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May Queen (2012) Episode 5 Recap

Hae Ju asks about her real mother, and Hong Cheol is torn about telling her the truth and confirming his suspicions. Hae Ju and Chang Hui share their secrets and find a kindred spirit in each other. Meanwhile, In Hwa wakes up from her slumber and recounts her side of the story. Later, as the four families gather together, there is shock and embarrassment in store when people's true colors emerge for public display...


Recap by beldaran, Screencaps by Belen

Hae Ju sinks to the ground in tears, and asks about her real mother. Hong Cheol tries to deflect the statement, noting that Dal Sun was just mad. She finally vocalizes her innermost thoughts: that she bears no resemblance to Dal Sun, that Dal Sun hates her, and that Dal Sun treats Hae Ju differently than the way she treats Sang Tae and Yeong Ju.

Hong Cheol changes tactic and asks if she doesn’t think he’s her father then. He kneels down next to her and tells her firmly that she is his daughter no matter what. He holds her, tears streaming down his own face, as he lets her cry in his arms.

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Meanwhile, Geum Hui watches vigilantly over the sleeping In Hwa.

Gi Chul takes Chang Hui home, but is intercepted by Il Mun, who decks the boy for daring to come home when In Hwa is still laid out in the hospital. Gi Chul tries to get between the two boys, but Il Mun continues to kick Chang Hui on the ground, blaming him for not retrieving his sister as ordered. Gi Chul offers to apologize in his son’s stead, and Il Mun finally walks away telling Chang Hui that he’s dead if his sister doesn’t wake.

Gi Chul tries to check on Chang Hui, but the latter walks away, frustrated by their helplessness.

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At chez Cheon, Hae Ju is unable to sleep, wondering about her mother. Dal Sun sees her, but, for once, holds her silence.

The next day, Chang Hui returns to the overlook and finds Hae Ju thinking there as well. The two sit together, and Hae Ju asks about why she hadn’t seen Chang Hui’s mother. It’s obviously a sore spot, and he pauses before he shares that his mother had abandoned them when he was too young to even remember her.

She confides that she doesn’t have a mother either - her current one isn’t her bio mom. He gapes as she continues pensively, and asks if her mother abuses her. She denies it, but does admit that she works hard to curry favor. She seems to look inward as she shares that she’s filled with both curiosity and dread about finding her real mother because it might mean parting with her father.

She asks him to keep their conversation secret, afraid of hurting Hong Cheol. The two smile and pinky swear over their shared secrets. They lower their hands, neither one letting go.

He comments on her warm hands, telling her that his hands are cold like his heart. She tells him that cold hands don’t mean a cold heart, and that she loves holding her father’s cold hands. He smiles at her, and she finally lets go. She squirms as they both sneak a glance at each other.

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Later, Hae Ju attempts to visit In Hwa at the hospital again, but is unable to go in as she observes the distressed family hovering over the sleeping girl. To their relief, In Hwa wakes up and asks for pizza.

Il Mun exits to find a doctor, but finds Hae Ju outside. He wonders how she could dare ask about In Hwa when she had caused his sister’s condition. Interestingly, his meanness seems to be without much of a bite this time. (Also, to his credit, he also seems genuinely concerned about his sister’s welfare.)

Do Hyeon exits as well and finds the girl. He denies her request to see In Hwa, but informs her that he needs to speak with her father.

He returns to the room, and informs Geum Hui about Hae Ju’s presence. She’s appalled at the girl’s gall, but In Hwa perks up, relieved that the others are alright. In Hwa asks to have Hae Ju sent in, but Geum Hui tells her not to see the girl again. She’s obviously a bad influence and even caused In Hwa’s current condition. Do Hyeon assures her that he’ll be suing Hae Ju’s father for damages.

In Hwa protests, confessing that the accident had been her fault, in her eagerness to show off. She adds that Hae Ju had also saved her life when they had been out at sea. She fears repercussions from her father and holds her head in pain, but he assures her that she’s more precious than the boat just as the doctor enters. When she sees the syringe intended for her, she retracts her claim to pain.

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Hae Ju returns home after the hospital visit, and is again met with Dal Sun’s derisive retorts. She gets sent to the room, and finds that Dal Sun had prepared some food for her.

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Bong Hui and Jeong U go to the pear orchards to investigate the mystery of the unproductive soil and dying trees. Bong Hui suggests doing a chemical analysis on the soil.

On their way home, the two run into Hae Ju, who declares that she’s missed Jeong U. Bong Hui snarks that hanging out with kids like Hae Ju is the reason he’s still single. Hae Ju bristles at that and declares herself grown up. When Bong Hui sighs about calling an egg a hen, Hae Ju declares that Bong Hui is an old hen. Jeong U laughs and has to intervene before violence ensues.

Jeong U takes the two back to his place. He has to stifle his laughter as Hae Ju takes stock to Bong Hui eating the potatoes she had brought for him. She declares that Bong Hui is an old maid because she eats other people’s food.

Hae Ju wonders how they know each other, and is surprised to hear that Bong Hui is an authority on petrochemicals. Jeong U then sends her off with flour for her family, despite her initial protests.

