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City Hunter (2011) Episode 15 Recap

The net is tightening around the fourth target, and it’s held by more than one person. Let’s hope they all work together this time. A little mellower today, but lots more laughs.

Episode 15

Myeong Ju stays conscious long enough to make out a familiar blurry profile, but then passes out. Yun Seung leaves him there, calling 911 to take care of him.

Cheon has finished burning the record book when his secretary bursts in to check if he’s okay. She explains that all the guards on the floor have been knocked out. Cheon plays it down, but muses that it must have been the City Hunter. It’s too late now, though, as the only record of the 1983 sweep is now burnt.

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Except…it’s not! Because clever Jin Pyo has paid off the same NIS guy for the original (the copy was sent to Cheon.) Before leaving, the man shares some info with Jin Pyo: Prosecutor Kim Myeong Ju has been tracking that same record. Jin Pyo calls Yun Seung to warn him. Now that Myeong Ju knows Jin Pyo’s identity and is on the trail of the 1983 incident, they have to be even more careful.

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Even more so since the City Hunter nearly killed Myeong Ju’s father. “A criminal he may have been, but a father’s a father.” Yun Seung’s of course determined to take out Cheon his own way, and to protect those around him. Jin Pyo scoffs a little at this resolution, given how they live such a vigilante life, and hangs up with a challenge to find out what he’s up to. After he puts the phone down, he sighs: “Yun Seung…for you and me, this ordinary happy life is impossible.”

Yun Seung’s struggling with the same concept back at home. Na Na pops in as usual to prod about going after Cheon, but he’s still in ‘protect’ mode and implies that he doesn’t need her anymore now that Kim Jong Shik’s out of the way. She’s seen him reviewing the CCTV’s for Myeong Ju’s attacker (which he recognizes as Cheon’s man from their previous two fights) but doesn’t say anything, and proposes a visit to the hospital.

Shik Joon staggers in as they leave, complaining that the hospital didn’t even have a home shopping channel. Leaving him safely ensconced in front of the TV, Yun Seung and Na Na go off to visit Kyeong Hee.

In the lobby they meet up with a small kid scrounging for coins under a couch. Na Na, friendly as she is, lifts the entire thing (Yun Seung gapes) to let the kid fill up his jar. He shares that his name is Kim Yun Shik and that his mother’s in the same ward as Kyeong Hee. (Ha ha, meta moment: In Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Park Min Young dressed as her brother and took his name, Kim Yun Shik. Was it done on purpose?)

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Kyeong Hee herself looks tired but remains as motherly as ever as Na Na joshes Yun Seung for his concern. He just retaliates by shushing her, but of course Kyeong Hee’s picked up that he likes her a lot. So when Na Na leaves, she takes his hand and tells him she approves; she’s watched over Na Na for years and knows she’s such a nice and pretty girl. “Liking someone is happiness. My son, I want you to be happy.”

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And she brings out a ring. Omo. “Your father gave this to me. Give it to Na Na.” Aw. Yun Seung protests that he doesn’t like her that much – she eats a lot and she’s so strong, like the couch she lifted for the kid outside. Turns out Kyeong Hee knows the kid because his mother’s in her ward; the woman got leukemia working at Hye Won Chemical.

Yun Seung carefully inquires – it’s a subsidiary of the same Hye Won Group that’s under Cheon Jae Man’s control. AHA!

He’s thoughtful as he leaves the room, and comes upon Na Na asleep in the lobby. Gently he sits down and looks at her, then takes out the ring. He stuffs it away as she awakens, covering up with: “Gom Na Na (Bear Na Na), how can you just sleep anywhere?” She holds him back as he tries to leave, saying: “I’ve thought about it…and I’ll leave you to work alone. But take care of yourself, and be careful. Call me anytime if you need my help.” He looks sad for a moment, but this is what he wanted; taking her by the hand, they leave.

