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City Hunter (2011) Episode 18 Recap

The end is in sight, but I don’t want it to end. This episode was lower on the romance, but notched up the action, ending with a nail-biter.

Episode 18

Despite the beating he just took, Jin Pyo is angry that Yun Seung has blown his cover like this. But this is not the place to discuss it. Father and son are a good team, thrashing the remainder of the men. Jin Pyo, though, is struggling. One of his attackers comes at him with the sword from his cane; Jin Pyo manages to trap this with a book but barely manages to hold it off. Noticing, Yun Seung smashes the man aside.

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Ninja and the rest of his men escape quickly. Yun Seung’s fine, but Jin Pyo’s in very bad shape, collapsing when he tries to get up. Ignoring his father’s instructions to follow the attackers, Yun Seung takes him over to the hospital.

Cheon, meanwhile, is getting the bad news from the banker that Hye Won is going into bankruptcy. This is the reason why Ninja, in his car speeding away from the incident, is unable to reach his boss, which may be just as well considering the bad news. Ninja knows he’s in for it, but he’s got something: the man who showed up, Yun Seung, was the same man he fought at that girl’s apartment. So there is a way to save himself…

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Na Na herself is in the Blue House after work and comes upon Ki Jun and Eun Ha sitting in shock. They’re still wondering how on earth weak Professor Lee executed such a perfect judo move on the Prosecutor earlier. Na Na quickly tries to offer an excuse: he must have some strength, and of course she’s such a good teacher. Eun Ha’s not convinced and decides to confront him about it, which Ki Jun takes as an excuse to hang out with him instead. As the two bicker, Na Na wonders what on earth was going on that Yun Seung publicly displayed his skills. Ki Jun finally snatches Eun Ha’s bag and runs for it, with her in hot pursuit.

Na Na goes back home, still wondering and worrying. She fingers her phone, thinking about whether to call Yun Seung or not. Oh no, please get out of there because….Ninja’s there, armed with a knife and a leer. She has no time to even look around as he attacks her from behind.

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Yun Seung’s at the hospital with Sang Gook, where Jin Pyo’s in a stable condition. He gets a sudden call – from “Kim Na Na.” Reluctantly, he picks it up, and hears above the sound of rushing water, “So the City Hunter’s name is Yun Seung, is it?”

It’s Ninja, who’s got Na Na tied up on the walkway above an aquarium. He elaborates, “This Kim Na Na, she was so exhausting to get up here, I just wanted to kill her. But I’ve got to have patience.” Na Na shivers in fear next to him, because it’s clear what he intends: the ropes binding her are attached to heavy lead weights. But she’s still got her guts. As Ninja holds out the phone to her, she shouts: “Don’t you dare come here, Lee Yun Seung! I’m fine, so don’t show up! Understand?” If you kill Na Na, Ninja, I just may kill you.

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Yun Seung himself is all icy composure as he speaks again to Ninja: “If you touch Kim Na Na, I’ll kill you.” Ninja only shares that he’s at Hye Won Sea World and hangs up with a threat.

Yun Seung floors the accelerator and runs into the aquarium, running desperately from one tank to the other until he finds the one. He shouts her name as he sees her hanging inside, only just keeping her head above water by clinging onto a rope. Yun Seung turns around to find Ninja there with a detonator. The moment Yun Seung makes a move, the latch on Na Na’s rope will blow open, and she’ll drown. He tosses a set of handcuffs on the ground, and without hesitation Yun Seung locks up his hands behind him.

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Ninja hits him with a tremendous punch, and another, and another. Yun Seung staggers as Ninja comes at him with a knife, but manages to headbutt the other man down. Ninja instantly sets off the detonator, and Na Na plunges fully into the tank, struggling to get back to air.

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But Yun Seung’s still the better fighter, and he’s got the use of his legs. With a vicious judo kick, Ninja gets knocked out, Yun Seung throws away the handcuffs (did he really pick them that fast?) and then plunges into the tank to get Na Na.

(Ehhh? That was it? I’m glad Na Na’s safe, but I wanted more action and more intensity. Hmm, maybe I’m getting spoiled.)

Both of them drip silently on the walkway, shaken but unhurt. Yun Seung tries to grab her to go to the hospital, but Na Na brushes him off, “Don’t touch me. You should have just left me to die, why did you save me?” He starts to get angry that she’s behaving like this after being close to death, but she bursts out, “Don’t you know me now? I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait for you till the end of my life. So let’s go together. I don’t know where, but we’ll be together, and we won’t be lonely. I don’t want you to be lonely anymore.” She walks away without waiting to hear from him, but he speaks up: “Just a while. I can see the end. I’ll return to you in just a while.”

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At home, Na Na’s left alone with her memories of him, and she promises to herself that she’ll wait. Yun Seung, too, promises to return to her soon.

