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Guest Message by DevFuse

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City Hunter (2011) Episode 17 Recap

Last episode we had a whole lot of clues that Yun Seung’s biological dad is actually…(dun dun dun)…President Choe! Kyeong Hee’s evasiveness and Cheon’s big secret leverage would both fit in. And Jin Pyo’s determination that Yun Seung will take down the fifth man, which would be the most epic father-son battle ever. It would probably be the most fitting revenge, and we’ve seen Jin Pyo employ the “son takes down the father” technique before. Plus the scene where Yun Seung and President Choe both pick out the beans in their rice. Now for the fallout…

Episode 17

President Choe faces Yun Seung, holding out the 1983 agents’ record. “Was this what you were looking for?” Yun Seung laughs it off, saying that he was just passing. Casually, he asks why the President was looking in it; Choe just replies that they were just dear junior colleagues of his. He doesn’t seem to mind the question, and even asks Yun Seung to help him with a computer problem.

In his office, Choe opens up his blog to ask a question about putting up pictures; Yun Seung leans in to show him and accidentally knocks over a huge stack of papers. Yun Seung asks why the President slogs through such a lot of papers; surely he has aides to do the work?

Choe: “No, I want to know everything, so that I can manage the government of the country. And I’m the highest paid here, I should do the most work.” I really do like him. Out of the five, he’s the only decent one, brought down by a single moment of weakness.

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Yun Seung’s quietly appreciative too, and offers to keep an eye on Da Hye at work when Choe voices his concern. This makes him happy, and he invites Yun Seung to a lunch this afternoon for big-wig businessmen who basically run the country’s economy.

Elsewhere in the building, Na Na’s received a present from Kyeong Hee, a specially embroidered handkerchief. On the phone, Kyeong Hee’s as motherly as ever, and gently chides Na Na for not visiting her. Na Na herself promises to go, but she’s got Yun Seung’s warning in mind. She and Eun Ha are called away to do a security sweep of the lunch venue.

Cheon Jae Man and Jin Pyo are also having a meeting, keeping up the façade of being business partners. Cheon even goes so far as to ‘confess’ about the marine story; in order to rile up the City Hunter, he’d lied that the marines were traitors. Oh, nice. Way to cover your behind. He goes on as if in confidence: the City Hunter’s going to come after him now. The information he wants is in a special record book, and he’s hidden that very safely. “Don’t you think the City Hunter will come looking for it?”

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Jin Pyo genially dismisses the topic, saying that he has only business on his mind. In fact, now that he’s CEO of Hye Won, he’s concentrating even more on business. Cheon eyes him carefully as he coolly invites him to a lunch conference to meet the President. Ninja comes in as Jin Pyo leaves, straightaway accosting Cheon: “Why did you make Steve Lee a CEO?” Cheon: “I don’t need that CEO, except one who’ll take the blame. When we get the remaining $200 million, kill Steve Lee.”

It’s time for lunch, and the players start converging. Yun Seung’s being pestered by Da Hye to go and refuses flatly. But then he catches sight of Jin Pyo alighting out of a car and swiftly changes his mind.

Posted Image Posted Image

The businessmen start to stream into the room and Yun Seung slips quietly into a seat next to Da Hye. Na Na stands by the doors as the President greets the attendees. He holds out a hand to shake Cheon’s – and sees Jin Pyo standing right there. He freezes, stunned, as Jin Pyo utters a cool greeting. Both Na Na and Cheon watch them both, she curiously, he carefully.

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The President recovers to begin his speech and our players keep tabs on each other: Eun Ha and Na Na on Yun Seung, Yun Seung and Cheon on Jin Pyo, and Jin Pyo on the President. It’s tense all around as the food is served – and suddenly a high-pitched whine fills the room. It sounds like someone operating a drill, but there’s no one in sight. The sound increases in pitch.

Posted Image Posted Image

The bodyguards spring out with guns pointed, the businessmen crouch under their seats. Only Jin Pyo continues eating unfazed. There’s a sudden bang of a shot and Na Na springs in front of the President. Yun Seung leaps to his feet, but the only mark she’s showing is a splash of pink paint. Just as suddenly as it began, the noise stops, and everyone shakily makes a recovery. Jin Pyo continues to slice up his meat as casually as if he were in a park, as Cheon and Yun Seung look at him with suspicion.