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Myeong Ju’s in the hospital too, waking up slowly to Pil Jae’s worried bleats. Of course, Pil Jae has assumed that Myeong Ju tried to kill himself, as the situation looks so much like a suicide. But Myeong Ju checks his phone to see a CCTV recording of Cheon’s man walking away from his car. He recognizes him and orders Pil Jae to tail Cheon; he also thinks back for a second on his savior – and recognizes Yun Seung. Half-disbelievingly, he murmers: “Lee Yun Seung…me? Pil Jae, find the man who called 911.”

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But he’s even surer when he and Pil Jae spy Yun Seung and Na Na at the front desk. Yun Seung’s helping out a Thai patient who’s unable to speak Korean, complete with traditional Thai bow…curious for a person supposed to have grown up in the U.S. And Kim Na Na, too; Pil Jae recognizes her as the one who stalled him the day he was supposed to have tailed Yun Seung with the blood sample.

All these connections are firing off in Myeong Ju’s brain as he comes back to his office. He orders Pil Jae to look into John Lee’s (Yun Seung ‘s American name) background. Lee Yun Seung must be Lee Kyeong Hee and Park Mu Yeol’s son, and Steve Lee/Lee Jin Pyo must fit in somewhere. Now he’s more than ever determined to get to the bottom of the 1983 incident. Pil Jae hesitantly asks if all this interest in the City Hunter is because of his father; Myeong Ju admits that it partially is, but he’s now sure that the City Hunter has some dirt on Cheon Jae Man too.

President Choe is currently sitting by Kim Jong Shik’s bedside, regretting not being able to disclose the incident details, and so prevent this from happening. Curiously, he’s not so much angry as mildly reproving when he refers to the theft of the University fund. He’s interrupted by Myeong Ju, who looks appropriately dumbfounded to see the President of Korea in his father’s hospital room.

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They discuss the issue in a street stand. Myeong Ju’s beating himself up for not stopping his father, not forcing him to confess, which would have saved him from this condition. Choe, though, is understanding: “It’s a hard thing to admit that you’re wrong.” He explains: “When I was young, my family was very poor. One day, I was so hungry I stole a classmate’s lunch. The teacher made us all sit with our arms up, promising forgiveness to the boy that owned up. But even though I felt so sorry toward the boy, I couldn’t own up. That’s how hard it is.” Wow. He’s … not wrong about that.

Myeong Ju comes back home to find (surprise!) Su Hee, waiting for him with dinner. They fall into a comfortable conversation. When he admits that he feels like an island these days, Su Hee grasps his hand to cheer him up. She says: “I’m giving you strength. I always did, but you went and spent that at your office.” She even says that she wanted to visit his father, only he hadn’t liked her much.

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They look comfortable together, and it looks like there’s a possibility that they could get back together. Certainly he’s so much more relaxed around her, and she looks like she’s all dressed for a date.

Yun Seung’s also having a happy get-together, having food forced on him by Shik Joon. Shik Joon, having faced down death, is now understandably hesitant about following through with the revenge plan. He asks: “Yun Seung, why don’t we just go to the U.S., you and me, with your mom and Na Na?” Na Na watches closely as Yun Seung turns down this idea: “Going through with this is the only way I’ll live a normal life. Besides, I’ve made it look as though Mom’s already gone to the U.S.” But the idea is clearly not making him happy, as he leaves to brood over the ring in his office.

Posted Image Posted Image

Quietly, he tells the ring: “When this is over, if I’m still alive, then…” Quickly, he sweeps it out of sight as Na Na comes in again with tea for his strength. She’s here to cheer him on for the surgery: “I believe in you. And you know I like you, Lee Yun Seung.” This makes him laugh, and she smiles back as she leaves to go home.

Myeong Ju’s also working at home, picking clues from Yun Seung’s recording. A sweep mission in 1983, in Nampo Bay. He sighs, “Lee Yun Seung, what kind of man are you?”

