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May Queen (2012) Episode 3 Recap

Chang Hui begs his father to leave the Jang residence, unable to bear the indignity any longer, while Hae Ju continues to try to bear Dal Sun's animosity. On the other hand, Gang San tries to shake In Hwa off gently, as he tries to get Hae Ju's attention. Meanwhile, Hong Cheol learns the truth and laments his adoptive daughter's misfortune, and Do Hyeon moves forward with plans to build his own shipyard.


Recap by beldaran, Screencaps by Belen

Il Mun informs Hae Ju that her actions paint her as a beggar, but she tells him that disrespecting elders is more the form of a beggar. He makes a move towards her, and Gang San flips a table to stop him. Everybody looks in surprise, and Hae Ju scolds him for wasting the food.

Chang Hui storms off. Gang San follows him, and expresses his disappointment over Chang Hui's inability to stand up for his father. Chang Hui tells him to butt out of things he doesn't understand.

Hae Ju comes home, excited to bring some treats home for Yeong Ju, but Dal Sun hits her, blaming her for Yeong Ju's disappearance. Hong Cheol tries to protect Hae Ju. Yeong Ju wakes up from the ruckus, and comes out from the storage. From Sang Tae's words, it seems that she has a habit of doing so.

Hae Ju drops the treats and runs off, stopping at the outlook over the shipyard. She tries to calm herself from crying, and only belatedly finds Chang Hui staring at her.

She approaches him, and shares that looking at the ships makes her feel better. Perhaps finding a kindred spirit in her, he asks if her name is Hae Ju. He thanks her for standing up for his father, when he couldn't. She wonders what he's doing at the outlook, and he shares that he likes to look at the shipyard. But, whereas she wants a ship, he wants the entire shipyard. The two share a smile, as she calls him out on his greed.

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As Hong Cheol walks to the shipyard, Gi Chul confronts him, demanding the reason for his presence. He suspects Hong Cheol of knowing the true situation, and using it to blackmail him, but the latter really does not know. He wonders why Gi Chul is so set against Hae Ju, and Gi Chul desperately tells him that he could die too.

Hong Cheol walks off, and remembers the night Gi Chul had brought the baby, warning him not to step foot onto Ulsan. He then remembers Gi Chul's desperation just moments before. Hong Cheol realizes something...

He walks back to his workplace, just in time to join the small crowd greeting Do Hyeon's arrival. It seems they'll be making some repairs to Do Hyeon's boat, and have been guaranteed by one of his bodyguards. Hong Cheol recognizes him from his initial visit to the Jang house, when he had gone to look for Gi Chul.

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Later, he asks his supervisor about any missing children in the past. He learns that Gi Chul had once lost a baby in his care; a baby that belonged to the president's (Do Hyeon's) current wife.

He looks at the boat that had brought Do Hyeon in, and he wonders, wild-eyed, how Gi Chul could have done it.

Gi Chul, on the other hand, is walking towards his next target for land sales, and realizes in retrospect that perhaps Hong Cheol had not known anything after all.

Gi Chul is easily able to convince one of the farmers to sell out the land, since the orchard isn't doing quite so well.

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Dae Pyeong pays Jeong U a visit, and convinces him to go with him somewhere. On the way, Jeong U sees Gi Chul making a deal with another farmer.

Dae Pyeong takes him to a place overlooking some farmer's houses, and informs him that Do Hyeon is trying to buy up his brother's land to build a shipyard. He isn't without motives: he doesn't need the competition. What bothers him more, however, is Do Hyeon's ways of just taking what he wants, by any means necessary.

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Hae Ju sits by the grass on the pathway home, looking out at the water, awaiting her father. She's afraid that her mother might not take her back after having run away. She adds that he should fight with Dal Sun on her account.

