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City Hunter (2011) Episode 8 Recap

City Hunter has officially crossed from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ with this episode. Nonstop dramatic tension, romance, and action. If it remains this good, then it’ll be one the best dramas in 2011.

Episode 8

Yun Seung is shot smack in the back of the shoulder, and the impact leaves him reeling with pain. Na Na carefully lowers the gun, and starts forward. Yun Seung knows she can’t find out who he is. He staggers forward with his hand on the rope he’d already lashed to the railing. He half-falls, half-climbs over the railing just as Na Na reaches it, watching him rappel down the building and smack into the cars below. Myeong Ju and the police arrive on the roof just in time to watch him drive off in a black car.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung drives with shaking, bloody hands, barely holding on. He picks up his phone and calls Shik Joon, begging him to answer. Unfortunately, Shik Joon is currently hidden in a garbage dumpster, waiting for a less crowded time to escape.

In the meantime, Seo has revived back in his prep room, and still has enough wits to realize that showing up at the nomination after a kidnapping attack is very good promo material. He makes his speech to applause and cheers.
Not everyone’s happy – Jin Pyo’s in the audience, clenching his walking stick in rage.

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Outside, he confers with Sang Gook for news about Yun Seung. Sang Gook has figured out that Yun Seung was shot, and knows that now an entire police unit is after him. The police now have cordoned off the rooftop, and (Uh-oh) they have a blood sample from when Yun Seung fell over the railing. Myeong Ju orders his team to start a wide-scale search in all nearby clinics and hospitals, as well as investigate the blood sample and curious knot technique on the rope that’s still there. He’s pretty sure that it’s not Steve Lee, because there was no evidence of a stiff leg, which should let Jin Pyo off the hook now.

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Yun Seung smashes his way into Su Hee’s clinic and pulls out medical supplies to treat his shoulder. Crying out from the pain, he manages to dig the bullet out of his shoulder, in a curious mirroring of Jin Pyo’s injury (ow, ow, ow, this looked painful). Suddenly, Su Hee rushes in unexpectedly to grab some papers. Even with the lights off, she spots the trail of broken glass. Alarmed, she follows the trail to her surgery room, and turns around to find Yun Seung. Bloodied and still in his vigilante gear, he gasps: “That favor you owe me, can I use it today?”

Next thing, Su Hee is stitching up his bullet wound with remarkable poise. After she treats him, he asks why she doesn’t ask questions. She replies that he must have his reasons, and turns on the TV to distract him. This may not be a good idea, because it’s a news report on Seo’s kidnapping attempt and the police search for the injured criminal. To drive in the point, a police car drives by the clinic with sirens wailing. Su Hee must surely have connected the dots by now, but she doesn’t say anything.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung receives a call from Jin Pyo just then. Jin Pyo is furious that he didn’t shoot the security guard, but then asks about the injury. Yun Seung downplays it, saying it’s only a scratch.

Back at home, Na Na muses on the vigilante – his height, build, profile, all seem very familiar, but she can’t figure it out. At the clinic, Su Hee’s asleep at her desk, and Yun Seung likewise on the couch. His dreams aren’t happy though. In his dream, he and Na Na face each other with guns pointed. He’s conflicted, but Na Na shoots him again, just like she’d done before. Now Jin Pyo appears, urging Yun Seung to shoot her. He wavers, and then two shots ring out. Next thing, both Yun Seung and Na Na have fallen to the floor in pools of blood. Gazing at each other, they reach their bloody hands toward each other. Just as he grasps her fingers, Na Na dies. With tears on his face, Yun Seung jerks awake from the nightmare, gasping.

Posted Image Posted Image

The next morning, Na Na furiously rants in the bathroom: so he stayed out all night, huh? That rotten, no-good player, why doesn’t he just not come home at all? She brushes her teeth so furiously that she ends up hurting herself.

Things are happier in the clinic, as Su Hee brings out some of Myeong Ju’s old clothes for Yun Seung. He looks surprised, to which she replies: “Myeong Ju’s my ex-husband. Didn’t you know?” (Omo. I thought he was just her ex-boyfriend). She redresses his injury, and in the light of day wonders at the number of scars on his back. Uncomfortable, Yun Seung shrugs his shirt back on, as she switches the topic: since he weighs roughly the same as a big dog, she’ll charge him likewise, unless he treats her sometime. Laughing as they exit the clinic, he promises to treat her. Unfortunately, this is exactly where Na Na spots them on her way to work, carrying a bag of clothes for Yun Seung.

