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May Queen (2012) Episode 7 Recap

A tragic accident widens the wedge between Dal Sun and Hae Ju, and the latter finds herself kicked out of house and family. Gi Chul warns Chang Hui against associating with Hae Ju, and Do Hyeon takes heavy action to gain the land he needs to start his shipbuilding business.


Recap by beldaran, Screencaps by Belen

Geum Hui arrives just as Hong Cheol is trying to tell Hae Ju about her mother. Hong Cheol gestures towards Hae Ju, trying to silently convey that this is her daughter, but he passes away. Why Geum Hui is the only one of the well-wishers to have made it in is beyond me.

As Hae Ju wails out her sorrow, Geum Hui rejoins In Hwa, Chang Hui, and Gi Chul who are listening from outside the ward’s doors. She directs Chang Hui to gather the rest of the Cheons and for Gi Chul to arrange the funeral, as the Cheons may be unable to at this time.

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Gi Chul shakes with guilt as he arranges the memorial, while Dal Sun dazedly wonders how this could happen and how they should never have come to Ulsan. She cries, finally, as she laments over not having treated him better in life.

Out in the waiting room, In Hwa and Chang Hui watch painfully as Hae Ju cries. Thankfully, Chang Hui moves over to give her a shoulder to lean and cry on. Gang San arrives belatedly.

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Gi Chul reports to Dae Hyeon that Hong Cheol had died from a hit and run accident. When Gi Chul also confirms that Hong Cheol had accepted the money, Dae Hyeon states that it was a befitting end for a man who would kill a baby and blackmail others for it. To close out potential future issues, he orders that the dress be retrieved.

One of Do Hyeon’s men arrive to report that their orchard sabotage crew had been captured by a man and a woman, and pretty much loses it as he surmises that it must have been Jeong U.

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Hae Ju scatters Hong Cheol’s ashes onto the water, attended by her family, Jeong U, Chang Hui, and Gang San. She wails, remembering the good times with her father.

Meanwhile, Gi Chul searches for the yellow baby dress at the Cheon residence. When the family gets home, he tells them that he had been arranging Hong Cheol’s things. They can’t really suspect him of much, however, since he had been a friend. Not to mention, there’s nothing to steal in the house. And, so, for all his sneaking about, he receives a grateful thanks for helping them with the funeral instead.

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In the aftermath, Dal Sun quietly allows Hae Ju to care for her, but when she finds out that the truck that hit Hong Cheol had swerved while trying to avoid hitting her on the bike, Dal Sun is once again filled with fury that the favored Hae Ju is the reason for Hong Cheol’s death. She packs Hae Ju’s belongings and yells for her to leave. For once, Sang Tae actually speaks up in favor of Hae Ju, asking her not to be mad at Hae Ju but at the truck driver or at the bike instead. Yeong Ju cries for her sister as well.

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None of it is enough to sway Dal Sun, however, and she tells her children that Hae Ju is no longer family, as Hae Ju takes her bags to go. She goes out in the rain to the rock by the sea where she had scattered Hong Cheol’s ashes, talking and apologizing to her father.

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At the Jang household, Geum Hui is poring over Yu Jin’s picture, when In Hwa comes to tell her that Bong Hui has dropped in for a visit. Out in the living room, Bong Hui teases Il Mun, like every other aunt in the world who embarrasses their adolescent nephews, but gets a bit of cheek back when he tells her that she’s like a man.

Thankfully for him, In Hwa returns to inform Bong Hui that Geum Hui is feeling under the weather and can’t come out of her room. Do Hyeon draws Bong Hui into his office to ask about what had happened at the cemetery, and Bong Hui relates that she had met Jeong U there.

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Morning comes, and Hae Ju has fallen asleep on the rock. I don’t know how Chang Hui and Gang San know that she’s there, but it’s fortunate for her since she falls ill from an entire night’s exposure to the elements. They rush her back home, interrupting Gi Chul’s inquiry about the yellow baby dress.

Dal Sun declares that she’s nothing to their family, and the boys call her on the way she’s treating Hae Ju. Gang San tells Chang Hui to take her to his place instead, but she rouses to before the boys can move. Hae Ju weakly begs Dal Sun to let her stay, and Dal Sun actually looks like her conscience is working on her.

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Hae Ju collapses and Dal Sun tells them to take her to Sang Tae’s room. Gang San reproaches Sang Tae for letting his sister stay out all night like that, while Chang Hui tends to Hae Ju. Seeing Chang Hui touching Hae Ju’s face, he decides to take his turn doing so as well.

Later, as Chang Hui and Gi Chul head out to go home, Gi Chul tells him to stop going to the Cheon house and concentrate on his schooling, much to Chang Hui’s confusion.

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At night, Hae Ju starts hallucinating about Hong Cheol. She imagines him telling her to get well and get up, and that Dal Sun doesn’t really hate her. Dal Sun even made her porridge. Hae Ju rises out of her stupor to find that there really is some juk by her bedside.

