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Guest Message by DevFuse

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City Hunter (2011) Episode 12 Recap

City Hunter may just be the perfect drama. Not only is it fast-paced and intense, this episode brings moments of sheer hilarity and sweet romance as well. Even the secondary characters are all so well acted and well drawn out that their scenes are really enjoyable. It probably explains why the ratings have been steadily rising with each episode, breaking 20% with this one.

Episode 12

Poor Na Na’s shot in the exact same spot Yun Sueng was injured earlier. As she goes limp, he screams her name, holding her desperately. It’s here that Shik Joon bursts in, brandishing a window shutter. He spots the injured Na Na and in a panic asks Yun Sueng what to do. Yun Sueng, though, is beyond words at this point. Shik Joon takes charge.

The trio burst into Su Hee’s clinic. She keeps her calm as she lays out Na Na on a gurney (although she does let out a frustrated “Guns again?!”) and examines the gunshot wound. Yun Sueng desperately pleads with her to save Na Na, but Su Hee can see that the wound is serious and that Na Na’s lost a lot of blood. On the spot, Yun Sueng offers a blood transfusion.

Posted Image Posted Image

They’re hooked up to the transfusion machine, Na Na above and Yun Sueng below. They gaze at each other, and Na Na softly reminds him not to worry about her; she’s strong, remember? Just before she goes out from the anesthetics, she moves her hand toward him; he raises his and clasps her hand. All together now: Awwww!

Later on, Yun Sueng watches her as she sleeps and addresses a sleepy Shik Joon behind him: “Why is she like this? Why does she feel no fear?” And then: “Do you think she could live well without me?” Shik Joon’s pragmatic: “The living go on living. That’s life.” (citing his dead lady love). But Yun Sueng says, “I don’t think I can do that.” Oh, how sweet. He can’t live without Na Na now.

They come back to Yun Sueng’s apartment, with Yun Sueng carrying Na Na to his bed (No! Not that way! I know you were thinking it…) She’s not complaining, but both Yun Sueng and Shik Joon fuss over her like mother hens, which is really sweet. Shik Joon even calls in her office, citing a fractured arm as an excuse to stay away for a while; it’s been decided that Na Na will stay here for the time being. When Yun Sueng goes to fetch her some clothes, she addresses Shik Joon, asking about his testimony. Shik Joon’s abashed, but answers honestly – he’d been blackmailed, but now he’s going to help her and Yun Sueng catch Kim Jong Shik.

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In the living room, both men discuss the issue of the $200 million. Shik Joon’s angry that Kim’s been siphoning off public funds for his own use, but gets distracted by (yet another) home shopping magazine. Ha ha, he really is like Yun Sueng’s errant spendthrift wife. Grumbling, he gets up to fix the overhead lamp – and spots the tiny bug. Yun Sueng’s not happy.

Posted Image Posted Image

He heads off to Jin Pyo’s office, meaning to stride right in, but stopping when he hears a conversation. Jin Pyo’s outlining his plans to Sang Gook; in short, he has to get rid of (as in, kill) Na Na, to get Yun Sueng back on track. Since she actually went and took a bullet for him, their relationship is serious. In fact, they have to find Lee Kyeong Hee, too, before Yun Sueng does. Outside, Yun Sueng freezes as he digests this information.

Posted Image Posted Image

Sang Gook is the voice of reason (and morals) as he hesitantly asks Jin Pyo if it’s really necessary to go this far. Even telling her that Yun Sueng’s dead. In fact, even Yun Sueng has lost a family, after Jin Pyo went and stole Yun Sueng from his mother. But to Jin Pyo it doesn’t matter: “When I stole Yun Sueng from his mother, I crossed a one-way bridge.” At this, Yun Sueng’s face registers the terrible betrayal by his adopted father. Stunned, he walks right into the office.

Jin Pyo doesn’t budge an inch, physically or emotionally. He coldly reminds Yun Sueng yet again: they live for revenge. Jin Pyo because he survived the attack, Yun Sueng because he’s his father’s son. Yun Sueng is a living reminder to get his revenge. With a roar, Yun Sueng sweeps the paraphernalia off the desk and smashes it onto the floor.

Posted Image Posted Image

He’s had it now. Yun Sueng’s shouting. He’ll no longer ally himself with Jin Pyo…not because he can’t be killed, but because Jin Pyo can’t kill him. “I don’t want to live like this! Even if I die, I won’t forgive you. So…Ahjussi, Lee Kyoeng Hee, Na Na. Leave these people alone. This is my last warning.”