Posted Image Posted Image

She’s so furious she turns around on the spot and runs into a bike. She doesn’t even stop then, and keeps going, having dropped her bag. Yun Seung picks up the bag and notices the clothes, finally making the connection. He runs after Na Na to grab her shoulder, and is met with her typical judo flip. Ouch. He lands right on his injured shoulder, and can’t hold in the pain for a moment. Na Na looks a little softened by this, but is still very disinclined to believe his ‘misunderstanding’ excuse, so much so that Yun Seung finally leans in and asks: “Do you like me?” Na Na sputters back: “W-w-who would like an unlucky guy like you?” Yun Seung looks skeptical, so she rushes off.

Yun Seung is even more uncomfortable at pistol practice, where he’s shooting next to Na Na. Her boss comes over to congratulate her on shooting the City Hunter (awkward much?) and then exhorts his team to focus – shooting an enemy means saving themselves. To this end, he calls out positions on the target for them to shoot. “Chest!” With a bang, Na Na shoots her bullet straight into the target figure’s chest. Yun Seung stands frozen, unable to shoot, watching her. “Neck!” Na Na straightens her aim and shoots again, straight into the neck. Yun Seung’s hands shake as he holds his gun – it’s as if she’s shooting at him just like his nightmare.

Posted Image Posted Image

After practice, he holds her back with a question: “Do you like being a bodyguard? Why not just teach judo to children, or something like that?” He’s really just trying to remove her as his enemy, as he continues: “If that guy had a gun, you could have been injured.” Na Na just sighs at that, and mentions that she should have caught him that day. Yun Seung, quietly: “Do you think the City Hunter is a bad person?” Na Na: “Well…I have to protect Candidate Seo. That’s my work.” So she didn’t tell him to his face that he’s a bad person, but she’s still placed herself at odds with him.

Myeong Ju’s got a new lead in his office. He’d been planning to track the kidnapper through the Police Department’s CCTV surveillance network, but that’s been hacked now, and all the data has been erased. The hacker used a Blue House IP address, just like the hacker who took down Lee Kyeong Wan. Bingo!

Myeong Ju arrives at the Blue House security office (poor Ki Jun chokes on his coffee), and explains the cyber trail that leads back here. Yun Seung looks up sharply at this. Myeong Ju’s got an IP address, but the boss here explains that the computers don’t have individual addresses. (Yun Seung quietly sighs in relief) Myeong Ju’s not backing down, and then informs the boss that the office has three days to send over all their computers for checking. Boss has nothing against that, so he leaves with a special glare for Yun Seung.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung now gets down to erasing all incriminating data. Really, announcing the 3 days to an office with the hacker in it is just asking for evidence hiding, isn’t it?

Yun Seung’s in the bathroom checking his wound, which is still as bad. Exiting the stall, he takes the chance to tease Ki Jun, gets flicked with water, and is just about to leave when Myeong Ju walks in. He’s recognized the suit and tie. Yun Seung candidly admits that Su Hee lent it to him, because of circumstances, and implies that he’s going to return them soon. And by the way, they’ve broken up, haven’t they? Why the concern, then? Myeong Ju grabs him and slams him against the wall, straight on his shoulder. Poor guy’s injured and he gets hit twice today. Myeong Ju angrily says that Su Hee deserves someone better than a player like him. Yun Seung finally explodes at this: “Who says I’m a player? What if I’m for real? At least I’m better than a Long Legs Ahjusshi, dictating from behind.” He stalks away.

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Shik Joon has finally escaped the dumpster but not the smell (which is causing mass exodus in a subway carriage) when Yun Seung finds him. He’s tearfully happy to see him, and they both head off to see Jin Pyo. He greets Yun Seung with a severe slap for getting himself injured. He softens up, though, but rebukes him, reminding him about his dead father. Mentioning his father, Yun Seung pleads for a second chance at Seo and gets it.

They plan to catch Seo at another broadcasting station, where he’ll be giving a live discussion with other candidates. Jin Pyo instructs them to shoot for real this time, prodding Yun Seung’s shoulder for emphasis. That’s hit number three the shoulder’s taken today.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung’s still morose at dinner with Shik Joon, because this means he could again come face-to-face with Na Na. He tells Shik Joon it was Na Na who shot him, but that she didn’t see him. He sighs: “We can’t let her be Seo’s bodyguard for this.” They discuss how to put her out of action: should he twist her foot again? Or put laxatives in her food? Shik Joon then has an idea.

