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City Hunter (2011) Episode 13 Recap

Another great episode, and we finally get to see cracks in Yun Seung’s moral armor. This revenge business is morally weakening, as our City Hunter finds out. But he’s lucky he has his loyal team with him.

Episode 13

Yun Seung watches horrified as Jin Pyo zooms for Na Na. Thinking quickly, he grabs a metal sign and smashes through the glass between them. Just in time, he races forward and yanks Na Na out of the way. But Jin Pyo’s not done yet. Coming to a halt in front of the fallen two, he pulls out his gun and aims. Yun Seung moves to shield Na Na and glares back defiantly. Finally, after a long moment, Jin Pyo lowers the gun.

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The atmosphere in the car is tense as Yun Seung and Na Na drive back. Yun Seung’s upset that she’s been in danger, and possibly that now she knows about Jin Pyo’s attitude toward his son. Na Na, tough girl that she is, insists that she doesn’t want to be such a burden on Yun Seung. She doesn’t want him to feel like she’s always in danger, adding to his worries. He’s just as determined to keep her out of it, and ignores her when they get home. Shik Joon’s sympathetic to both of them, but they’re two stubborn people.

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Jin Pyo, meanwhile, is having to reconsider his modus operandi. I was hoping that he would feel a bit kinder toward Yun Seung, but as always he has a plan in the offing. He muses to Sang Gook that Yun Seung went crazy when Muangsuri died, chasing her killers with a gun. All he needs to do now is provide that same motivation. Uh-oh.

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Yun Seung himself is again thrashing things out with Na Na. She stops him and rails out her own side of the story. She sees him all the time in pain, struggling to protect others. Well, she doesn’t want to be one of those people. She’ll be someone who can protect him, someone whom he can lean on. Aw. Yun Seung’s struck by the heart behind this. Of course, Na Na takes the opportunity to tease him about being stunned, breaking the ice.

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Kim Jong Shik, meanwhile, is taking the opportunity to rail about the City Hunter to a band of reporters. He’s twisted the story around to sound like the City Hunter actually stole the money from a safe location, just to boost his own image. He himself is innocent, and never laid a hand on that money. Sleaze. He’s back to being himself later on, when he orders Honcho to tail people close to Na Na. There are no leads, no citizenship papers even, for Bae Man Duk, but “When you find Kim Na Na, kill her.”

Na Na herself has decided that now she’s officially on leave from the Blue House, she’ll be Yun Seung’s bodyguard instead. So she follows him around, watching as he plants a bug in a University yearbook, and pops up in the car when he goes out.

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Turns out his plan has his characteristic low-maintenance genius. Step one: wreck the engine of the tech workers who sweep Kim’s office for bugs. Call as the secretary to tell them they’re not needed. Step two: what else? He and Na Na, dressed in tech uniform, arrive at Kim’s office. While Na Na distracts the secretary, Yun Seung plants the bugged book in the bookcase.

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Myeong Ju, meanwhile, is getting bad news. Due the family conflict of interest situation, he’s been taken off the City Hunter case. He’s furious, but his boss is adamant; there have even been suspicions regarding Myeong Ju’s loyalties. He storms out, and decides to drive off – to his dad’s office.

Na Na’s gone off to get water, and Yun Seung is hidden behind a panel of blinds when he enters. Myeong Ju’s still in Prosecutor mode, though, and eyes the suspicious figure behind the blinds. Slowly, he approaches, fingers reaching out…and his phone rings. It’s Na Na, who had spotted him outside. Smart.

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Yun Seung and Na Na end their ‘job’ and head outside just as Kim himself pulls in. Yun Seung makes a note of the license number on the sleek black car.

Inside the office, Myeong Ju begs his father to turn himself in. “Ever since I saw that money, I’ve been going crazy.”But Kim’s beyond that now. Why should he confess? It’s his university, why should he not get the money? With tears in his eyes Myeong Ju brings up the accident from 10 years ago, saying that he’s felt for the victim’s family. Because of his father, a woman died and a man was left as a human vegetable.

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Kim leans forward: “Isn’t that fortunate? Their lives are over, and they can’t give witness. But their lives weren’t worth much anyway. Can it even compare to mine? So…regret, remorse, confession, I won’t do it.” Myeong Ju’s shaken but determined. Reminding his father of the October 1983 incident, he tells him that there’s no forgetting his sins. With that warning, he leaves.

They were both strong before, but there are signs that each of them is shaken in front of the other.

Yun Seung’s watching this conversation with interest…perhaps takedown video number three? He shuts it down quickly when Na Na enters, dreamily wondering how Prosecutor Kim Myeong Ju is getting on.

