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May Queen (2012) Episode 6 Recap

Hong Cheol is intent on finding Hae Ju's real identity and real parents, thinking that there must be a better life for her out there. Gi Chul is getting desperate about covering his tracks, however, and things turn for the worse when Do Hyeon tells him to get rid of the threat. Meanwhile, Chang Hui and Hae Ju are becoming closer, and Geum Hui is hurt by Jeong U's anger.


Recap by beldaran, Screencaps by Belen

Hae Ju arrives just as Gi Chul is reaching out to push Hong Cheol off the cliff, and asks what he was trying to do. Gi Chul quietly says, “nothing”. She tries to think of a way to make sure he doesn’t go home just yet, but it turns out that the lenders have followed Hae Ju. When Hong Cheol is unable to cough up the money, they take Hae Ju. He desperately tries to reach for her, and the leader tells him to pay the interest by week’s end. Threat registered, they decide to leave without taking Hae Ju with them, after all.

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One of the thugs remember that they should probably at least get some gas money for coming all the way only to receive nothing. Gi Chul steps in to help, and they take all his cash.

Gi Chul walks father and daughter back home, wondering how they got into debt. Hong Cheol had apparently had the bad luck to run into their boat, and has to pay reparations, interest, and interest on interest. Hae Ju is thankful for his intervention and invites him to dinner, which he declines.

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He reports back directly to Do Hyeon, telling him that Hong Cheol had refused to come with him. When Do Hyeon wonders about Hong Cheol’s motives, Gi Chul concurs that it must be money to repay his debt, but Do Hyeon is wise to the ways of blackmail and knows that once he pays, he’ll be doling out money for the rest of his life. Gi Chul tries to tell him that Hong Cheol isn’t that bad of a person and will leave Ulsan once he gets the money.

Do Hyeon offers him a few days to restore the world order. He abruptly changes the topic, acknowledging Chang Hui’s smarts and noting that his fate should be different from his father’s. He laughs, implying a threat.

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Hong Cheol takes a bit of a breather outside the house and sees Jeong U on his way home. He decides to ask Jeong U if he knows Do Hyeon and whether Do Hyeon’s dead daughter is really dead. Jeong U is surprised, but responds that Yu Jin hadn’t been Geum Hui’s daughter, not Do Hyeon’s. Hong Cheol seems to be rather innocent and doesn’t immediately understand that both parties had children prior to their marriage to each other.

Hong Cheol ponders on the idea of a second marriage, and seems to come to a realization.

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Speaking of the devil(s), Geum Hui and Do Hyeon are getting ready for bed, when she mentions Bong Hui’s visit. Do Hyeon wishes he’d known so he could recruit her for his company, but Geum Hui would rather that she quit to find a good man.

Hong Cheol contemplates on the new information, caressing Hae Ju’s baby clothes, when Hae Ju comes out to wash the blankets for her mother’s sake.

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The next day, Hong Cheol announces that they’ll be moving to avoid the debt collectors. He suggests moving in with Dal Sun’s family in Incheon, but she refuses, unwilling to burden her family.

Hong Cheol exits the premises to get some fresh air, and finds Gi Chul waiting for him outside. The two head out by the beach, and Gi Chul gives him more money than he needs. In return, he asks for the baby dress and for the Cheons to leave Ulsan immediately.

Hong Cheol clutches the money, the solution to his problems in his hands, but remembers how Hae Ju had asked about her mother. He dumps the money back into Gi Chul’s bag, and confronts Gi Chul about Hae Ju. He asks if the baby Yu Jin was given in his care because the baby stood in the way of Do Hyeon’s marriage to Geum Hui. Gi Chul denies it all, but Hong Cheol is determined to ask Geum Hui herself.

Gi Chul desperately tries to stop him, and yells out that everything he said is true, but knowing that will not do anybody any good, not even Hae Ju. Hong Cheol is resigned, however, and declares that whatever life awaits Hae Ju would be better than living with the Cheons.

Gi Chul considers manning up and killing him on the spot, but can’t bring himself to do it. He tells Hong Cheol, instead, that he will let him meet Geum Hui this night.

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At school, Chang Hui finds the usually sleeping Gang San attempting to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem on the chalkboard. Chang Hui’s breath catches and he asks how Gang San’s scores could be so low when it turns out that he’s this smart. Gang San amusedly replies that the subjects are boring and that it’s easier being last. As he moves to erase the board before leaving school, Chang Hui stops him, asking to review it.

Of course, Gang San can’t move outside the school grounds too long before his stalker reappears. He shoos her away, but this time she has bait: Fermat’s Last Theorem, which her father had asked her to deliver. He promises to buy her something good in exchange for the book, but ends up just giving her a pat on the head before running off with the book.

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At the Cheong House, Hae Ju happens upon the yellow baby dress and wonders if Dal Sun had gotten it for the new baby. Dal Sun recognizes it and instructs Hae Ju to get rid of it. To her, it seems as if he hadn’t forgotten Hae Ju’s mother, his supposed former lover.

