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City Hunter (2011) Episode 9 Recap

Enter a new phase of City Hunter, where Yun Sueng is suddenly vulnerable and the playing board is even. Even though our main gang is all at odds, either professionally or personally, there are delicious hints that they could shift positions and swap roles.

Episode 9

Cliffhanger, literally. Na Na dangles from the balcony hundreds of feet up, while Yun Seung’s grip grows slippery with blood. With almost superhuman endurance, he manages to get both his hands to her and haul her over the railing. Collapsing to the ground with Na Na in his arms, he suddenly checks himself. Na Na grabs at his sleeve and asks urgently: “It was you who saved me from the sniper that night, wasn’t it?” Yun Seung, however, races off before she catches any more clues.

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Seo, meanwhile, is running for it with Myeong Ju hot on his heels. I suppose the slimeball’s got some brains, because he manages to trap his pursuer in a revolving door.

All this is being observed by Jin Pyo, who has an almost funny, parental I-told-you-so-now-let-me-do-it-properly look on his face. Sang Gook is by his side.

Seo makes his way to the underground garage, where he hijacks a security car at gunpoint. Not so fast! Just as he’s getting in, Jin Pyo’s cane whooshes in and whacks the crap out of him. Pinned by the cane, Seo’s unable to reach for his gun. Jin Pyo’s got another trick up his sleeve – the cane is actually a casing for a very sharp long dagger, which is now used to keep Seo from getting any funny ideas. Yun Seung stumbles up covered in blood at this moment. Jin Pyo only has time for a “Useless guy” when Shik Joon roars in with the escape car. The four plus Seo wheel out just before Myeong Ju and security team show up.

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Myeong Ju proves that he’s not just a backup guy, as he reveals that he’d planted a tracker on Yun Seung in their earlier fight. The police teams follow the little bleeping icon on Myeong Ju’s phone, searching for both preys.

The takedown team (Yun Seung, Shik Joon, Jin Pyo, Sang Gook) are in an abandoned warehouse, with Seo tied neatly to an armchair. Jin Pyo lays into Yun Seung for not killing Na Na on the spot and catching Seo quickly, but on Shik Joon’s urging switches his attention to the real target.

Carefully, he empties five cartridges from his revolver. With one cartridge remaining, Jin Pyo snaps the barrel back in place, spins it, and then points it at Seo. Whoa – revolver Russian roulette. Holding it steady, he demands the names of the other three men. Seo remains quiet. Jin Pyo pulls the trigger – and it’s empty. Again, he demands the names.

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Seo shakily agrees to cooperate, if he can be promised his safety. Jin Pyo: “So you’d sell out your comrades for your own safety? As I thought, you’re a rotten bastard.” Again, he pulls the trigger, and again it’s empty.

The wailing of sirens alerts them that the police has arrived. Jin Pyo holds firm: “Who is it?” Another click, and another empty cartridge. Seo knows now that the odds have really stacked up against him. As Jin Pyo’s finger pulls back the trigger again, he blurts out – Kim Jong Shik. As the police surround the area, Jin Pyo remains calm. He demands more names again, still prepared to fire the gun.

Shik Joon’s been getting antsy, and now he acts. With an apology, he yanks the pin out of another knockout grenade, while he and Yun Seung don gas masks. Jin Pyo’s gun fires uselessly as he goes limp, along with Sang Gook and Seo.

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When the police burst in, it’s empty, except for a few scattered remnants – the gun, the tracker button, and a designer perfumed piece of clothing. Myeong Ju’s furious, but gets a phone call. It’s Yun Seung, who’s now driving along in an ambulance. He instructs the Prosecutor to return to his office, as there’s something there for him. Racing back, Myeong Ju arrives in time to see Seo Yong Hak neatly laid out on a gurney, with a “For Prosecutor Kim Myeong Ju” sign taped to his chest. Just before a swarm of reporters descends, Myeong Ju spies the military ID tags around Seo’s neck. He snaps (probably futile) orders to track down the errant ambulance.

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Jin Pyo awakens at his own office, with a contrite Shik Joon standing by. He slowly asks what happened to Seo. He is, predictably, furious upon hearing that Seo is safe in the Prosecutor’s hands, and lays into Shik Joon in rage. Yun Seung, having abandoned the ambulance, receives Jin Pyo’s video call in his car. He again attempts to explain that he defied his father in order to save both of them, but Jin Pyo’s not biting this time. He holds up a bruised and battered Shik Joon to the camera, and threatens: “If you defy me, you’ll be punished.” Yun Seung’s shocked, and then angry as he speeds towards Jin Pyo’s office.

Sang Gook attempts to block him on the stairs, but Yun Seung’s had enough of playing nice. Viciously, he puches and kicks the other man till he draws blood, slamming him down at Jin Pyo’s feet. Jin Pyo roars at him for sabotaging their plans again, and raises the cane.

