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City Hunter (2011) Episode 16 Recap

Wow. It looks like our four opponents are evenly matched; they spar and sometimes lose, but they each have a surprise hidden up their sleeves…

Episode 16

Myeong Ju drops the bomb, watching Yun Seung’s reaction carefully. Yun Seung doesn’t deny it, but repeats, “If you want to call me the City Hunter, then bring me evidence.” Myeong Ju isn’t deterred, “I’ll catch you red-handed. So wait for me…Pu Chai.”

Yun Seung staggers home, coughing and gasping, and finally collapses on the couch in front of Shik Joon. He awakens in his bed to a bowl of kimchi broth. Shik Joon is all concern, but Yun Seung has other things to take care of. He reaches inside a drawer to take out some financial accounts and deeds to his house and Na Na’s. He presents these to Shik Joon, along with an entreaty to take care of himself, Na Na, and Kyeong Hee.

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Shik Joon protests loudly, “Why are you acting like someone who’s going far away?” Yun Seung half-laughs as he replies, “Who I am…I’d forgotten that for a while.” Oh no. He’s got the look of someone who’s cutting all his ties one by one.

Predictably, he shows up at Na Na’s, scaring the jeebers out of her when she’s brushing her teeth. She looks uneasy at his somber mood, with good reason. He starts by asking, “Kim Na Na, can you throw away this table and this tablecloth?” These were the things she’d told him her parents had made. Of course she replies, “I can’t. My parents left them to me. I’ll hold on to them forever.”

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He’s got his confirmation. “How can you do this, Kim Na Na? I like you.” She stares at his sudden confession. “But I don’t want to think of how you’d feel if something happened to me. And I don’t have the confidence to let go of you. So you let me go.” Na Na’s eyes tear up as he snatches the bullet necklace and continues heatedly, “You know who I am and how I live, and how it can all end in one second! So Kim Na Na, forget me. Even if I come to you, turn me away. Erase all the memories of us. Now I finally understand why my father forbade me to love.”

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He leaves. Na Na sinks down on her chair and cries, and he in his car likewise thinks back to all his memories of her. Finally, Na Na wipes away her tears with determination. He’s suffering, so she’s going to go ahead and forget him for his sake.

In his office, Myeong Ju’s set up a City Hunter board, complete with pictures of all the people connected to him. Aunt Mi Ok enters with chocolate and a kind word: “When I saw my brother and sister-in-law in that state because of your father, I was furious. But it’s not your fault. You’re still the passionate prosecutor. So forget all that and work hard!” Aw.

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Pil Jae bursts in with bad news. The official classified 1983 document is missing. Plus, the papers have come from the Thai police, whose cooperation Myeong Ju had requested. The picture they sent of ‘Lee Jin Pyo’ looks nothing like the real one; and since the Thai drug gang has been shipped back for trial, they can’t testify to the negative either. Myeong Ju’s deeply frustrated, but orders his team to get back on chasing these leads.

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In his own office, Jin Pyo is actually admiring the Prosecutor’s zeal. He hadn’t expected this from him. Sang Gook’s worried about him tracing their money back to the Triangle, but Jin Pyo expects the Thai police to stall long enough to formulate a backup plan.

Sang Gook’s also in favor of publishing the contents of the classified book. He’d joined forces with Jin Pyo to clear his brother’s name, now further besmirched by Cheon Jae Man. He just wants to go ahead and clear up the issue. But Jin Pyo still wants to play the hidden card, though, “Because the last man has got be taken out by Yun Seung.”

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He holds his meeting with Cheon, casually inquiring about the interview. Cheon sticks to his story, elaborating on the ‘treason’ by the marine troops. Jin Pyo’s hands clench in rage, but he steers coolly to another topic – the chemical factory workers’ strike. Jin Pyo wants to make sure that his money isn’t going toward appeasing mistreated employees; Cheon brushes this concern aside, saying that the workers aren’t worth a dime to him. It’s why he’s trying to force through a bill to privatize health care.

He meets with President Choe to work out the same issue. The President’s furious that Cheon’s using his employees’ health as collateral to make a profit. He should compensate them and rebuild and environmentally-friendly facility. But Cheon lays out his threat: “Pass the bill on privatizing health care, and if you don’t….remember that I am the one and only person who knows your weakness.” He’s got him there, as Choe looks stricken.

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Na Na’s visiting Kyeong Hee at the hospital, being her usual caring self. Kyeong Hee asks why she and Yun Seung don’t come together anymore; Na Na says it’s because he’s busy, but she looks even more conflicted when Kyeong Hee says, “I’m glad such a strong person like you is by his side.”

When she exits, she catches sight of doctors racing into the ward next door, and a tearful Yun Shik slumped in a chair outside. She goes over to cheer the boy up, and sure enough, his mom’s well enough to wave. He’s happy, and asks Na Na where he can get sparkly powder like the kind on her eyes, so that his mom won’t look so sick.