Out at a construction yard, Gi Chul borrows a truck (noticed by one of Do Hyeon’s suits), and nervously changes the license plates once he’s out of sight. His hands are shaking and he’s blundering clumsily, scared of what he’s about to do.

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Elsewhere, Chang Hui runs into Hae Ju, who is on her way home after steal-harvesting some pumpkin leaves from a nearby field. He offers to take her home, and she accepts shyly, a little unsure of how to hang on to him.

She offers Chang Hui some snack for taking her home, and, while Sang Tae and Yeong Ju are encouraging, Dal Sun sends him on a guilt trip. He asks how he could dare steal some of their bread when his own father had threatened to run them out of town not so long ago.

Hae Ju gets up to deliver some of the bread to her father, and Chang Hui offers to take her there as well, stating that he just needs an excuse to be on the road. This time, he tells her to hold onto his waist instead of gripping onto his shirt. They both smile softly as she does so.

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She offers him some of the bread, as she brought enough for his share as well. For some reason, she thinks that “now” is as good a time as any and doles out a piece by his face as he’s maneuvering the bike. It’s enough of a distraction for him and they go flying when the bike trips over a rock. He lands on top of her.

They get up quickly and start to gather the bread back for the bag, earning them another shy moment when their hands reach out for the same piece.

Unbeknownst to them, Gi Chul drives by their location.

Chang Hui delivers her safely to the repair yard. She attempts to apologize on her mother’s behalf, but Chang Hui just smiles knowingly, declaring that she’s nice. He notes that seeing her makes him feel better. He leaves his bike for her before turning to leave. She watches his departure, her heart beating fast.

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She safely delivers the bread to Hong Cheol, who insists that she eat with him. She finds his insistence strange, but acquiesces.

As they eat, she expresses her reluctance at moving, telling him that she’s made friends. He offers to let her stay while the rest of the family moves, but she tells him that life without him is meaningless.

He takes her out for a boat ride, enjoying their time together. He lets her drive and talks to her about families: there are families that live together but fight all the time, while there are also families who live apart but never forget. He tells her the latter is the more real one, and that he’ll always be behind her, watching over her, even if she can’t see him.

It all sounds rather ominous, and she calls him out on it. He explains that she’ll want to leave someday, and he asks her to remember that family isn’t about blood but about shared life experiences. Thankfully, for Hong Cheol, she thinks the talk is all due to her declaration that Dal Sun isn’t her bio-mom. She apologizes for it, and declares that she loves their family.

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Back on land, Jeong U and Bong Hui visit Hak Su’s grave. Bong Hui carries most of the talk, swearing to find out the truth behind Hak Su’s death. Jeong U is surprised that she hadn’t given up after 10 years, and she chides him for his lack of resolve. But, Jeong U responds that his own obsession over the matter was just ruining him, and he has decided to move on.

Geum Hui arrives to visit Hak Su’s grave as well, and finds the two there. She tries to engage Jeong U, telling him that she’d been searching for him for a long time, but he looks straight ahead, pointedly unresponsive.

Geum Hui pays her respects, crying as she recalls her last moments with Hak Su. Bong Hui attends to her, while Jeong U stands a few paces away, facing away.

Geum Hui approaches him, calling him “Uncle” (a custom by which she refers to him as her daughter, Yu Jin, would hae). He speaks for the first time, wondering why she would call him such; Yu Jin has been dead a long time. He asks her not to visit his brother’s grave anymore, either, unable to forget the past. Shouldn’t she be happy now that she’s married to the great Do Hyeon? Something else must have happened besides their re-marriage.

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Later that night, Do Hyeon meets with Director Ahn in Seoul to discuss politics. Incensed by Dae Pyeong, Do Hyeon now believes his originally planned plant was too small. He wants to built an even bigger shipyard, with Director Ahn backing him in office. Director Ahn squirms uncomfortably as Do Hyeon presents him with a briefcase full of cash.

Jeong U and Bong Hui return to Ulsan. Apparently, Bong Hui didn’t hear any of his exchange with Geum Hui, because she demands to know what transpired now.

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A man from the petrochemical factory arrives with results of the soil analysis, and she finds out that a potent herbicide had been present in the orchard’s soil. And, so, Jeong U drags her off to a stake out at the orchard that same night, and they find that people are indeed coming by to poison the roots.

Jeong U runs after her in an attempt to stop her, which is perhaps why it’s puzzling that he should pick a completely different man to chase when the three perpetrators split up at a crossroads. Somehow, they still manage to end up in the same place after the same man, who knocks them over one by one so that the two are caught in a compromising position.

Jeong U reports their findings to Dae Pyeong, who now wants to go public with the news, proof or no proof.

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Gi Chul sits in the truck outside the repair yard, waiting for Hong Cheol.