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Catching it in one hand, Yun Seung cries: “It was to prevent another me! If it wasn’t for those five men, I would have had a mother and father like everyone else. I could have lived normally. I want to kill them more than anyone else. But blood revenge that creates more blood should end there. When this is over, I want to live happily with you again.”

Jin Pyo: “I’m going to kill these men, even if it takes me to hell. Are you still going to defy me?”

Yun Seung stands quiet for a long moment, but then admits, “Yes. Because that is my revenge.”

Jin Pyo: “Even if that means war with me?”

Yun Seung: “Even if it means more than war. Don’t touch those precious to me. I’ll protect them. You, too.” He pulls Shik Joon away, and leaves. Jin Pyo orders Sang Gook to find out Na Na’s identity.

She’s in the hospital for a strained ligament, also being questioned by the police. They ask for her description of the City Hunter. Na Na’s puzzled – she only saw his eyes, but they’re very familiar eyes. She denies any knowledge to the police, but she compares the City Hunter’s eyes to Yun Seung’s eyes when he was about to kiss her…

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Yun Seung himself is in very bad shape, as his shoulder wound has reopened. He’s more worried about Na Na though, and insists on getting up to see her, but faints when he gets out of bed. Shik Joon goes all out with worry, and ends up calling Su Hee over to treat the wound. Yun Seung’s grateful, and Su Hee remains her calm, composed self.

After she leaves, Shik Joon tentatively questions Yun Seung: He’s in love with Na Na, right? That’s why he left Seo and went to save her? Yun Seung just says he was worried about her, which is why he’s going to move out of her apartment. He’s worried about what Jin Pyo will do to her if he continues to hang around. She calls at this moment, and he switches back to being brusque. Na Na slowly asks him: is he all right? Not hurting or anything? Yun Seung flatly denies this and hangs up when she waffles.

He has another nightmare – he’s back at the building, holding on to Na Na as she dangles high up. This time, though, his hands are too slippery with blood. He watches horrified as she falls and dies. He jerks awake, and then races out to see Na Na alive and well one last time.

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Na Na’s unable to sleep, and to this end heads for the swing on the rooftop. Once there, she finally admits: “I miss him. I’m worried.” She gets a sudden shock when Yun Seung looms up out of the shadows. He in turn scolds her for being here at this time of night. It’s 2 in the morning; why on earth is she so careless about her safety? Na Na gets upset and fires back: she didn’t choose to come here, either! She was worried and couldn’t sleep. With tears in her eyes now, she continues: “Can’t you come home earlier, so I don’t worry? How can you do this to me?” She’s about to go on, but Yun Seung suddenly strides up to her – with a kiss.

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It’s a long moment. They break apart, still holding each other. Yun Seung puts his arms around Na Na, and gently tells her to be safe indoors. He continues: lock the door, don’t be so confident in her judo skills, don’t talk to strangers. (Okay, this sounds very much like a farewell message. ) He continues: “Take care of yourself. You make excellent coffee.” At this last one, Na Na offers to make him some, and skips off downstairs. Yun Seung gazes sadly at her as she walks away. When she comes back, he’s disappeared.

In the car on the way home, he ignores her call, saying: “I’ll surely protect you.” Na Na sits abandoned on the rooftop, clutching only his fallen jacket.

The next morning, Yun Seung’s treated again by Su Hee, who’s jokingly insisting on breakfast. She lightly asks him about Kim Jong Shik, saying that he was sleeptalking about him. She says, “I don’t know if the City Hunter knows this, but Kim Jong Shik’s son is Prosecutor Kim Myeong Ju.”

Jin Pyo is just receiving this information from Sang Gook, along with the fact that father and son don’t get along. Jin Pyo disregards this, saying that blood is thicker than water – Myeong Ju is bound to side with his dad in the end. Yun Seung and Shik Joon have just arrived at the same suspicion. Jin Pyo calls to insist that Seo and Lee be delivered to him. Myeong Ju can’t be trusted with them now. Yun Seung slams a fist on the table, but he has nothing to say.

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Things are looking down for Na Na, too, who’s just been fired. To her credit, I don’t think she anticipated an attack by Seo, but getting disarmed and held hostage does not make for a good bodyguard. She clears her desk (Eun Ha adorable rails against their chief) and walks off sadly with her belongings. On the foresty gravel path outside, she suddenly runs into Yun Seung. She stutters out his name, but he walks off without a word.