(This scene is an example of the perfect production. There’s the acting, which was phenomenal, with Lee Min Ho running the gamut from anger to hurt to betrayed and back again, and Kim Sang Joong all icy perfection. The gorgeous directing, which houses Jin Pyo in walls of impervious glass and makes the entire scene moody and intense and saturated. The editing, which cuts from frame to frame to fill the scene with tension; the music, which echoes the anger and hurt of the main character; and the writing, of course, which is the core of the father-son confrontation. Forgive my rant, but I just love this. )

Yun Sueng collapses just outside his own door, remembering Kyeong Hee. Still in the same mood, he encounters Na Na about to leave. She, of course, is still dwelling on his harsh rejection of her earlier, and quietly offers to leave his life again. Yun Sueng grabs her by the hand: “Don’t go. Please. Don’t go.” But she’s been hurt before and pulls her hand and continues walking toward the door. Yun Sueng moves up behind her, and this time slides an arm around her. With tears falling from her eyes, Na Na slowly moves her hand up to grasp his.

Posted Image Posted Image

In his office, Jin Pyo fingers his and Mu Yeol’s ID tags, remembering his friend’s body disappearing into the ocean. He says: “Mu Yeol-ah…I promise to carry out this revenge on the people who did this to you and me. I’ll kill everyone who gets in my way…even if it’s Yun Sueng.”

Posted Image

Kim Jong Shik, meanwhile, is musing that the City Hunter must have been here to facilitate the rescue, and must have seen the secret store of cash. If so, it’s bad news for him. But he has another plan for his Head Honcho: capture Bae Man Duk and Kim Na Na again. If the City Hunter shows up again, his connection to those two is confirmed. Honcho’s not so confident. They don’t know where Bae is, and Kim Na Na’s a Blue House bodyguard.

Back at the apartment, Yun Sueng spots Na Na examining her wound in the mirror and plunks her down on the bed to redress it. Now that it’s all friendly again between them, Na Na has questions. Did he have friends in Thailand? Yun Sueng: “There was a girl like you. She had long hair and was pretty and liked it when I touched her.” (LOL). Na Na snaps back that she doesn’t like skinship, thank you very much! She asks about Kyeong Hee; he reiterates that he’s going to find her, and keep them both safe from Kim Jong Shik.

Kim’s name sets off Na Na again; she wants to be in on the takedown plan. Yun Sueng’s flatly against her going into danger, but she’s also dead set. She’s not going to let him do all the dangerous stuff on his own! Kim Jong Shik is someone she has to catch personally.

Posted Image Posted Image

She further bribes him with a cup of coffee when he’s on his laptop. He finally capitulates, and they both settle down for some information gathering. They do make the cutest team ever.

The next day at the Blue House, Eun Ha and Ki Jun are discussing their colleagues. Eun Ha notes that it’s suspicious – both Na Na and Yun Sueng are off work together? Are they together? Or maybe…the burning looks Yun Sueng’s been shooting off had been directed at her! Ki Jun explodes in petulance at her dreamy sighs, and only shuts up when the boss recruits them for a let’s-get-Professor-Lee-back mission.

Uh-oh. Yun Sueng comes close to panic when he sees the three outside his door. “Na Na – hide on the second floor! Ahjussi, stay calm!” haha. The meeting goes badly (Yun Sueng refuses to come back to the Blue House job) and well (Shik Joon gets meeeesssmerized by pretty Agent Eun Ha). Eun Ha, in fact, is so engrossed in her Yun Sueng-loves-me theory that she ignores Shik Joon’s smitten advances and demands a tour of the house. Cue Yun Sueng jumping on to an armchair to shied Na Na, leaving her with a wink.

Posted Image Posted Image

The meeting ends uneventfully as Shik Joon sends them off with kimchi parcels (small ones for the men and a honking big one for Eun Ha).

Time to get down to work! Jin Pyo has plans for the $200 million while it’s being moved; he’s going to intercept it and send it to Myeong Ju. The Prosector’s reaction will be interesting, and either way he moves will suit Jin Pyo: he can keep it to save his father (thus sentencing himself for corruption), or end up arresting Kim.