The juk works its magic in getting Hae Ju to full recovery, so that she’s fully alert when Yeong Ju runs to her to report that Dal Sun has gone into labor. Sang Tae rushes to get the midwife, but is unable to get past their guard dog.

Hae Ju prepares to set out to find Sang Tae, but Dal Sun grabs onto her hand, squeezing tightly as she pushes the baby out on her own. Hae Ju wraps the baby onto the cloth, and swears that she’ll raise her new little sister well in her father’s place.

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At the office, Do Hyeon receives the report that they have succeeded in buying out 60% of the orchards. They have also succeeded in acquiring state land, which happens to have squatters living on it. Do Hyeon orders that they forcibly evict the squatters, instead of waiting for the law. His employee has some qualms over it, but he cows the man into submission by chucking a glass ashtray at him from across the room.

Once the meeting is over, he finds Gi Chul waiting for him in the lobby. The latter reports that the baby dress seems to have been disposed of. Do Hyeon is fairly satisfied. He gives Gi Chul his next assignment: join the demolition team that will evict the squatters. Gi Chul nods wordlessly.

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Gang San runs up to his grandfather at the shipyard, and asks him for 100 million won, supposedly to help the Cheons. Before Dae Pyeong can elaborate on just how crazy he thinks his grandson is, one of his employees runs up to report some trouble in the office.

Apparently, the DA’s office has received information that Dae Pyeong had been involved with tax evasion and embezzlement. They take his records away in boxes.

Dae Pyeong storms towards his office, and finds Do Hyeon waiting. Do Hyeon doesn’t even bother to avail himself of guilt, and directly tells Dae Pyeong that he had warned him not to stand in the way. Dae Pyeong is incensed that Do Hyeon is sneaking about with his attacks, but Do Hyeon kindly informs him that he had started it by trying to have a press released published and publicized that Do Hyeon had been poisoning the orchards. He was able to intercept it, however. Do Hyeon gives him one last chance: hand over the 20% of orchard land that he had purchased. Dae Pyeong refuses to back down, however.

Do Hyeon takes his leave, and doesn’t even seem surprised or taken aback that Gang San may have heard their conversation from the next room.

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Meanwhile, Chang Hui is paying Hae Ju a visit to check up on her and to give them some rice, which she happily accepts. Sang Tae rushes up just then to inform them that their village is being torn down. Apparently, the village they’re living in is on the state land that Do Hyeon had just acquired.

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Jeong U stands ahead of the villagers, protesting the warning. He throws the civil code on residency law at them, but the demolition team couldn’t care less. They start moving their excavators forward to tear down the village, the law be damned.

Jeong U hurriedly lays down on the ground, in the path of the leading excavator, effectively stopping it. Taking his lead, Bong Hui and Hae Ju join him, but they are soon bodily removed.

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Gi Chul shrinks back against the chaos, at first, seemingly ashamed of being there, but he soon snaps. He jumps into the front of the fray, wielding a sledgehammer, and yells that he’ll kill them all if they get in his way. He jumps towards the nearest wall and starts swinging at the bricks.

Chang Hui rushes towards Gi Chul, and holds him, willing him to stop. Gi Chul collapses in tears and wailing.

Later, at a more remote clearing, Gi Chul has a one-on-one with his son, telling him not to meet with Hae Ju anymore. Neither of them notice that Hae Ju had come looking for them and is only standing a few paces away, as Gi Chul proceeds to tell Chang Hui that he can’t afford to continue associating with Hae Ju. His path leads him down a different road. Chang Hui protests, and Gi Chul strikes him hard to put him in his place.

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Bong Hui storms Do Hyeon’s office, demanding to know if Do Hyeon was behind the orchard poisoning and the village demolition. He starts to tell her that there’s been a misunderstanding, but she’s done her homework too well. Not only has she seen his announcement in the papers, but Gi Chul’s presence screams “Do Hyeon’s behind this”.

Do Hyeon tries to tell Bong Hui that he wants to drill for oil, a resource not commonly thought to be found in Korea, it seems. The connection between oil drilling and shipbuilding still aren’t clear to her, so he explains that he wants to build drilling ships. She still finds his orchard-crushing ways unacceptable, and declares that Hak Su would never have approved of it, and neither will she nor Jeong U.

Meanwhile, Jeong U is reporting Do Hyeon’s misdeeds to Geum Hui, who can’t believe that he would do such a thing. Jeong U wonders how she could remain blind to what’s going on, and proceeds to render her speechless by asking how she could face Hak Su and Yu Jin this way.

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At the Cheon household, Hae Ju prepares some seaweed soup for an exhausted Dal Sun, who is able to talk with her normally for once. Dal Sun seems almost dependent as she asks Hae Ju where she had gotten money for the seaweed, but the girl tells her to eat up and not worry about the money for now. She had sold the dress she had received from Geum Hui, and she plans on working for the shipyard that had employed Hong Cheol. If that doesn’t work out, she’ll find other work, perhaps selling fish or working as a maid.