With Hae Ju gone, Jeong U relates that Hae Ju reminds him of Yu Jin, who would be Hae Ju’s age had she lived. Bong Hui tells him that’s why he should get married and have his own kids. She then invites him to go with her when she visits her sister. At his vehement rejection, she wonders why he hates Geum Hui so much, when all she had done was get remarried.

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At the hospital, Geum Hui tells Do Hyeon that she regrets her actions towards Hae Ju, not knowing that she had saved In Hwa. She wants to make reparations.

We jump forward to when all kids are well and out of the hospital. Do Hyeon hosts an outdoor party to celebrate the children’s safe recovery, inviting the children and their respective families. Hong Cheol sadly observes the Jang couple doting on In Hwa, and imagines Hae Ju in her place.

In Hwa butters up to Dae Pyeong and declares her intention to marry Gang San someday, much to the boy’s alarm. She notes that, historically, women her age were able to get married already. Dae Pyeong and the Jangs laugh over her precociousness.

Hae Ju looks at Gang San in a different light when she learns from In Hwa that his grandfather is the President of Hae Poong Shipbuilders.

Geum Hui attempts to compliment the Cheons, noting that Sang Tae looks smart, but Il Mun replies that he’s actually at the bottom of the class. Gang San is quick to reclaim his title as Last of the Class, but Dal Sun registers the insult. Worse, In Hwa notes the difference between Sang Tae and Hae Ju, who always makes the Top Ten. In typical Asian parent fashion, Hong Cheol goes along and vocally wonders about what to do about his son, chipping away further at Dal Sun’s patience.

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Do Hyeon invites Dae Pyeong into the house. Their conversation starts off well enough as Do Hyeon notes it wouldn’t be so bad being in-laws in the future, what with In Hwa’s claim on Gang San. Dae Pyeong banters that he knows Do Hyeon wants to take over his company when he passes on.

Observing Do Hyeon’s books on shipbuilding, he makes a mild jab, noting that some fools had once tried to learn to build a boat using books. He finds a book on Fermat’s Last Theorem and asks to borrow it from Do Hyeon, who offers to buy him a million copies if Dae Pyeong would let him buy up the orchards.

The tone takes a downward turn as Dae Pyeong clocks in on the real reason he had been invited into the house. Do Hyeon implies that he is only making this request out of respect: he asks Dae Pyeong to step down from blocking his attempts.

Dae Pyeong empties the contents of his wine glass on Do Hyeon’s face, and proceeds to physically drag Gang San off the Jang property despite protests on their early departure.

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Back at dinner, Geum Hui compliments Hae Ju on her graciousness, for not talking back even when she was slighted, and states that they must be proud parents. Geum Hui doesn’t hold back and declares that isn’t so. She turns to Hae Ju and orders her to carry her sleeping sister. Chang Hui and Geum Hui attempt to alleviate the matter, asking Hae Ju to continue with dinner. An embarrassed Hong Cheol turns to his son and rather unwisely passes the errand to him.

Dal Sun practically screeches her protest, insisting that Hae Ju do it. In Hwa clocks in on Dal Sun’s attitude and wonders if she’s Hae Ju’s stepmother. Geum Hui is about to let it all spill out, when Gi Chul abruptly interrupts her. He, in turn, gets chided by Il Mun.

The situation devolves into an embarrassing scene as the Cheon parents have another row over Hae Ju, but with an audience this time. Hong Cheol tries to calm her down, but Dal Sun’s tirade worsens. That is, until he slams his fist on some flatware. Everyone is shocked, and Hae Ju moves to stop the fight.

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Gi Chul drags Hong Cheol into the house, wondering why they persist on being around the house. The latter ignores the question, however, and speculates over whether Hae Ju and In Hwa are twins. He asks Gi Chul what happened, but Chang Hui enters before more can be said.

Meanwhile, Hae Ju apologizes to Geum Hui for her family’s behavior. Geum Hui, instead, gives her a dress to make amends. Just as she’s about to help Hae Ju with the back zipper - and getting a full view of her burn mark - but their attention is diverted towards Hong Cheol as he enters through the door. Hong Cheol once again gets a pang seeing his daughter with her birth mother.

Her pleasure over the dress is short-lived, as Dal Sun orders her to take it off once she’s home, fully intending to sell it for their expenses. She derides Hong Cheol for allowing his wife and son to be insulted, while Hae Ju gets bedecked in nice clothing. She reminds him that she could have had her pick of men when she was younger, but she had left it all behind for a good-for-nothing.

Hong Cheol painfully takes the blame, and beseeches her to stop. He cries that he just wants to live a little longer with Hae Ju. It reduces the girl to tears, and he slumps to the ground lamenting that he is to blame for her suffering. Dal Sun can’t stand the theatrics unfolding before her eyes, and finally walks off in a huff.

Later that night, Hong Cheol watches closely over Hae Ju as she sleeps. He recalls how Geum Hui had doted on In Hwa while Hae Ju’s life has been full of hardships. He remembers Hae Ju’s joy in receiving a dress from Geum Hui and Hae Ju’s tearful request to learn about her birth mother. He cries silently as he comes to a realization.