Yun Sueng’s team is now plus Na Na, as they sit to discuss the same issue. They anticipate that the money will be moved sometime tomorrow, and Yun Sueng wants to get to it before Jin Pyo does. Na Na picks up an odd point here. If Jin Pyo’s Yun Sueng’s father, why doesn’t he live with Kyeong Hee? Does he know about his son being the City Hunter?

Posted Image Posted Image

Cough, awkward moment. Shik Joon hurriedly explains it off as no, there was a disagreement, and yes, he knows. Na Na’s sharp enough to realize that this means it must have been Jin Pyo that killed Lee Kyeong Wan. Going back to the topic, they need to wiretap Kim to know about the money movements.

Kim himself is acting mighty sympathetic toward the protesting students, saying that he’s trying to pull in donations for them, but shows his true colors outside: it’s an elite university, how dare they complain about fees? The world is ruled by the rich and powerful, anyway. There signs that he’s cracking, though, one of them being paranoia about wiretaps in his office. But there are ways around that…

Dressed smartly, Yun Sueng goes to Kim’s dental office with an order of dental implants. Kim bumps into him, not recognizing him, and gets the fake teeth implanted – one of which has got a bug. ZOMG that is so clever. Kim goes back to his office oblivious, and receives the news that a donator wants a personal interview with him.

Posted Image Posted Image

Myeong Ju, meanwhile, is just getting the news about Kyeong Hee’s disappearance. They can’t trace her because she has no family on record. He remembers that she said her husband was a Blue House Secret Service agent, and goes to verify this himself. But the Blue House has absolutely no records on any Mu Yeol who served in 1983. Curious…

(Kyeong Hee, in fact, is at a monastery of sorts, but tells the priestess that she has to leave to talk to someone. )

Yun Sueng’s driving along when he gets a text-command from Na Na to pick up her clothes from Su Hee’s. Smiling, he walks into the clinic, but hides when he sees Honcho interrogating Su Hee on Na Na’s appearance. She denies any knowledge, but it looks like Kim’s still on the hunt. Yun Sueng goes off to an upscale boutique, asking for ‘something comfortable to wear in the house’ – and ends up picking out a whole bunch of dressy clothes. Heh.

Posted Image

Na Na sensibly points out that these aren’t things you wear around the house, but grins when he lets slip that he bought them thinking of her. “It looks like you’re my Long Legs Ahjusshi now. Hey, do you know it was Kim Myeong Ju all along? Wow, maybe he can help us! Why don’t we team up with him to bring down Kim Jong Shik?” Poor kid, the truth will really be a shocker.

Shik Joon diffuses the moment by bringing out another home shopping find – a bar of ‘soap’ that’s actually shampoo. Why doesn’t he shampoo Na Na’s hair, seeing as she’s injured? Yun Sueng stands up in protest at this: “Not you!” Shik Joon: “Why don’t you do it then?” Yun Sueng: “Fine! I’ll do it!”

Posted Image Posted Image

So (awww) he ends up washing Na Na’s hair while she gives him orders. It’s really cute, even more so when they get into the fun of the thing and start tossing foam at each other.

The cute continues later on, when Na Na insists on listening to the wiretap. They both concentrate…

Kim receives a visitor in his office – Kyeong Hee, the anonymous donor. Yun Sueng runs out of his apartment. Kyeong Hee’s actually here to make a donation, seeing as she doesn’t have much longer to live. It’s about all her life savings plus Jin Pyo’s ‘donations’, around $1 million, and she places it all before Kim. The greed in his eyes is obvious as he pockets the passbook after she leaves, tossing a few bribes to his secretary. Slimy bastard.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Sueng races in to the building, searching for Kyeong Hee among the students. She’s actually standing RIGHT behind him at a notice board, but of course (MORON) he only looks that way when it’s too late and she’s walked off. He returns home dejected, and gets clucked over by Shik Joon. Shik Joon remarks to Na Na that he’s best left alone; even in Thailand, when Muangsuri, the woman who raised him died, he almost went crazy. Na Na wants to know more about Muangsuri, but Shik Joon says it’s better to get it from Yun Sueng.

Yun Sueng’s back at work. Kim and his wife have gone out shopping at all sorts of upscale stores – furniture, clothes, handbags, all paid with cash. Yun Sueng follows them all the while, discreetly taking pictures. He takes note when Kim orders his secretary to send packing boxes to his home.