Dal Sun obediently starts to eat, but starts to cry softly as she once again regrets wishing ill on Hong Cheol. Her cries disturb the baby, and she observes sadly as Hae Ju takes the baby in hand.

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Do Hyeon goes home to find from Il Mun that Geum Hui is still locking herself in her room. As Do Hyeon turns to check on his wife, Il Mun calls out to him, and meekly asks about whether they’ll get to visit his mom’s grave this year. He lowers his head as his father menacingly reminds him that he only has one mother, Geum Hui; he can just forget about “that [other] woman”. He reminds Il Mun to keep mum around In Hwa.

Do Hyeon finds his wife sitting in the dark in their room. She asks him if what Jeong U had said was true, but he denies it, blaming everything on overzealous employees. She challenges him, choosing to believe in Jeong U’s words and character. How could Do Hyeon, who had once declared Hak Su as someone more precious than his own brother, now usurp the land Hak Su had given the farmers?

Do Hyeon turns the argument around, noting that everything’s about Hak Su. What about his dream, a dream that he’s realizing for Hak Su as well? She lays out the difference: Hak Su had never hurt anybody. She states that even she had been hurt by Do Hyeon before.

He dials his secretary then and there, yelling at him to make sure the villagers and orchard farmers are compensated well for their land.

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Hae Ju is having a sleepless night, and sits up, holding onto Hong Cheol’s shoes. We assume that it’s late given the rest of the household seems to be asleep already, but Jeong U happens to drop in for a visit, calling out to the girl. He comes bearing pork hock, which is supposedly good for mothers with babies.

He notes that she probably shouldn’t sleep outside as she’ll be likely to catch cold, and then proceeds to invite her over to his place. The usually sensible Hae Ju goes with the nice man back to his home.

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She asks about the village situation, and he truthfully answers that, although they’d left for the day, they’re likely to come back. He asks about the baby, who apparently has not been named yet. Hae Ju asks Jeong U to name the baby, and he selects “Jin Ju.” She’s pleased as pie, and is excited to report it to Dal Sun.

Her stomach starts to make sounds, so Jeong U steps out to make her ramen. Left by herself in the sitting room, she starts putting his books away, when an envelope falls out. It’s a letter “To Yu Jin” “From Dad.”

When Jeong U returns, she practically inhales the ramen, much to his amusement. She asks about Yu Jin, telling him she’d accidentally found the letter. She denies having read it, but he offers to let her read it anyway - Hak Su’s letter for Yu Jin the day she was born.

She smiles, noting that she had thought he had a daughter. She starts to cry as she reads it, reminded of Hong Cheol. He reaches over and gives her a shoulder to cry on. She cries that she was hungry, but she needed to feed her mother, Sang Tae, and Yeong Ju. He gives her a pat, telling her he’ll take care of her.

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Bong Hui bursts in, finding Hae Ju in Jeong U’s arms. She seems a little confused about what’s going on, but gleefully reports that Do Hyeon stated he’d compensate all the villagers. It brings a big smile to Hae Ju’s face, as Bong Hui flips her hair with a smile, noting that she never lies.

The next day, villagers come lining up to receive their compensation from Do Hyeon’s representatives. When the Cheon family’s turn comes up, they find out that the compensation is only eligible for those villagers who have lived in the area for 20 years. Dal Sun tears up as they are turned away.

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While all the villagers are lining up for their compensation, the demolition team is already hard at work tearing down Jeong U’s home. Jeong U rushes at them, begging them to let him have the time to get his books. His pleas go unheeded, as the team leader declares that he’s ineligible for compensation. Worse, he gets arrested for instigating unrest and violence.

Bong Hui desperately asks them to let Jeong U go, but even she can’t bring out her usual sassy and violent self to get them to stop. As they drag him away, he yells back at Bong Hui to get the land back and to help Hae Ju’s family, who most likely won’t be receiving compensation.

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With no compensation and no home, the Cheon family take to the road, dragging all their belongings in one cart. They don’t know where they’re going, but Dal Sun notes that they need to leave. To add insult to injury, the rain starts pouring and they take shelter under a quilt in the middle of the road.

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They eventually take shelter under a bridge, waiting for the rain to stop. Yeong Ju and Sang Tae declare themselves hungry, so she starts preparing juk. She finds herself running low on kindling, however, and asks Sang Tae to find some wood. He’s offended, asking where any could even be found, but is perfectly happy letting Hae Ju look for wood. All she asks is for him to make sure the fire doesn’t go out, but he accidentally kicks the pot over, spilling it all. Yeong Ju starts to wail, setting Sang Tae off as well. Hae Ju demands to know why Sang Tae is crying, and has to fight her own tears as Dal Sun starts crying as well.

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Dec 07 12 09:17 AM
synopsis image credit to gfx team member Belen
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