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May Queen (2012) Episode 4 Recap

Dae Pyeong, Do Hyeon, Geum Hui, Gi Chul, and Hong Cheol realize that their children are missing and they converge upon the repair yard, only to find out that the children may have gone out to sea on a leaky boat. Out in the dark, the four children hang on for dear life as they wait to be rescued... but fatigue and dehydration are starting to take their toll...


Recap by beldaran, Screencaps by Belen

Hae Ju and the two boys try to quickly bail out the water, while In Hwa climbs for higher ground.

Back on land, Hong Cheol is surprised to find that the boat is gone. Gang, who initially thought Hong Cheol had taken it away, now surmises that Lee must have done so. When Hong Cheol wonders where Hae Ju had gone, Gang notes that she must have gone home.

Unable to bail out fast enough, Hae Ju tries to radio for help to no avail.

Hong Cheol goes home to find that Hae Ju has not returned.

At the Jang house, Il Mun reports to his parents that In Hwa had not returned either.

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As the sun starts to set, the foursome don life jackets and In Hwa laments that they'll all die. Hae Ju tries to shoot a flare, but the boat tips and she's knocked down. Gang San shoves Chang Hui away from falling objects, but a sickle falls and lodges onto his leg. He pulls it out, and Chang Hui helps him and In Hwa off the boat before the boat sinks completely. The four hang on dearly to the life preserver.

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As night falls, Hong Cheol returns to the repair yard to look for Hae Ju and finds their bags still there. Lee and another coworker arrive asking if he'd seen the president's daughter, who is also missing. Hong Cheol asks about the boat, and he realizes that the children must be on it. One of the men realizes that the boy she was with must have been Dae Pyeong's grandson and they decide a call must be made, just as the Do Hyeon, Geum Hui, and Gi Chul roll up to the yard.

The man is unsure whether In Hwa had been there, but Gi Chul recognizes the bike on the dock where the boat had been. Hearing the man explain that he thinks Gang San had been on the boat, Geum Hui is sure that In Hwa was on as well and that Chang Hui had followed. Off by the dock, Hong Cheol cries out for Hae Ju.

Do Hyeon punches the man, telling him to call the coast guard, while Geum Hui, Hong Cheol, and Gi Chul desperately call out by the dock... although I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish if the children really were on the boat out to water.

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The foursome continue to hang on to the life preserver, and they realize that they're moving farther away from the shore due to the low tide. Gang San jokes that they could just drift over to Japan then, but Hae Ju is sure that there will be a high tide over time and they could drift back to shore. Gang San is sure his grandfather will find them no matter what.

The Coast Guard is trying to locate the boat on shore, although they haven't deployed their search vehicle yet. Dae Pyeong arrives and yells for them to mobilize. Confirming with him that Gang San cannot drive the boat, they wonder who had done so. When the Guard expresses a reluctance to search in the dark, Dae Pyeong has to threaten their lives before they get a move on it.

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The boats move out, with the parents on board. Gi Chul and Hong Cheol call out for their children as the searchlights strafe the water. The kids see the rescue boats and tiredly start to call out, as well.

It starts to rain, and the children are weakening. Gang San starts to lose consciousness and Chang Hui asks if he'd gotten hurt on his account. It seems he hadn't seen the falling sickle.

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By the time morning comes, the four kids are still on the life preserver. In Hwa cries that the nearby whale might eat them, while Gang San is bleary from his wound.

The Coast Guard hurry through the water, looking for a boat. On the suggestion that the boat might have sunk, the parents worry that the children may have drowned. (On a side note, are the children drifting away faster than the boats can go? Because that's the only reason I can think of as to why they hadn't been found yet after many hours.)

Search helicopters finally join the rescue team.

In Hwa starts to drift away from the life preserver. Hae Ju and Chang Hui bring her back to the life preserver, but Hae Ju passes out then as well.

Chang Hui rushes to catch Hae Ju. He is unable to return, however, and the two pairs drift apart from each other.

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Meanwhile, a part of the boat has been recovered and the parents fall into despair. Geum Hui begs them to at least find the body. She laments having to lose In Hwa after having already lost Yu Jin. Dae Pyeong protests the early verdict and refuses to believe that the children had died.

Two children are then reported found, and it’s with relief from the poorer parents that Chang Hui and Hae Ju are found hanging to a buoy. The two remain unconscious, however, due to hypothermia and dehydration, and the rescue team recommends their immediate admission to a hospital. The other parents are adamant and demand that the children be woken up to get the location of the other two still out at sea.

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The situation devolves into a power struggle, and Do Hyeon fires a shot from his revolver. Gi Chul only barely manages to tell Hong Cheol to shut up before he reveals Hae Ju’s true identity.

Fortunately, for all, Hae Ju wakes up and informs them that the other two must have drifted south east due to the high tide. She asks that they all be saved before she loses consciousness once again.

Thanks to her words, Gang San and In Hwa are found, and all four of them are rushed to the hospital.

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While the kids are receiving treatment, the adults play the blame game. Geum Hui blames Do Hyeon for having a boat in the first place. Dae Pyeong blames Do Hyeon for having a leaky boat. Do Hyeon suspects Gang San of driving the boat.

Gang San has to undergo surgery and In Hwa is hooked to a respirator, but Hae Ju and Chang Hui merely need rest and rehydration. The latter two wake up, relieved to be alive, and are prepped for release.

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Dal Sun rushes to the hospital to find her weary husband. She’s a little eager about asking whether Hae Ju had died. When she finds out that the girl survived, she chastises Hong Cheol for teaching her to drive a boat.

