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City Hunter (2011) Episode 11 Recap

Much more Daddy drama, and boy is it good. Jin Pyo ups the stakes again; this guy bets the house. And Myeong Ju too is facing down his dad. I like that the sometime-opponents, sometime-allies Yun Seung and Myeong Ju are both dealing with moral issues with their parents. Things are going to get interesting…

Episode 11

Backtracking to Na Na’s entry into the hospital. The emergency entrance had been blocked by personnel as hullaballoo erupts around two ambulances inside. Na Na spies her chance by claiming that she’s related to the victim, and to really bring it home crumples up into fake tears, sobbing, “Oh..mom…” Ding! She’s in.

As soon as she enters the lobby, she spies the dangerous scenario – Yun Seung striding across the floor, Myeong Ju about to descend the few steps down, only moments from catching him. Thinking fast, Na Na snatches Yun Seung into an empty room in the nick of time, braving his automatic defense.

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They make their way out of the crowded parking lot, hand in hand, just as they’d come – in an empty ambulance. They get off at a train depot, where Yun Seung immediately reverts to his cold persona. It’s not just the revenge plot; no matter how smart or skilled she is, she’s in over her head if she goes up against Jin Pyo. He accosts her about having figured out his identity; Na Na confesses as much, saying that she’s lied to him all this time because she didn’t want to avoid him.

She’s getting a bit too attached for Yun Seung’s taste. In a blink of an eye, he has her pinned against the wall with an arm across her neck. Ooh. It’s a little disconcerting to see his playboy/office nerd persona pulling out the dangerous moves. He says, “Do have multiple lives? I’m warning you, stay away from me. Ending a life like yours is the easiest thing for me. Now forget me. Live like you were before you met me.”

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He comes home to find Jin Pyo sitting ready to talk. Jin Pyo’s angry about the close call he had with the blood sample, reminding him once again not to let personal feelings sway him. He has a point to make: if Yun Seung’s all unattached like he claims, what was the reason for moving in with Kim Na Na? What if his identity is threatened? Yun Seung readily lies that she has no idea. Jin Pyo: “Good. If she knew, then she would die.” Oh, bad.

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Myeong Ju, meanwhile, is also receiving bad news: the blood samples don’t match up. Dead end.

At home that night, both Yun Seung and Na Na think about each other. Na Na’s antagonism has fallen away now that she knows his secret; Yun Seung, meanwhile, is even more determined to push her away to keep her safe.

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Things continue to be awkward the next day when Eun Ha drags Na Na over to sit with Ki Jun at lunch, who’s sitting with Yun Seung. They both ignore each other until Yun Seung’s boss arrives to chide him for not showing up for a presentation yesterday. Yun Seung offers the lame excuse that he lost his way, which Ki Jun immediately picks up on: they’d been to the building twice before…had he been somewhere else? Yun Seung’s scratching his head for an answer when Na Na pipes up saying that he’s not familiar with Seoul yet, having spent years in the US.

This earns her a stern text from him, to meet him at the outdoor bench. Once there, she contritely tries to explain that she was worried about him. Yun Seung’s having none of this and barks out: “You’d better stop hanging around me. I don’t want you, and I’m not the Lee Yun Seung you thought I was. You can get out of the house.” Na Na reposts that he saved her. Even with an injured arm and shoulder, he saved her. Yun Seung snaps out that he would’ve saved Eun Ha too, and tries to walk off. Na Na’s got one last question and carefully asks: “You didn’t kill Lee Kyeong Wan, did you? The man I know, I can trust him, right?” She gets only, “Don’t make me regret letting you live.”

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Yun Seung further cuts his ties to her by handing in his resignation at work, in front of his stunned boss and Ki Jun. His reason? “It was getting boring, so I wanted a change.” No amount of pleading by his boss is going to change his decision, and he leaves.

At his office, Pil Jae is making his excuse to Myeong Ju about losing track of Yun Seung, citing Na Na. This bit of information is curious, but Pil Jae brings out another interesting fact. Yun Seung’s taking the blood test for Lee Kyeong Hee, whose husband was a Marine who went missing in October 1983. Suspicious.

