear things up is to talk directly with each other not creating assumptions, one-sided conclusions and rush judgments. Now, if we can only get that through our hero...

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King Gwanggaeto the Great (2011) Episode 2 Recap

Dec 09 11 02:54 AM | whodat in Korean

Episode 2 Damdeok is brought before Murong Chui and is forced to kneel. When Murong Chui asks for his identity Damdeok identifies himself as “The Ghost General From The North”. Murong Chui laughs at Damdeok's reply. He is however impressed with D...

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City Hunter (2011) Episode 2 Recap

May 28 11 06:20 AM |  diorama in Korean

Finally, our City Hunter arrives in the city. We branch out our storyline a little, and more characters appear. But none so easy on the eyes as Lee Min Ho! We get to see more of those infamous City Hunter *ahem* skills, which I'm sure are in th...

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City Hunter (2011) Episode 6 Recap

Jun 11 11 02:05 AM |  diorama in Korean

The episodes seem to switch off between action-packed and mellow. This one works on bringing our four youngsters together and thoroughly mixing up the budding attractions. Lest we get our heart rate down, there’s a fair bit of set-up for some juicy ret...

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City Hunter (2011) Episode 10 Recap

Jun 24 11 11:40 PM |  diorama in Korean

AGH, so good. Yun Seung is facing a crossroads now – Jin Pyo or Kyeong Hee. If he chooses Jin Pyo, his mother dies. And if his choice is his mother, he himself will die. The stakes are up all around, and the drama’s better than ever. Episode 10 Yun...

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City Hunter (2011) Final Episode (20) Recap

Jul 29 11 08:11 PM |  diorama in Korean

Coming to an end of a thrill-ride of a series is not easy when it’s as good as this one. Action, romance, plot twists, thrills, this show has everything. Who’s up for a Season 2? Episode 20 Yun Seung shakes Myeong Ju, shouting his name desperately. T...

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