They settle themselves on the roof of her apartment building. Yun Seung’s really not sure about this risky plan, but Shik Joon is flatly against giving her diarrhea. Omg – are they really going to drop something on her from up there? When she comes up the road, Shik Joon excitedly grabs a brick (Yun Seung snatches it away), then a flower pot (Yun Seung takes this away too), but in their squabbling, they back into a flower pot on the edge. Uh-oh – it flies off the edge and hits Na Na bang on the head (Ouch). The duo duck down, but Na Na’s spotted them and yells out a threat. They run for it.

Posted Image Posted Image

Time for Yun Seung’s backup plan. At Da Hye’s next tutoring session at a café, Yun Seung carefully slips the laxative in Na Na’s Americano. He plunks down their drinks, willing Na Na to drink hers quickly. She’s just about to take a sip when Eun Ha has a craving for Americano and proposes swapping drinks. Yun Seung watches horrified as Eun Ha downs the whole glass.

Posted Image Posted Image

It kicks in quickly, as Eun Ha starts having stomach pains at the karaoke bar Da Hye’s dragged them to. Yun Seung’s in a hurry to leave, but Da Hye grabs his bag as collateral when the girls head to the bathroom. He’s not going anywhere, since Shik Joon has rented a room close by to treat his wound. Eun Ha, meanwhile, is having severe problems, so Na Na leaves the bathroom for medicine, with stern instructions for Da Hye. As she leaves, she catches a glimpse of Shik Joon – and a memory clicks. He’d been there at her parents’ accident, and later in the police station. She cries out his name, “Bae Duk Man!” and gives chase. He’s hiding outside behind a sign, where she loses him.

Trouble erupts at the bathroom when a couple of girls walk in, complaining about traffic and unemployment, and eventually move on to the President and his useless daughter. Da Hye flies at them for insulting her dad, and sick Eun Ha can’t stop them fighting. It’s not good, as the catfight continues into the corridor, and is caught on everyone’s cell phones.

Posted Image Posted Image

The video’s released on YouTube and becomes a hit. Not so for the security boss, who thoroughly grills Eun Ha and Na Na. He docks one month of pay for Eun Ha, but because Na Na left her post, she loses six months pay and is suspended for two weeks. With tears in her eyes, she leaves the office, where she meets Yun Seung. Having heard about her suspension, he offers: “Just go home and rest, and clean a bit.” Na Na: “You know how I’m feeling right now and still you tell me to clean? Men like you are the worst.” She leaves Yun Seung murmuring, “I’m glad you’re suspended, but you can’t know that.”

At home, Na Na sits on a swing on the roof, remembering Bae Duk Man. He’d been a witness at her parent’s accident, and changed his story to say that her parent’s car was the one that caused the crash. Still in her mourning hanbok, Na Na had burst into tears and begged him to recall clearly, but he had torn himself away, clearly upset too.

Posted Image Posted Image

She’s still crying when Yun Seung shows up and drags her down to his shiny new convertible and shoves her in, protesting. He announces that they’re going for a drive to cheer her up. The contrariness gets to Na Na, and she despairingly asks what’s going on with him: he’s mean to her but he paid her father’s bills, he bought her house and let her live in it, etc. Uncomfortable, Yun Seung distracts her by proposing that she let out all her feelings here – cry, shout, break things, whatever. She takes this to heart by yelling at her boss for docking her pay, at Eun Ha for getting sick, and Yun Seung for being ‘unlucky’. Yun Seung responds by yelling at her, but they both end up laughing.

Posted Image Posted Image

Na Na’s feeling much better by the time he’s parked in a tree-lined avenue. He asks: “Am I really that unlucky? You know how many girls line up to be with me? They all line up at Jansil arena with number plates.” (Lol). Na Na laughs that yes, he’s the super-unluckiest of them all. Suddenly it starts to rain, and the roof of the convertible decides to stop working just then.

They turn up at Yun Seung’s original apartment, soaked to the skin. Na Na’s in favor of going home, but Yun Seung is suddenly distracted by the fact that she’s wearing a wet white shirt…which has turned transparent in the rain. When Na Na starts to look curious, he quickly shoves his jacket at her and leads her in.

Inside, he sends Na Na off with one of his shirts and permission to use the shower, and sits down to tend to his wound. It’s looking really bad, and he has to take a painkiller to take the edge off. Here: screencap for everyone who wanted to see Lee Min Ho shirtless, lol.

Posted Image Posted Image

Dressed again, he wanders off to the kitchen – and ends up dumbstruck at the sight of Na Na wearing his shirt and nothing else. She proposes a ramen dinner, but the sight of her bare legs has Yun Seung all a-dizzy, so he declines dinner.