Big contrast to Myeong Ju, who comes up to ask about her health. He continues with questions about the City Hunter – they’ve got blood samples from the rooftop shot and yesterday’s fracas, and they’re not far from confirming him as a suspect. Yun Seung carefully listens in behind the trees. Myeong Ju asks Na Na about his eyes. Were they familiar? Na Na’s hands tighten on her box, but she gives an indeterminate answer. He suddenly notices the Pororo toy in her box. Na Na blurts out that it’s Lee Yun Seung’s…toy, which he gave to her. Myeong Ju, though, has wheels working in his brain, as he remembers the same toy from Jin Pyo’s office.

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Seo Yong Hak is now police escorted to the Prosecutor’s office, pelted with eggs and tomatoes by an angry crowd. Inside, he quietly wipes of the detritus as he answers questions by Myeong Ju. Did he bribe the boots supplier to make substandard boots? Yes. Did he bribe Congressman Lee? Yes. Did he know about Maris’ defective products, and still buy them? Yes. Myeong Ju holds up the list of Seo’s crimes – does he know who wrote this? Seo denies it. He held a bodyguard hostage and attempted murder. Yes. So just hurry up and sue him, and get him to a safe jail, okay? Myeong Ju looks surprised at this curious request. Seo asks: “That City Hunter…he won’t get me in there and kill me, right?”

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Just then, the aide comes in with a report on the writer of the anonymous letter. It’s Lee Kyeong Wan. Seo jumps up indignantly, feeling betrayed, but Myeong Ju rightly points out that he has no right to feel that way, having deceived the citizens of the country.

There’s one last question. The ID tags are like the ones found on Lee. They’re all from October 1983, and have been traced to a missing Special Forces expedition. If Seo knows anything about it, cough up.

Seo thinks to himself: that mission involved the President. Should he talk? In the end, he denies any knowledge, and gets led away. Myeong Ju’s frustrated – all the trails lead to that incident, but the military statute of limitations won’t be up until 2030. They’re stuck.

The President himself is at a military awards ceremony, where Ki Huk is receiving an honored discharge. Ki Huk makes his speech to a quiet crowd, with Yun Seung listening too: he is still standing to protect them. Even though his leg is like this, he does not regret joining the army. What he feels most is that he was unable to be a soldier for more than a short while. And – if not for the City Hunter, they would have elected the maker of defected boots as President. It’s a strong, heartfelt speech.

Afterwards, Ki Huk is getting flowers from a pretty Mi Seon (and Yun Seung), while President Choe does the handshake routine with some upper level generals. The President is just looking around when a man catches his eye. (Holy &%#$) it’s Jin Pyo, decked out in proud military gear and glaring at full power. Shocked, Choe looks again, but he’s gone.

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He’s accosted by Myeong Ju, who’s come here at the tail end of a desperate search. Myeong Ju wants the release of the October 1983 files, with details of Seo’s and Lee’s involvement. Uh-oh. Choe half-heartedly agrees to consult some directors on the issue.
Myeong Ju’s foiled again when he asks Yun Seung if he knows Steve Lee. Nope.

At the Blue House, Eun Ha is, as usual taking out her feelings by thrashing Ki Jun. He sweetly allows her to work off her frustration, but looks like he wants to take it back when she really goes for it. Alongside, Yun Seung is not happy to hear that the chief is standing in for Na Na now that she’s fired. This is news to him, and he hotly asks why someone who risked her life should be kicked out. So when Chief tries to demonstrate a move, he easily lifts him and slams him on the mat. Shocked silence all around, as Yun Seung says: “This is what I learned from Kim Na Na.” Aw.

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At the office, Ki Jun wheels up to ask for a flash drive, and then when Yun Seung opens a drawer, spots the pretty bag inside. Ooo, does Professor Lee have a girlfriend? Who is it? Yun Seung shuts him up, but then (speak of the devil) gets a call from Na Na. She’s at home, and asks if he can come home right now. He snaps back that he’s busy, but Na Na’s joined just then by none other than Jin Pyo (Oh crap). Jin Pyo takes the phone and asks genially, “Are you busy now?” Yun Seung leaves right then and there and floors the car’s accelerator.

At home, Na Na and Jin Pyo are having a genteel conversation over tea and fruit. (It’s something new to see Jin Pyo turn on the charm for once). He remarks on her unusual necklace – it’s actually Yun Seung’s bullet necklace. She explains that her savior dropped it at the sniper scene. When asked if it’s the City Hunter, she’s desultory. Na Na starts to explain about any misunderstandings between her and Yun Seung, when Yun Seung himself bursts in. Jin Pyo’s all smiles.

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Not so outside, where he confronts Yun Seung about the whole living-together situation (this would be difficult even if your dad wasn’t Jin Pyo). He continues: “Do you love that girl?” Yun Seung hesitates, then firmly denies it. Jin Pyo points out that such a firm negative is actually a positive, more so as Yun Seung chose her over the plan. “Stupid guy. I already told you not to love. That child may die because of you.” This last one gets to Yun Seung, so when Na Na comes up later, he gives her the brush-off.