The next day, Na Na and her officemates are discussing the City Hunter over coffee. Ki Jun’s in favor of him, because he did things to help the citizens and exposed the military fraud. So is Na Na’s boss. Eun Ha, however, is not in favor of him, pointing out that the death of Lee Kyeong Wan and the sniper attempt on Seo Yong Hak were also thought to be him. And with Cheon’s recent exposé, it’s suspicious. Na Na loudly jumps in to smack down on Cheon; when everyone looks at her curiously, she mumbles that he’s the man who tries to cover up his employees’ bad health, you can’t trust him.

Posted Image Posted Image

Da Hye, meanwhile, has been taking what looks like dozens of pictures of Yun Seung. Eun Ha and Na Na gape at the stalkerish pile of photos, with Eun Ha coming close to revealing Yun Seung’s ‘crush’ on her. Na Na gets a picture of herself and Yun Seung laughing together, and goes off to show him.

He’s not at the office. Right now, he’s stalking Cheon and the Ninja bodyguard. The latter is Baek Du Shik, a former boxing champion and now a henchman for unsavoury deeds. He follows the duo into the hospital, where Cheon’s here to sympathize (aka apply gentle pressure) on the leukemia patient who’s Kim Yun Shik’s mom. She’s adamant that she’s not going to give in. Turns out she’s signed a document along with her fellow workers attesting to the dangers of her industrial workplace.

Posted Image Posted Image

But Cheon’s a crafty sleazebag, and he sets to dismantling her argument. His factory does work with harmful chemicals; but she’s the one who chose to work there. Choi Myeong Suk, the woman, declares angrily that she did so only because she has a small child to raise. But it’s also true that many employees have sickened. She will definitely carry on to have her illness classified as a work-related injury. So now he starts applying the subtle threat: she can do so, but what if she dies? Who will take care of her child then? And he adds the clincher: he’ll have the company pay for her hospital fees, plus enough money to see her kid through college. All she has to do is sign a notice tomorrow affirming that her illness has nothing to do with Hye Won, and dissuade her coworkers too. If she refuses, she’ll have to vacate her hospital room immediately. Oh, man. He’s got her, and she’s looking conflicted as she bends over coughing.

Outside, Yun Seung spies as the two meet up with the secretary at the vending machines. While Yun Shik scrabbles for more coins, Cheon rails about the disgusting woman leeching money off him, as if it’s all her fault. The secretary has a paper for him to sign – the list of chemicals used by Hye Won, to be sent to the health board. Cheon’s suddenly furious; how can she give this to them when they’re all so dangerous? It’ll be a work-related illness for sure then. He instructs her to keep them secret under ‘business confidentiality’ and tears up the papers and throws them in the trash.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Shik loses a coin under his shoe at this point, so Cheon has the ninja pay the boy off, and leaves, muttering, “Scruffy little beggar.” This last one has the little boy in tears; he explains to Yun Seung that all he wanted was to buy his mother a present. Yun Sueng comforts the boy, and leaves with the ripped up shreds of the chemical record.

He comes home (Shik Joon hurriedly snaps off the TV) and instructs him to piece together all the bits. Na Na’s here too, carefully placing the photo in a frame on Yun Seung’s desk. He comes in to see it, and as usual, overreacts, scolding her for taking a photo when he doesn’t like it and refusing to have it on his desk. She pouts, but sees Hye Won Chemical on his computer screen and muses that it’s a sad thing that the workers are unknowingly endangering their lives.

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Yun Seung tries to send her out, and in the process accidentally brushes the photo off the desk. Na Na’s had it, and stomps off shouting: “You don’t like the photo and you don’t like being together, what exactly do you like about being alone?” She has a point; Yun Seung himself broods on Jin Pyo’s words, fingering the ring that he’s stashed in his desk.

