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May Queen (2012) Episode 8 Recap

With no place left to go, the Cheons find themselves taking refuge at the Jang household, making all the adults uncomfortable. Chang Hui and Hae Ju's relationship continues to develop as they now live under the same roof. Meanwhile, Dae Pyeong finds himself charged for cooking the books and at risk of losing Hae Poong Shipbuilding. Gang San says goodbye to his friends, and sets off to study in the States, preparing to exact revenge in the far off future.


Recap by beldaran, Screencaps by Belen

Sang Tae tips the pot over, spilling all the juk. Hae Ju finally snaps at her brother, and the entire family devolves into cries of despair.

Hae Ju starts to tear up as well, but, fortunately for them, Bong Hui finds them under the bridge, having seen their abandoned cart by the side of the road.

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She takes them back to the Jang residence, much to Gi Chul’s horror, and enters the house to report the matter of Jeong U’s arrest to Geum Hui. When Geum Hui agrees to look into it, she adds that there are more people she should be responsible for.

In Hwa joins her mother and aunt as they go out to see the Cheon refugees. Geum Hui is shocked that Bong Hui had brought the entire family in, but In Hwa shows her more charitable side by asking to let them stay. When Geum Hui asks how she’d be able to take them into their house, Bong Hui reminds her that this is Do Hyeon’s fault, and that Jeong U had asked her to take care of them.

Chang Hui offers to have them stay at their place instead. Hae Ju is a little ashamed, but Dal Sun isn’t going to let this offer pass before Gi Chul can register his protests.

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Meanwhile, Dae Pyeong is arrested for tax evasion, cooking the books, and embezzlement.

Geum Hui sulkily walks into Do Hyeon’s office, telling him to help Jeong U get out of jail. He tries to tell her that it’s none of his business, but she responds that it’s because of his shipbuilding plant. He continues that it’s a police matter, but she’s not having it. She yells that he has the power to do so, and then asks that he get Hae Ju’s family a house as well.

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Chang Hui helps Hae Ju hang up her family’s laundry later that night, sharing a cute moment with her. He tells her that he likes having her there, despite her guilt of displacing him from his own room. His assistance accidentally lands her in his arms, but, even as they shyly draw away from each other, Il Mun comes out to ask if Chang Hui is dating the beggar girl.

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Il Mun tries to defend Hae Ju’s honor, but it’s Hae Ju who ends up defending him, hitting Il Mun with a broomstick. Geum Hui happens upon them just in time, and she scolds Hae Ju for hitting other people when she herself isn’t in any place to do so. She further notices Hae Ju’s slightly torn clothes, and the girl is forced to admit that she had sold Geum Hui's present. Geum Hui is insulted and dismisses her.

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Dal Sun lays in bed, unable to sleep, as she thinks of possible next steps. Hae Ju tries to comfort her with the fact that they currently have a roof over their heads and by sharing Hong Cheol’s words to hold onto hope. She tells Dal Sun that she’ll make sure the kids are fed, even if she has to quit school. Dal Sun scolds her, although without malice, and tells her to stay in school if she really plans to accomplish that.

Hae Ju turns over to sleep, and Dal Sun reaches out to stroke her hair. She pulls back at the last moment, though, with tears streaming down her eyes.

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Bong Hui waits outside the police station, bearing tofu, as she waits for Jeong U to be released. She makes a run for it when he finally appears, and grabs onto him, much to his embarrassment. Apparently, Do Hyeon was able to pull the strings to get him out.

They go to the Cheons' former home, where Bong Hui confirms that they are currently living with the Jangs. When she asks about his plans, he tells her that he’ll be staying in the village to help the people move out of their homes and then perhaps go to the monastery to continue his studies. Bong Hui protests that he can’t become a monk when he hasn’t even married yet.

He tells her to take care of Hae Ju, and she wonders why he’s so concerned over the Cheons. He responds that it's none of her business, so she stomps off to help the villagers with moving.

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At the police interrogation room, Dae Pyeong is trying to talk to a senator about his situation, but his pleas seems to be falling on deaf ears. The two prosecutors bide their time, as he tries with yet another phone call and another, but nobody seems to be interested in listening to him.

When they call him out for spending the last two days on the phone, he asks them about who could be behind his arrest. They deny the accusations, and inform him that they’ll be asking the questions.

They threaten him with 10 years in prison, and remind him that he needs to take care of his grandson’s future still. He finally asks what it is that Do Hyeon wants.

In his evil lair, Do Hyeon receives pleasing news.

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Dae Pyeong is released from interrogation, and Gang San hurries to meet him. They return to the shipyard, where he tells Gang San that he needs to study in the U.S. until he gains a PhD. He shares that the shipyard will be falling under someone else’s control, and that he wants Gang San to continue his fight and take all of this back.