To dig out more on this, Myeong Ju goes to visit Kyeong Hee at the hospital. I suppose only desperation for info explains the fact that he accosts her in the hallway, and pops right out with the question on her husband: Did he disappear in 1983? What were the circumstances? Kyeong Hee replies that she wants to know this too. He’d returned from the Aung San bombing incident and had to leave immediately for somewhere else. He’d never returned, and there were no details on his death. Myeong Ju picks up on this, and is explaining about the connection to his case, when Kyeong Hee catches a sudden glimpse of Jin Pyo back in the hall. He disappears almost immediately, but she’s rattled and excuses herself quickly.

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Back in her room, she breathes a sigh of relief – until she spies Jin Pyo standing right there. She’s a quick lady, and she guesses that the man the Prosecutor’s after is Jin Pyo. She wants answers now about Mu Yeol’s death. Jin Pyo only gives one hint, “Mu Yeol died for his country, and was betrayed by his country.” Giving up on this, Kyeong Hee has another request. Now that she’s sick, she doesn’t know how much longer she has to live. Can she please see her child’s face one more time?

Jin Pyo must now be desperate to keep mother and son separate. He pulls out the big guns: “Your child is dead. 5 years ago, in a plane crash.” Over her disbelief and horror, he pulls out his evidence. It’s a newspaper article on a plane crash, but the boy pictured is not Yun Seung. Jin Pyo adds another shocker, “The people who killed Mu Yeol killed him. These are the people I’m at war with.” Even as she breaks down into tears, he continues gently, “Forget all this and get better. Live your life. I’ll help you. I’ll move you to another hospital where it’s safe for you.”

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Yun Seung, meanwhile, is refusing dinner and getting clucked over by Shik Joon. Shik Joon’s been busy; he’s created an affidavit of sorts, containing his confession, to take care of Na Na should something happen to him. He’s earnestly concerned about the validity of the handwritten thing, all worry for the girl. So he’s upset when Yun Seung suddenly reveals that he’s kicked her out of her house. “What? Why? She doesn’t have anywhere else to go!” Yun Seung: “This way she’ll be safe from Father, and he won’t be so suspicious.” He still looks unhappy talking about Na Na, so he excuses himself to visit Kyeong Hee at the hospital.

Outside her hallway, Jin Pyo instructs Sang Gook to help her pack and keep a watch. Even loyal Sang Gook is having doubts now, as he asks, “Was it really necessary to go this far? To tell her that her living son is dead?” Jin Pyo: “Yun Seung and I have lived for revenge all these years. He can’t let personal feelings sway his heart now.”

So it turns out that Sang Gook is a polite but firm guard at Kyeong Hee’s door, not permitting any forays outside. But Yun Seung’s got his crafty streak from more than Jin Pyo, it seems, as Kyeong Hee sends Sang Gook out on a soda errand. Once he’s gone, she peeks outside…

At the vending machine, the light finally clicks on for Sang Gook, and he races back to her room. All empty. Kyeong Hee at the moment is rushing out the hospital door, back in normal clothes. She misses Yun Seung’s entrance by maybe two seconds.

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He goes up to her room, surprised to find it empty except for one nurse. In response to his query, she replies that the patient suddenly disappeared after a man with a cane came by. Alarm bell!

He goes straight to Jin Pyo’s office, demanding to know where his mother is. Jin Pyo coldly reminds him of the danger she’s in, twisting it to sound like he’s pulling her out of danger. Yun Seung’s jeopardized his identity; Myeong Ju knows that Kyeong Hee lost a husband and baby, and it’s related to the October 1983 incident. If he gets any blood sample confirmation, he’s going to go for Kyeong Hee first. Yun Seung pleads with him, but Jin Pyo knows he’s got serious leverage and applies it here. “She’s in a safe place, and she’ll remain safe as long as you carry out my instructions. I’ll leave Kim Jong Shik to you. Kill him. Or else your mother will die.”

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Jin Pyo’s interrupted here by a call from Sang Gook. He remains stoic even when hearing the news on Kyeong Hee’s escape, and wheels around to tell Yun Seung that he’s got her safe and sound. When Yun Seung pleads for him to let his mother and Na Na go, Jin Pyo makes the deal: If Yun Seung follows Jin Pyo’s method, both will live. If not, they may end up dead. Oh, boy. Poor Yun Seung’s tied up hands and feet here.

Kyoeng Hee herself is on a bus to the countryside. Miserably, she thinks of her dead child, the one she’s lived so long to see. The TV on the bus is broadcasting news of the student protests along with Kim Jong Shik’s complacent responses.