He tries to make amends by taking Na Na out when she’s helping Shik Joon. Hesitantly, he offers his apology. Na Na accepts it with grace, but notices a twisty tie lying on the ground. Laughing, she twists it around her finger like a ring. Yun Seung’s saved from this uncomfortable moment when a call comes from the hospital – he can be a donor for his mom.

Posted Image

At the Prosecutor’s office, Myeong Ju is getting briefed by Pil Jae. John Lee had lived with poor parents in Houston, Texas; his school records were pretty bad, yet he got into MIT, where his performance was stellar. It’s suspicious, almost as if they were different people. In the meantime they still haven’t found Kyeong Hee. They’re interrupted for a moment as police lead a string of captured Thai drug dealers by; Ooh, I bet this is going to come up later.

Posted Image Posted Image

At the hospital, the nurse puts on some music for Kyeong Hee. She sits up in surprise, noting that it’s an old song. We find out when the nurse goes straight to Jin Pyo in the lobby to report that Kyeong Hee likes the song. She adds that she’s getting better, especially as her son is ready to donate the marrow sample.

Na Na sits with Kyeong Hee, reassuring her about her future with her son. Kyeong Hee curiously asks if Yun Seung’s given her a ring, but brushes it off when Na Na has no idea.

When she exits, she finds Yun Seung moodily picking at his hospital uniform: “It’s so not my style.” Na Na teases him, but then declares that she has a present for him. She’s got the doctor to agree to Yun Seung spending a night with his mom. Yun Seung’s quiet as he gazes at her, and offers a heartfelt thanks. Na Na, perhaps thinking about the ring, starts to say something, but then brushes it off.

Posted Image Posted Image

That night, Kyeong Hee holds his hands, as she talks about the things they’ll do when she gets out of treatment: celebrate Chuseok, cook the traditional foods, and hold his father’s memorial service. She’s so happy right now that she’s got the son she lost, and that they’re together. Yun Seung keeps watching her as she sings a song his dad used to sing, a song about happiness. Aw.

Posted Image

The next day, Myeong Ju has a meeting with an alumnus of Everidge High School in Houston. The man knew John Lee as a teenager – until he died in a car crash. Back at his office, Myeong Ju places a call to the real John Lee’s mom, and she fesses up: A mysterious Korean from the Triangle had bought John’s identity. Link! Myeong Ju goes off to interview the Thai drug gang.

Posted Image Posted Image

In the hospital, Na Na is preening over the amount of info she’s brought to Yun Seung. Hye Won Chemicals has been suspected of disposing its waste illegally; furthermore, it’s suspicious that only employees on a certain line, out of the whole factory, are getting sick. It’s all pointing to dangerous chemical use. Na Na: “You’re thinking I’m so pretty since I’m doing all your work, right?” Ha ha.

Kyeong Hee likewise undergoes the blood transfer, watched over by Yun Seung.

Meanwhile, Da Hye, having been cut off from her allowance, has resorted to a part-time job at the café to get her dad a birthday present. She’s ecstatic because now she knows what to do with life: no college, just become a barista and make Professor Lee coffee! Eun Ha is about to squash this idea when Shik Joon comes in with a dreamy smile for her. He orders coffee for both of them, but the card he gives Da Hye is rejected as blocked…and another…and another…

Posted Image Posted Image

Ki Jun swans in with his own credit card, to an admiring smile from Eun Ha. Yun Seung is looking up ways to get into Hye Won’s building in his hospital room when Shik Joon storms in and promptly throws a hissy fit. What follows is a PERFECT husband-wife scenario: “You blocked my credit cards!” “You spend too much! I’m stressed just looking at your home-shopping bills!” “You just don’t care about me!”, etc. It’s hilarious.

Shik Joon’s had it. Ignoring the pile of boxes on the living room table, he packs up and leaves – to Na Na’s place. Yun Seung shows up as Shik Joon’s in full complaining mode: “How can he expect me to run the household with handcuffs on? I did it all for you and Na Na! You’re the one who told me to live in luxury! And now you’re making me do all kinds of chores!” OMG, it’s totally like they’re a couple, with Na Na as their child.

