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May Queen (2012) Episode 2 Recap

Gi Chul begs Hong Cheol to keep Hae Ju away from the Jang household, although it's unclear to the latter why. Money continues to be a persistent problem for the Cheon family, made worse by the fact that the loan sharks have managed to track them. Meanwhile, Chang Hui is finding it increasingly hard to contain his anger over his father's helpless situation, and Gang San takes an interest in the slightly tomboyish Hae Ju.


Recap by beldaran, Screencaps by Belen

Hearing a vase break, Geum Hui steps out into the living room where Hae Ju and and In Hwa are standing over Do Hyeon’s newest acquisition. As In Hwa tries to place blame on Hae Ju, the latter hurriedly tries to pick up the pieces. Hae Ju's neck is bent just enough for Geum Hui to see her burn mark.

To the viewers’ frustration, Geum Hui only recognizes her as the girl who hit In Hwa in school and asks if she really broke the vase. Still shocked, Hae Ju protests her innocence.

In Hwa starts crying over the cut on her leg, and Geum Hui rushes to do First Aid and then demands to know why Hae Ju hasn’t apologized. The girl apologizes again and repeats that she didn’t break the vase. Geum Hui defends In Hwa, just as the maid notices the bigger gash on Hae Ju’s leg.

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In Hwa cries again, louder this time, confessing that she had broken the vase.

Gi Chul frets over Hae Ju’s presence from outside, and Do Hyeon scolds him for his failure to talk to the orchard farmer.

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Do Hyeon walks in to find Geum Hui binding Hae Ju’s leg. Hae Ju is surprised that Do Hyeon is the owner of the house, and In Hwa relates that she had mentioned her father’s sunbae lives here. She finds out that Gi Chul is their house butler. As she hurries to take her leave, In Hwa pretty much orders her to stay for dinner.

As they sit on the table, Geum Hui user her position to her advantage and takes the fall for the vase. Just as Do Hyeon mentions how expensive the vase is, she calmly asks with a smile if she should pay then? Or better yet, leave? It sounds like she’s teasing, but it’s enough to tamp his mood down, laughing that he never liked the thing anyway.

Hae Ju is momentarily shocked by his reaction, and is surprised again by the luxury of the prepared food. Il Mun clocks on her enthusiasm, and asks his sister where he picked Hae Ju up from. She remembers the food her own family eats, and chokes back a bit.

After dinner, In Hwa lends her a stroller to load the cases of bottles, then asks whether Hae Ju is going to say she’s thankful. The latter acquiesces, and In Hwa then asks if she’s now going to say she’s sorry for hitting her. Hae Ju tries to tell her that she did wrong as well, and that she shouldn’t waste food, but ends up apologizing just to appease the spoiled brat.

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She heads home with her loot, singing to herself, but is met on the road by her father, who is immediately concerned that she got hurt while collecting bottles. Hong Cheol reports that he found a job, and tells her that she doesn’t need to continue trying to earn money.

Seeing her limp, he insists on giving her a piggyback ride home. The tender moment is cut when they get home, however, and Dal Sun is once again upset at Hae Ju’s late arrival.

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Gi Chul has worriedly followed Hae Ju home. And, as father and daughter pick up the mess left by Dal Sun’s tantrum, Hong Cheol spies Gi Chul from around the corner and finds himself dragged away.

Gi Chul once again reminds him that he can’t stay in Ulsan, but Hong Cheol explains that they have nowhere else to go. He begs Hong Cheol not to let Hae Ju go near the house again, reasoning that his master does not like children around. Hong Cheol is perplexed, but agrees.

At home, Yeong Ju clings to Hae Ju’s neck as she washes the dishes. When Yeong Ju comments that she smells like good food, Hae Ju immediately feels guilty and apologizes for not bringing any for her sister.

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Hong Cheol approaches her at the time and asks about her time at the Jang house, and becomes suspicious when Hae Ju comments that the Chairman seemed fine with her.

The next day, Do Hyeon once again surveys the orchard’s land, when Gang Dae Pyeong (Gang San’s grandfather) approaches him, telling him that he should stay out of shipbuilding and stick to his petroleum. He offers to pay a good price for Do Hyeon’s land. The latter, however, calls him out on his age, and tells him to just mind his grandson.