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Yun Seung catches Jin Pyo as they leave the room. Yun Seung’s serious, all business as he warns Jin Pyo off Na Na; they’re in the Blue House, where any attack on her will have serious consequences. Jin Pyo brushes this off, but Yun Seung has another question – who was the fifth man in the record? Jin Pyo stalls on this too, saying that they have to take down Cheon first.

The fifth man involved, as we know, is with his security team. They’ve found paint and equipment hidden behind a nearby door. Choe instead is all concerned about Na Na, but she’s suffered no injury. Spotting a splash of pink on the President’s jacket, she offers a handkerchief. For the second time that day, Choe freezes as he catches sight of the distinctive flower embroidery.

Posted Image Posted Image

He has a meeting with the Na Na and the Security head, who’s prepared to resign because of the seriousness of the offense – only a Blue House insider would have known where to hide. But Choe isn’t having it and insists that the man focus on doing a better job in the future. He does call Na Na back in private, though: “That handkerchief, did you embroider it yourself?” Na Na says no, it was a gift from someone she knew. Choe persists, asking who in particular. Na Na’s curious at his question, and he says that it could be someone he knows too. Na Na replies: “It’s probably not someone you know. It’s only an ordinary ahjumma.”

But once alone, Choe opens a desk drawer – where he’s kept a handkerchief exactly like hers. Ooo. This is pretty incriminating. Na Na’s also sensed something off, as she calls Kyeong Hee to tell her about the conversation, and the fact that the President took a special interest in the woman who made the handkerchief. Should she tell him who it was? Kyeong Hee immediately refuses, saying that the President must only have asked offhand. She repeats this to herself as she gets off the phone, but she definitely looks disturbed.

Posted Image Posted Image

She walks down to the lobby for some exercise, but then spots Cheon and Ninja and swiftly ducks behind a wall. And then we have our confirmation, in an old memory:

A younger Kyeong Hee had exited a hospital room only to bump into Cheon. He gets right down to business: “That child…is a child that cannot live in this world. Get rid of it.” She’s determined to keep the baby, though, and insists that she will raise it.

But Cheon says, “Are you trying to ruin Eung Chan’s promising future? He’is ready to throw away his whole family because of you!”

Posted Image Posted Image

Kyeong Hee: “He doesn’t know. Please, keep it a secret.”

Cheon: “He’s my best friend. I can’t sit and watch him get ruined because of you.” He brings out an envelope of money and tries to thrust it at her. She struggles, but he shoves it in her hands and says: “Get rid of the child and disappear. That’s what’s best for Eung Chan. And don’t appear in front of me again. I can’t guarantee your life.”

Back in the present, Kyeong Hee panics to herself, not wanting to run into Cheon again.

In his office, Jin Pyo speaks to a photo of himself and Mu Yeul: “Mu Yeol…you saved the life of Kyeong hee, which had another life in it, from the brink of dying. And you promised to raise the child, even knowing that it wasn’t yours. Can you understand me? Even if you can’t, I can’t stop this revenge. ”

Posted Image Posted Image

Kyeong Hee’s startled when she comes back to her room to find a beaming Shik Joon, but calms down when she sees the present Yun Seung sent: a framed photo of Mu Yeol. She sends something in return, another of her embroidered handkerchiefs with her signature flower.

Yun Seung himself is brooding in the office about Na Na getting shot. As if to compound this, Ki Jun bursts in with news of the attack (hours after everyone else knew, heh) and then moans about the worries of having a security agent wife. Yun Seung leaves then and broods some more, just as Na Na does in bathroom washing out her jacket.

President Choe is alone in the theater, watching a projector film, when Jin Pyo silently comes up and sits a few seats down. Choe speaks up and addressed him, saying that he’s prepared to disclose the 1983 secret. But Jin Pyo’s not satisfied yet; he hears those young men dying every night. Choe wonders how this will benefit him, and Jin Pyo says: “Many times I thought of forgetting it all. Just thinking that we died for our country. But then I see the antics of you men, and I think that we died like dogs.” He has a final shot: “Just wait for the man I’ll send to you.” Choe calls out a question, “Why did you take Kyeong Hee’s child?”, but Jin Pyo gives no answer as he leaves.

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In his office, Myeong Ju is pondering over the new developments. Who could have the 1983 record, if not Jin Pyo? And why was Jin Pyo with Cheon at dinner that day? He goes back to investigating Hye Won’s finances. It’s in a shaky state, with subsidiaries doing financial shuffles and giving guarantees for each other that basically amount to borrowing from Peter to pay back Paul. And wait…the CEO of Hye Won Construction is Steve Lee! He’s interrupted by his boss, who drops the bomb that he’s now been demoted and moved to Daecheon office instead.

