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Arang and the Magistrate (2012) Episode 4 RECAP

Eun Oh looks for Arang around town and Bang Wool tells him that she threatened the grim reaper to meet the Jade Emperor. Arang meets Hades and the Jade Emperor. She closed a deal with them and she travels back to the human world. Eun Oh prepares a funeral for Seo Rim and on the last day, Arang shows up in front of him. Dol Swe wonders who she is as she looks like someone who just came back from the dead…

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Eun Oh searches for Arang and ends up in Bang Wool’s place. Suddenly, a crying Bang Wool arrives and kneels at the altar while begging the Gods for mercy, not noticing him. She freaks out when Eun Oh calls her and only calms down when she sees him. He asks about Arang and she says, “She went to the next world.” This time, she really left.

Bang Wool says Arang has gone nuts for threatening a grim reaper just to see the Jade Emperor. Arang even said goodbye to her. She thinks Arang’s won’t be safe in the afterlife but at least she’s finally free.

Mu Young leads Arang through the forest. She catches up and walks alongside him, telling him that she did that out of desperation. Mu Young says nothing in this world is infinite, which means reapers can also die – in this context, they will just disappear. Arang takes it lightly, “Is disappearing so terrible?”

She asks about his earthly life and Mu Young just continues to walk without giving an answer. They stop before a river and the lantern suddenly drops to the ground, making night turn into day. Mu Young explains that this is the river to the otherworld; once they cross it, she can never come back. He asks if she will have any regrets and she says, “I didn’t say goodbye to him.”

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Arang reminds him to keep his promise before they ride a magical boat. Suddenly, the colors disappear leaving with only black and while. Arang feels the change in the air as the water turns from calm to rough. Arang looks at Mu Young in fear as they approach a waterfall. Arang sees other passengers riding in boats, falling over the edge. Arang falls and we get to see the bigger picture, the waterfall is actually a bottomless pit.

Arang falls into the water, sinking deeper until somehow the surroundings changes and she’s now floating towards something or someone. “Look here, Amnesia!” A voice shouted out of nowhere.

She opens her eyes to find a creepy figure dressed in white with a black cloth as mask – definitely not human. She turns around and furiously asks Mu Young, “Did you lie to me?” The creepy figure flies toward her and looms and looks t her straight in the eyes.

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Cut to Eun Oh, “Hell?”

Bang Wool says the sins that Arang committed were not trivial but even that could be excused. But she has no excuse for the crime she committed today. Threatening a grim reaper in order to meet a God will automatically direct her to hell.

Eun Oh asks how does she know all that when she doesn’t even have spiritual powers. Bang Wool taps her shaman guide pointing out that there’s no doubt about this powerful book. She explains how the book describes hell. There are different kinds of hell – being boiled or fried, being sawed into pieces and being cut and stabbed by flying knives.

Arang must not know what hell was like or she wouldn’t have done that no matter how desperate she is.

Eun Oh desperately asks if there’s something that they can do. Bang Wool: “What can humans do?” She adds, although Arang seemed very strong, her heart was probably full of fear.

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Dol Swe checks on Arang’s body saying that he doesn’t know what happened but how could such a lady like her end up in a terrible state. Looking at her like this, makes his heart ache. Awww. Later that night, as Dol Swe guards Arang’s body, the Trio leads Nobleman Choi’s men to where Arang’s body is located.

A fight ensues when Dol Swe stops the men who tries o take Arang’s body under the orders of Nobleman Choi. One against a group of men isn’t a fair fight but Dol Swe keeps fighting. A man with a sword runs to him as a shoe hits the man and making him lose his balance.

It’s Eun Oh, who’s just in time to save Dol Swe. Eun Oh has already predicted that this would happen after figuring out that the Choi’s wouldn’t let this matter go easily. He uses his father’s name to his advantage and tells the man that he may be following Choi’s command but if something happens to him, his father will take the man’s life and not Choi’s life. The men leaves and Dol Swe cries and embraces Eun Oh while the latter pats his back for doing a great job.

Eun Oh sits beside Arang’s body and asks her what she wants him to do.

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The next day, Eun Oh gathers the Trio and orders them to prepare a funeral for Seo Rim. He instructs them further to receive mourners. Trio leader says she has no family or relatives and wonders who would come. Eun Oh tells him to inform the whole village and tell them to come and bow down their heads and apologize for gossiping about her during the past three years.

He sighs to himself, “Amnesia, this is the only thing that I can do for you. I hope that your body may lie at rest. After your funeral, I’m going to leave.”