Angered, Dae Pyeong returns to his shipbuilding operation, where he is visited by Jeong U. His anger dissipates when he recognizes Hak Su’s brother. He tells Jeong U to work for him, but the latter declines, knowing his personality. He only wanted to visit for the good times. ‘

When Dae Pyeong tries to tell him that Do Hyeon is trying to usurp the land his brother had bequeathed to the farmers, he bows out, noting that he has nothing to do with those matters.

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At school, Chang Hui collects a trophy in front of the students. As he rides his bike home, however, Hae Ju unexpectedly runs across his path and he wipes out on the side of a hill. She recognizes him from the bee incident, but he just chastises her.

Seeing that the chain has come off on his bike, she tries to set it aright, but it’s still broken. Discovering that the fall also snapped the trophy in half, she offers to fix both bike and prize.

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They head to the shipyard where Hong Cheol works, but she leaves him at the entrance as she calls out to her father. She approaches the masked welder, and is surprised to find a boy instead. He informs her that he doesn’t know where the clumsy new technician is. She grabs the welder from him and starts to fix the bike, proving to be more proficient at welding than Gang San. Although she seems better by practice, he still has more knowledge, and advises against using the same method for the brass trophy.

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Chang Hui comes out to look for her and the two boys are surprised to see each other. Chang Hui is about to turn away, but Gang San calls out that his father must be expecting to see it. The three head to find the proper equipment, with Hae Ju admiring the ships on the way. The boys watch closely as she welds the two trophy halves together, marveling at her abilities. Gang San praises her skill, while Chang Hui is surprised that a girl could do such a thing at all. She shines the trophy and returns it to Chang Hui, who seems touched by her gesture.

As they leave, she regrets not being able to look around the shipyard, but recognizes the need to go home and cook. Chang Hui gives her a ride home on the bike. She finds herself grabbing tightly around his waist during a rough patch, but pulls back a little shyly.

When he drops her off at his place, she notes that he’s smart and good looking, but wonders why he’s rather brusque.

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At the butler’s quarters, Gi Chul is proud of his son’s achievement, while Chang Hui can only smile as he looks at the trophy once again.

Out in his mini golf course of evil later that evening, Do Hyeon apprises Gi Chul of the complications brought about by Dae Pyeong and tells him that he has to do some stealth work at night. Do Hyeon ends up taking some men to sabotage the orchard.

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Chang Hui is praised in his class at school the next day for achieving the best scores once more, much to Il Mun’s ire. The latter breaks a pencil in anger over the attention being lavished on Chang Hui, and, noticing this, the teacher heaps praises on Il Mun as well. Gang San also gets called out for his constant zeros.

After school, Gang San waits for Hae Ju at her school gate to tell her something, but he is waylaid by In Hwa and her giant crush on him.

Do Hyeon scolds Il Mun for being second to Chang Hui in grades once again, although Geum Hui praises him for his achievement. As Il Mun leaves to head out to cram school, Do Hyeon quips that a pampered lion cannot beat a wild dog. To add insult to injury, he finds Gi Chul outside, thanking Chang Hui for beating Il Mun in the rankings. He seems to be living vicariously through his son, passively beating Do Hyeon through their son’s grades while he himself is helpless to do anything.

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Il Mun has Gi Chul bring him water, but he repeatedly upends the glass of water onto the grass. Chang Hui finally gets fed up and takes over the task from his father, his hands shaking in silent anger... but when Il Mun pours the newly brought water over the report card that Gi Chul had been so proud of, Chang Hui finally loses it and takes a swing at Il Mun.

Chang Hui continues to punch Il Mun repeatedly, until Gi Chul finally manages to drag his son off and slap him back to his senses. Il Mun wipes his bloody lip and tries to return the house since he won’t be able to go to cram school anymore. Gi Chul begs him not to go back in, and pathetically gets down to his knees to apologize on Chang Hui’s behalf. Chang Hui is mortified and tries to stop his father, but Gi Chul continues to beg. Il Mun is finally satisfied and takes his leave, watching Gi Chul and Chang Hui cry, the former in desperation and the latter in helpless frustration.

Chang Hui runs off to the cliffside overlooking the shipyard and screams his frustrations out.

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Jeong U walks through the orchard and remembers when he had taken a picture with his brother and his family there. He has a chat with the farmers, who report that the pears keep dying, perhaps due to pollution or bad soil - not suspecting that their trees might be getting poisoned.