He’s at the office determined to find Lee Kyeong Hee, even if his assistants are hesitant to countermand orders. To this end, he goes to a restaurant near hers to interview some ahjummas. They don’t know where she is, but tsk sympathetically; she had nowhere to go, and suffered so much after losing her baby in 1983. This piece of information has Myeong Ju pricking up his ears. 1983? He puts the pieces together. Lee Yun Seung and Lee Kyeong Hee. Mother and son? The video broadcasts on Lee and Seo; the tech man in a perfect position to plant a bug in Kim’s office. The City Hunter…

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Who’s right here, sadly eyeing the empty restaurant. Myeong Ju realizes the danger to his father and goes to his office to beseech him again, knowing the retribution that’s coming his way. He’s interrupted by a phone call; he repeats out loud what he hears, that Kyeong Hee’s at some orphanage.

He races to get there, and grabs a nun. He leaves his instructions: a man will be here asking for Lee Kyeong Hee. Direct him to the church. He quickly goes in to wait. Oh, that was so crafty.

And predictably, Yun Seung follows him right here. Myeong Ju hides himself, breathing slowly as he lies in wait. The nun leads Yun Seung to the room, but he picks up on some odd details and the nun’s furtive manner. He turns around before going in, leaving Myeong Ju frustrated.

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Myeong Ju, though, manages to catch up with him at a toll booth. Yun Seung bluffs, but Myeong Ju points out that he’d been at the church; there dirt on his jacket where kids accidentally kicked a ball at him. The CCTV’s at the gate will bear him out.

Shik Joon’s been making inquiries of his own on Kyeong Hee’s whereabouts, but gets nowhere at first, until he spies a letter from a temple in her mailbox. It’s a small mountain temple, green and peaceful, where Shik Joon starts by dropping his cell phone in the water cistern. lol, so typical.

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He begs a woman nearby on Kyeong Hee’s whereabouts. She’s uneasy, but he tells her, “I’m not a bad person. Really I’m not. Tell Lee Kyeong Hee her son’s looking for her. He’s living well. His name is Lee Yun Seung and he’s a Professor at the Blue House.” Mollified, the woman lets him in, but Kyeong Hee’s actually on a local pilgrimage to the temples in the area. Shik Joon leaves with a strong request to contact him if she comes, leaving behind Yun Seung’s number. As he leaves, he spies some green tea that would make a good gift for someone…

Myeong Ju cleans out his office files for the new Prosecutor on the case, and comes upon an old-style mp3 player. His face is stricken as he lifts it out; it had been his graduation present from his father. He presses ‘Play’, and Kim Jong Shik’s voice sounds: “A Prosecutor must be like a stalk of bamboo. Firm, honest, righteous. If none of these are there, they are just words in a dictionary…” Interesting. So Kim wasn’t always a conscience-less bastard?

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And the gift is for…Eun Ha! Oh my. She receives a call to meet Shik Joon in the Blue House grounds, where he’s playing “She loves me, she loves me not” with a stem of leaves. When he presents her with the green tea, she jumps to the conclusion that Yun Seung must have sent it for her. Ki Jun’s annoyed, Eun Ha elated, and Shik Joon crushed. Ouch.

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Yun Seung and Na Na have been worried about Shik Joon not answering his calls, especially with Kim prowling. The dilemma’s solved when Eun Ha calls to thank Yun Seung for the tea, of course mentioning his uncle who dropped it off. Both of them head off to pick him up from the Blue House, worried that Kim’s spies will notice him. They’re at an intersection when they spot him crossing the street.

Holding up his hand, Yun Seung calls to him. Shik Joon looks up just as a sleek black car zooms across, straight at him, full speed. All three are frozen in shock, unable to act. Even before he can step out of the way, the car hits Shik Joon with a sickening thud.

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As Yun Seung races out of the car, Shik Joon lies motionless on the highway. Na Na, too, screams his name, horrified at a reiteration of her parents’ crash. Just before it pulls away, Yun Seung spots the license number on the car; the same one as Kim’s.

Shik Joon’s rushed to a hospital, where doctors struggle to restart his heart as Yun Seung and Na Na look on. His heart is still resolutely flatlining, though, and Yun Seung’s eyes are full of tears as he yells, “Ahjusshi!” – and just after that the monitor spikes.