Cheon’s out shopping with Ninja to get ready for the some big nobs’ visit to his clinic. Tailing the two is Yun Seung, and rounding out the shoppers are Na Na and Yun Shik at a makeup store. The snooty saleslady refuses to take Yun Shik’s jar of coins and adds some deragotory remarks to Na Na, too; Yun Seung’s had enough and steps in with a large-denomination note. He adds a verbal smackdown to this and makes her apologize to the kid too. Na Na’s a bit taken aback, but he offers to take the kid to the hospital along with a request for her not to go there anymore.

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Back at the hospital, Ninja’s busy threatening the kid’s mom. She’s ready to hold out, but breaks down when he mentions that everyone else has signed too, and besides, think of the money. She sobs as she forcibly grabs her hand to ink the thumb and then press it on the paper. Outside, Yun Seung spies as Ninja makes a call: “I’ve got the signatures. Now go for all those strikers and beat them so they’re near death.” What a bastard.

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So the group of strikers are busy protesting outside the factory when cars pull up, letting out men armed with metal poles. They lay into the unarmed men and women, beating them bloody. It’s horrible to watch, as Ninja smirks by the side.

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And then – the City Hunter arrives. It’s not long before he’s layed out the entire troop, and then turns to Ninja. Using a water bottle as leverage against the metal pole, Yun Seung pulls out all his moves. Ninja’s good, but Yun Seung’s better. He lays the man out, and then pulls out the envelope with the signatures: “Tell Cheon Jae Man to claim an industrial violation.” And walks off.

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Da Hye’s out birthday shopping with her bodyguards, complaining about her anti-café. After the karaoke fight incident, there’s even a site dedicated to vilifying her and her dad. She cheers up at the thought of a lesson with Professor Lee, which Na Na greets with far less enthusiasm.

Da Hye’s about to enter the café when a group of her anti-fans show up, armed with tomatoes and eggs. They let loose, but Na Na gets there first, shielding Da Hye with her body. Yun Seung (already waiting inside) starts up but he’s too late as Eun Ha dispatches the lot. Na Na, covered in refuse, is concerned most about Da Hye; coldly, she rejects his helping hand and his handkerchief. Aw. I’d feel bad, only it’s all his own fault.

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During the lesson he’s far more interested in her than in Da Hye, but she ignores him. At the hospital, he cheers up Kyeong Hee by promising to find a photo of his father, but she’s picked up that something strange has been going on. Knowing that Jin Pyo lied about Yun Seung’s death, she asks if there’s something he wants to confess. Yun Seung promises only to tell when ‘it’s all over.’ Outside, he leans against the door, murmuring, “Liking someone may not be happiness like you said, Mom.”

Yun Shik finds him there asks him to read a story about elephants, and this brings him to a flashback to when he’d described his one friend to Na Na; what she took as a girl was actually his elephant, heh. He asks the boy, "Hey 10 cents, shall I go crush the guy who stepped on your coins?" Yun Shik immediately nods yes. So Yun Seung goes out to tail Cheon, snapping photos of him and Jin Pyo meeting with two Directors in the Prosecutor’s office.

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Myeong Ju gets the text, complete with photos of the foursome. They’re having dinner in a restaurant (with Yun Seung in the room next door) and Cheon is ‘asking’ them to look kindly on Hye Won when the district reviews the industries. He seals the deal with boxes of traditional seaweed as gifts. Which is when Myeong Ju bursts in and lays into his superiors: don’t they have any integrity as prosecutors, eating with businessmen and taking bribes? The two directors attempt to pull rank, but he’s angry enough to snatch their bribes before he shoves them out. At least one good thing happened – the two are so angry that they suspect Cheon of setting them up, and it looks as though no one’s going to be bestowing favors soon.

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Cheon’s furious that his ‘innocent’ dinner party is being interrupted this way, but Myeong Ju tears open on the of the gift boxes and upends it – and out tumbles a pile of cash. Well, that appropriately takes the wind out of Cheon’s sails, who can only remonstrate feebly about going to the Attorney General with this.

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Myeong Ju lays out his threat: he knows enough about 1983 to know something fishy was going on. He’s even considered that there was a survivor of that incident who’s guiding him. Jin Pyo’s eyebrows raise at this, as do Yun Seung’s in the next room. Nevertheless, Myeong Ju’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

But things are not so happy back at the office. Myeong Ju’s decision not to reveal the City Hunter’s tip on Kim Jong Shik is coming around to bite him in the form of a very unhappy boss. Boss is partly angry that Myeong Ju’s been trespassing lines, and partly afraid that this will reflect badly on him. Verdict: he’s being taken off the Cheon case and put under review by the Director’s board.