They make it home by dark, but Dal Sun reacts exactly as Hae Ju had imagined and feared. She tells the girl that she should have just stayed away if she was going to run away in the first place. Hong Cheol angrily reasons that Yeong Ju hadn't disappeared after all; Dal Sun was the one who hadn't known where her daughter was. Dal Sun yells back that it's still Hae Ju's fault since Yeong Ju had probably fallen asleep looking for her. There's just no winning against the unreasonable. Hae Ju asks him to stop arguing.

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She returns to her usual chores, and tries to choke back tears. Hong Cheol joins her and asks her a what-if: what if she could have a nicer mother. Hae Ju tries to find reasons for Dal Sun's behavior towards her, noting that she still loves her mother.

At the servant's quarters, Chang Hui is having a hard time concentrating on his studies. He pleads with his father: they should leave rather than endure the humiliation. Gi Chul insists, however, that Chang Hui should just work hard to beat Il Mun and gain Do Hyeon's approval. Chang Hui tells his father to quit talking about how he's doing this for his son, and storms out of their quarters.

He glowers at the main house, where the Jang family is sharing some warm laughs as they discuss a family outing (sans Do Hyeon).

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The next day, Hong Cheol goes to the Jang house to get a glimpse of the family. He is saddened to see happy Geum Hui is with In Hwa.

When Gi Chul exits the premises, he calls the butler out. He confronts Gi Chul with the truth, and demands to know why Hae Ju had to be wrenched away from good parents and a life of privilege only to live in suffering. The two get into a scuffle (while I wonder why Gi Chul doesn't just tell him the truth).

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Hong Cheol ends up walking home, defeated, and is upset to find Hae Ju looking like a mess after catching some mudfish. He's upset that she should have to suffer like this when he said he'd take care of her, that he upends her bucket. He is immediately sorry, however, and helps her pick up the loot.

She cooks the mudfish into a stew, and her brother enjoys it so much that she ends up giving him her share when they run out. He accepts unreservedly, only to have Hong Cheol bap him with a spoon. Dal Sun predictably takes her son's side, then scolds Hae Ju for not selling the mudfish for meat instead, when Yeong Ju expresses wanting meat.

Later that night, Hong Cheol takes a sleeping Hae Ju and tucks her into the bedroom. He sits outside, pensive, and Dal Sun joins him, demanding that Hae Ju be brought back out to sleep outside. Hong Cheol asks how she could be this way with her daughter she'd raised for 10 years, but Dal Sun refuses to acknowledge her, stating that the girl is Hong Cheol's problem.

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After school the next day, Gang San finds Hae Ju retrieving a bucket and a basket. He wants to tell her something, but his personal stalker finds him. In Hwa tries to invite him to an opera, but shakes her off to trail after Hae Ju instead.

Hae Ju goes out to gather some weeds and catch more mudfish. Gang San offers to give her money instead, but she shooes him off, insulted. So off he goes to the market to buy some herbs and mudfish, and plants them in her path, giving her a surprisingly bountiful harvest. When she finally discovers his presence, he pretends to be catching mudfish [instead of planting them] to help her.

She tries to sell them later, calling out weakly to the passersby, but none pay them any heed. So Gang San, puts a bowl on his head and puts on a show, telling stories and calling out the people to gather around their merchandise. He manages to amuse the crowd and convince them to buy their low-priced harvest.

Posted Image

It isn't long before they are able to sell all the mudfish, and she thanks him for his help. He demands his pay, by way of her time.

He wants her to teach him to weld acrylic, but his fear of sparks frustrates her and she walks away. She quips that one can't swim if they're afraid of the water. He reveals that he's scared of fire because he had been burnt when he was younger.

He protests her departure, but she tells him she'll return another day since she has to cook tonight.

Posted Image

Meanwhile, Gi Chul is having a hard time getting other farmers to sell their orchard. Jeong U has apparently stepped in and spread the word among the farmers that their land was being bought to build a shipyard. Jeong U takes it a step further and rips up the sales contract he had just recently acquired from another farmer, declaring the contract void. The farmer will repay the sum.