Posted Image Posted Image

She watches impassively from the sidelines as Yun Seung finally yells out: “What’re you saying? You know I can’t live without you!” This, plus a promise to unfreeze the cards, brings about a tearful reconciliation. Na Na: “Excuse me, your lover’s quarrel…please take it outside.” Ha ha ha!

At the hospital again, Yun Seung’s tired when Na Na comes in. Taking advantage of her concern, he pulls her down on the sofa next to him to rest his head on her shoulder. Pleased, Na Na sneaks a peek which he catches, saying, “You were giving me a sensual look just now, right?” lol. She laughs, then admits, “Fine! I like you, Lee Yun Seung. Happy?” He scoffs at her boldness, but you can tell he likes it.

Posted Image Posted Image

But she continues tentatively, “Then…why don’t you say it, Lee Yun Seung? That you like me?” He’s serious now as he replies: “That I like you…I can’t say it to you.” She covers up her disappointment well, saying that it’s fine but that he owes her one big favor. She lets it show when she goes out: “Kim Na Na. Let’s not get hurt.”

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung is likewise morose as he pulls on his vigilante gear, “It’s because of this that I can’t tell you, that I like you.”

He heads off to Hye Won Chemical’s factory/warehouse, where there’s a demonstration going on outside. For him, it’s simple to jump the fence and make his way to a storage basement. He freezes the camera and knocks out the single security guard, then gets down to work.

The room’s stacked with large tanks of chemicals, and he begins to fill up his empty jars with samples. In the security room, the guards finally look up from their game to notice that the guard’s not on his patrol in the situation room. They all speed in with gas masks – because their method of driving out the invader is the turn on the chemical gas vents.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung chokes for several moments before he manages to tear the gas mask off a guard, and then knocks out the rest. The gas seems to have had an effect, though, since he struggles to make it back over the fence and into his car. He peels away just as guards run out the gate.

He staggers out some distance later, rasping for breath as everything in his vision goes double. He sinks down against a tree, which is when he receives a phone call. It’s Na Na, oblivious to his condition as she prattles about her favor: on the last day of the year, she wants to go to Boshingak to listen to the bells and pray for Ahjumma. Yun Seung can’t answer, but Na Na just assumes he’s being difficult as usual.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung eventually drags himself into the hospital, where Myeong Ju catches him on the stairs. In an instant, Yun Seung’s got his poker face on. Myeong Ju casually remarks on the City Hunter saving his life; he’s grateful. Suavely, Yun Seung offers to pass on the message should he ever meet the City Hunter.

Myeong Ju has one more remark: “You look tired, so sleep well…Pu Chai.” Yun Seung’s Thai name. Caught!

Posted Image Posted Image


Oh, now it’s definite. Myeong Ju knows that our Lee Yun Seung isn’t actually Korean-American, but grew up in a drug farm in Thailand to become the City Hunter. And he’s thanking him. Yay for gratitude! I would have hated to see Myeong Ju go against Yun Seung and forget his real targets. This drama doesn’t forget to put in character development; example – Shik Joon. He’s not a major character in any other way than that he’s important to Yun Seung. And I love that he’s such a uniquely lovable character instead of just the standard henchman. And Myeong Ju too is given his own character development and story arcs, which makes him almost as interesting as Yun Seung himself. Now that the identity problem is squared away, how will Myeong Ju approach the City Hunter? On to Episode 16!


:panda_girl_yikes:thanks for the recap. now i have to wait for the sub :panda_girl_yikes:
Enjoyed reading your recap, so well-written. Thanks!
Jul 15 11 02:14 AM
Thanks for the recap - very well done!

Cannot wait for the next episode. It'll be very sad when this show ends :(

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