Yun Seung lunches with the President and his daughter, all three picking the beans out of their rice. The President’s here to discuss Da Hye’s college prospects, but Yun Seung answers honestly that it looks difficult. Da Hye jumps in with her own confession: she’d never wanted to go to college, she was never good at studying, but did it because giving up would embarrass her dad. She only asked for tutoring from Professor Lee because she liked him. Now she’s really found what she wants to do – become a barista. It was the first time she’d earned money with her own hands and it had felt good. She’s willing to go ahead, if her dad can get over the disappointment and embarrassment and let her.

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The President, like any parent, reels a bit at this confession, but then appears to accept his daughter’s decision. Alone later with Yun Seung, he confesses that he appreciates the younger man’s honesty. It’s a conversation like they’re equals, which will probably going to complicate things when Target #5 is revealed.

Speaking of complications, Na Na’s been assigned now to guard the President. Hoo boy…

She continues to be cool and formal when she meets Yun Seung in the halls at work, which only makes him miss her more. Wandering out by the river that night, he comes upon her sitting quietly. She spots him and calls out his name as they stand on opposite sides of a pool of water.

Gritting his teeth, he lets loose: he doesn’t want to see her like this. She’s making him regret everything, and he doesn’t want to. She should just forget him, find a better man, and live happily. Na Na splashes across to grab his arm. “You are really, really cruel. How can you tell me to find another man? Just say, if I wait, then when this is all over you’ll come back. If you don’t, I won’t ever take you back.” Tears falling from her eyes, she continues, “Please. Just say it. That you’ll come back to me.”

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Yun Seung’s own eyes are filled with tears, but he turns around without a word and walks off, leaving her in tears.
Pil Jae has come back with more information. The NIS has no records of the 1983 book, but there’s a rumor that the man in charge of it is going abroad. He and Myeong Ju race to the man’s home, where they find him collapsed on the floor with empty medicine bottles lying around. The man has only enough strength to whisper to Myeong Ju, “The book is with Cheon Jae Man…and Steve Lee.”

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At Jin Pyo’s office, Sang Gook is really disturbed that Jin Pyo’s refusing to take the obvious revenge path and is instead getting his hands dirty with bribes. If they do this, they’ll be worse than the men they want to take down. Jin Pyo coolly lays down the ultimatum – obey him or leave. Yun Seung must not yet get his hands on the book. Sang Gook instead places a secret call to Yun Seung: his father’s going too far now. The only thing now is to take the book himself. “The General’s out. I’ll cover for you. The book’s in his desk safe.”

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Sang Gook sabotages the car so that he and Jin Pyo are stuck in a garage, while Yun Seung gets to work on his father’s safe. Time ticks on. Jin Pyo quickly finds a loose plug and works out that Sang Gook delayed on purpose. He swiftly whacks his man with his cane, but is more focused on getting back quickly.

In the office, Yun Seung’s finally gotten the door open – and hears a genial “Do you want some help with that?” Turning around, he sees Myeong Ju standing, smug to have finally caught him. Yun Seung tries to play it down, but Myeong Ju has him. He recites everything he knows, Yun Seung’s parents, Jin Pyo the survivor of the Nampo incident, their joint City Hunter operation. The evidence is in that book. All they have to do is open the safe and both Jin Pyo and Yun Seung will be incriminated.

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They stare at each other in a tense moment – which is when Jin Pyo stomps in, demanding to know who’s broken into his home. He quickly figures out the situation, but Myeong Ju goes for the safe. Jin Pyo silently draws his cane and Yun Seung tenses – but the safe’s empty. Whaaa?

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It’s with cunning old Cheon. He’s figured out that Steve Lee is actually a Nampo survivor and probably a sham, and got Ninja to steal the book. Still, he’d rather take Steve Lee’s money; there’s still $200 million he wants. He’s got his hidden card. But he’s suddenly furious when Ninja reports one more thing: Lee Kyeong Hee is in the U.S. Cheon demands that he find her.

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Jin Pyo himself has figured as such; he anticipates that Cheon will play dumb to get the rest of his money.

At home, Yun Seung too has figured out that Cheon’s behind the theft. He explains to Shik Joon that now he really wants that book; not just to find that fifth target but to learn about his father and the circumstances of his death. Speaking of his father, he wants a frame to put his photo in. He can at least find one in the Security Agent files.

To this end he goes to visit the library in the Blue House, looking through the yearbooks. 1982, 1984, but no 1983. It’s thrust at him with a “Were you looking for this?” – by President Choe.

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Wow, this was a twisty episode. Target number 4 sure is crafty, and it’s gonna be fun taking him down. In fact, everyone in this drama’s SMART, from the villains to Jin Pyo and Yun Seung, to Myeong Ju. No secret lingers around for long, which keeps the drama moving at a brisk pace. Now that the air’s pretty clear and everyone knows where everyone else stands, how will they coordinate target number 5? And how much does the President suspect about Yun Seung? On to Episode 17!



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