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City Hunter (2011) Episode 14 Recap

Awesome acting by Lee Jong Hyuk in this episode. Myeong Ju isn’t just a Prosecutor; no matter how strong his morals are, he’s a son too, which gives him a whole lot of depth and sympathy as a character. In fact, awesome acting all around in this episode (which is nothing unusual).

Episode 14

Yun Sueng hesitates as Kim Jong Shik struggles to keep himself safe. He turns around and runs, but in that moment when he turned his back, Kim had made his decision. Closing his eyes, he lets go and plummets in front of his son.

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Myeong Ju stands in shock first, looking at the masked figure on the bridge, and then runs to his father. Kim looks bad, with his face covered in blood, not responding as he’s loaded into an ambulance. Yun Sueng sits in his own car, also in shock. He whispers, “What did I just do?” But he gets a call from (who else) and angry Jin Pyo: “So the punk turned his back on the man he was to kill…so hitting Shik Joon wasn’t enough.” It’s enough to bring Yun Sueng storming in to office. But Yun Sueng still can’t grasp that Jin Pyo himself had hit Shik Joon, assuming at first that Kim had been manipulated into it.

Jin Pyo confesses: it was him who hit Shik Joon, to bring out the killer in Yun Sueng. And as long as he holds back he endangers the people he loves. “I want to see you put bullets in those men’s heads. With your hand.” But Yun Sueng’s adamant, “I tried to think of someone whom you love. I thought of only one.” And then he takes a pen and stabs it RIGHT THROUGH HIS OWN HAND.

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Jin Pyo finally looks shaken, coming straight out of his chair. Yun Sueng continues through the pain: “It’s me. It must be. You must be hurting right now. And I am not a killer. Killing for the feel of it is disgusting.”

Na Na spots Kim being taken into the hospital, and follows. She sees the doctors frantically trying to revive his heart, and Myeong Ju yelling so desperately at the doctors that he gets shoved out of the room. Myeong Ju sits alone at a bench, where Pil Jae finds him. Tentative at his boss’s attitude, he offers quietly the little recording found in the car. A witness had seen Kim trying to catch some documents when he fell, and also seen a masked man in the car. One last thing – there’s a mysterious text, saying only: “I’m sorry. The next one is Cheon Jae Man.” Cursing, Myeong Ju leaves.

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Yun Sueng sits by Shik Joon’s side, where Na Na finds him. He’s upset and angry, and takes that out by demanding that she leave him. Before she turns out like this, she should leave him. She tries to comfort him by saying that she’s by his side, but he’s too wracked with guilt to listen. “My father doesn’t think of me as his son, or as Lee Yun Sueng…just as a possession.”

So Na Na stops him by coming up and putting her arms around him from behind: “It wasn’t you. It was me. If it hadn’t been you that killed Kim Jong Shik, it would have been me.” Both of them cry as she holds him.

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Myeong Ju sits outside the hospital, playing Yun Sueng’s recording. It’s got a clue to the 1983 murders in Nampo Bay, but when he reaches the part where Kim begs for his son’s safety, he breaks down in tears. He’s still in this mood, angry and vengeful, as he comes upon Yun Sueng outside his father’s hospital room.

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It’s pretty much an admission of guilt, and Myeong Ju slams him against the wall to threaten him: “Now don’t let anyone else catch you, because I will. Where you go, who you talk to, I’ll be there.” Yun Sueng is subdued, but he brushes him off. Myeong Ju, with tears running down his face, grits from between his teeth, “You’re not a hero. You’re a killer.” And by the look on Yun Sueng’s face, this one has hit him where it hurts.

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Myeong Ju, all icy composure, goes to his boss to request Cheon Jae Man’s case. The boss is not happy. Myeong Ju’s put himself in a tough spot with his father’s disgrace; going up against Cheon, he’ll drag the whole office down with him. But Myeong Ju’s determined: “If I fail, I’ll forfeit my prosecution career.”

One more person is making bold moves today: Na Na. She heads straight for Jin Pyo’s office. (Oh no. No matter how tough she is, Jin Pyo makes her look like cotton candy.) Jin Pyo doesn’t bat an eye, even retaining a genial smile throughout. She’s here to ask him to let go of Yun Sueng, so that he can live a happy life. But Jin Pyo isn’t taking orders from her, and makes his point by standing right up and pointing his revolver at her forehead.

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Even as Sang Gook looks conflicted, Na Na then proves she really has a spine of steel: “That’s okay. I’ve lived my entire life fighting against the cruel world.” Even Jin Pyo looks the teeniest bit impressed as he lowers the gun and remarks that she’s too interesting to kill. Na Na maintains her composure all the way out.

Now Cheon Jae Man comes on the scene, not grieved or scared, but hella annoyed that Kim Jong Shik may spill the beans. Coolly, he orders his bodyguard to get rid of him. And he declares that in this war with the City Hunter, he’s going to make the first move. (Oh, I bet this is going to get tough. Cheon seems like the craftiest of the lot.)