He meets Hae Ju on the way back to the empty property, where Dal Sun is preparing a meal. They’re feasting off some of the harvest that Jeong U had gifted them. At Hong Cheol’s wistful thought of makgeolli, Hae Ju runs off to buy some, noting that she has money to spend. He wonders where it had come from, and remembers the bottles. Jeong U notes that he wishes Hae Ju were his niece.

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Early the next morning, gangsters arrive at their abode and drag Hong Cheol and Dal Sun out from their sleep. Hong Cheol tries to tell them that had come out to look for a job so he could pay back his debt, but sneaking out at night with his entire family hardly proves his credibility. They continue to beat Hong Cheol and throw his wife and two older kids around, while Yeong Ju cries from inside. When Dal Sun drops to the ground, feigning prenatal stress, they drag Hae Ju off to sell her for payment.

Hong Cheol runs after them, begging them to kill him rather than sell Hae Ju. The girl, however, covers him and counters that they should sell her instead of beating him. Otherwise, she’ll bite her tongue to kill herself and haunt them later. The gangsters tell Hong Cheol to pay them back with interest and take their leave.

He slumps to the ground and cries, and, as she leans down to hug her father, finds herself crying as well.

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At the Jang house, In Hwa reminds Gang San by phone to remember to come over tomorrow. He tells her he can’t make it; he has somewhere else to go. Besides, she still has Mun and Chang Hui.

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Hae Ju heads to the shipyard to bring her father lunch. He doesn’t have the appetite, but takes one when she insists that she had worked hard on it. She expresses her desire to earn more money to help pay the interest. He tells her it’s alright, but can’t hold back the tears.

He takes her out for a boat ride, and lets her drive. He tells her to savor the feeling, so that she can overcome all hardships. He tells her to remember that there is still light despite the darkness.

Gang San drops by Hong Cheol’s work area to look for Hae Ju, and gleefully greets her when he finds her. She’s irritated to hear him describe her father in a less than ideal light, and tells him to stop calling her a welder. He tries to grab at her bag of boiled potatoes, but they both end up dropping it. He wonders that she’s so concerned over just potatoes.

In Hwa makes good on her word and arrives to look for Gang San, and wonders at Hae Ju’s presence. She tries to drag Gang San over to her party, and but he protests that he needs to work. Finally, he gives in, on the condition that Hae Ju come as well. When Hae Ju declines, he tells In Hwa that he’s only going if Hae Ju does. The situation devolves with In Hwa ordering Hae Ju to come to her party.

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At the Jang house, Geum Hui hurriedly prepares food for an outdoor luncheon, while Il Mun sits at the table, waiting. When the three arrive from the shipyard, Geum Hui greets Gang San with delight, noting that he hadn’t been by in a while. Her reaction towards Hae Ju is much more reserved, however.

Gang San tries to sit next to Hae Ju, but In Hwa pulls him over so she could sit in between them. When he tells her that coming to the party was much better than potatoes, she remembers to ask Geum Hui about taking home some leftovers. Geum Hui is surprised, but acquiesces.

At the Cheon house, Dal Sun is unable to find Yeong Ju.

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Gi Chul and Chang Hui walk through the grounds of the Jang house and find the four kids sitting to a luncheon. Gang San calls out to Chang Hui, and invites him over. Father and son remain unmoved, until Il Mun practically orders them to join.

Hae Ju is surprised that Chang Hui lives at the Jang household as well, and In Hwa explains that Chang Hui is Gi Chul’s son. Gang San introduces himself to Gi Chul, but Il Mun wonders why he should introduce himself to a servant. Gi Chul tries to excuse himself, but Il Mun tells him to get some food and eat in the corner.

Gi Chul tries to leave again, while Chang Hui tries to contain himself, not having said a word throughout the entire exchange. Il Mun reiterates his command, but Gang San starts to protest, just as Hae Ju calls him out for being a jerk and disrespecting an adult.

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Il Mun asks In Hwa about how she could bring a beggar to their home, and proceeds to throw water in her face. Gang San threatens with the standard, “Do you want to die?” and even In Hwa protests. Meanwhile, Gi Chul and Chang Hui can only remain silent, respectively shocked and seething, as Hae Ju protests that she’s not a beggar.

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Sep 03 12 02:27 AM
synopsis image credit to gfx team member Belen
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