Yun Seung arrives home in his sodden clothes, but straightaway takes Shik Joon out for business: here’s a new tied-up prisoner, who’s going to get taken care of by Ahjusshi. Shik Joon’s understandably reluctant to take charge of his ferocious new pet, but capitulates when Yun Seung promises to unblock his credit cards. Yun Seung takes the man’s phone when it rings.

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Cheon Jae Man quickly realizes that it’s the City Hunter, but he’s far less concerned about his subordinate’s life. In fact, it would be better if the man were dead and not a liability anymore. Yun Seung scoffs at this attitude, but promises to meet up soon and hangs up.

Back at home, Shik Joon presents Yun Seung with his mother’s handkerchief, but Yun Seung’s going straight down to business. Shik Joon’s alarmed at the news of Jin Pyo’s injuries, but Yun Seung knows that if Cheon Jae Man is taking risky moves like this, then Jin Pyo’s plan must be far along.

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He investigates the same Hye Won financial records that Myeong Ju had, and reaches his conclusion.

Myeong Ju himself is just sending Pil Jae off to the Hye Won worker’s court hearing, with stern instructions to return afterward to continue working. He himself sits down to the City Hunter’s delivery, a list of all the sick employees who are suing their company.

First on the list is Yun Shik’s mother. Myeong Ju goes to the hospital just in time to see her leaving. He’s surprised that she’s out of the sterile room, but she explains that she’s decided to press charges against Hye Won, and so lost her employee’s compensation. But she’s still determined to fight on, and Myeong Ju promises his help and gives her his card.

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Yun Shik, however, has a different interest. He’s a total City Hunter fan, and he wants him to come quickly and punish the men who made his mom sick. He even fishes out a coin from his precious jar: “If you find the City Hunter, please give this to him.”

Back at work, Myeong Ju’s raring to go and arrest Cheon’s ass, but his boss as usual is stalling. This time, though, he has a point. Lots of high-ranked Prosecutors went down trying to indict Cheon. He’s just too big a fish to catch right away; they need to wait for the right time.

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He gets the confirmation of that when he goes back to the office and hears that the workers lost the suit, even with Myung Suk’s evidence of threats. The team’s deeply unhappy, more so since if the City Hunter ends up taking Cheon down too, their reputation’s going to be mud.

Myeong Ju swears that he’s going to be the one to take down Cheon, save the workers, and do it all legally to boot.

In the hospital, Jin Pyo is yanking out the IV and trying to leave. Sang Gook holds him down firmly, making a point: truthfully, if it wasn’t for Yun Seung, he’d be dead. It’s best now to let Yun Seung deal with things. Jin Pyo still refuses to out the 5th man, but he grudgingly agrees to stay in the hospital for now.

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Cheon Jae Man is now in a despairing fury as his company slides into bankruptcy. They need $30 million by 6 tonight, or else it’s official bankruptcy. Furiously, he growls, “Lee Jin Pyo. He used that $300 million as bait to ruin me.” In addition, he instructs his secretary to book a flight for Los Angeles. “I’m not going down like this. I’m Cheon Jae Man. Cheon Jae Man!”

One by one, he calls his banker friends, begging and threatening, but each one is at a dinner meeting – with Steve Lee. Jin Pyo’s collecting opinions, all of whom are wary to touch the sinking ship. Cheon eventually forces his way into the home and sees his CEO sitting around with his bankers.

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Knowing that he’s clutching at straws, he gets down on his knees. “Please save me. That secret classified record, I’ll give it to you.” But this humiliation is all part of Jin Pyo’s plan, as he replies, “What record? What are you talking about? I’ve already given up on my investment.” He watches in grim satisfaction as Cheon is dragged out by the security and literally thrown out the door.

Meanwhile, Eun Ha and Ki Jun are getting the news of Hye Won’s implosion, which Eun Ha views with trepidation. Her older brother works at Hye Won, and now he’s going to be out with no job. Ki Jun takes this to point out the benefits of a secure Blue House job, “So when you look for a man, look close.”

Yun Seung arrives, and they immediately surround him and pepper him with questions. Eun Ha knows that the move he pulled off was an expert one, not possible to achieve just by taking a few classes (Ki Jun’s theory). Yun Seung heads her off by reminding her of the green tea, which leads to another lover’s spat.

He’s called in to the President’s office, where Na Na’s boss is just exiting. He’s the one who’d watched Yun Seung suspiciously yesterday, and now when he passes him he comments loudly that the Blue House is the center of Korea, responsible for the security of the Korean people.

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Yun Seung: “Why are you telling me this?”

Boss, pointedly: “In case someone got in with a fake ID. I’m thinking the unthinkable.”

In the office, the President invites Yun Seung to go to a special spot this afternoon, where he always goes to de-stress. And it looks like he needs it; he’s got the newspaper on his desk, with news of Hye Won’s impending collapse.

He’s more relaxed in his outing with Yun Seung, though, which is a quiet fishing spot. Hoo boy. This is looking very much like a father-son activity.