In a surprising turn from his usual laziness, Gang San accepts without further ado, and asks if Do Hyeon is the one taking over. When his grandfather confirms, he states his resolve; he will win back the shipyard, even as it will be made bigger through Do Hyeon’s expansion.

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Gang San pays a visit at the Jang property, fully intending to just walk past Il Mun, but the latter lays on the insults. He had read that Dae Pyeong had been arrested; perhaps Gang San is here to ask for his father’s help. When Gang San brushes that off to ask about Hae Ju instead, Il Mun notes the beggar’s popularity and that Gang San would make quite the match out of it.

Gang San takes a swing at him, and Il Mun just states that he’ll soon be sharing a cell with his grandfather. Gang San is about to take another swing, but Hae Ju arrives just in time to stop him.

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Il Mun takes his leave, and Gang San drags her off by the hand. He announces that he’ll be leaving for the States. He regrets being unable to show her around the shipyard as promised, so he offers her a drillship model that he had made himself. He tells her to build a ship like this someday, assuring her that even his grandfather, who is now a shipbuilder, had started out as a mere welder.

She has nothing to give him in return, so he asks for her headband and draws her in for a tight hug. She struggles at first, but eventually gives in, until Chang Hui finds them in that position. She registers his surprise, and pushes herself out of Gang San’s embrace to stalk off with the model ship. Gang San smiles to himself.

Once she’s out of sight, she reflects on his words that she might not see him again for a long time. She remembers the times they’ve been together: welding, helping her “harvest” and make money, running through the shipyard. She smiles as she touches the part where her headband had been.

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Meanwhile, Gang San and Chang Hui have a talk. Gang San shares that he’ll be leaving for the States, and jokes that Chang Hui shouldn’t be so happy about getting him out of the way to clear the path to Hae Ju. He further asks that Chang Hui leave the Jang household, as he’ll return to fight against the Jangs.

Dae Pyeong brusquely signs off on the transfer of business papers, and waits until he’s alone, looking over at his shipyard, to vent out his anger and frustration. He doesn’t notice Gang San's approach, as he cries helplessly over the situation.

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Gang San’s almost immediate departure does not go without In Hwa’s knowledge, and she catches him as he’s about to leave at the train station. In Hwa cries, swearing to follow him, but he replies that he’ll just keep running away from her. He tells her to meet a great guy someday. He’s about to tell her about the greater wall that separates them, but he changes his mind and turns to leave.

He holds tight to Hae Ju’s headband in his final moments in Ulsan.

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The next day, Hae Ju busies herself with housework: doing laundry, washing dishes, sweeping, and dusting. The last chore takes her to Do Hyeon’s home office, where she admires the ships. He tells her not to touch his things so liberally, but she seems to charm him a bit with her knowledge of the drillship. She relates that she’d heard that the village demolition was due to the shipyard he was planning to install. He asks if she’s one of the angry horde, but she meekly notes that she has nothing to be angry about; she was merely interested in what it would take to build a ship. He tells her that it will require a lot of study, including overseas schooling.

In Hwa finds Hae Ju in the home office, and asks why she’s cleaning when there’s a housekeeper. In Hwa tells her to come downstairs as Geum Hui had instructed her to give Hae Ju some clothes.

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In Hwa gives her a frilly dress to wear, and admires Hae Ju’s looks. The latter is uncomfortable with the unfamiliar style, but In Hwa tells her to stop thinking so much. Do Hyeon shows up, and In Hwa makes her model her new outfit. Do Hyeon is amused, but his amusement turns to displeasure when he recognizes the scar on the back of her neck.

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Do Hyeon steps out of his house, and chances upon Dal Sun exiting Gi Chul’s abode. He asks her if Hae Ju is her biological daughter, setting Gi Chul on edge. Her eyes widen at the unexpected question, but, to Gi Chul’s surprise, she deflects the question, declaring that Hae Ju is her own daughter, having spent 10 months carrying her in the womb. She calls him on possibly looking down on them, forcing him to backpedal a bit. As Do Hyeon draws Gi Chul aside for a talk, Dal Sun wonders how he could have known the truth.

After putting some distance between Dal Sun and themselves, Do Hyeon asks Gi Chul how he could dare bring the Cheons to their house. Gi Chul responds that Geum Hui had told him to let them stay there until they had a house. Do Hyeon declares that he’ll take Geum Hui out of the house, and orders to Gi Chul to get rid of the Cheons during that time.

Desperate, Gi Chul places a call... and the loan sharks arrive later that night, pulling up to the Jang residence.

Hae Ju returns to the Park house, wearing the dress she had received from In Hwa. Chang Hui stands in surprise, and shyly compliments her. Conscious, she tells Dal Sun that she’ll take the dress off soon, but the woman simply asks why, when it looks good on her. Sang Tae remembers how she had gone wild the last time Hae Ju brought a dress home, but Dal Sun keeps mum.