Posted Image Posted Image

Aunt Mi Ok and Pil Jae enter here with a new note from the City Hunter and then stop in their tracks when they see the Director. He demands the new files, but Myeong Ju insists on having them too. Both hold out their hands. Caught, Mi Ok waffles for a minute and then bursts out: “I just took a quick look! Two environmental groups have investigated Hye Won Chemicals.” Quickly, she shoves the papers in Myeong Ju’s hands. Way to go, Auntie!

Pil Jae pipes up with the news that there had been an intruder in the chemical factory, too. Huffy, the boss promises demotion for both of them, but Myeong Ju’s caught another lead and goes racing out.

Yun Seung goes to the café to visit Da Hye, refusing her coffee (oooh, we know why), but looking pleased that she’s fitting in here and determined not to let down her parents. He’s just asking about Na Na when Myeong Ju swings in to the other seat on the table. Clocking the handsome new arrival, Da Hye immediately offers him Yun Seung’s coffee with a sweet smile. She’s even more entranced when a customer accidentally knocks her down and he gently helps her up, while Yun Seung scolds. Prosecutor: 1. Yun Seung: 0.

Posted Image Posted Image

Myeong Ju lays out the scenario to Yun Seung: Steve Lee has been appointed CEO at Hye Won Construction. Why? Yun Seung shrugs. He continues: despite appearances, Hye Won’s pretty shaky financially. He illustrates this by pulling blocks out of a tower on the table. So if the center one, Constructions, falls (here he collapses the whole stack), then the entire group goes bust. Steve Lee must have this in mind. As Myeong Ju looks smug , Yun Seung makes a swift exit, just missing Na Na.

She orders a coffee, but not for her; it’s actually for the President, who looks happy to hear of his daughter’s busy work life. On her way out from work, she runs into Myeong Ju, who’d waiting specifically for her. He starts to apologize. Na Na’s still very upset, though, not at him, but because of his father’s cavalier attitude to her poor parents. Myeong Ju has nothing to say to that, but only offers a comforting hand on the arm.

She ends up at Su Hee’s place with bottles of soju, saying that Su Hee’s the only one she has now to talk about her feelings. Realizing that Na Na knows about Myeong Ju and his father now, Su Hee confesses that she’d known, but not spoken at Myeong Ju’s request; she also shares that Myeong Ju is actually her ex-husband. Poor Na Na. Lots of secrets being kept from you.

Yun Seung’s at home with a box, where he’d kept the bullet necklace and the ring, when he gets a call from Su Hee to pick up a drunk Na Na. He arrives at the clinic to find her totally passed out, and ends up carrying her home. Tucking her into bed, he gently sits down and gazes at her, saying, “I’m so stupid. I tell you to let me go, but I can’t do that. I won’t let you have other men, but I can’t keep you. Kim Na Na, don’t be hurt.” Tucking her hair behind an ear, he walks away…and Na Na opens her eyes. She heard!

Posted Image Posted Image

The next morning Cheon and the President are having a veiled confrontation about the health care bill and the 1983 exposé. The President is fully prepared to expose the secret, and firmly opposed to passing the health care bill, which would leave millions of the poor without a way to take care of themselves. Cheon’s got a final warning: Prosecutor Kim Myeong Ju’s getting close on the trail of the records. But the President’s determined not to sacrifice another young life, and reiterates that after the passing of a school bill, he’ll reveal everything about the sweep mission.

Posted Image Posted Image

Myeong Ju’s packing up in his office, leaving his team sad (Mi Ok) and frustrated (Pil Jae) and getting basically ignored by everybody else. He’s just about to drive off when his boss pulls him out. The transfer’s been cancelled. He can go investigate Cheon and the City Hunter too. Myeong Ju, understandably, is incredulous, but then gives a grin and runs off to his office.

Posted Image Posted Image

And who’s the mysterious man behind this? The President, pulling strings to get the young Prosecutor his scope. Yun Seung, who’s here for a computer lesson, smiles to himself. The President has a question for him: suppose he had a test in 10 hours, and he had to take both English and Math, and studying both would mean failure, what would he do? Yun Seung readily replies that he’d make a choice and focus.

Choe sighs, that yes, often the President has to make the same decision – choice and focus. It’s difficult, especially when there’s so many livelihoods at stake. He can’t let his choice become a liability for the Korean people.