Unfortunately, Dae Pyeong overhears her and starts to beat on Hong Cheol. He threatens him should Gang San turn for the worse.

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The nurse informs him that Hae Ju had woken up. He rushes over and asks if she really drove the boat. She confirms, but notes that she just wanted to look at the boat because she wants to buy him one someday. They sniffle back tears of regret - Hong Cheol for teaching her to drive a boat and Hae Ju for getting into trouble - and smile at each other.

On the other side of the curtain, Gi Chul is thankful for his son’s safety. He wants to keep Chang Hui in the hospital, but the latter doesn’t feel the need. The exchange is a little more morose, however, as Gi Chul notes he would have died if Chang Hui had. Apparently this attitude made his wife leave him when Chang Hui was still a baby; from then on, he promised to live for his son. They also cry, but more with sad relief.

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A woman arrives at the airport, and a man tries to feel her up from behind. Dr. Lee Bong Hui isn’t a woman to be trifled with, however. She pretends to give him the come hither before delivering a swift kick to knock him down. He tries to pin the first act on her, but she kicks him in the groin.

Needless to say, airport security gets involved, but she tells them to just check the security cameras to back her up. Jeong U and a company man arrive to meet her just as she presents her business card to security, which introduces her as an employee of Nihon Oil Corporation.

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She heads straight for the petrochemical factory, dragging Jeong U with her. She has him silently standing behind her and holding her purse as she troubleshoots the drop in production at the company. Bong Hui shocks the staff by taking a sip of a petrol sample instead of testing it at a lab. From just the taste, she is able to discern the root cause and orders production stopped.

She quickly switches from business mode to personal mode, as she whines to Jeong U that she’s starving. She distractedly grabs the jar of petrol next to her glass of water, and sputters when she takes a swig. She starts to yell about the mistake before she’s able to regain her composition.

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Bong Hui follows Jeong U home, intending to stay with him. He apparently didn’t expect this; he only has one room. Besides, Bong Hui has a sister in town that she could stay with! She grabs him in a neckhold like a tomboyish sister, and teases him about hiding a woman from her.

They encounter an orchard farmer on his way to dispose of a dead pear tree. Jeong U is pensive as the man declares that he needs to sell the orchard right away. Bong Hui gives him a quick whack to the back of his head to keep heading to his house.

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Gang San wakes up, to his grandfather’s joy and relief. He asks about Hae Ju and Chang Hui, and is relieved to hear they’d been saved.

Hong Cheol meets Hae Ju as she’s getting ready to leave the hospital. She worries about the hospital bills, but her father waves it off.

Meanwhile, Geum Hui is begging for In Hwa to wake up or give her a sign that she’s in there somewhere. Do Hyeon is only able to pry her away from the girl’s bedside, but she decides to remain in the hospital anyway.

Hae Ju tries to visit In Hwa and asks Geum Hui about her health, but Geum Hui slaps her for driving the boat. Hong Cheol looks on from around the corner, his heart breaking as his little girl’s birth mother shuns her.

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Chang Hui, on the other hand, pays Gang San a visit. He quietly thanks Gang San for saving him, and adds that he was wrong in thinking that Gang San was just like Il Mun. Gang San declares them friends, and Chang Hui smiles. Gang San asks about Hae Ju....

...who is sitting out by the nurse’s station, where Chang Hui finds her waiting for her father. Chang Hui buys her a drink outside. Hae Ju must have told him about her encounter with Geum Hui because he offers to tell Geum Hui the truth of the matter: In Hwa had insisted that she drive the boat.

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Hae Ju declines the offer, noting that there’s no point in telling her, when her daughter’s still unconscious. It would only hurt her more. Chang Hui wonders that she doesn’t feel the injustice of the matter; isn’t she angry that people look down on her just because they’re richer? She notes that the people who do the hurting are more pitiful, and she’s quick to move on. She thanks him for saving her life yet again. He smiles, admiring her strength and telling her she’s wonderful for that strength. Hae Ju is embarrassed, thanking him for being the second guy, next to her dad, to have told her such nice things.

Hong Cheol leads Hae Ju home. Sang Tae starts to scold her for causing trouble, but Hong Cheol shuts his son up and leads her to sleep in her brother’s room for the night. She resists, insisting that she’s fine, but their father insists anyway. He tucks her in and offers to make her juk. She worries that her mom might scold him, but he insists again.

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Dal Sun pops out and sends Sang Tae to get a snack for himself and Yeong Ju. She intercepts Hong Cheol, and demands that they have a talk immediately. She starts to make disparaging remarks about Hae Ju, complaining that all he thinks about is Hae Ju. Her complaints starts to intensify, and Hong Cheol warns her about her volume, but she continues, complaining about the fact that he’s never done anything nice for her; he only causes trouble.

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Dal Sun complains that Hae Ju should have just died out in the water, and Hong Cheol snaps, coming at her with an arm raised to slap her. He stops, though, and she yells that he should just kill her and go live with the woman who gave birth to Hae Ju.

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Unbeknownst to them, Hae Ju had been standing outside in the yard, listening to the entire exchange with tears in her eyes. Hong Cheol stomps out, and sees her just as she turns to run away.

Hong Cheol catches up to her and she slumps to the ground. He tries to tell her that Dal Sun is only upset about the accident. She lifts her head and tells him that she knew Dal Sun wasn’t her real mother, so she tried her best to please her. She asks him who her real mother is.

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Dec 07 12 08:31 AM
synopsis image credit to gfx team member Belen
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