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He unearths the dress she had been wearing on the night he had received her, and takes it to Do Hyeon’s office. He is asked to wait as Do Hyeon is entertaining a customer.

We find, however, that it is Jeong U in his office, warning him against laying a finger on the orchards, on the land his brother had bequeathed to the farmers. Do Hyeon claims, however, that he is furthering Hak Su’s dream: they had been powerless without technology before, but now they are able to realize it. He declares that the farmers’ lives will improve a hundredfold if he builds a shipyard on the land in question. Jeong U doesn’t buy it, however, and declares that he knows the evil Do Hyeon had committed against his brother. He challenges Do Hyeon to pay the farmers a fair price for the land if he’s really determined to acquire it.

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Jeong U storms out, not noticing that he had passed Hong Cheol.

Hong Cheol is admitted to Do Hyeon’s office, and he starts to ask about whether he had previously lost a daughter named Yu Jin. Hong Cheol presents the clothes, but Do Hyeon claims to not recognize them. Hong Cheol starts to become unsettled, desperate to prove that Hae Ju is Do Hyeon and Geum Hui’s child. Do Hyeon balks at the idea of showing the clothes to Geum Hui and accuses Hong Cheol of trying to reopen a festering wound.

Hong Cheol takes the dress back, agitated, and takes his leave.

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Do Hyeon is not unaffected, and his hands shake in the aftermath. He demands to know Gi Chul’s whereabouts.

He finds Gi Chul, and takes him to a rocky beach. Gi Chul pathetically tries to appease his angry boss, relating success at purchasing land from a significant landowner. Do Hyeon couldn’t care less, however, and demands to know about Hong Cheol and whether Yu Jin is still alive. He pathetically denies it, but Do Hyeon punches and kicks him towards the water. (Have you ever heard of parenting by example? Do Hyeon beats Gi Chul, and Il Mun beats Chang Hui in much the same way.)

Do Hyeon continues to ask about whether Yu Jin is alive, while Gi Chul continues to deny it. Filled with frustration, Do Hyeon starts dunking Do Hyeon’s head in the water, repeatedly asking about Yu Jin.

Despite it all, Do Hyeon continues to swear that Yu Jin is dead. Kneeling before Do Hyeon on the drier rocks and confesses that he had asked Hong Cheol to help him kill the baby. In fact, Hong Cheol carried out the deed while Gi Chul witnessed the child’s death. He notes that Hong Cheol must have kept the baby’s clothes for blackmail.

Do Hyeon demands that he bring Hong Cheol before him then, and the three of them can talk about what really happened. He exits stage right, leaving Gi Chul to ponder about possible consequences should Hong Cheol approach Geum Hui.

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At the Jang house, Bong Hui is finally visiting Geum Hui, who protests that she had no idea her sister had been in town so long. She states that she’s staying with a man for now, and when an excited Geum Hui tries to press her for details, she remarks that it’s not that kind of a man. Otherwise, she would have been too busy being all over her man to visit her sister.

Geum Hui offers to set her up on a blind date, wondering that she persists with her ways. Bong Hui agrees, adding that it’s why she had never married while Geum Hui had married twice. Besides, she’ll pick her own man.

Geum Hui continues to grill her on her type anyway, and Bong Hui surprisingly responds that she wants someone like Geum Hui’s former husband, Hak Su. It’s enough to stun her to silence and tears, as Bong Hui continues to ask about her kids.

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As school ends that day, Gang San catches up to Chang Hui leaving the school grounds. The two banter about Gang San’s absence, until Hae Ju arrives to draw Gang San away, much to the latter's delight. It turns out, however, that she wants him to show her the shipyard. She’s rather indignant that she’s had to stare at it from afar, not knowing that Gang San had the connections to get her in.

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He leads her to the shipyard, but gulps back when she expresses a desire to go up on the ship. She realizes that he’s afraid of heights, much to his indignation. She questions what kind of man could be so afraid of both heights and fire. Despite them, however, he shows great knowledge about ships. He offers to teach her everything he knows about shipbuilding if she teaches him about welding.

He’s eager to begin right away, but she delays it for next time as she has to do chores at home. He smiles as she runs off.

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Hae Ju walks home in high spirits, only to find some men in suits standing before their house.

Meanwhile, Gi Chul has called Hong Cheol out to a cliff to talk. Gi Chul confronts him for approaching Do Hyeon, and Hong Cheol admits it, and adds his lamentation that Hae Ju doesn’t seem to be the Jangs’ daughter after all. He declares that he doesn’t care about Hae Ju’s real parentage anymore.

Posted Image

Hong Cheol approaches the edge of the cliff, deep in thought. He tells himself that Hae Ju is his daughter, and he will live happily forever with her, out on a great boat in the sea...

Gi Chul finds opportunity staring him in the face, and he reaches out slowly to lay his hands on Hong Cheol’s back for a quick push off a tall cliff.

Unfortunately for him, Hae Ju arrives at that very moment and calls out to them. Gi Chul pulls back as both men turn to look at her.

Posted Image

Her eyes widen at the sight.

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Dec 07 12 08:43 AM
synopsis image credit to gfx team member Belen
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