Kim himself is back in Korea, and immediately receives the lowdown from Cheon. He’s not afraid of going down like Lee and Seo; he hasn’t got his hands dirty, and besides, he’ll deal with his son.

An emergency meeting of the three (Kim, Cheon, and the President) is called to discuss the issue Myeong Ju raised with the President. Choe himself has clearly been struggling with his conscience over the years, and is in favor of releasing the files. “If we did anything wrong on that day, we deserve to be punished by the public.” The other two, though, definitely know the political doom that awaits them if the file is released, and put their feet down. Cheon, in fact, tantalizingly dangles “that incident” as a threat to keep the President quiet.

Posted Image Posted Image

Kim tackles his son next, as they both sit in a sauna. He attempts to pull the ‘I don’t remember how we got estranged’ line, but gets put down by Myeong Ju. A little more sincerely, he admits that he got addicted to power; and no, it’s too sweet to regret. And what’s more, Myeong Ju’s just like that too. Myeong Ju firmly denies this, and walks out.

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Meanwhile, Sang Gook gets into Yun Seung’s apartment to plant a bug in a light fixture. It all goes unnoticed by Shik Joon, who’s humming happily to himself as he unwraps yet more home shopping.

Elsewhere at the Blue House, Yun Seung’s packing up his desk and ignoring his panicked boss. When he gets to the gift he got for Na Na, he pauses, then hands it to Ki Jun. Ki Jun’s overjoyed to receive a little something he can hand off to Eun Ha.

Eun Ha then swans into the office, sighing at the pretty purse Ki Jun got her. She’s a little miffed that it’s exactly the same as Na Na’s, but then explains that Professor Lee got this for an ex-girlfriend, and couldn’t give it to her after the breakup and thus it got around to her (Do you have no girlfriend skills, Ki Jun?). And by the way, did you know that he’s quit?

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The pieces come together for Na Na, who races out of the office. She catches up to Yun Seung in a corridor and angrily berates him for treating the job lightly. He shouldn’t just toss it away because of her. He continues to ignore her, so she pulls out a big one: Fine. She’ll forget him. She’ll go back to how she was before she met him. Aw. This is what he wants, but it still hurts him so much.

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Na Na likewise is morose at work, until she receives a package – from Bae Man Duk. Ripping it apart, she finds Shik Joon’s affidavit, along with bribe records. Immediately she runs to her aunt at the Prosecutor’s office. In there, she spies a little note on Myeong Ju’s computer: “Don’t be afraid of the shadows. It means there’s light nearby.” Exactly the same thing on her note from Long Legs Ahjusshi.

To thank him, she takes him out to lunch. She’s sweetly happy that he’s been her helper all these years. In fact, she’s now even more confident about bringing justice to people like Kim Jong Shik. Oh no. Myeong Ju is deeply uncomfortable and attempts to tell her the truth, but can’t do it in the end.

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Yun Seung is currently laying down plans to get Kim with Shik Joon. Apparently, there’s some fishy spending habits involving the university endowment fund; there’s about $200 million unaccounted for. Switching to another issue, Yun Seung orders Shik Joon to go over to Jin Pyo’s with some sesame chicken and plant a tracker on his cane. Oh boy.

Shik Joon understandably is scared out of his wits, so Yun Seung devises an emergency code for them. “XYZ. They’re the last letters of the alphabet. It means you have nowhere else to go.”

Speaking of ‘nowhere else to go’, Na Na turns up with a suitcase at Su Hee’s clinic. Su Hee, of course, is gracious enough to offer space, and keeps mum even when Na Na spills about Myeong Ju being Long Legs Ahjusshi.

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Shik Joon’s still scared, but goes to Jin Pyo’s anyway and makes a clumsy attempt to ‘dust’ the cane. Still, Jin Pyo’s eagle eye sees all, and Shik Joon can’t manage it in the end. Of course, Jin Pyo knows all about this from his own bug and ends up more amused than angry.

He’s got his own agenda going on, as he’s ordered Sang Gook to deliver to the Prosecutor’s office. The next morning, Myeong Ju finds a letter on his desk. It’s anonymous, but contains the message, “The next target is Kim Jong Shik. City Hunter.” Racing out of his own office, he goes straight to his father’s.