Posted Image Posted Image

He shakes himself out of it and gets down to playing with his gadgets again. Yun Seung shows him how to configure the picture and even print some from his smartphone, looking like every other teenager teaching his parents how to work this newfangled computer stuff. Choe prints out pictures of Da Hye, and Yun Seung notes what a good father he is. Choe counters by praising Yun Seung’s own dad, to have raised his son so well.

Yun Seung leaves to meet up with Sang Gook in the garage, where he gets Jin Pyo’s schedule for the month. He’s out with Cheon, busy bribing assemblymen to pass the health care bill. Sang Gook’s still frustrated that Jin Pyo’s handing out bribes, but Yun Seung knows that there’s a bigger plan.

Posted Image Posted Image

And there is. Standing outside his anti-aging spa, about to entertain two assemblymen, Cheon receives an infuriating phone call. CEO Steve Lee took out a large loan using the company as collateral; if it’s not paid back today, Hye Won will go into Stage 1 of bankruptcy. Cheon’s livid, but puts his mask back on when Jin Pyo shows up.

The two old skeazebags are busy spa-ing as Jin Pyo promises them ‘gifts’ in their lockers. Which is exactly where Yun Seung shows up, starting to pick the locks. He stiffens suddenly as a thug in a black suit enters, and swiftly ducks away. The men prowl around the room, hiding in their reflections in the bank of mirrors in the center of the room (God, I love this director). Suddenly, they’re face to face, and in a flurry of blows the other man is down. Yun Seung goes back – to an empty locker.

Posted Image Posted Image

Myeong Ju’s also in the building, musing on the specific assemblymen approached by Cheon; they’re all Ministers of Health departments. He notices something suddenly – both the security guards at the desk are slumped in their chairs, knocked out. “The City Hunter”. He combs through the locker room, getting his confirmation when he sees the passed-out thug. He places a call to Go Ki Jun to verify that Yun Seung’s not at the office, then heads off to the Blue House himself.

Posted Image Posted Image

Jin Pyo comes in to soothe the assemblymen, amending that the gifts are instead in their car trunks. Outside, Sang Gook wears an expression of deep disapproval, but Jin Pyo assures him that Cheon’s in their hands now. Sang Gook gets a sudden call (from Ninja) that the home has a gas leak. Jin Pyo assures him that he’ll take care of it; today’s the death anniversary for Sang Gook’s mother.

Uh-oh. Myeong Ju shows up at the Blue House just as the two Security bosses, plus Ki Jun and Eun Ha, are leaving. After confirming that Yun Seung’s not there, he asks them if there was anything unusual about him. The only thing that Ki Jun comes up with is that Yun Seung was exceptionally weak (Eun Ha adds that he and Ki Jun fill the judo hall with their screams, ha). Myeong Ju looks satisfied, just as Yun Seung’s car pulls in and he makes his way toward the group.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung’s on the Bluetooth headset with Sang Gook, who mentions that Jin Pyo’s home because of a gas leak. He stops dead in his tracks as he remembers the attack on Myeong Ju. But as he turns away Myeong Ju grabs him by arm: “If you walk away now, you’re confirming that you’re the City Hunter, understand?” Yun Seung replies only that he’s got a girl waiting; Myeong Ju steps into his path. But Yun Seung’s had enough, and the shock of everyone there, he picks up the other man and expertly slams him on the ground.

Posted Image Posted Image

Jin Pyo’s home, looking around warily. Then men armed with metal poles start to swagger in, surrounding him. Jin Pyo looks grim and pulls out his cane. As they attack, he lunges forward and gives them hell. But there are too many and he’s got a bad leg, and he takes hit after hit.

Posted Image Posted Image

Finally, he’s down on the floor with Ninja’s knife at his throat – and Yun Seung’s comes in. Yun Seung’s in full attack mode, smashing aside the other men and picking up his father. Back to back, both of them stand to face their attackers.

Posted Image Posted Image


So it’s pretty clear now that Yun Seung’s the only one who doesn’t know of his true birth. Now it remains to be seen how Jin Pyo will set father and son against each other, and if that changes with the events of this episode. Because it was a pretty big gesture for Yun Seung to come now; he’s basically admitted that he’s the City Hunter to Myeong Ju, outed his abilities to his team, and shown himself unmasked to the enemy. And Cheon isn’t a man to take this lying down. What will be the next step? On to Episode 18!



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