Back at the Cheon house, Dal Sun gets upset that Hong Cheol had not returned home as yet. Hae Ju tries to entice her to eat more, but she, instead, backs up Sang Tae’s comment that dinner would taste better with pork.

Hae Ju tries to excuse herself early to meet up with Hong Cheol, and Dal Sun snarks that they have special meetings now. She thinks the two of them should just move out together, but, of course, he doesn’t have enough money to do that.

She tries to excuse herself again, and Dal Sun tells her not to bother coming back. Bewildered, Hae Ju nods and quickly escapes, but Dal Sun isn’t done with her yet. The pregnant woman follows her as she scurries her outside, telling her to just go and move away with her father, or, better yet, die together. She just grins and bears it, telling her mother that she’ll be right back. (Honestly, I don’t know how Dal Sun and the children would live without Hae Ju or Hong Cheol. The latter two seem to be the only ones bringing money or food to the table.)

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Hae Ju heads out on Chang Hui’s bike, smiling sweetly as she remembers holding on to Chang Hui earlier.

At the repair yard, Gi Chul sees Hong Cheol walking listlessly and starts barreling towards him at high speed. Hae Ju turns the corner ahead of the truck and heads for her father as well. He sees the danger to Hae Ju and he runs forward a bit, spreading his arms wide in front of the truck. I’m not sure how he intended to stop the truck from hitting Hae Ju, when Hae Ju was still much closer. In any case, Gi Chul loses his nerve when he sees Hong Cheol prostrating himself in the midst of his path and he swerves. Unfortunately, he sees that he is now barreling towards Hae Ju, and he swerves back again, hitting Hong Cheol as he had originally intended.

The impact is strong enough to throw and roll him far forward, and Gi Chul makes his getaway just as Hae Ju runs for her father. Hae Ju holds her bloody father, begging him to wake up. She calls for help from the midst of the empty shipyard.

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Somehow, an ambulance arrives to take him to the hospital, and she follows him up to the emergency room, still in shock.

Her hands shake as she attempts to call her family from a payphone in the hospital.

Gi Chul drives out to the lighthouse, and gets out, sobbing pathetically over Hong Cheol. He starts beating his head against a rock.

Dal Sun arrive with the children and they ask a shellshocked Hae Ju what has happened. She is still unable to form full sentences, however, and starts to cry. Dal Sun’s eyes start to tear up as she screams for Hae Ju to explain.

Minutes, or perhaps, hours, pass by and the operation ends. Hong Cheol is wheeled out, alive for now, but the doctor tells Dal Sun to prepare for the worst. She faints, and only Hae Ju is able to follow as they wheel him to a room.

Posted Image

Chang Hui is washing the dishes when his father arrives home. He tells his father about how he finds Hae Ju amazing and about how she makes him feel better, despite living a harder life. He finally turns around when his father doesn’t respond, and is shocked to find Gi Chul’s head bleeding.

Chang Hui cries at how this could have happened and why they have to live or be treated like this. He swears change for the future.

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Do Hyeon returns from Seoul the next day and asks for Gi Chul. The children greet his return, and a concerned Il Mun reports that Geum Hui has been looking unwell since returning from some place she had gone to.

He goes up to their room to look for Geum Hui, who is sitting listlessly on her vanity. She refuses his touch and asks to be left alone.

Do Hyeon returns to his son, and asks him for the date. Il Mun notes it’s the 28th, but Do Hyeon is more interested with the date according to the lunar calendar.

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Gi Chul arrives at Do Hyeon’s office, and asks about the status of his task. In Hwa bursts in before he can say anything, however, to report that Hae Ju’s father has been committed to the hospital.

She goes, next, to Geum Hui, bidding her mother to get up and take her to the hospital. She insists that she must go, because Hae Ju is her friend.

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Gi Chul limps out of the Cheon house, and Chang Hui frantically reports the news about Hong Cheol. He tells his father that they should go to the hospital, but Gi Chul stops him.

Hae Ju appears to have gathered her wits about her by morning and has taken charge. She tells Sang Tae to take their listless mother and sleeping sister out to the waiting room while she watches over Hong Cheol.

In Hwa cries with worry, as she heads to the hospital with Geum Hui, Chang Hui, and Gi Chul. Gi Chul is so preoccupied that he almost hits some people at a red light.

Hae Ju keeps vigil over Hong Cheol, willing him to wake up. He finally wakes up and she turns to get a doctor, but Hong Cheol holds on to her tightly.

Posted Image

He weakly apologizes to her, wanting to give her a better life. He struggles to tell her about her birth mother, but is only able to get to “Your mother” before Geum Hui walks through the doors of his ward. He looks up at Geum Hui and starts to point towards Hae Ju.

Posted Image

Hae Ju turns to look where her father is looking, while Geum Hui’s eyes widen.

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Dec 07 12 08:56 AM
synopsis image credit to gfx team member Belen
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