Posted Image Posted Image

Once there, he shows the letter and points out the immediate connection. Both Seo and Lee were caught by the City Hunter for hidden corruption. Now it’s Kim. Kim himself proclaims his innocence. Myeong Ju: “I would trust you except for that incident 10 years ago.” Turns out he’d happened upon the room where Kim was blackmailing Shik Joon. Shaken, Kim asks, “Is this why you distanced yourself from me? Why you never respected me?” Myeong Ju: “The greater the respect, the more the disappointment.”

Kim gets his game face back on. The statute of limitations has expired, and they can’t catch him now. Still hurt but hiding it under grim purpose, Myeong Ju says that fine, then he will uphold the law. Once he’s gone, Kim orders his bodyguard to find Bae Man Duk and the accident victim’s daughter, Kim Na Na.

So it turns out that both Shik Joon and Na Na are attacked. Shik Joon, though, manages to text the XYZ message to Yun Seung. The tracker button is actually still in Shik Joon’s pocket, so Yun Seung manages to track him to Kim Jong Shik’s home.

Posted Image Posted Image

Shik Joon and Na Na awaken in a basement, where she’s angrily determined to escape while he wails in fear. Using the “I have to go to the bathroom” excuse, she knocks out the guards swiftly, and she and Shik Joon escape into the house.

Meanwhile, Yun Seung’s scaled the walls and sneaks past the bodyguard teams inside to head for Kim’s study. Spying a keypad, he dusts the keys with forensic powder. The keys with fingerprints on them glow, four of them, and Yun Seung settles down to try the combinations.

Posted Image Posted Image

He doesn’t get far, as he hears shouts from the entry where Na Na and Shik Joon are pinned down with more guards descending. Running downstairs, he dispatches the immediate guards and turns his attention to Na Na. She’s surprised that first of all that he and Bae Man Duk know each other, but they need to escape swiftly. They end up on the grounds, where Yun Seung orders them both into his car (having appropriated the Shik Joon’s bug) and heads back into the house.

Posted Image Posted Image

He goes back into Kim’s study to finish off breaking the code, and finally hits the right combination. With a click, a hidden door pops open, leading to a dim room – stacked with a huge pile of money. Yun Seung swiftly does the calculations; here’s the missing $200 million. So engrossed is he that he fails to notice the guard sneaking up behind him, until he sees the gun aimed at him. Too late. The guard fires a tranquilizer dart, and Yun Seung’s out.

Posted Image Posted Image

Na Na and Shik Joon, meanwhile, are still arguing about where to go or to stay. The argument fizzles when they notice the guards loading an unconscious Yun Seung into a van. They race for the car to follow them.

Yun Seung awakens in another darkened basement, only he’s tied to a chair with a bunch of guards planning to beat him up and kill him.

He’s flippant with the head honcho, which earns him a one-on-one fight. Unfortunately, he’s still drugged, and the best he can do is flail at his opponent while taking sickening punches. Na Na and Shik Joon are watching from a crack in the window. Shik Joon leaves to fetch the police and Jin Pyo, but Na Na watches in horror as Yun Seung’s hit over and over again.

Posted Image Posted Image

When the guard raises a metal chair to bash him with, she can’t take it anymore. Yun Seung watches blurrily as she bursts in, pulls out all her judo skills and whacks the crap out of the guards. Honcho is still conscious, though, and decides the execute his orders. Aiming the gun at Yun Seung, he shoots – and Na Na takes the shot.

Posted Image Posted Image

She’s hit square in the back, and falls forward onto Yun Seung. This is the last straw for him, and he gathers his strength to punch the living daylights out of the honcho. He moves back to Na Na, shaking as he lifts her up, saying, “Kim Na Na…why? Why?” She’s got very little strength left, as she says, “Because you saved me twice. Did it hurt you this much?” She continues with tears in her eyes, “Did you…hate me? I wish you would say no. I always wanted to say thank you.” Desperately, Yun Seung yells, “Why did you take the bullet for me?”

She only says, “I’m glad it was me who got shot…”, and goes limp. Yun Seung shouts her name, but there’s no answer.

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image


Wow, what a reversal. The irony of the shot is clear – Na Na takes his shot just like he’d taken hers. I bet this is going to be a turning point. In the original City Hunter manga, Kaori (Na Na in the drama) had been Ryo Saeba’s (Yun Seung’s) partner in his crime-fighting activities. Will the drama also create this relationship? And how will Jin Pyo react? On to Episode 12!



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