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At home, Shik Joon’s alarmed at Jin Pyo’s intrusion into Na Na’s home. Yun Seung’s not happy, but he decides: “I’ve got to find and kill Kim Jong Shik. That will keep her safe.” He picks up her fallen earring, but gets to work.

Turns out Kim Jong Shik is in Geneva at the moment, so this gives them some time to find some dirt on him. Shik Joon insists that there must be something. At his desk, Yun Seung plays with Na Na’s earring and contemplates sending her a text. But no, he sets the phone down with a sigh.

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Myeong Ju’s in his office with his aides when new data comes in. The expensive perfume on the City Hunter’s coat is a foreign import with long waiting lists. The list for this one just came in. Myeong Ju reads off the names – and hits Lee Yun Seung.
Uh-oh. Myeong Ju remembers all the suspicious little details: he’d been with Lee Kyeong Wan’s girlfriend, and at the hotel where Seo and the Maris rep were meeting, and then that video was broadcast. He said he didn’t know Steve Lee, but Na Na said the toy was his. When Seo was kidnapped, he didn’t come home, but instead borrowed clothes from Su Hee. So the day the City Hunter was shot, Lee had switched clothes. He flashes back to his fight with the City Hunter, noting the hair, the build, the eyes. Which means – Su Hee.

Posted Image Posted Image

He bursts in to her office, demanding to know why Yun Seung borrowed clothes from her on election day. She remains calm, but a finger dawdles as she explains that it was raining, and he’d gotten his clothes wet. Myeong Ju calls her out. It wasn’t raining that day, and besides, she always circles a finger when she’s lying. She doesn’t give an inch, but Myeong Ju doesn’t press further. He’s got enough: Yun Seung must have come here after getting injured, gotten treated here, and then changed clothes.

He leaves, with a quick rummage through her trash outside. Su Hee heads back into to her office, which has Yun Seung hidden away in the back room. She hands him back his outfit, and he asks again why she helps him. Su Hee: “I feel pity when I see a lost child. I think you’re lost.” She lets him go with a warning about the anaesthetic making him drowsy.

Posted Image Posted Image

Shik Joon is packing up at Na Na’s place, chortling about his Yun Seung and clucking about all this revenge business. He doesn’t notice, though, that he’s left behind a card. Yun Seung enters, sending Shik Joon out so that he can say goodbye to Na Na.

She’s out shopping to make him dinner, remembering to get beef. She keeps getting disturbed by suspicions about the City Hunter, but shakes them off. When she gets home, Yun Seung’s dead asleep on the couch, so she sets to cooking. When she approaches to wake him up, his sleeping face triggers her memory again. Slowly, she reaches out a hand to cover the lower half of his face – which matches the masked City Hunter who saved her that day. Shocked, she backs off as he wakes up. It’s a quiet dinner, with Na Na stunned by her discovery and Yun Seung knowing that something’s up.

Posted Image Posted Image

She tries to cheer him up by offering him beef, but Yun Seung flatly makes his speech. Forget that time they kissed. He did it just as a joke. Now that she’s become easy, he doesn’t want to eat with her. He’ll let her live in the house, though. Just say hello when they meet at work. Shocked again, Na Na can’t say anything as he heads out. On the balcony outside, Yun Seung fights off memories of Na Na, repeating (as if to convince himself): “I can’t fall in love. It’s my destiny.”Inside, Na Na does the same, fighting back tears.

Posted Image Posted Image

Yun Seung listlessly arrives home, noticing that Shik Joon has brought back Na Na’s Kim Jong Shik file by accident. As he’s flipping through, the news on TV catches his attention: the footage shows a sick Prisoner Lee Kyeong Wan being transported to a hospital. For one second, the camera catches a doctor standing by. One guess who it is.

Yun Seung rockets up: “Father! He’s going to kill Lee Kyeong Wan!” and runs for it. Likewise, Myeong Ju receives a call that Lee’s ready to talk on October 1983 right now, and he too heads for the hospital. They both arrive at the same time, clocking each other’s presence. They’re interrupted as staff wheel out a dead security man. The implications of this aren’t lost on them, as they head up to Lee’s room. Just a little too late, it looks like, as Lee appears to have died just then. Frustrated, Yun Seung glances around. Jin Pyo stands in the corner of the room, fierce and grim.

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The episode should really have stopped when Yun Seung arrived at the hospital, but at least we can look forward to a good father-son debate later on. And I do love that Yun Seung’s idea of revenge isn’t self-centered and all-consuming. He prefers to act for the good of the people, encompassing the sufferings of people like Ki Huk. Now one person already knows his identity, and two more are almost sure. How will this work out for him? On to Episode 10!



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