Nobleman Choi receives information about the funeral and wonders why Eun Oh is closing the case. He is displeased about last nights’ events but feels like this is a good way to close the case.

A notice is posted announcing Seo Rim’s funeral. The townspeople wonder how the corpse hasn’t decayed after three long years.

On the 2nd night of the funeral, Eun Oh sighs thinking that nobody showed up during the funeral. He wonders how Seo Rim lived in this town. He says at least it’s lucky that she never met her fiancé before she died since he doesn’t even remember how she looks like. “Hell. Did you really go there?”

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The next morning, Eun Oh receives the bows of Seo Rim’s servant woman. Dol Swe asks if Eun Oh’s really leaving after the funeral and Eun Oh confirms that he’s leaving after the funeral. He has no reason to stay anymore. Dol Swe rants about the lack of mourners.

Eun Oh steps outside and comes face to face with Arang.

He looks at her in shock and she teases him for being speechless. Arang: “I’m very happy to see you again.” Me too!
Don Swe steps outside and joins them. He looks at Arang and asks who she is. Did she come here to pay her respects? What? Dol Swe can see her?! What happened?

Eun Oh stops Dol Swe from going near Arang and tells him to go first. Dol Swe complains but Eun Oh shouts at him in frustration. Dol Swe leaves wondering who she could be to make his master shout at him like that. It’s been a long time since he has been that way. She seems like she just came back from the dead. She’s a woman. Dol Swe stops in his tracks and his widen upon a realization, “Has he been hiding a woman from me?” Jealousy in dramas has never been this much fun!

Eun Oh asks what happened to her while Arang is too happy to know that he has been looking for her. He grabs her wrists and exasperatedly asks her what happened.

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Arang: “I…became a human.” Omo!

Instinctively, he touches her face and shoulders to test if she’s really a human now. He grabs her inside and asks for an explanation.

In a flashback, we see creepy figure flying backward and suddenly a bright light appears. Mu Young leads Arang toward it and suddenly they are flying upward in the clouds. Arang lands on a floating stone and asks where she is. Next thing we know, we hear the Jade Emperor’s voice, “Arang why did you ask to see me?”

And then we see the Jade Emperor and Hades who’s standing in the bridge to meet her. The Jade Emperor smiles warmly at her. Hades leans in and asks him, “What did you put onyourself?” The Jade Emperor says he put on a heavenly scent to welcome a woman. HA!

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Arang looks at Hades and says, “At last we meet, Jade Emperor, you old fogey.” HAHA! Jade Emperor calls her attention implying that HE is the Jade Emperor. Arang gapes at him and asks if he’s the old fogey Jade Emperor. He tells her to drop the old fogey already. Does he even look like an old fogey?

They get down to business: Arang wants to know why she died and was hidden in the dirt. Jade Emperor: “Oh, were you?” He says he can’t know everything. “Do you have any idea how many living things I’m responsible for?” But if she’s really desperate, they might make an arrangement.

He leans in to whisper something to Hades but Hades just elbows him saying that they have already discussed this before so Hades doesn’t know why he’s still pretending. Hades just wants him to keep his promise.

Hades: “Arang. Considering your sins, you should be heading for hell immediately. But because of the Jade Emperor’s desperate plea –“
Jade: “– It’s not like that. I’m not one to desperately request anything of you –”
Hades: “– desperate plea, I have decided to give you one more chance. Since heaven was created, this is the first time. We will send –“
Jade: “– will send you back to the world of the living. Your problem… you… find the answer.”

If she can’t find the answer, she will be thrown to the deepest pit of hell. If that happens, the only thing she can do is to regret standing in front of the Gods today. Hades asks if she still wishes to do it under those circumstances. Arang smugly says, “Why not?”

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They stand in a cosmos, Arang in between Hades and the Jade Emperor. Before, there was one yin and yang where the sky, earth and the four seasons were created together with the universe. The Jade Emperor and Hades gather their Godly powers in their hands and shoot their energies to Arang. The energies surround Arang and send her in a whirlpool.

This whole thing results with a soul crystal – a sphere containing Arang. We see the yin and yang on one side and the seal that almost sent Arang and Mu Young to disappear. The Jade Emperor looks pleased as he holds the soul crystal while Hades says the problems are only starting. They send Arang back to Earth by throwing the small soul crystal to a big yin yang sphere.

Back to human world, the soul crystal falls out of the sky and lands in the water. Arang emerges in fetal position – like newborn baby. Arang swims to the surface and shouts, “Are you crazy?! You two perverted old men!” She shouts her frustration for sending her back to earth in her naked glory. She runs through the grass and ends up stealing some clothing. She comes across a jar ghost and interestingly she can still ghosts.