Posted Image Posted Image

Myeong Ju too is tracing the financial statements from the University, and comes up $200 million short. Where’s all that money going? We know. Kim’s in his office, loading the humongous pile of money into boxes. Which is exactly where Myeong Ju finds him, with his hands in a load of cash. Oh yes.

Posted Image Posted Image

Myeong Ju’s stunned. Didn’t his father promise him he had no corrupt dealings? (At home, Yun Sueng’s interrupted at wiretap when Na Na demands to listen. Since she still doesn’t know about the Prosecutor’s relationship to Kim, Yun Sueng shoves her out and goes back to listening).

Kim’s shaken but defiant. Everyone does this, at all the universities. Why should he only give it up? Myeong Ju: “Because that’s the law. Because innocent people are suffering from your greed. Please, before it’s too late, apologize and return it.” But Kim refuses. He’s come too far now. “What are you going to do about it?” Myeong Ju, stricken: “I’ll do what I have to do.”

Yun Sueng muses, “Prosecutor Kim Myeong Ju, your dilemma is just beginning….Tomorrow will be D-Day.”
This being the day that the money is moved. The trio arrives in a parking lot, where a truck plus two guard vans are transporting the money. Yun Sueng’s determined to act fast to get this before Jin Pyo.

Posted Image Posted Image

Step one: slip knockout gas containers into the vehicles. Shik Joon’s driver manages to escape but gets handily dispatched by Na Na. Yun Sueng then takes the wheel of the truck as they pull out onto the road. Sure enough, a sleek black car catches up to them. Step two: Na Na and Shik Joon, in a smaller silver car, swerve right in front of Jin Pyo and Sang Gook’s car.

Posted Image Posted Image

Then the chase begins. The silver car manages to delay the black one, but Jin Pyo knows where Yun Sueng’s heading and goes for a back route. And so father and son renact their chase from the earlier episode, only this time Yun Sueng’s in the truck, and Jin Pyo’s standing right in his path. Both their faces are set.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Sueng drives the truck straight down the middle of the road, pressing down on the accelerator. He comes closer and closer…and right before hitting his father he stomps on the brakes. Jin Pyo’s demands to know whether Yun Sueng will continue to fight him, and gets back a confirmation. Still, he drives in a lesson with his cane: “This so-called war. It doesn’t matter who your opponent is. You just have to win.” With that, he commandeers the truck, leaving Yun Sueng standing in the road.

But! Yun Sueng has thought ahead. When Jin Pyo pulls over to a deserted spot to examine the goods, Sang Gook throws open the truck doors – it’s all empty. Jin Pyo laughs, but then clenches his cane. Rage is also Kim Jong Shik’s reaction, when he hears of the missing money.

Posted Image Posted Image

Back at the real truck of money, Shik Joon is ecstatic at the sight of all the money. Cackling with glee, he climbs right on top of a pile of bills. In fact, he has one request: “Hey, Yun Sueng! There’s something I always wanted to do – just throw a pile of money up in the air. Please, just his once, okay?” Hilariously, he tosses a wad of money right into the air, yelling, “Money! Money!” All three laugh, and then get down to work repackaging the cash into smaller boxes, addressed to students and enclosing a letter from the City Hunter.

Posted Image Posted Image

So all over Seoul excited students receive their tuition money back. All except for a bitchy rich girl, that is, whom Yun Sueng had encountered earlier. (This must have been a hell of a day at the post office.) The trio is just as happy when they come back home. Shik Joon demands a party, and to this end, shoves Yun Sueng and Na Na out to get groceries: “Pork, chicken, beef, horse, get it all!”

Posted Image

Yun Sueng and Na Na shop, happily bickering over vegetables and looking every bit a newlywed couple. Still laughing, they walk out into the parking lot. Na Na runs forward to grab some fallen tomatoes when a cart knocks into theirs.

Then the glass doors slam shut on Yun Sueng, trapping him inside as a motorcycle roars for Na Na. It’s Jin Pyo.

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image


Oh, wow. Jin Pyo has really gone off the edge here. In this respect he resembles Kim, who’s ‘gone too far to stop now.’ Both of them are now facing their sons after ruining their respect in their fathers. But so far Yun Sueng has avoided directly attacking Jin Pyo; will this change with the attack on Na Na? I’m dying to know. On to Episode 13!


:panda_loveit: that's great !!!!

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