Happiness is short lived as the loan sharks enter the Park house, demanding the interest. When the are unable to produce it, they approach Hae Ju again. Chang Hui tries to defend her and starts to call the cops, but they pull him away quite easily. Hae Ju returns to threatening them if they touch Chang Hui.

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Gi Chul returns home, and offers to pay back their debt, using the money he had originally offered Hong Cheol. Dal Sun asks why he would do that for them, and Gi Chul responds that he feels responsibility for Hong Cheol’s death. Hong Cheol would not have died had he not come to Ulsan to seek Gi Chul out. He continues that they would be able to return to Hae Nam, with their debt paid. He confesses to being uncomfortable with keeping them around, as it’s another favor being granted by Do Hyeon.

The gangsters leave, reminding Gi Chul to wire the rest of the money later.

Gi Chul’s act of martyrdom seems to have killed more birds than anticipated. Not only does Hae Ju feel indebted to him, but Chang Hui now has newfound respect for his father.

As Gi Chul heads towards the house, Chang Hui reachers for her hand, but drops it as soon as Gi Chul turns back around to tell his son to go to bed. She finds that Chang Hui has left a note in her hand.

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The Cheons pack up to leave the next day, much to In Hwa’s disappointment. She makes Hae Ju promise to stay in touch and visit her.

Hae Ju reads Chang Hui’s note as the truck takes them away from the Jang household, telling her that she has given him hope and purpose. He asks that she remain in touch.

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As they drive by the seaside road, she suddenly asks to stop the truck. She runs out to the rock where they had scattered Hong Cheol’s ashes and yell out her farewell to Hong Cheol, promising to return someday.

Meanwhile, at the Jang household, the housekeeper drags out a box that the Cheons had left behind, exclaiming at their rudeness for leaving their garbage, just as Do Hyeon and Geum Hui return from their outing. As Geum Hui walks past the housekeeper, she recognizes the yellow baby dress in the box and grabs at it. She starts to cry for Yu Jin, and demands Gi Chul’s presence.

When Gi Chul arrives, she desperately asks him about how the Cheons could have Yu Jin’s dress. She wonders if Yu Jin had, perhaps, lived.. and finally connects the dots that Hae Ju must have been Yu Jin. Gi Chul denies it all, but she’s in too much distress, and asks how they could have Yu Jin’s dress then.

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Do Hyeon then orders Gi Chul to go after the Cheons to ask about the dress. Gi Chul turns to go, but Geum Hui demands to accompany him.

Gi Chul rushes to his home first, and places a call to the loan sharks. He desperately tells them to make sure that Hae Ju is not in Hae Nam.

Gi Chul drives Geum Hui and Do Hyeon to the Cheon house in Hae Nam, but there is no sign of the family.

Posted ImagePosted Image

It turns out that the loan sharks have taken them to a storehouse instead, and lock them in. As they walk away, they discuss their orders to take Hae Ju out to the island. Hae Ju and Sang Tae cry out for help, to no avail.

Geum Hui wrings the dress as they continue to wait for the family to return home. Gi Chul tries to reason that the family is so poor they had taken to buying used clothing; perhaps the dress was used clothing bought for Jin Ju. Geum Hui demands to at least speak to Dal Sun, then, to find out where they had acquired the dress.

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Dal Sun and Hae Ju dig at the bricks under the door and are able to dislodge enough to get Yeong Ju through. The little girl struggles to unlatch the door for them, and she manages to let them out. They decide to abandon all their belongings and make a run for it, but Hae Ju returns to grab the drillship model.

They start to hustle away, but the gangsters arrive to check on them. They hide by the side of the house, but, then, Hae Ju decides that they should split up. She’ll draw the men away while the family makes a quick getaway, promising to meet up with them at the bus station. Dal Sun grabs onto her hand in fear, unwilling to let her go, but she assures Dal Sun that she’ll be able to evade the men.

Hae Ju does succeed in getting their attention, and makes a run for it, while Dal Sun frets anxiously after her.

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Day falls into night, and Geum Hui now frantically searches for Hae Ju through the town, reaching the bus station. She accosts every person she can come across, asking if they know Hae Ju.

Inside the station, the Cheon family anxiously await Hae Ju’s arrival.

Unbeknownst to them, Hae Ju has been captured, and is being dragged off to a boat. She begs to be released, telling them that she still has little sisters to take care of and that she’ll definitely pay back her father’s debt.

Posted ImagePosted Image

They refuse to let her go, so she bites on the leader’s arm and makes a run for it. They run through the port, a wooded area, down a hill, until, finally, she finds herself cornered on a rock outcropping by the water. Rather than comply, however, she prays for Hong Cheol to save her and makes the jump.

The men look anxiously over at the water, waiting for her to resurface, but Hae Ju sinks down, her eyes closed, seemingly unconscious.

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synopsis image credit to gfx team member Belen
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