She walks through town and stops to talk to a little boy. She asks how she looks and giggles when the little boy says she’s pretty. Why so cute? She continues to walk through town in a cheerful manner. She sees the notice of her funeral and feels really touched about Eun Oh’s actions. She goes off to meet him which brings us back to the present.

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Eun Oh doesn’t fully believe her story. Why would she receive a special treatment? She shrugs it off and says she doesn’t know but maybe it’s because she looks really pitiful. She proposes that they continue their investigation. Dol Swe calls Eun Oh to come out for the send off or else he will go check inside.

Eun Oh leaves Arang and tells her to stay put until he returns – which Arang follows for a few minutes. Then, she goes to check her room. She says, “I’m back Lee Seo Rim.” She checks herself in a mirror and curiously makes faces to check her humanness – which will only last for 3 full moons. Within that period, she needs to solver her murder. Once she figures it out, the bell will be rung. Hades reminds her of the awaiting punishment in hell.

She cheekily answers back, “If I am able to solve it, will you let me live in Heaven?” The Jade Emperor says he’ll consider it when the time is up.

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Back in the present, she looks up and confidently says she doesn’t need 3 full moons since she can solve in a month. She’s different from the weak Seo Rim. She won’t be ignorant and do nothing but scream.

In the heavens, Hades asks the Jade Emperor if he’s sure about strategy. If he fails, he should be ready to fulfill his promise. The Jade Emperor assures him that he will honor his promise and asks what Hades wants if in case he fails this time.

Hades: “Your body.”

OMG. HAHAHA! Hades wants them to exchange bodies – which is so funny and in character. Jade Emperor stutters in shock but agrees. The Jade Emperor asks what Hades will do for him if he wins the bet. Hades asks what he wants and the Jade Emperor says he’ll tell him later.

Hades wins the badook game which means many people will die somewhere.Ohh. Nice touch. A badook game in heaven are linked to the lives of humans.

Jade asks what is it this time this? Hades says that things must die to give room for newborns.

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The funeral procession makes its way through town while Joo Wal looks up in the sky, fear reflecting in his eyes. Somewhere else, a woman sits in a room in an isolated cottage. She’s behind a red veil.

Nobleman Choi receives a report of the tributes he has received. Outside, he receives a letter from the Trio which informs him of Eun Oh’s plan to leave town after the funeral. Joo Wal arrives and he suddenly turns to his men asking when the full moon is. Is it tomorrow? Father and Son eye each other. He asks Joo Wal what he will do since tomorrow is a full moon. If he’s not able to find the girl, what will that person do? They engage in conversation filled with tension. It’s such an interesting angle.

Arang goes out and comes across a new idea. She dresses herself as a guard and heads out to her funeral.

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While the coffin is lowered to the ground, Eun Oh thinks about Arang’s story. Dol Swe can see her so it must be true. Dol Swe eyes him in jealousy, knowing that he’s thinking about that woman. Who is she?

Meanwhile, Arang goes around town but she doesn’t know where the burial is. She bumps with Joo Wal, and he grabs her arms to keep her from falling. To Joo Wal’s utter shock, his black ring mysteriously changes its color to red.
Arang pulls away and thanks him. She asks him where Seo Rim’s burial is. He doesn’t answer and she walks off. He follows her behind. Arang finds the site of the burial just as it starts to rain.

Eun Oh decides to believe Arangs story. He turns around and sees a familiar face. The Trio tells her to start shoveling but she answers back. Eun Oh recognizes her but couldn’t do anything since there are a lot of people around.

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She tries to hide from the servant woman who might recognize her but then she sees Eun Oh who’s walking towards her. The Trio looks at her and concludes that they haven’t seen her before. Is he new here? How is that possible when they have been dismissing people more than hiring them? Arang runs. Eun Oh and the Trio follow her.

They run around town. Eun Oh goes through a shortcut while Joo Wal who’s still following Arang jumps from one roof to another. Hmm. What are you?

Arang loses the Trio and their men but Joo Wal was able to keep up. She recognizes him as the guy she bumped with earlier. Eun Oh shows up and she panics, knowing that she’s going to get an earful from him. She tries to jump over the wall and asks Joo Wal to lend his back to lift her up. She promises to pay him back.

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He lifts her up and he reminds her in awe that a scholar doesn’t easily go down to his knees. She smiles at him in gratitude. He asks if she’s an official and she says she is, absolutely!

Eun Oh sees her and yells, making her hop quickly over the wall. He gets there too late and notices Joo Wal.


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Credits to Belen for the synopsis image and Georgiana for the screencaps.

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