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Yun Seung and Na Na sit by his bedside as he awaits surgery. Na Na quietly says, sensing the rage building up inside Yun Seung, “I know how you feel right now. When my parents died in the crash, I wanted to do the same to Kim Jong Shik. But the look in your eyes right now…it makes me nervous.” Yun Seung makes no reply, but he’s been struck harder than she knows.
In the bathroom, he glares at his reflection, remembering Shik Joon helplessly mowed down in the street. Furious, he smashes his fist into the glass. Oh no. This may just be the thing that sends him over to Jin Pyo’s dark side. Maybe Jin Pyo knew this and engineered this.

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Myeong Ju receives the news from his boss that he’s going to receive some Prosecutor-of-the-Year award. He’s not thrilled, but feels compelled to go, with one change. He crosses out his father’s name on the list of guests.

But Kim does receive an invitation. Oh, this is going to be an interesting ceremony…

So when Myeong Ju arrives at the hall all dressed up, he finds Kim there too, all beaming fatherly pride. He picks up on this right away – the City Hunter’s here. He sends Pil Jae off to reconnoiter. Na Na’s here too, complete with flowers, having received the news from aunt Mi Ok.

Myeong Ju’s looking shaken. He knows who the target is and what charges are going to come forth. Quietly, he slips the mp3 player in his father’s pocket as he stands up for his speech. Myeong Ju fights back tears as he starts: “A Prosecutor should be like a stalk of bamboo…” Kim’s face is still all pride as his son recites his words back to him.

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But Yun Seung is on the job, as Pil Jae finds the men in the broadcasting room taped up and unconscious. In the hall, Myeong Ju stops as the drapes behind him on the stage pull apart to reveal the projection screen. A video flickers on – Myeong Ju and Kim Jong Shik’s argument. It’s all here in front of a room full of prosecutors – Kim’s arrogant denunciation of his own crime, and Myeong Ju’s plea. Oh, Yun Seung’s done it now. Not only has he ruined Kim, he’s cast suspicion on Myeong Ju too. Myeong Ju closes his eyes; he alone probably saw this coming. Kim’s hands shake. Na Na watches in horror as she realizes her Long Legs Ahjusshi’s secret.

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Shocked and humiliated, Kim walks dazed out of the hall. Running after him is Myeong Ju, who knows that now the City Hunter will strike. But first he has to get past Na Na, who accosts him in the hallway: “Why did you secretly sympathize with me, being the son of my parent’s murderer? Was it pity, or guilt?” He can see the trust he’s shattered, but he knows his father is his priority. With an apology, he runs off again.

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Kim gets into his car – and suddenly there’s a knife at his throat, and a cold voice telling him to drive. He takes the car out on the road, petrified in front of his attacker. Yun Seung himself lays out his threats to expose him, to punish him for his sins in 1983: “I’m going to take you down with your own son’s hands. These documents, with records of your corruption, I’ll send them to him. If he keeps them, he will be expelled. It’s only a matter of time until he himself is prosecuted. Then you two will be destroyed.” He ends with Jin Pyo’s line: “It should be interesting.” Kim proves that he has some semblance of a heart: “Don’t touch my son.” Yun Seung: “How touching…And I grew up without a father to know that. If you really are a father, what can you do for your son?” Kim suddenly spins the car to the side of the road and gets out, clutching the documents.

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Neither of them know that Myeong Ju’s racing in his own car to catch up to them. But Yun Seung’s not playing nice now. Kim stumbles up onto a bridge over the highway; Yun Seung stalks steadily behind, knife held ready. Tripping, Kim lets go of the papers, which float over the railing. Straining desperately to catch them, Kim leans over – and falls.

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He manages just to catch himself by the lower rails. Slowly, Yun Seung turns his back and walks away. As Kim struggles to maintain his grip, Yun Seung stops. He remembers Muangsuri’s death, and how Jin Pyo had taken the grenade for him. He remembers how Na Na wanted not Kim’s death, but for him to be brought to justice. The knife drops from his hands and thunks into the wood.

Myeong Ju screeches to a halt as he sees his father dangling. Yun Seung turns around and begins to run toward his enemy. But Kim hears Myeong Ju’s shout up to him and closes his eyes. Just as Yun Seung reaches the railing, he lets go, crashing into the cars below.

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‘What can you do for your son?’ This was really the theme of this episode, and added an additional emotional moral quandary for the Prosecutor and the City Hunter. Their hunt has been getting personal for several episodes now, and this is the culmination of it. Myeong Ju proves that although he’s against his father, he still cares deeply for him. And it’s almost a premonition of what could happen to Yun Seung and Jin Pyo. Not to mention that Myeong Ju’s seen the masked City Hunter standing above his father as he fell…now his own hunt for the City Hunter may become more personal than professional. Lots of moral questions today, how will it be resolved? On to Episode 14!



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