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Na Na returns to the hospital, where Yun Sueng is worriedly waiting for her. She acts like everything’s fine, not letting out any clue that she’s been to see Killer Daddy. The TV turns to a press conference, helmed by none other than Cheon Jae Man. He’s here to clear up the issue of the military ID tags found around Seo’s and Lee’s necks: “They belonged to a special task force in 1983. But this task force had been illegally selling military secrets. At that time, the Aung San and plane bombing incidents showed a threat. In the interests of national security, I had the force eliminated before they could sell the secrets.” Oh, this is scary smart. In one sweep, he’s defused the big secret and trashed the City Hunter’s image to boot.

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Sang Gook is irate, but Jin Pyo’s cool as ever. Now that Cheon has revealed himself, it’s time to respond: “Since he shone the spotlight, we should join him onstage. I’ll just meet him as American Steve Lee. With my dirty drug money.” Na Na only knows him as the man who runs Hye Won and owns the hospital, though Yun Sueng coolly notes that their fourth man has gone ahead and identified himself.

Shik Joon awakens then, and Yun Sueng’s almost tearfully happy to see him. But dear Shik Joon has his one important piece of information: “Yun Sueng…I’ve found your mother.”

Arriving at the temple, Yun Sueng finds his mother asleep in her room, very ill. She’d refused to go to the hospital, because she knew her son would come here. Slowly, she awakens to see him as he kneels by her bed. Quietly, almost disbelievingly, she reaches out her hand: “My son…I’m sorry for not recognizing you…my child, my son…” Breaking down in tears, she leans against him. Yun Sueng slowly puts his arms around her as he finally stutters out, “Omma.”

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He’s taken her to the hospital, where she can start undergoing treatment now that she’s got a confirmed family donor. Yun Sueng pulls the doctor aside for a request. She’s got to be kept secret, because of a ‘stalker’; the doctor agrees to call her a foreign patient.

Kyeong Hee, though, has one request before treatment. She wants, just once, to cook food for her son and watch him eat it. Aw. The utter mom-ness of this is really what gets me. And so Yun Sueng really comes home for the first time with his mother. Quietly, he apologizes for treating her like that previously. Thinking that she’d abandoned him, he’d grown up hating her, and then been angry when she got sick. But Kyeong Hee’s sorry, too, for not protecting him, and not recognizing him. “Now that I have something to live for, I definitely will recover. And let’s live happily together.”

Watching them, conflicted, is Sang Gook, pointedly not calling Jin Pyo. Of course Jin Pyo himself is there, sternly warning Sang Gook to never disobey orders after this. Alone, though, his face is kinder as he watches the two. He murmurs, “I wonder of the two of you can understand me, who is like this.”

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Kyeong Hee watches her son fondly as he eats, picking out the vegetables just like his dad. She tells him about his father, and he in turn tells her about Shik Joon, who’s like a mother, hyung, and sister to him (lol, two of those three roles are female.) She tentatively asks how Jin Pyo’s been raising him, but Yun Sueng’s loyal, saying that he pushed him to be good at everything, and then blatantly denying that Jin Pyo put him in any danger. There is a moment when he muses, “People that take important people away from others, will be punished…” but when Na Na stops by, they’re both eating happily.

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Na Na smiles from the doorway to see them both looking like a family, and takes a quiet picture. At his own office, Jin Pyo quietly gazes at an old picture of Kyeong Hee in a hanbok. Oh my, does this mean what I think it does? He’s certainly gentler with Kyeong Hee than he is with anyone else.

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In Hye Won Group’s office, Cheon is laying plans to create a false company, but is coming up short of cash. Now who would have $500 million waiting? Steve Lee, of course, our Korean-American with the big assets and clout in the Republican Party.

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Shik Joon’s awake but (dear man) worried about Kyeong Hee. Yun Sueng tells him not to worry, he’s going to have her moved to a hospital in the U.S., and look after her there when everything’s done. Na Na’s startled at this: “You’re…going?” So she’s extra attentive in the lobby, so much so that Yun Sueng reiterates his questions: “Are you really happy being with me? Aren’t you scared?” But she has an answer, “My feelings are my own. You shouldn’t feel responsible for it.” He’s about to say more when she spots Cheon giving the VIP tour of his hospital, to Jin Pyo.

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So in an amusing reversal of the usual scenario, Jin Pyo is stalked by Yun Sueng, and finally spots him waiting by a pillar, staring straight at him. (Cheon’s young female secretary preens, thinking the handsome young man is staring at her,lol).
In the bathroom Yun Sueng sounds even more like his father: “Cheon’s a dangerous enemy. I’m only telling you this because you shouldn’t interfere with my plan.” Jin Pyo replies, “Watch and learn.”

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Yun Sueng’s faithful Na Na is waiting in the car, picking up that his dad is messing with Cheon for a reason. Changing the topic, Na Na tells him that she’s going home and taking up her job again. Yun Sueng’s visibly disappointed, as she continues, “Don’t even think about leaving me out, understand?”

So at her place he flops right down on the couch like he owns it (and as he points out, legally he does), and grabs Na Na when she tries to roost him out. She’s wide-eyed at their closeness, but he only looks deeply into her eyes, and says….she should try acting more expensive, like someone his level. Ha.