A little later, Gi Chul and Jeong U have some one-on-one time, and Jeong U asks how he could be working for Do Hyeon in this way. Gi Chul, of all people, should know his brother's intentions for the land. Gi Chul notes that the farmers will be compensated, but Jeong U responds that they only sold because their orchards were being chemically poisoned. Jeong U asks again why he is living with Do Hyeon. He wonders if Gi Chul is doing this to stay close to Geum Hui, out of guilt over Yu Jin.

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Gi Chul regrettably reports to Do Hyeon that they were only able to get a few contracts. Chang Hui happens to come home just in time to see Do Hyeon beating his father repeatedly with a golf club. Gi Chul confesses that Jeong U had interfered with the sales, and Do Hyeon realizes that Dae Pyeong had dragged Hak Su's brother into the situation.

Do Hyeon finally notices Chang Hui's presence and walks back into the house. Chang Hui rushes to his father's side.

As he helps his father with his bruises, he cries as he wonders again why they have to stay in the Jang household. It's not long before Gi Chul is called out again.

Posted Image

At his office, Dae Pyeong is angered to find that Do Hyeon is moving forward with plans to build his shipyard. Jeong U then agrees to take up Dae Pyeong's offer to work for him. In exchange, Dae Pyeong must make an offer to the farmers, with a value three times higher than Do Hyeon's offer. When Dae Pyeong refuses to make a losing investment, Jeong U retracts his offer. Dae Pyeong doubles back reluctantly and counters that he'll offer twice the value instead.

Do Hyeon is out on his boat, telling Gi Chul that they must beat Dae Pyeong. He wants the orchard and the shipyard. The boat starts to leak, and they dock back at the repair shop that Hong Cheol works at. A service car takes an angry Do Hyeon and a wary Gi Chul away, but not before the latter could try to look around for Hong Cheol.

Posted Image

Hae Ju takes Gang San to the repair shop in order to practice welding while Hong Cheol takes a look at a boat engine.

As Hae Ju switches her shirt layers to put on the protective suit, Gang San notices the burn mark at the back of her neck.

At the Jang household, Chang Hui mows the lawn in his father's place. Geum Hui sees the burn mark on his shoulder and suddenly remembers how she had caused it on the day of Hak Su's death.

She tries to put it out of her mind and calls out to Chang Hui again. She tells him that she should study instead, and worries over his state. She puts a hand to his face, and relates that she had raised him when he was a child.

Posted Image

The maid comes out to report that In Hwa is nowhere to be found; she had mentioned going to some mechanic.

Predictably, she is out looking for Gang San again. She finds him admiring her father's boat with Hae Ju at the repair shop.

In Hwa tries to invite him to the opera once more, but he is more interested in admiring boats. She recognizes her father's boat, and offers to show them around. He tries to avoid it, but accepts on Hae Ju's prodding.

Posted Image

Chang Hui arrives just then to take In Hwa back, but she refuses. All four end up boarding the boat. Gang San tries to downplay the boat in front of In Hwa, but Hae Ju continues to express her admiration.

Gang San finds that the key is still in the ignition, and, In Hwa, eager to impress, starts the boat up. The boat starts up abruptly, and Hae Ju grabs at the wheel as the rope unties from the boat. Chang Hui and Hae Ju want to return to the dock, but Gang San and In Hwa are eager to keep going.

Posted Image

Back at the repair shop, one of the workers wonder if the boat's absence means that it's been fixed. In Hwa demands that she should drive her own father's boat, but ends up pressing something that causes the boat to abruptly stop.

They are unable to restart the boat, and the boys run out to try yelling for help. Unfortunately, they're too far away from the shore, and their cries go unbidden.

The boat starts to fill with water. Hae Ju, Gang San, and Chang Hui start trying to bail the water out, while In Hwa fearfully climbs to higher ground.

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Sep 03 12 07:34 AM
synopsis image credit to gfx team member Belen
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