Cheon even calls the President, begging for a loan. Choe gently but firmly refuses him. Cheon even tries to leverage sympathy by citing all the employees that are out of jobs, but no go, as Choe hangs up. He sighs, “Cheon Jae Man, this guy…when did he get so greedy?”

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Na Na’s boss is still suspicious, though, and gets very tense when Yun Seung goes off to buy drinks. Quietly, his hand steals up to his gun… and then he spins around to point it. It’s only Yun Seung with a bag of drinks, but the boss murmurs to Na Na, “I couldn’t hear his footsteps.” Ooh, this guy’s smart. He doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, but he knows something about Lee Yun Seung doesn’t add up.

Hye Won goes into bankruptcy, as Yun Seung and Shik Joon watch on TV. Shik Joon’s worried most about the tens of thousands of employees that are about to get laid off. What’s worse, if Hye Won Chemicals falls, the worker’s suit is going to be all for nothing. Yun Seung agrees that it shouldn’t happen.

Myeong Ju gets into action, telling Pil Jae to put a no-fly order on Cheon, and Mi Ok to start investigating a tax-evasion angle.

He tracks down Yun Seung, saying that Steve Lee’s plan to pull Hye Won down must have worked. Yun Seung, of course, disregards this. Myeong Ju then pulls out the 10-cent coin. “If you see the City Hunter, give this to him. It’s from a little fan who wants justice for his mother.” He adds that he’s determined to bring justice to all the workers too, all in a lawful way.

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Cheon gets a mysterious visitor – an American hedge fund manager who’s interesting in investing in Hye Won Chemical. In comes a very slicked-up Yun Seung, introducing himself as Ha Tae Sung.

Yun Seung gets right down to business. He wants to buy HW Chemicals. He lists all the problems going on: worker’s suits, environmental charges, fraud, enough to make Cheon really uneasy. Then he makes his offer. He’ll take that liability off Cheon’s hands – for Yun Shik’s 10 cents. HA! That’s what I call justice.

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Cheon sputters in indignation, but Yun Seung turns it around, “Shouldn’t you be glad that I’m taking all this debt off your hands?” He’s got him, as Cheon finally says, “I’ll take it.”

Changes are immediate, as a happy group of employees listen to Myung Sook read out a company letter sent by the City Hunter: the employees of HW Chemical will be shareholders, they’ll be compensated, and the company will pursue an environmentally-friendly policy.

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Jin Pyo and Sang Gook watch this on TV in his office. They know Yun Seung’s behind it, but Jin Pyo’s still not satisfied. These guys don’t deserve just to be brought down by the law. “They must die.”

Cheon Jae Man’s finally given up. He heads off to the airport to catch his flight to L.A.. Myeong Ju gets the news and immediately calls the airport officials to block the flight if they have to.

But it looks like it’s not needed. Yun Seung the City Hunter is there, back in his vigilante gear, discreetly trailing Cheon and his two bodyguards. He calls the Prosecutor: “Be in front of the Prosecution office at 4.” Coolly, he follows the three men into a clear glass elevator.

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There’s silence for a moment, then Yun Seung strikes with ferocious blows and the two bodyguards are knocked out cold. Next thing, he’s emerging from the elevator with a passed-out Cheon, whom he loads into a trolley and drives off.

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Looks like more than one trap is being laid. SWAT forces surround the Prosecutor’s office, waiting for the City Hunter to appear. Myeong Ju starts forward as they spy a man in a mask – but it’s a civilian. The man blurts out, “It was a message! If you want to meet the City Hunter, go to the Prosecutor’s office wearing a mask.” OMG Yun Seung is SO SMART.

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The people start showing up, men, women, even kids, all masked. Furious and frustrated, Myeong Ju tears off the masks and orders them rounded up. Just then they spot something far away from the melee. It’s Chairman Cheon, wrapped in a patriotic sash and hung with military dog tags.

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Myeong Ju’s nowhere to be seen – he’s in his car, tailing Yun Seung. On the seat next to him is a compact revolver, and he drives with grim determination. The cars fight to get ahead, but Myeong Ju finally pulls in horizontally across the road, forcing Yun Seung to halt with a screech.

Myeong Ju leans out the window to get a better look at the masked man, as Yun Seung tries to drive off. The gun comes up, and one of Yun Seung’s tires blows up with a bang.

Posted Image Posted Image

The two men get out of the car, Myeong Ju with gun pointed as he approaches the City Hunter. As the Prosecutor gets close enough, Yun Seung snatches the gun in a lightning-fast move. But Myeong Ju’s not done yet. With a quick move of his own, he snatches away the mask.

Kim Myeong Ju and Lee Yun Seung face each other, unmasked.

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Nooo! How can you end an episode like this? Best cliffhanger ever. Although this is only the last part of the long chase to catch the City Hunter. Now to see what Myeong Ju will do. I’m so glad Cheon Jae Man is down, finally. I’m worried that the last two episodes won’t be enough to deal with the President Choe issue. Still, here’s hoping that it will be a tight, tense, thrilling, finale. On to Episode 19!



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