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She smacks him on the shoulder, making him demand $100 immediately as per the contract. Huffing, she makes some coffee, but smiles as she comments that even looking at coffee makes her think of him. As usual, signs of how attached she is make Yun Sueng get all moody, so he goes off without the coffee.

At his office, Myeong Ju’s having a hard time of it, as everyone avoids him at lunch as if he’s got a disease. I suppose losing-your-job, family-in-disgrace is bad enough, but it’s sad to see him eating all alone. But back at his office, he’s on Cheon’s trail, looking up details on the Aung San incident that was mentioned on TV. There’s a newspaper article on the event, along with pictures of the Blue House agents involved – including Park Mu Yeol and Lee Jin Pyo. And he’s just got the information that Steve Lee is doing business with Cheon. Caught!

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Yun Sueng’s also gone back to work, causing Da Hye and Eun Ha to go completely giddy over him. He gives Na Na a secret smile behind the glass, but goes back to complaining to his boss about using his resignation as vacation days. “I won’t have any vacation! If I don’t spend a summer looking at girls in bikinis, I get eye sickness!” (lol). Da Hye immediately proposes a visit to the beach, since “I have a bikini!” Eun Ha yanks her away: “Not there! Let’s go to the swimming pool. I, too, have a bikini.” (Ki Jun explodes at this, poor thing).

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Na Na’s mollified by a text from him, demanding (as usual) coffee. She sends a grumpy text back, reminding him to look up his real dad in the security team files. So he gathers the personnel files: there’s 1982 and 1984, but no 1983 – which is when Myeong Ju plunks the book in front of him. Yun Sueng flips it open to the page with his father, Park Mu Yeol – and right underneath is Lee Jin Pyo.

Myeong Ju’s also confirmed this, and goes to have a talk with ‘Steve Lee’. Jin Pyo baldly admits to being an agent and covering up his identity, and drops a hint on a certain maritime incident in 1983…

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Which brings Myeong Ju to Cheon Jae Man outside Kim Jong Shik’s hospital room. Cheon confronts him about the investigation, but Myeong Ju doesn’t back down. “I’m on your trail. You said those Marines were killed in international waters. But North Korea’s Nampo Bay isn’t international.” That threat may have sealed his fate, because as soon as he’s gone, Cheon orders his bodyguard to kill him.

Yun Seung is busy too: Na Na takes him out shopping, pestering him to let her in on the plan. He finally gives in, with a “You’re not allowed to regret this, understand?” This last statement is explained when she spots him going into a hotel room with Cheon’s assistant. While Na Na fumes, Yun Seung digs for information: the woman’s been collecting money to pay an NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent, to get the 1983 official records in Cheon’s hands. It’s going to be handed over tomorrow at 4. Yun Seung’s drugged her wine, so when she flops on the bed senseless, he leaves with her employee ID card. Outside, he braves an extremely grumpy Na Na to get ready for his plan.

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Which is a little low on subtlety: knock out security guards, lure the secretary down, and then slip into Cheon’s office area with the swiped ID. He carefully plants a camera inside Cheon’s door and settles outside to watch the feed on his phone. Cheon pays off the man to get the book, the same one that Myeong Ju had requested of the President, and ominously raises a cigarette lighter. At that moment, he receives a phone call. Good, make sure Myeong Ju’s death looks like a suicide, and we’ll get rid of him. Yun Seung’s eyes go wide.

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He makes his choice – he runs off to save the Prosecutor while Cheon goes forward with burning the book. Myeong Ju, meanwhile, falls into the trap when he gets the call that there’s a gas leak in his house. Yun Seung calls him, but his phone is picked up by Pil Jae in the office, who spills that Myeong Ju had to go home for an emergency. Myeong Ju too is getting suspicious, since there’s no leak and the gas folk deny having called him.

He gets into his car – which is when someone clamps a chloroformed handkerchief to his nose. Helpless, he can only sit there while the man locks the doors and sets off a valve, slowly filling the car with smoke.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung desperately races to the garage, looking for the right car. Inside, Myeong Ju’s slowly suffocating, but he hasn’t even got the strength to unlock and open the door. Weakly, he manages to push the horn. Yes!

Yun Seung smashes his way into the car and pulls him out. Just as he turns to leave, Myeong Ju grabs his ankle. Blurrily, he makes out a very familiar profile…

Posted Image Posted Image


Not such a cliffhanger of an ending this time. If they’d ended it a few seconds earlier I would really have bitten my nails off. But it was a solid episode nonetheless, moving on to a new target. I like the fast pace, as well as the fact that each target is one level up, making me even more excited to see how they’re going to fall. It’s also interesting to see the softer side of Jin Pyo come out on three occasions here, reminding us that he’s not completely gone; in any case, Sang Gook displays a healthy dose of compassion, which may be his boss’s saving grace. How will Myeong Ju and Yun Seung ‘s relationship change, assuming that Myeong Ju recognizes his savior? On to Episode 15!


thanks for your recap. i'm really enjoy reading it. :thumbsu:
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