Na Na ends up falling asleep on the couch, which is where Yun Seung finds her later. Smiling, he crouches down to gaze at her face, gently smoothing her hair aside. Slowly, like he can’t help himself, he starts leaning it closer…which is when Na Na’s eyes open.

Posted Image Posted Image

They look at each other for a long moment, then she closes her eyes again. Yun Seung is this close to her face when his (bloody stupid) phone rings. It’s Jin Pyo, here to issue a final warning about tomorrow’s plan. He’ll be there on-site too, and he’ll help Yun Seung take Seo to a drop point.

Poof goes the mood, and Yun Seung tells Na Na to sleep. He himself spends the night preparing audio and video hijack material for tomorrow. The OST is really good here, by the way; it captures perfectly his longing and isolation at this moment.

The next day, the mood between them is tentatively friendly as he drops her off home. Na Na thanks him, and asks what he wants for dinner. He’s surprised at this unusual request, but happily orders no carrots and onions, and lots of meat, and drives off. Na Na smiles, then suddenly notices a missing earring. She’s distracted by the phone, which is from her boss. Turns out her previous performance annuls her brief error yesterday, so she’s back on the job. Na Na’s happy, but I’m not. This is going to be tense.

Posted Image Posted Image

At the broadcasting station (which seems like the same building from Episode 2), Na Na and Eun Ha stand guard while Seo prepares to take his seat for the debate along with the other candidates. Myeong Ju has turned up in the audience, and Yun Seung himself (back in vigilante gear), is sneaking into the control room to plant a knockout gas bomb.

Under the cameras, Seo begins his speech. This is Yun Seung’s moment. Armed with a gas mask, he enters the control room and inserts a video. Back in the discussion room, the huge video screen flickers on – to Seo’s crooked deal with the Maris rep. Ooo, busted. Myeong Ju realizes that this is the City Hunter at work and runs off in search. Seo tries bluffing, but under the gleeful accusations of the other candidates decides to make a run for it with Na Na behind him.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung’s back in his black mask and running down the stairwell when a door opens noiselessly behind him – Myeong Ju. He can’t hear him as he suddenly gets attacked from behind. Both men grapple each other fiercely as they struggle to subdue the other. Myeong Ju’s unable to get Yun Seung’s mask, but Yun Seung’s injury prevents him from knocking out Myeong Ju. Yun Seung wins when he manages to kick Myeong Ju down some stairs and sets off running down the corridor, with the other close behind.

Posted Image Posted Image

Na Na’s striding down the halls, gun ready, with Seo right behind her. Oh no.

They run straight into Yun Seung the City Hunter, with Prosecutor Kim Myeong Ju. Na Na raises the gun in warning, and Yun Seung freezes in shock. They’re on an open corridor, visible to police officers on one level above and to Jin Pyo in the lobby below.

Myeong Ju quickly orders Na Na to grab hold of Seo, now that he’s a criminal. But then that slimy skeazebag grabs her gun, puts an arm across her neck and points the gun at her head, holding her hostage.

Posted Image Posted Image

Na Na steels herself and attempts to elbow herself free, but the man isn’t taking chances. Grabbing her by the arms, he pushes her against the railing and flips her over. Na Na manages to find a precarious hold as Seo makes a run for it.

Yun Seung and Myeong Ju glance at each other and come to a silent agreement. As Jin Pyo watches, Myeong Ju sets off after Seo, while Yun Seung leans over the railing to grab hold of Na Na’s hand. Only, it’s his injured arm, and he can’t help but groan in pain. Na Na watches horrified as blood begins to drip down his arm.

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image


Another heck of a cliffhanger. I have to say, I don’t think I breathed for the last 10 minutes. And the rest of the episode is just as solid - Yun Seung and Na Na have just about acknowledged their mutual attraction, Su Hee gets a larger role and is now the only person who knows about Yun Seung the City Hunter, and Shik Joon’s relationship with Na Na is now revealed. Not to mention the irony that Na Na's life is in danger because of the injury she herself had caused. There’s so much plot it’s incredible, but it’s done very coherently. Now how long will it take for Na Na to notice her roommate’s funny injury or the City Hunter’s familiar build? On to Episode 9!


Jun 18 11 05:16 AM
OMG. Best. Episode. Ever.
I KNOW!! I was totally Like up on my seat!
no edit button, aww. BUT I THINK That She knows hes the city hunter because when they were about to kiss, i think she remembers his eyes. So now when she was about to shoot, she had this blank stare like she recognizes him.
AMAZING RECAP. I am dying to know what happens next!
nice recap...thanks!!! ^_^
Every episode gets more intense ;]

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